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Home Invasion by Carnaj
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Sbf; naked; gag; cuffs; hogtie; fantasy; caught; FM+/f; tiny; shrunk; gang; robbery; captive; stuck; tease; hum; toys; insert; climax; cons/reluct; X

1: Discovered

Jennifer Monroe craned her neck, wincing as stiff bones popped and feeling the slight ache from the strain on her tortured shoulders. Peering through the dim light of the setting sun streaming through the dusty blinds covering her windows she could just make out the blurry red glow of the numbers on the alarm clock radio situated on the thin shelf above the head of her bed.

7:38 PM. Almost two hours...

Jennifer sighed contentedly into the fat rubber ball jammed between her lips then took another long, deep breath through her nose. Almost two hours of pleasantly erotic torture, struggling and squirming in her self-imposed bondage hog-tie. She moaned lustfully as she tugged against the chain of the handcuffs binding her wrists securely behind her back letting her imagination run wild once more...

She was kidnapped! Her captors, a big, burly man and a curvy, busty woman had invaded her tiny Manhattan studio apartment, bursting through the flimsy security chain on her door, which she had foolishly opened at their knocking, and easily overpowering the more petite Jennifer. Oh, she had struggled, but they had thrown her roughly to the carpeted floor. Then as she had opened her mouth to scream for help the woman had pounced onto her back and Jennifer's air had gushed from her lungs. Gasping and weak her attacker had easily rammed the huge red ballgag into Jennifer's gaping mouth and quickly buckled the thin leather straps tightly behind her head.

Terrified and sobbing Jennifer had grunted into the stifling gag as her assailant had next wrenched her arms painfully behind her back. She squealed in pain then as something cold and hard slammed against her left wrist, making a loud ratcheting sound even as it wrapped tightly and pinched into her soft skin. She whimpered as a moment later her right wrist was snugly cuffed as well and locked together with the left separated by only a couple short inches of steel chain.

Jennifer strained with all her strength against the tight metal handcuffs but knew instantly that they were far too sturdy to break and ratcheted way too tightly to slip her hands free. She snuffled in fear trying to draw oxygen into her starving lungs as she felt the woman raise up off of her to swing a leg over her prostrate body then to kneel at her side. She had turned to see, to plead with the woman who was binding her, but all she saw was the woman's hooded face and a wicked grin creasing her lips as she menacingly held up another pair of handcuffs, dangling them for Jennifer to see.

Jennifer whined as she felt her kidnapper grab her right leg and again felt the cold steel as the woman mercilessly encircled her ankle and squeezed the tight cuff closed. It ratcheted three times before it bit into her flesh, and even as Jennifer moaned the robber repeated the process on her left ankle leaving Jennifer cuffed and hobbled.

"Nnnnggh!" Jennifer yelped into her gag as the cruel woman's hand came slamming down hard onto her right butt cheek. SLAP! Tears welled in her eyes as the invader chuckled, her leather gloved fingers pinching into the soft flesh of Jennifer's ass making her squeal and writhe with the torment.

"How's it coming?" the woman had asked, her voice just above a whisper as she continued to poke, prod and pinch Jennifer's lush tush. Jennifer squeaked in protest as the leather clad fingers drifted down between her thighs and brushed across her vulva, which were sopping wet.

"Bitch ain't got shit," the man had said from somewhere behind her, his voice a bit louder and harsh with annoyance. "Laptop and a Nook. Galaxy Three phone and an old I-Touch. Forty-three bucks in her wallet. Got her Debit and two credit cards though. Lookin' fer her PINs."

"Look for her log on info too," the woman said as her fingers dipped into Jennifer's labia. Jennifer shivered as the fingers slipped deep feeling unwanted excitement thrill through her. "These dumb, Yuppie cunts always write their shit down."


Jennifer felt the fingers withdraw and shuddered at the sudden emptiness between her thighs. She was sweating in the heat of the apartment and the woman's intimate touch had gotten her hot despite- or maybe because of the situation.

"Damn, she's wet." Jennifer groaned to hear the woman confirm what she already knew. She blushed deeply in shame as she thrashed about a bit uselessly, trying to show that she was NOT enjoying this violation of her home.

"Got it."

Jennifer heard a paper rattle as the man's booted feet stomped closer. "Everything written down on one piece a' paper. PINs, User Names, Passwords, the works."

"Like always," the woman said, giving Jennifer's ass another sharp pinch. "Dumb slut."

"You done?" the man asked and Jennifer looked up to see him hoisting an over-sized bike messenger's bag over his shoulder. He smirked down as their eyes met. "Maybe we ought'a take her too. Nice piece of ass like that, we could prob'ly make a few bucks rentin' her out." He laughed.

"Naw," the woman said as she grabbed Jennifer's ankles and bent her legs up at the knees until her heels were touching her butt cheeks. "We take her and the Feds get involved. Just let me make her comfy and then we can get the hell outta here."

"I got her keys," the burly man had said as he stalked off towards the door. Jennifer felt the woman holding her ankles down as she fumbled with something, looping it through the chains of her handcuffs and then the ankle cuffs. She heard a sharp metallic click and as the woman removed her hands, Jennifer realized that she had locked a padlock between the chains, locking her hands to her feet in a hog-tie.

The woman swatted the side of her thigh again, causing Jennifer to yelp, then stood. A moment later she felt the evil woman's rubber-soled shoe in the small of her back between her stretched and straining arms.

"Wish I had more time, baby," the woman said giggling.

Jennifer felt the woman's weight increase and then just as suddenly it was gone and the pair was heading for the door.

"We'll call the cops from a phone booth," the woman called back, "maybe tomorrow after we've drained your bank account and maxxed your credit cards. You'll be fine till then. Have fun."

Jennifer screamed into her gag as the door slammed shut. She heard the locks sliding into place and then the faint sound of feet receding on the stairs beyond. She groaned and writhed there on the floor, a prisoner in her own home, helpless and trapped, horny as hell...

Jennifer shrieked, startled from her fantasies as another drop of icy cold water dropped onto her sweaty bare back with a splat. She jerked in her bonds at the sensation letting a moan of pleasure escape into the ballgag. She knew that her fun would soon be over; that the ice cube holding the keys to her freedom dangling above her suspended on a thread would all too soon melt away. The keys would fall onto her back and then it would be a fairly simple matter of maneuvering them into the locks and she would be free once more.


Jennifer squirmed on the floor, rotating her wrists as far as the cuffs would allow, tugging on her bonds and pleading into her gag for her fantasy kidnappers to release her. She felt the cold droplets falling faster now, pooling on her back and mingling with her perspiration worked up from her struggles in the warm apartment. She felt filthy from grinding against the carpet. Dirty from her lust...

Shadowy movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention. Jennifer ceased her struggles and slowly turned her head towards the stove on the far side of the apartment. Staring intently and holding her breath she focused on the dark open space at the bottom of the oven. She hoped that she was wrong, but-

There! Jennifer groaned to see something move; a lighter shadow in the dark. And she knew exactly what it must be.

'Mice! Ugh!' she thought.

Jennifer hated mice with a passion, disgusting little creatures that they were. Not that she was afraid of them, but they were startling the way they crept around and got into everything. Unfortunately like cockroaches, they were part of life in the big city. She had had them before and no doubt would again until the damn Super got around to properly plugging the holes for the gas lines behind the stove.

Jennifer was quite literally helpless as she watched the creature crawling cautiously from its shadowy safe haven. She jerked a bit as light glinted in its eyes as it finally moved from under the oven. She groaned again as it crept closer, seeing another shadow moving behind the first.

Enough! Jennifer screamed into her gag as loud as she could and started thrashing about madly trying to scare the creepy things away, hopefully out of her apartment and off to someone else’s. She bucked and yelled, rocking from side to side and rattling the handcuff chains with all the force she could muster. Gagged as she was though and only able to breathe through her nose she soon became winded and weak. Breathing hard and spent she could only watch in astonishment as a third... then a fourth mouse appeared. And incredibly they seemed to be... lining up.

Jennifer's eyes flew wide then and she gasped as the first in the group reared up and impossibly stood. And not on stubby little mouse legs but on long, slender legs that looked all too human.

OMIGOD! Jennifer's mind screamed in shock. They weren't mice at all. They were little people!


2: The Take Over

Jennifer Monroe stared in wide-eyed fascination at the tiny figure slowly approaching the spot where she lay gagged and hog-tied, naked on the floor of her apartment. It was a Tiny! A real Tiny! And not just one, but several; a dozen at least that she could see crawling out from under her stove.

Of course she had heard of the little people. Who hadn't? It had been all over the news and in the papers for months when the first cases of the shrinking virus came to the attention of the world. It had apparently been kept a closely guarded secret for some time as government scientists and doctors studied the phenomenon, trying to find a cure. Back then it had been just a curiosity in the weekly tabloids as laughable as flying saucers and Bigfoot. It was only when a politician- some congressman, Jennifer thought- had dwindled away to four inches on live national television and in front of dozens of eye witnesses, not to mention the media, that people knew it was all too real and deadly serious.

After that it was a media blitz for months. On every channel and everywhere on the internet all the time. People crying on the news over loved one's gone missing, or worse, accidentally killed, usually crushed unawares underfoot. Scientists were trying to explain why it was happening and why only to certain people only, but there seemed no connection between the victims. Young or old, fat or thin, race, creed and sex did not seem to matter; though all of the victims had gone through puberty. That seemed the only constant.

As to the cause, theories ranged from a mutant gene to radiation from a solar flare to some new type of bomb tested by any number of terrorists or foreign countries. The most accepted theory was that it was indeed a new strain of virus, though again no one could as yet determine why only certain people were afflicted. Conspiracy Theorists knew that it was some disease concocted by the Russians in the Cold War of the 50’s. The religious zealots knew that it was the Will of God and preached from almost every corner in the city that the Last Days were coming. Whatever…

The fact was that it was real.

It had been over five years since the Congressman had shrunk, and for the Tinies things had progressively gotten worse and worse. At first they were treated with care and compassion as a cure was desperately sought. Jennifer supposed that the Powers That Be were still seeking a cure, as no one wanted to be a Tiny. But for those already afflicted…

The Tabloids had turned to horror stories of Tinies that were being experimented on to find a cure. There were rumors of shock treatment and vivisection, blurry pictures of Tinies taped to operating tables in secret laboratories being poked and prodded with sharp instruments. Too, there were stories of a growing slave trade in Third World countries. Tinies were being bought and sold by the rich around the world as pets; some pampered and well kept, while others were simply kept in cages like hamsters, or worse. There was one story in particular that Jennifer remembered reading in the check out line in the supermarket. A man in Columbia bought Tinies by the bushel to feed to the exotic snakes that he raised and sold.

Even in the United States, little by little the Tinies were seemingly losing their rights. It was debated and decided that since the little people could no longer fend for themselves that a Guardianship Program should be started. Most families suddenly finding a Tiny in their midst would of course control their diminutive family member. Those without family or abandoned would be assigned a Guardian through the courts from a long list of exuberant and willing applicants. Jennifer imagined that some of the Tinies went to good and loving homes, but she had heard stories…

Jennifer shuddered as another drop of icy water hit her skin, dripping from the melting could that was suspended above her on a thin thread. She focused again, wishing for the keys held within the ice to drop so that she could free herself from her self-bondage and chase these invaders of her home away.

She stared at the small figure approaching her, seemingly bold as she walked across the vast expanse of carpet, strolling through the fading light seeping through the window blinds. It was a woman Jennifer could tell as she drew near, maybe six inches tall. Her long, brown hair was about the same color of Jennifer’s, but hers looked greasy and flecked with dust. Her whole body seemed filthy, including what she wore, which seemed to be a pink Barbie’s dress trimmed down to fall to mid-thigh and belted with a string at the waist. Her feet were wrapped in bits of leather and tied at the ankles with string as well. She seemed covered in dust and dirt, and her skin was pale but she seemed fit and trim, not an ounce of fat on her body. Eating scraps and garbage as Rogue Tinies did, Jennifer imagined she would be skinny.

The woman was carrying a small sword, which Jennifer assumed had been a letter opener at some point. It seemed longer than the woman was tall but she held it easily enough and Jennifer could tell that it looked sharp and probably deadly in the little woman’s hands. The tiny woman stopped about a foot in front of Jennifer’s befuddled face and planted the tip of her sword into the floor, leaning on it as she peered curiously at the larger woman.

“Linda!” a tiny voice shouted from somewhere off to the side and Jennifer’s gaze flicked to the right to see a tiny man running forward.

He was maybe three inches tall and filthy, his hair wild and in disarray and dressed in a piece of cloth that had been fashioned like a toga. He was brandishing a small nail as he charged up in excitement.

“See?” he shouted, breathing hard. Like the woman he was thin and lean but half her height. Jennifer knew that the virus affected everyone differently. Some had only shrank a few inches while others had dwindled until they vanished from sight and everything in between.

“It’s just like I said!” Jennifer saw now that he was closer that what she had thought to be a man was actually just a boy, maybe thirteen years old. “She’s totally stuck! Been like that for a couple hours.”

“I see, Johnny,” the small woman said as she stared at Jennifer’s huge, bound form. “You did good.” The woman glanced up above Jennifer briefly, then turned her gaze onto the boy. “And she did all this to herself?” she asked.

“Yeah!” the boy replied. “I saw the whole thing. She hung that ice up into the ceiling, then gagged herself and put on the cuffs. I watched her for awhile and she seemed, like, really excited over something. When I saw she wasn’t going nowhere I ran back to the holt and got you.”

“Good boy, Johnny.” The woman ruffled a hand through the boy’s greasy hair then turned towards the other Tinies. Jennifer saw that there was fifteen or more of them now standing at the edge of the gap under the stove. They ranged between what Jennifer figured was half an inch to five inches, though none were taller than the woman with the sword that stood before her. They were all filthy and ragged looking, all lean and some appearing half-starved, dressed in rags and bits of cloth. She saw that some held small weapons; a razor blade affixed to a matchstick, nails, toothpicks and tiny plastic swords used to skewer olives and cocktail onions. Johnny seemed to be the youngest as far as she could see, and there was a woman with gray hair and a small sliver of wood that she was leaning on like a cane who had to be at least sixty.

“You all know what to do!” the woman called out to her group. “Let’s get it done!”

Jennifer watched as all the Tinies scattered save for the older woman. She hobbled forward as Johnny dashed away. The taller woman- Linda- turned back to stare at Jennifer again. For some reason Jennifer blushed with embarrassment and squirmed in her bonds as water hit her back again with a splat.

“Well, here’s a sight,” the old woman said with a chuckle. Jennifer could see that her leg had been broken at some point in her life and not set well as it twisted at an odd angle. Her gray hair was pulled back into a tight bun and she was squinting as though she needed glasses. Otherwise she was handsome for her age, though filthy with dirt and dust like the rest.

“I’ll say,” the taller woman said smiling down at the older who was maybe an inch shorter. “Johnny said that she did this to herself. Can you imagine?” The woman shook her head, giggling. “I had a friend back in college that was into bondage, but I don’t think she ever went this far.” The woman shrugged. “Or maybe she did. Doesn’t matter. That was a lifetime ago.”

The older woman nodded in understanding and Jennifer supposed that she did as well. For the Tinies, their old lives were gone, done. When they shrank it was all new.

“This is a hell of an opportunity though.” The older woman smiled up at Jennifer, a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“Mmm-Hmmn.” The woman Linda nodded in agreement. “I figure it’s Friday night. Odds are she doesn’t go back to work until Monday, and even then it’ll be a day or two before someone comes round to check on her. We’ve got a good three or four days here, provided she doesn’t get loose.” The older woman laughed out loud at that.

“Look at her. She can’t get away.” Both women laughed.

“Yeah. It’ll be nice to live in a little luxury for awhile.”

Jennifer’s mind was awhirl at what she was hearing. The woman, Linda was right in that she did not have to go back to work until the weekend was over, and Jennifer suspected too that it would be a couple days after that before anyone was concerned enough to come look for her. ‘My God!’ she thought. ‘They’re going to keep me here like this for four days, bound and gagged while they ransack my apartment!’

Jennifer raged into her gag and thrashed about in her bondage as the implications of that hit her fully. She’d need water and food, and what about the bathroom? God, she’d die of dehydration before the Tinies finally left and they probably would not care in the least after what they had probably been through since shrinking. Jennifer’s eyes went wide as she finally calmed; breathing hard again as she realized that her kidnap fantasy had come true.

Jennifer noted that the two little women had backed away a few steps while she had been writhing in her bonds. They didn’t look afraid, just cautious as they watched her. Finally Linda stepped forward again, her eyes boring into Jennifer’s for a quick moment before she turned away.

“Go check the door locks, Claire. I doubt she did this and left her apartment unlocked, but better safe than sorry. I’ll check on the others.”

Jennifer watched as the two women turned away. The older hobbled off and out of sight along the length of her body heading for the hallway and the front door. As slow as she was moving in her tiny steps Jennifer figured it would be awhile before she got back.

Linda trotted much quicker across the carpeting and back towards the small kitchenette where the other Tinies seemed to be working. She saw a man about four inches tall whirling a weighted rope about in a wide arch, finally tossing it high. The huge weight on the end fell short of the sink by a few inches and the Tinies scattered as it came crashing down again.

“Let me try,” Linda said as she approached, gathering the rope as the smaller man in the loincloth stepped back to give her room. Linda took up the thin, knotted rope and whirled it about a few times, finally flinging it skyward. Jennifer watched as it went up and up, arching at its apex and landing in the sink with a heavy thump. The Tinies cheered as Linda tugged on the rope and somehow it held. Jennifer realized that the weight on the end had to be a magnet that was now affixed to her metal sink.

“Here you go,” Linda said as she handed the trailing end of the rope back to the smaller man. “Get the ladder secured and the water running. Then we’ll work on the cupboards.”

“On it, Boss,” the man said with a quick salute before shimmying up the rope like a monkey with a pair of bundles slung over his back and shoulders. Within seconds he was on the countertop and moments later had turned on the taps so that water was running into the sink.

Jennifer’s attention turned to the refrigerator and several Tinies that were gathered there. There were four of them ranging in size between three and five inches all holding pens and pencils and prying at the bottom of the refrigerator door. They were all struggling, sweating and straining but working hard and together, shouting out numbers then heaving as one. After three more tries Jennifer saw the door pop open, light bathing the Tinies and the floor in a thin beam. Another cheer rang out at their little victory.

“Get the pushpin in place!” Linda called out even as one Tiny clambered up onto the back of another, tack in hand. The one piggy-back stretched up and slammed the point of the pushpin into the rubber seal lining the edge of the refrigerator door, thus ensuring that it would stay open a crack. Just enough to keep the contents cool and enough to prevent the effort of having to pry the door open again.

Watching the well-coordinated group of little people, Jennifer was certain they had done this time and again. It seemed they had their various duties down to a science. She watched as the back riding Tiny stretched and then hoisted himself up into the refrigerator.

“Jack pot!” the little man called out. “The veggie bin’s full and there’s plenty of soda, water, juice and even a couple beers. Party tonight!” Jennifer fumed at the little man’s words. Of course the fridge was full. She had gotten paid the day before and went grocery shopping just that morning. “Hamburger too. Maybe we can get the stove going.”

“Maybe, but party tomorrow. There’s still a lot to get done.” Linda said watching as the first Tiny unrolled a long rope ladder made of yarn and sent it uncoiling over the edge of the counter to pile at a heap on the floor. Obviously he had secured it somewhere on the countertop. “Get up there and get the cupboards open,” Linda said to a few Tinies that had gathered awaiting her command. The four surged forward and one by one started climbing the rope ladder heading for the countertop.

“There’s a microwave up here!” the first Tiny shouted down.

“Good!” Linda answered. “Get the utensil drawer open too. Let’s see if we can scrounge some more weapons.”

Jennifer jumped in her bonds as something thumped onto the floor right behind her. She turned her head to look at her small, twin bed- basically just a mattress and box set on the floor. One of her pillows was on the floor and she saw a small group of Tinies heaving on her other pillow, dragging it towards the edge. She saw that there was a knotted thick string that appeared to be attached to a grappling hook made out of paper clips and taped together embedded in the edge of the mattress with another rope ladder dangling beside that.

Craning her neck even farther she saw two more little people scaling her CD Tower. They were a black man that appeared mostly naked save a loincloth at three inches and a skinny white woman with cropped hair and a toga seeming a couple inches taller. Once at the top the pair separated, the man scrambling onto her chest of drawers on the left while the woman crawled up onto the bookcase on the right. Jennifer imagined that they would find plenty on both pieces of furniture that they could use.

“Four steak knives,” one of the Tinies on her counter shouted down even as Jennifer heard a clatter on the floor. She turned back to see the other Tiny up in her kitchen cabinets, shoving plastic containers from past deliveries of food out and onto the floor. There were more Tinies standing back and away as the containers fell, waiting for the signal to charge forward. “A can opener and a carving knife, spoons, forks, butter knives and straws.”

“Drop the steak knives and the straws,” Linda ordered, “Leave the rest. We’ll take the knives back to the Holt tomorrow, and if we can’t cut ‘em down for weapons we’ll add them to the defenses. Canned foods?” Linda called up.

“Plenty!” the Tiny shoving the containers shouted back. “Four cans of tuna, corn, chili, beef stew, tomatoes, baked beans… We’re gonna be set for awhile.” The Tiny beamed and Jennifer saw Linda nod.

“We’ll deal with that tomorrow too. Get the water flowing.”

Linda turned and strode back towards Jennifer’s huge face. Her gaze spanned the bed, dresser and bookcase, then glanced towards the hallway and the front door where Claire had gone. Jennifer heard the other pillow hit the floor and jerked again.

“We can’t all climb that well, so we’ll be sleeping on the floor tonight,” Linda planted her sword point first to the floor and leaned on it again. “And the next few nights.” She smiled then shrugged. “I’m sorry we’re robbing you but it’s how we survive. If we had money I’d give it to you, but what do we need with money anymore.” Jennifer stared at the tiny woman and was surprised to see that she truly seemed sincere.

“Water flowing!”

Jennifer heard the shout and turned her attention to the sink. She saw a long bit of surgical tubing dangling from the sink and down to the floor and the plastic containers that were lined up there. As she watched she saw water flowing through the thin rubber tubing and she realized that they were siphoning water from the sink down into the containers like someone stealing gas from a car’s gas tank. Again she marveled at their ingenuity.

“Door’s locked,” the older woman Claire’s voice sounded. “Deadbolt and a standard. There’s a chain, but it’s not in.”

“And the hall?” Linda asked and Jennifer saw Claire shrug.

“Boxes lining the wall. Shelves way up high. Gonna be a bitch to climb to see what’s on top. Her purse is by the door too.”

“Maybe we won’t need to.” Linda replied referring to the boxes as she looked to Jennifer, then back to the older woman.

“Closet door’s open a crack,” the woman said. “She’s a shoe horse, that’s for sure. There’s a toolbox but it has a lot of shit piled on top of it. Couple file cabinets too.”

“Good, Claire,” Linda said scanning the main room again. The Tiny on the dresser was tossing down safety pins, paper clips, earrings and small paper clamps. The one on the bookcase was throwing pens over the side from Jennifer’s cup where she stored her extras. One of the Tinies on the bed had swung onto the middle shelf of the bookcase and had found her box cutter that she used to open care packages from her parents on her birthday and at Christmas and to cut up pizza boxes more often. He tossed it to the floor to clatter on the carpet.

Jennifer squealed into her gag as something hard, heavy and cold suddenly landed in the middle of her back. She realized at once that the keys to her cuffs and padlock had finally melted from the ice and dropped. Immediately she started rocking her body, trying to topple onto her side and drop the keys to the floor where she could get at them and free herself.

“Oh no you don’t!” she heard Linda shout as the little woman charged forward. She felt the Tiny grab onto her sweaty hair and swing upwards to clamber up onto her shoulders. Jennifer squeaked from the sharp tug and soon felt the tiny feet padding along her slick skin sending strange thrills through her body and making her tingle. She tried to rock and buck but all too soon she felt the tiny woman in the small of her back, the cold weight of the keys suddenly gone.

“Nnnngggh…” Jennifer moaned as she felt the small woman padding across her bare skin again, a moment later dropping to the floor. Jennifer watched helplessly as the Tiny strolled in front of her again, her sword eased on her shoulder, her left hand holding the small ring with the three keys that meant her freedom dangling in her right hand. Linda held up the ring and jangled the keys with a wicked grin on her face.

“I’ll be keeping these for the next few days,” the little woman mocked, then smiled. “I’ll put them where you can get them when we leave, but for now consider yourself kidnapped.” Linda smirked and Jennifer moaned.

Her greatest fantasy had come true in a way she never could have imagined…

3 Linda's Story

Sleep was a long time coming…

The Tinies had worked long into the night making as much of Jennifer’s small studio apartment as accessible as possible. Rope ladders dangled from the kitchen counter, her bed, her desk and she assumed her bathroom as some Tinies had emerged from there shoving a half-full bottle of aspirin, her dental floss, a roll of white surgical tape, a bag of cotton balls and a box of bandages. They had filled sandwich bags with safety pins, paper clips and clamps, sewing needles and small nails from a box on her dresser near the hall. They had taken batteries from her desktop, pushpins and even her old I-Touch and charger. From her purse they had taken nail polish and gum, a pack of cigarettes, matches and her Zippo lighter and fluid, an emery board and finally her cell phone that lay on the floor tantalizingly just out of easy reach.

Or would have been if she was not handcuffed and hog-tied, naked and gagged on the floor.

As dusk turned to night they had found her candles, several that were left over from the blackout after Hurricane Sandy, in the cabinet below the sink. They had scattered them about the floor of the apartment, lighting them and giving the scene a strange, surreal imagery as the Tinies did their assigned tasks, scurrying about the apartment. Most everything they had gathered was piled near the stove to be transported to their ‘Holt’ the next day.

They had filled several of her plastic take-out containers with water and dragged them near the pillows, lining them up in front of the radiator. Jennifer Monroe stared longingly at the water, her throat parched and her body dehydrated in the heat and the humidity of the summer’s night. They had worked hard to push a few of the containers into the bathroom, she assumed to use as bathtubs and a communal latrine.

Throughout, the tallest Tiny, Linda directed everyone in their tasks. She was definitely the leader of the group, and Jennifer suspected that the little woman had been in the military at some point, or at least worked in some managerial position where she commanded respect. All the Tinies jumped at her command and followed her lead without question.

“All right, let’s call it a night. Let’s eat and get some sleep. There’s still a lot to do tomorrow.” Linda turned as she spoke making sure to include everyone. “We did good tonight. A few more hard hours of work tomorrow and then we can relax for a few days.” A cheer went up at that and Linda turned to Jennifer with a smile and a wink. Jennifer thumped her head against the floor and sighed into the ballgag jammed into her mouth.

Jennifer jerked to feel a tiny hand stroking her cheek. Her eyes snapped open and she saw the tiny Linda standing beside her face, a sympathetic smile curling her lips.

“I really am sorry for all this,” the little woman said. “It’s just too good an opportunity to pass up. We need supplies. It’s a hard life living in the walls and eating garbage, fighting off the rats, looking over our shoulders every second. You ‘Norms’ don’t have a clue how hard it is for us.

“IF we get away from the sadistic psychos and perverts, we live like savages in the building walls, under the floors, in the sewers, wherever.” The woman shrugged. “It sucks, but it’s all we got. Very, very few people actually want to help us. Most want to keep us as pets or slaves. The government wants to experiment on us… ‘Cure’ us. Hah! What a crock.” Linda watched a moment as her people lined up for dinner; cold bits of lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, thimbles brought from their Holt filled with water.

“I was lucky,” Linda said with a sadness in her voice, “for awhile at least. I shrank in the first few months after the virus became public, but I was in my apartment- not so far from here- and my girlfriend found me, six-inches short and terrified as she towered over me. I shrieked like a maniac the first time she picked me up. I’d heard stories even then. She loved me though and set my fears to rest.

“She wanted to take me to the hospital, but I didn’t want to go. I’m a Conspiracy Theorist you see, one of those oddballs that thinks the government is out to control us and that a select few of the super rich call the shots and there are dead aliens being vivified in Area 51.” Linda laughed and plopped down on the floor in front of Jennifer’s face staring up at her.

“You look like Carol,” she said with a sigh as she stretched out her legs and crossed her ankles, leaning back on her arms. “A little bit at least. Hair’s about the same color but longer and your eyes a sparkling brown and dreamy just like hers. God, I miss her so much.” Jennifer felt a pang of sorrow as the tiny woman sighed and wiped at her eyes.

“She died about three years ago,” Linda said sadly, looking up at Jennifer, her eyes shimmering with tears. “Blood clot. Cut off the oxygen to her brain. She almost crushed me when she fell. There… there was nothing I could do. I had to… stand there like a fucking… DOLL and watch her… die! God!”

Tears welled in Jennifer’s eyes as she remembered her own girlfriend, the love of her life that had passed away by the same affliction over six years prior. Erica had been a health nut; running every day, no alcohol, no meat, no dairy except a very rare omelet with cheese. Little salt or suger. Didn’t smoke. She had died one Saturday morning in March in Jennifer’s arms. Jennifer mewled into her gag trying to make the Tiny understand that she understood. Linda shuddered and wiped her eyes again.

“I managed to call 911 on her cell phone. Cops came, paramedics, firemen, but it was too late. Carol was gone. They bundled her up and took her away. One of the paramedics said I needed to come to the hospital for the paperwork. I was numb as I directed him to insurance cards and ID and such. We went to St. Vincent’s and I spent a couple hours answering questions and making sure her insurance was in order. Then they took me to see Carol one last time.

“She was in a small room, naked and laid out on a bed still strapped to the gurney. She had a tube shoved down her throat. God… I started screaming and crying as the nurse set me on the bed to say goodbye.” Linda went silent for several minutes watching her people get their food and settle in to eat.

“The nurse checked on me several times. Let me have an hour with Carol and brought me water and a cracker and a ripped piece of surgical gown to cover up in. I had totally blanked that I was naked, but I couldn’t eat. The last time she came in she looked worried. Said the cops wanted to talk to me. I said I would, but she shook her head.

“They want to take you,” she said and I looked up at her in confusion. I wasn’t thinking straight just then.

“They’re gonna take you and give you to the Feds,” she had said. “Tinies are being rounded up.” Her words sank in and I knew exactly what that meant. Kept in a hamster cage in some lab in the CDC and experimented on until I died.

“I can’t keep you, but I can get you out. If you trust me.”

“I looked at Carol a long final time then turned to the nurse and nodded. She gently picked me up and stuffed me deep into her bra until I was nestled snugly between her breasts and hidden. She snuck me past the police telling them that I needed a bit more time alone and I spent the rest of the day in her locker. At the end of her shift that night she got me and hid me in her panties- they were checking everyone’s bags at the exits looking for me.

“When we were outside and well away from the hospital she dipped her hand into her panties and pulled me free. I was covered in sweat and her juices as she set me on the ground before a sewer grate. I looked up at her, shivering from the cold and fear of what was to come of me.

“I'm sorry I can’t take you home with me. My husband…” she said shaking her head, a look of timidity clouding her face. “I’ve heard there’s others like you in the sewers. Maybe you’ll meet them,” she went on as she stood up. She looked down on me then, a giantess standing tall above me as she smiled sheepishly, then ran off, waving her arm and hailing a cab. I watched as she got in and sped away.

“I don’t know how long I stood there staring into the filthy dark sewer, but I jerked in surprise when I heard a shout: “Hey, look!”

I looked up and saw a group of teenagers hurtling towards me on skateboards; two boys and a girl all grinning widely. I thought for a split second about letting them catch me, then remembered how cruel kids can be. I took a deep breath, screwed up my courage and dropped down into the sewers. I was lucky I didn’t break my neck, but there was a short gutter to channel the rain down into the main line. I managed to stop my slide right at the edge of what looked to me like a drop of a couple hundred feet. It was probably more like six, but at our size…” she said with a shrug gesturing towards her companions.

“The kids had found a skinny tree branch and were trying to get me but they couldn’t get the angle. The girl even managed to squeeze her hand through the grate, but her arm was too fat to get past the wrist. I still had to duck under her long nails as I ran over to the wall and started rock climbing down to my new home and life.” Jennifer and Linda stared at one another for a long, thoughtful moment that broke with the small woman’s mournful sigh.

Jennifer watched as Linda stood and strolled towards where the Tinies had set out the food. She looked and saw that all of the others were seated on her two pillows, chatting away as they enjoyed their cold meal. She noticed that there seemed to be a few more of them than she first thought. She now counted twenty-three in the small group, plus Linda.

She saw Claire sitting high up on the pillow with her back to the massive wall of the bed, nibbling on a piece of tomato. Juice gushed and smeared her face as she bit into the soft vegetable and she wiped it away with a torn piece of paper towel. Jennifer noted Johnny, the one who had apparently discovered her and her helplessness earlier in the day. He was chewing on a tiny bit of lettuce and staring at her intently. Was that lust she saw on his face? He was young and probably shrank before his first chance at sex. She could only imagine what was running through his mind.

What made her eyes widen however was the small woman she saw reclining on the far edge of the pillows near the radiator. She was maybe three inches tall and young and pregnant. Very pregnant! Her stomach was huge for her size and it looked like she had swallowed a golf ball. She was trying to eat but looked miserable, sweating and in pain.

“That’s Anne.”

Jennifer jerked at the sound of the tiny voice beside her head. She shifted to see Linda standing near and crunching on a bit of carrot, sword in hand again and pinned to the floor.

“She shrank just two months ago. She was one of your neighbors actually. Lived on the sixth floor. Recognize her?” Jennifer shook her head indicating ‘No’. In Manhattan though, apartment’s changed hands frequently and it seemed that every month people were moving in and out. There were only a few of her fellow tenants that she recognized, and fewer still whose names she knew.

“Frank found her near frantic and in a bird cage on the coffee table in her apartment while on a scouting mission.” Linda pointed to one of the other new Tinies that Jennifer had not seen before. He was two inches tall, well muscled and black with a gray, unruly Afro.

“She’d been shrunk for a little over a week. Her husband found her the first day when he came home from work and she said that he was caring at first, for a couple days anyway. Then one day he came home with some woman from his office that he had apparently been having an affair with. Anne said, at first the woman was just shocked and curious, watching her. Then she started wanting to touch her and poke her and finally picked her up with an approving nod from her husband.

“The woman pulled off her little piece of scarf that Anne was wearing and started to rub her breasts and then between her legs. Eventually as the woman got more bold she popped Anne into her mouth and sucked on her for awhile. When she finally spit her back out Anne started to beg but that only got her husband and his mistress more excited. They tortured her then had sex right in front of her. Then they had sex with her by stuffing her inside a condom.

“That happened almost every night for the rest of the week. When Frank found her she was numb from shock but started shrieking for help when she saw him. He took her into the walls after he got her out of the cage that her husband had bought her as a ‘gift’. Fucking bastard. Him and his whore broke her arm while they were fucking. Didn’t care.” Linda frowned then took another bite of carrot as Jennifer peered at the tiny girl only then seeing the makeshift toothpick splint taped about her far left arm.

“Worst thing is she’s three months pregnant,” the Tiny said sadly. It took Jennifer a moment to realize just what that implied. She looked at the young woman and the huge bulge of her belly and her eyes went wide in horror.


Linda nodded glumly. “We think the baby doesn’t have the virus and is growing normally. It’s so sad and sick.” Linda paused and she and Jennifer watched as the woman seated next to Anne wiped her down with a bit of damp paper towel.

“We’re hoping things will change, but not likely. When it gets too much for her, we’ll put her down. Otherwise the fetus will just explode out of her belly. Sucks. She’s such a sweet kid. The hell she’s been through… Going through…” Linda’s voice was choked with tears before she went silent and Jennifer watched as Anne lay back on the pillow and relaxed as best she could, rubbing her huge, bloated stomach.

“Sucks to be us. Sucks to be tiny.” Linda popped the last of the carrot into her mouth and turned back to Jennifer. “It’s hell trying to live like this. Trying to find someplace safe, gathering food, trying not to get caught or stepped on.

“The sewers and subways are a horror I learned quick enough, but better than the streets. It’s fairly cool or warm depending on the season, but the water is rancid more often than not and food is scarce. Rats are rampant under the streets and vicious. And then there’s the Homeless. Most of them are on edge all the time, one step out of Bellevue. They’re cruel…” The woman hugged herself, shivering from some memory.

“I was lucky and hooked up with this group after a few days down in the tunnels. It was run by a guy named Tony at the time. Real Guido, but he knew his shit. Had everyone organized. He got us into your building through the gas lines when they were working on the boiler last summer. We found a place beneath the basement- it used to be a Fall-Out shelter he said, back in the fifties. A storage room now but hardly ever used or opened.

“Him and a few others got crushed a couple weeks later. They were scouting an apartment early one morning and the tenant came back for some reason after she had left for work. She smashed Tony under her shoe and two others, grinding them into the floor like they were bugs, cursing like a sailor and laughing. They were people though. Good people…”

Linda plopped down on the floor again setting her sword aside. She looked at Anne but the girl was asleep now, wrestling with her dreams. “I became leader of the Clan after that. There were others been with the group longer, but I was in the army for six years. Two shifts and left a Captain. I knew how to get things done and organize people.” Linda sighed, leaning back on her arms and stretching out her legs, feet crossed at the ankles.

“I hate it. Hate being in charge but someone has to be. It sucks having to decide the fate of others.” Linda glanced up at Jennifer giving a wan smile. “Anne for one. And you…

“A couple people wanted to kill you outright so we can stay here until the stench gets to be too much and someone comes to investigate. A few others agree but want to starve you instead. Just let you wither away and die for however long that would take.

“Don’t worry. I know someone will come looking for you eventually. My peers don’t always think things through. Most of the time we live moment to moment. It’s rare we get an opportunity like this. After a few days, we’ll leave. Hopefully without having to find a new building to live in, or go back to the sewers.

“I know you’ll probably tell the Super, call the cops. They won’t find us, but we’ll have to move on cuz everyone in the building will be looking out for us and the Feds will probably be called in. Too bad too. I like it here.”

Jennifer stared as the tiny woman stretched and stood again, using the sword to get to her feet. She turned to the other Tinies, most of whom were drowsing on the pillows. “Lights out!” she called out as she moved off and started to walk about the apartment to extinguish the candles. All save one that was set near the doorway to the bathroom. She left that one burning as she strolled back past Jennifer’s face. The tiny woman reached out and patted Jennifer’s cheek.

“Hope you can get some sleep, Hun,” she said then moved on towards the pillows where she laid her sword aside and collapsed. Within moments, Jennifer saw that her little captor was asleep.

Jennifer stared at the Tinies arrayed on her pillows, exhausted and asleep from the day’s efforts. Her gaze lingered on Linda as she thought about all that she had said.

Sleep was a long time coming…

4 Ever-lovin’ Saturday

Jennifer woke with a start, jerking in her chains as loud talking suddenly blared filling her tiny apartment and washing over her. She groaned into her gag as stiff, straining muscles cramped and complained after hours of abuse with her movement. Her shoulders burned from the constant tension caused by her self-imposed hog-tie. Sharp pain stabbed into her calves and thighs as muscles clenched causing tears to well in her eyes and roll down her cheeks.

Struggling to ease the agony she started rocking and kicking as best she was able, bound as she was, handcuffed at wrists and ankles. Finally after agonizing moments she was able to raise her right knee enough and roll her shoulders to force her body to topple onto its side with a thump.

Suddenly the room erupted with laughter and applause, whistles and catcalls. Blinking back her tears and still sobbing in pain Jennifer tried to focus on the noise, trying to see. She knew very well where it was coming from though.

She saw the Tinies that had invaded her apartment the night before arrayed along the front of the bed; some sitting up high on her pillows while the rest lined the edge above. All were laughing or smiling at least. Some pointed and she even saw some of the males ogling her now very visible- and very bare- breasts and shaved pussy. Jennifer felt her tears welling again at the humiliation as her skin started to burn and blush crimson.

“You okay?”

Jennifer heard the now familiar voice of the six-inch tall Linda as the television remote oddly slid into her view along the carpeted floor. A moment later the woman stepped into sight and stood before her face, a slight look of concern causing her to frown, her brows creased. She was dressed as she had been the day before, though barefoot now and her long brown hair was tied back into a tail and held in place by a tiny bit of string. She started to say something, then thought better of it and her frown deepened. Jennifer watched through blurry eyes as the small woman stepped onto one of the buttons on the TV remote and the volume decreased.

“That’s better,” she said returning her attention to the hog-tied giantess before her. “Muscle cramps?” she asked with a slight smirk and Jennifer nodded, moaning into her gag.

“That’s gotta hurt,” the Tiny giggled and glanced up at the alarm clock above Jennifer’s bed. “Gotta figure though, you’ve been tied up for over thirteen hours, so you probably deserve a little pain for abusing your body like that.” Jennifer moaned as the woman strolled away from her face then jumped as she felt Linda’s hand on her right breast.

“That’s quite a rack you have there, sweetie.” Linda giggled. Jennifer shivered as she felt the tiny hand sliding along her skin, Linda continuing her walk down her gigantic body. The tiny fingers seemed to tickle as they drifted sending shocks though Jennifer’s body and making her groan as her pussy quivered and dampened. She shuddered and groaned loudly when the woman wrapped her fingers about Jennifer’s stiff right nipple and gave it a hard squeeze, laughing. She heard the crowd laugh as well, whistling and shouting out words of encouragement.

Jennifer moaned as Linda finally released her nipple with a sharp twist and strolled back to the remote. With a hard shove she kicked it and it slid across the floor to butt up against the base of the pillows. Linda gave Jennifer a quick smile then turned and walked to the pillows herself where she climbed up a bit then flopped down and started watching whatever was on the television. She was facing away from the wide screen, but by the sound of what she heard, Jennifer thought it was the Today Show.

As her sobbing slowly started to subside Jennifer could finally make out the words coming from the television. Darlene Rodriguez was reading the news and most of the Tinies seemed rapt with attention. She noticed too now that she could focus that some of her captors had thimbles and seemed to be drinking, sharing in pairs and trios. It was then that she smelled the brewed aroma of coffee drifting through the air. ‘How did they get my Mr. Coffee going?’ she wondered, not to mention getting the coffee down to the floor. She set the machine everyday after getting home from work, but Jennifer was facing the wrong way, so might never know the answer to the second question she figured.

Jennifer jerked as another Tiny walked by her head, coming into her field of vision. He was not quite five inches tall and appeared to be Asian with a good shape to his body despite his diminutive size. Like many of the others he was wearing a makeshift toga of ripped cloth belted with a string. He was carrying another thimble and strode right up to wear Linda was sitting.

“Here you go, Babe,” he said reaching up to hand the coffee to the taller woman. She accepted it with a smile as he scrambled up the pillow to sit next to her. She took a sip and smiled.

“Mmmmm…” she purred, closing her eyes and grinning happily. “God, it’s been forever. That’s sooo good.” Linda looked back, up and around then raised her thimble high. “Let’s give a cheer and a bit of thanks to our hostess for all that she’s provided. A toast!”

Jennifer watched as all the Tinies holding thimbles raised them high, the others without clapping, as all cheered her. Jennifer simply groaned and closed her eyes, thumping her head to the floor.

“Aww, don’t be sore, Sweetie,” Linda said. “It’s just that it’s been quite awhile since any of us has had a chance to relax like this. Life in the walls is hell like I told you last night. Filthy and disgusting sometimes. And it’s been a couple weeks since we’ve been able to catch up on what’s going on in the world. Our radio’s batteries died and we haven’t gotten replacements till now. So just relax and enjoy your little kink for now.” Linda smirked. “And if you’re a good girl maybe I’ll give you a little treat later.”

Jennifer groaned and snorted into her gag as most of the Tinies giggled or laughed. Like she had a choice.


After the Today Show ended, Linda got her group organized and busy working again. She kept the three largest and strongest looking Tinies along with Johnny with her and set all the rest with the task of hauling her pilfered things back to their Holt somewhere within the walls of the apartment building, down in the fallout shelter in the basement.

There were some moans of protest, but Linda quickly cut them off. “You know we can’t stay here forever. This woman has a life and eventually someone will come looking for her if she doesn’t call in to work or family. Whatever, I don’t want to have to rush around at the last minute to get out with our supplies. If we all work hard and quickly, then we can enjoy the rest of our time here while we can.”

Grudgingly the others agreed, and everyone assigned to stealing her things filed by soon, heading towards the stove where everything was piled up and waiting. Jennifer noticed that Claire and Anne remained on the pillows, both apparently exempt from the physical labor; the prior due to her age and gimp leg, the latter because she looked ready to burst from her pregnancy. Jennifer noted that Claire was rubbing the younger woman’s belly as her face twisted with pain.

“What about us, boss?” Jason, the tiny Asian asked.

Linda turned and pointed. “We’re gonna get that dresser open and see what we can use. Gotta be clothes and such at least that we can alter and use for our clothes and bedding. Maybe we’ll get lucky. After that we’ll work on the desk drawers. We’ll run lines through the handles on the bottom drawer and with all of us pulling we should be able to get it open. Once the first is done the rest will be easy. Johnny, Bill, go get the lines set up.”

The two smallest of the five scampered off to do as they were told while Linda, Jason and a five inch tall, forty-ish man remained. Linda looked up at Jennifer’s face and smiled softly.

“I know you’re probably thirsty and hungry,” the tiny woman said. “If you promise not to freak and yell for help we’ll loosen that gag a bit and give you some water. I don’t want you dying of dehydration.” Linda shrugged. “Seriously, I don’t want you dying at all. If you scream though, we’ll shove that ball right back into your mouth and that’ll be the end of it. Will you be good?” she asked. Jennifer hesitated only a moment before nodding.

Linda strolled back by the pillows and picked up her sword/letter opener. “All righty then. Jason… Ed… First drag the water container over here in front of her face… and a straw, then get behind her head and loosen up that gag a couple notches.”

Linda whipped her tiny sword about in a flourish and set the sharp point at Jennifer’s throat. “I’ll have this pressing over your carotid artery. Give us any shit and I swear I’ll cut you. Understood?” Jennifer nodded worriedly feeling the point pressing into her skin. “Good girl,” Linda said with a wide smile.

Jennifer watched as the two little men struggled with the almost full container of water, dragging it over from the radiator and closer to her bound form. Linda meanwhile used her sword with a flourish to slice the paper wrapping off of a straw and withdraw it while the men scampered up Jennifer’s body and onto her back. Grunting and straining with the effort they managed to unbuckle the leather straps of her ball gag and Jennifer moaned in relief as it slid a bit from between her lips.

“That’s enough,” Linda said as she dipped the end of the bendy straw into the water. Jennifer licked her parched lips as best as she was able and breathed heavily even as the small woman slipped the other end of the straw between her lips. Jennifer sipped greedily for several seconds, swiftly draining the Tupperware of every drop of tepid water.

“Wow. You were thirsty.” Linda giggled then motioned for the men to tighten the gag again. Jennifer’s eyes went wide.

“No!” she shouted and as Linda staggered back, raising her sword. Jennifer lowered her frantic voice. “No… Please don’t. I’ll be good, I promise. Please don’t put the gag back.”

The tiny woman stared at her intently for a long time, then finally nodded, planting the tip of her sword to the floor. “Okay,” she said then looked up to Jason and Ed. “Jason… Get comfortable. Ed, get down here and get your weapons and some food, then get back up there. I want you both ready to tug the gag back in place if she gives us any shit.”

“You got it, boss,” Ed said as he clambered down from Jennifer’s back using her hair as a rope. He gathered weapons and food into a baggy and tossed them up to Jason, then handed two thimbles of coffee up as he climbed onto Jennifer’s arm, then onto her back again. Jennifer shivered to feel the two tiny men moving about on her back and had to bite her lip against the tickling sensation.

“What’s your name, Hun?”

Jennifer blinked and focused on the pretty Tiny standing before her, sword resting over her shoulder. “Jennifer,” she replied. The woman smiled.

“Linda. Pleased to make your acquaintance.” The Tiny laughed and Jennifer had to smile at the absurdity of the little joke. It just all seemed so surreal. In the background she could hear the others all busily taking away her food, getting it under or around her stove and somehow up through the wide hole in the wall where the gas lines wormed through.

“Heave!” she heard someone shout and then the dull grate of her dresser drawer opening a fraction. She craned her neck to watch, blushing as she knew what was in the lowest drawer of her dresser.

“Holy shit!” Bill the tiny climber exclaimed, his eyes wide as he peered down into the drawer.

“What?” Linda shouted to him, heading towards the dresser.

“This broad’s a slut! Jesus!”

“Hey!” Linda snapped as she drew closer. “Women aren’t broads, asshole! Watch the language. Now what’ve you got?”

Jennifer closed her eyes, burning with embarrassment as the little man hesitated. Then: “Well, we’ve got a stack of bondage magazines, a huge fucking dildo and some egg shaped things with wires attached. There’s a dog shock collar too with a choke chain leash.”

Jennifer opened her eyes as Linda stopped and turned around, staring in disbelief. “A shock collar?”

“Yeah!” Bill called back. “I had one for my Pitbull… Back when I was normal. Hurts like a bitch. Even on the lower settings.”

Linda smiled widely at Jennifer who blushed a deeper shade of crimson and thumped her head to the floor with a groan. “Well drag ‘em out. I’m sure we can find some use for them before we have to go.”

Linda looked at Jennifer with a wide, wicked grin. “It’s the least we can do, Honey,” she said with an evil chuckle. “Get you off before we go after stealing all your food and your apartment for a few days.”

Jennifer groaned again and closed her eyes, blinking back her tears.


“Yippee-kay-ay, mother fucker!”

Jennifer groaned in frustration as the egg vibrated all too briefly within her pussy, driving her to the edge of orgasm, then abruptly shut off again. She moaned as she heard some of the tiny women laughing, knowing just what she was going through.

In the background Bruce Willis was wending his way through the Nakatomi Building trying to stop Hans Gruber and his terrorists from stealing millions in Negotiable Bearer Bonds. The Tinies were scattered about watching the movie like they were at a drive-in; some on the bed, some on the pillows, some on the floor right before the huge television. They had discovered Jennifer’s DVR.

They had popped popcorn in her microwave and had managed to open one of her cans of beer. The promised party after a hard day’s work had ensued and Jennifer noted that a few of the little people were more than a little drunk. They all cheered as John McClane dropped a brick of C4 down the elevator shaft blowing a big chunk out of the building. Jennifer just groaned as the vibrating egg started to churn in her sopping wet pussy once again.

Her eyes were half-closed to lust-filled slits as she saw the tiny Linda leaning on the remote to the vibrator, watching her and grinning evilly. The bitch was settled back against Jennifer’s huge left breast resting on the floor with a thimble full of Old English “800” beside her along with a few pieces of salty, buttery popcorn. Occasionally the Tiny would toss a piece in front of Jennifer’s face, giggling as the normal sized woman had to snag it off of the floor with her tongue and squeeze it past the ball
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FM+/f; naked; gag; cuffs; bond; tinies; gang; captive; stuck; foot; crush; torment; punish; electro; shock; piercing; pins; cons/nc; XXX

5 Crime

In her dreams her captors tortured her…

Well, perhaps tormented was closer to the truth. They had kept her naked, gagged and bound, hog tied on the floor of her tiny Manhattan Studio apartment for days with little to eat or drink while they gathered her possessions to steal. The masked man and woman had been living there the entire time of her captivity. Eating her food, watching her television, enjoying themselves while she suffered in bondage.

Every night they had sex in her bed while she groaned in pain and exhaustion, and during the day they took even more pleasure in making Jennifer’s life miserable.

The woman was the worst, taking much delight in tormenting poor, captive Jennifer. She would plant her smelly, sock covered feet right on Jennifer’s head while she watched TV, rubbing the gritty, grimy soles all over her face and making her smell the horrible odor. Several times she had straddled Jennifer’s helpless body and slowly, finger by finger, inserted her fist deeply into Jennifer’s pussy then pumped mercilessly until Jennifer was writhing and screaming for release that the evil bitch would never allow. On the brink of orgasm the woman would withdraw leaving Jennifer gasping and sweating and trying to hump the floor, the woman swatting her ass hard with a cruel laugh before walking away.

For his part, the man seemed a sadist and enjoyed making Jennifer cry and whine and beg into her gag. He would grab her fat puffy nipples and pinch, twisting savagely as Jennifer screamed into her gag. He would light his Zippo and hold it close to her skin; under her sore nipples or at her pussy, chuckling as her pubes sizzled and burned away.

His greatest pleasure though, his favorite tortures seemed aimed at her feet. He would tickle her mercilessly with his fingers or her feather duster for what seemed like hours. Jennifer would squeal into her gag and wet herself as she laughed uncontrollably, gasping for breath through her snotty nose. Other times he would poke her bare soles with his pocketknife, digging deeply and drawing blood as Jennifer shrieked muffled cries of pain. He had used one of Jennifer’s thin, stylish leather belts to beat her soles relentlessly.

And still other times he would be on his knees and at her upraised feet, kissing them. His hot tongue would run the length of her soft, wrinkled soles, dipping between her toes, pressing hard into her arches and rubbing the balls of her feet. Jennifer would squirm trapped somewhere between lust and disgust as he kissed and licked, his tongue and lips relentless, making her shudder and jerk in her bonds…


Jennifer Monroe woke, blinking groggily, jerking in her bonds. She was disoriented at first there in the dim flickering candle light, wondering why she couldn’t move, could barely breathe, why she was on the floor. Then slowly, very slowly everything started to come back to her, flooding her memories…

She was tied up, bound hand and foot and laying on the floor of her small Manhattan, Chelsea apartment that had been taken over by a group of Tinies; people shrunk and forced to survive outside society. Her ball gag hung loosely about her chin and mouth, but her arms were cuffed behind her back and her ankles were bound as well.

And she felt something, whatever it was that had awakened her from her restless sleep and dragged her groggily from her nightmares. Something at her foot, poking and touching it.

Her eyes suddenly flew wide open and her legs jerked as she felt the tickling sensation on the sole of her bare foot and she stretched her legs out in involuntary response, flexing at the creepy feeling. She heard a shocked shout of terror and then her foot slammed into the leg of the desk, a high-pitched scream piercing the calm, otherwise silent night. There was a sharp crack as something snapped under her foot along with another higher-pitched shriek that cut abruptly short.

Breathing hard Jennifer tried to focus and see what had happened, as the candles scattered about her floor were all out save one and that was near the door to the bathroom casting the apartment in an eerie glow. She heard the Tinies waking to see what was going on as she squirmed and craned her neck, voices grumbling and rising in pitch on the intrusion of noise into their slumber.

“Whathefu-“ came a voice, and then another:

“What was that?”

“Was it her?” a groggy, female voice asked. “Is she trying to get away?”

Jennifer craned her neck to look at the source of the tinny, tiny voices and saw the little people that had invaded her apartment stirring and starting to rise. They were a couple dozen strong in various degrees of size and shape scattered about her two pillows and lining the high edge of her bed. Several of the bolder ones, their leader Linda included, approached her and made their way down the long expanse of her body to investigate her bindings, no doubt suspicious that she was trying to get away.

“Omigod!” she heard a squeaky voice choked with tears suddenly shrilly screaming. “She crushed Ed!” someone shrieked and she looked down her bound body trying to see what was happening. There were two women and a man gathered near her feet, but she could not see what they were looking at. Jennifer shifted her legs slightly to see, which sent the Tinies scampering back and out of range, screaming in terror as they ran away.

Jennifer stared hard in the shadows and finally focused, her eyes growing wide with sickening horror. She saw a tiny crumpled body down by her feet, the Tinies inching back to gather about it, looking down on the crushed remains of one of their own. Its spindly limbs seemed skewed and shattered, its upper torso looking as though it had exploded. There was blood splattered everywhere. Tears welled in Jennifer’s eyes as she slowly realized what must have happened.

What she had done.

“Fucking cunt!” A tiny fist slammed into her ankle. Jennifer barely registered the impact as less than a shin bump against a piece of furniture. She stared at the tiny woman who hit her once more before falling to her knees, howling and sobbing with her face in her hands.

“Bitch!” someone else shouted and then the words started coming fast and furious, all the Tinies shouting out curses, shrieking for their fallen friend, demanding retribution, and revenge. All but one…

Linda stood near Jennifer’s face and raised her hands calling for peace and silence, waiting patiently as the din refused to subside. She called out again and Jennifer saw a couple of the little people heed her words but most were still railing, shouting or crying. Jennifer felt pricks in her skin and jerked as the tiny mob started to jab at her with their weapons; nails and needles, safety pins. “Ahhh!” Jennifer squealed as a razorblade mounted on a matchstick like an axe slashed deeply into her thigh. Jennifer jerked again with that sudden pain and the Tinies scattered once more.

A shrill, high-pitched whistle cut through the air and Jennifer jumped to see the tiny man, Jason standing near Linda with fingers in his mouth. Finally the mob started to settle to seething rather than raging, all stepping back as Linda slowly strode the length of Jennifer’s body to see what had happened, Jason following on her heels.

Linda stared long and hard at the crushed remains of the Tiny, Ed. He lay crumpled and broken on the floor at the base of one of the desk legs, most of his torso flattened, his little body burst from the pressure of Jennifer’s foot slamming him into the heavy wood, his blood spewed everywhere. His eyes were bulging in shock, his mouth wide as steam rose from the remains of his chest cavity. Linda covered her mouth and nose against the stench of his excrement, his bowels having emptied as he died. She crouched down and gingerly put her fingers to his eyelids, closing them.

“She killed Ed,” someone said as Linda stood again. Jennifer tried to see who had spoken, but all eyes were either on the crushed Tiny or her.

“No…” Jennifer whispered, her own voice choked with sorrow. “It was an accident. I didn’t mean… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Jennifer shrieked as she felt something stab deep into her leg just above her ankle. Tears of pain flooded her eyes and she flinched, kicking out. She heard screams as the Tinies scattered again with her massive movements, one scream howling above the rest. She vaguely saw one of the little people tumbling across the floor and into the shadows beyond the edge of her bed.

“Stop it!” Jennifer heard Linda’s voice shouting above the screams with authority. “Just everyone! Fucking! Stop!” The tiny woman whirled about and pointed her sword at Jennifer, her face dark, eyes glaring. “You too! Stop moving!” She spun about again waving her sword at her Clan. “Everyone just get fucking back and stay away from her. Somebody go and see to Tommy.”

Linda walked in a wide arc, waving her sword and gesturing for all of her fellows to back off and away. Jason followed close behind; adding to her authority and slowly they made their way back to Jennifer’s face. Linda glared at Jennifer for a long, tense moment, then sighed and turned to her companion.

“Keep them in check for a couple minutes, Jason. Me and the big bitch need to talk and I don’t want any of them doing something stupid and getting hurt,” she looked back at Jennifer, “or killed.”

The little Asian man scowled darkly at Jennifer, but finally nodded and hurried off to the others who seemed to be gathering their courage once again. Linda watched them for a few moments as Jason herded them back and away then asked without turning:

“Quietly, tell me. What happened?”

“I…” Jennifer began and her voice choked. She swallowed and tried to calm her breathing and rapid heartbeat before starting again. “I don’t know. Really… I don’t! I woke to something tickling my feet and I just jerked. It was like having a bug on me in the middle of the night, waking up…” Jennifer immediately regretted her simile when she saw Linda’s shoulders slump a bit and look away as she compared them to bugs.

“My legs just twitched and I must have slammed him into the desk. It was an accident! I didn’t mean…”

“Shut up!” Linda snapped, her voice low and gruff, filled with pain. “Damn you, Ed.” Jennifer blinked back her tears, not knowing what was going on as Linda turned to face her again. The little woman’s face was shifting between pain and anger, but for some reason Jennifer felt it was not directed at her. Finally Linda sighed and stepped closer to Jennifer’s face.

“I believe you,” the woman said planting the tip of her sword to the floor and leaning on it as though the weight of the world rested on her back. “Ed had a foot fetish, and I guess it got the best of him. Quite sure he was having a field day when you woke up and smashed him into the desk. Wasn’t your fault, anyone would’a done the same, jerking out of sleep like that.

“Unfortunately, they’re gonna want justice.” Linda gestured at the group of Tinies, some staring at her with pure hatred while others still sobbed over their friend’s demise.

“They’re gonna want blood.”

6 Trial

“Quiet!” Linda shouted over the growing din of angry babble again, waving her overly long cutlass high over her head, the metal glistening in the candle light and the dim pale of false dawn just slanting through the window blinds. Her gaze swept across her gathered clan, most still looking furious and staring daggers at the giantess lying behind their leader, watching her intently. Only a few faces seemed reasonable to Linda, or at least impassive. Claire for one, and Anne whose face only changed to contort with pain. Tiny Stacy looked to be in a state of shock, the two-inch tall woman and Ed having been lovers for months since joining the clan. Beverly, a middle-aged, plump and slightly taller woman sat with her, trying to comfort the younger woman in her grief.

Linda sighed regretting what she had to do, but she knew that it had to be done. There were rules to follow in the world of the Tinies, laws to obey just like in the real world. But in the clan justice usually fell at the feet of the leader, though Linda tried to involve everyone when a problem arose. Usually some petty squabble over found property or food, maybe a domestic dispute. In her first month as leader of the clan she had been forced to banish a man from their group because he had been beating his wife, a weak-willed woman barely half of his own three-inches. Jack had been thrown out with a taste of his own medicine. She had hated that, hated the responsibility of deciding someone’s fate, deserved as it was. As now…

She glanced back at the giantess, the woman’s eyes still glistening with tears as she mewled into her gag. It had taken ten of them to force the fat ball back between her lips and buckle the leather straps tightly behind her head; four tugging on the belts and buckle while the rest pulled on the huge woman’s hair as she thrashed and fought. Finally, all together they had held her head steady long enough to get the ball gag back in place, all the while the giantess crying, screaming and begging for them to stop. They were all breathing hard after that, members of the clan nursing bruises taken during the struggle as some of them had been thrown about by the giantess’ thrashing. They had waited there in the dim shadows then, hoping that no neighbor had heard her screams for help, hoping that no one would come to investigate the commotion. But in New York City, Linda knew all too well that most people kept to themselves and minded their own business; not wanting to help or get involved.

Fifteen minutes later Linda had deemed it safe and had gathered all of her clan together onto the pillows to call her court to order. She let them settle, some still fuming with anger, others sobbing with the grief of losing a friend. She had waited while Johnny and Frank had bundled and wrapped Ed’s remains in a black, plastic shopping bag and stored it in the refrigerator to fend off decomposition as best they could, at least for awhile. After the trial and punishment, maybe when they finally left the apartment for good they would find a place to bury him in the courtyard behind the building. Finally after Johnny and Frank rejoined the group she had raised her sword high and called for quiet.

“I’ve spoken with her,” Linda said her voice not loud but full of authority and commanding. “She said it was an accident.”

“Bull shit!” someone shouted and Linda cast a stern look at one of the smaller Tinies mounted high up on the pillows. He glared back; a pudgy squat head sat on a one-inch lump of a body. Linda did not break her gaze and finally he looked down and away.

“You’ll have your chance to speak, Robert,” she said coldly as she swept her gaze over the rest of the assemblage. “You’ll all have your chance to speak your mind. And I’ll listen. Just remember though, this is NOT a democracy. You all voted me clan leader to make decisions like this and my word will be the final say. I’m willing to listen though, because Ed was a good man, and our friend.” There was a general consensus of nods of agreement, though still some did not look happy. Linda continued.

“She said that she woke up and felt something poking and touching her feet, and she jerked her legs in reflex. She said it was like waking up with a bug on her skin.” Linda heard the grumbling and let the wave of anger ripple through the group a bit before quieting them down again. She had purposely used Jennifer’s words to remind them all of what they were, or at least how they were thought of. Whether the giants were good-hearted or bad, in the end they all thought of the Tinies as bugs or creatures in the end; another race all together rather than people that were once like themselves. People living and breathing, dreaming of a better life and struggling to survive.

“We’ve all probably experienced that. This city’s overrun with roaches and mice, flies and mosquitoes. Hell I used to wake up with leg cramps in the middle of the night and had to unconsciously stretch. It’s natural and you don’t think about it, especially when you just come awake.” Linda watched her clan and saw several grudgingly nodding in agreement. A few of the faces softened just a little.

“Then it’s manslaughter,” a voice called out and Linda saw a thirty-something girl barely an inch tall stand. She was pretty despite her raggedy, filthy toga, blond and well endowed. “But even lessening the charge, she still killed Ed and that needs to be addressed.” Linda recalled that the woman, Melanie, had been a lawyer in her past life, her normal life.

“Eye for an eye!” Robert shouted thrusting a fist skyward and shaking it. Several yelled their approval, agreeing with cheers. Linda heard Jennifer groan softly behind her.

“No!” Linda shouted back, raising her voice to be heard. “We are NOT going to kill her.”

“Then why are we even bothering with this?” the blond Melanie asked.

“Because it’s the right thing to do, Melanie. The just thing to do. No matter what the giants think of us, we’re not savages. Might does not make right. We’re people, not a mob and we will not lower ourselves to their level. She’ll be punished, certainly. But we decide what in this trial, and how much.”

“It’s not like we can put her in jail,” Melanie supplied, obviously returning to the role of her former career, taking the cause and voice of the prosecution. “That’s normally what would happen to someone found guilty of manslaughter; Time incarcerated depending on verdict of degree.”

“You’re right,” Linda agreed, nodding. “That’s not an option. But what can we do?” she asked addressing her clan, her gaze sweeping over the assemblage again.

“Leave her to rot, then,” Robert loudly provided. Linda wondered just what had happened in his past to make him so vehement over this. “Just fuckin’ chain her ass up, take her keys when we leave and let whatever happens happen. If she gets found, fine. If she starves to death, even better.” There was a babble of approval and even applause following Robert’s idea. But Linda saw other faces twist in disgust and disapproval.

“A vote then, on Robert’s proposal. All in favor…” Linda saw six hands shoot into the air. She tried not to smile. “Opposed?” Twelve hands went up at that, and she was glad. “And the rest abstain. Sorry Robert. You’re outvoted.” Linda was hard-pressed to hide her smirk as Robert cursed under his breath and sat back down with a huff.

“Any other suggestions?” Linda asked after letting the group mull over their thoughts for a few moments. Letting the jury hold council.

“Well, we could not feed her or give her water while we’re here at least,” Frank suggested.

“That’s lame,” a forty-ish woman named Connie countered, the one-inch tall woman standing and shouting to be heard.

“And goes without saying,” Linda added, agreeing. “She’s lost her luxuries for the duration.” Linda heard the giantess whimper at that bit of news.

“That’s not enough.”

Linda turned to stare at Claire, surprised to hear the eldest member of the clan chime in. “What did you have in mind then, Claire?” she asked planting the tip of her blade to the floor.

Claire squinted as she stared at the gigantic woman in the background and Linda recalled just how blind the woman almost was without her glasses. Claire could barely see a couple inches ahead of her, and Linda was sure that the colossal Jennifer was just a huge pink blur to the older woman.

“Maybe we should let Stacy decide. She was Ed’s girlfriend after all.” All eyes turned to the tiny woman in question, but Stacy still stared vacantly, her red cheeks streaked from rivulets of tears, crimson eyes glassy and her expression blank. Beverly turned to the girl and whispered something into her ear and the girl blinked and shuddered, seemingly slipping back into reality from wherever she had been a moment before.

“W- Wha- What?” the girl asked looking at all the faces focused on her. Beverly spoke softly to her again, hugging her as she did so. Anne groaned and rubbed her belly, shifting slightly.

“I… I don’t understand,” Stacy said, her voice choked with emotion and confusion as she looked about the group. Finally her gaze settled on Linda. “What… What do you want me to do?”

“Stacy…” Linda began softly trying to sound both comforting and authoritative. “The giantess needs to be punished for killing Ed. She didn’t mean to, but she did, regardless. Since you and Ed were involved, a couple, we’d like to hear what you might want. Okay?”

Stacy stared blankly at the clan leader for a long moment, then shifted her gaze to the gigantic woman behind her. A hush fell over the assemblage, an incredible tension sweeping the room in anticipation…

“Kill her!” the tiny woman shrieked her voice ripping with torment.

Linda shook her head. “We’re not going to do that, Stacy.”

The Tiny’s face twisted with grief, then rage, then sorrow at the loss of the man she had come to love. Her little body heaved with a racking sob as Beverly held her tight, stroking her hair. Finally Stacy looked up again, snuffling as she swallowed, her deep brown eyes sparkling as she stared at the bound giant woman.

“Then hurt her,” the tiny woman snarled and spat. She brushed Beverly’s hands aside and shakily stood, stepping off of the pillow and striding forward until she stood before the towering face of the giant Jennifer. "I want her to suffer," Stacy said, hawking and spitting on the bound giantess. Jennifer jerked in her bonds.

“I want her to feel the pain that Ed felt when she crushed him.” Stacy’s hands curled into fists as rage seemed to consume her. “And I want to be the one to make her feel that pain.”

Linda sighed as the clan erupted in cheers and applause – most of them anyway. She had been expecting as much, but she hoped that Stacy would go easy in understanding. The course was set though and all that was left was for Linda to approve. And she knew she had to.

“Done,” she said tapping the tip of her sword three times to the floor, signifying that the trial was over. They had all just agreed to torture a fellow human being. Linda was not happy about that, but there was really nothing to do about it. All that remained was to decide how. She was quite certain that there would be plenty of suggestions.

Linda turned to Jennifer, the giantess’ eyes wide and full of tears. She shook her head, whimpering, but Linda remained cold and aloof. She stepped forward and pressed the point of her blade to the gigantic woman’s throat, mostly for show.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, then turned and walked away…

7 Punishment

Jennifer stared as the Tinies organized. Her wide, tear-filled eyes started to flow as she saw the shock collar being dragged across the floor, two of the tiny men muscling it closer finally letting it fall right before her pussy, the prods pointing at her exposed and dripping sex. The toy that Erica had bought her years ago for some added spice to their dominant games was about to be used on her to really torture her. Jennifer shivered, staring at Linda, hoping for reprieve or at least mercy but finding nothing in the woman’s cold gaze.

“It’s gonna hurt,” the little six-inch tall woman had said without emotion. “You’re going to scream, and cry, and beg,” Linda had said with a frown. “Not what I want, but nothing you don’t deserve.” Jennifer moaned into her gag and squirmed as the Tinies gathered about, most gleefully wanting to make her suffer for killing their friend. Jennifer sobbed, starting to cry and her torture had not even begun.

Jennifer saw the tiny girl, Stacy, caressing the remote for the shock collar, eyeing her with malevolence. A shiver of fear ran through her, making her shudder as she felt two of the little men shoving the short prods against her exposed pussy, digging the metal prongs past her labia and into her. Jennifer whimpered to the tiny girl, pleading, but saw nothing but hatred smoldering in her dark eyes. She wanted revenge for the death of her lover and Jennifer could see that the Tiny was going to enjoy every moment of what was to come.

As the two small men held the prods in place Jennifer felt another climb up her body by the hair at the back of her head. She shivered as he trotted the length of her bound arm, then dropped to her hip, waving down at yet another of the small men in the group.

“Toss it up,” the Tiny on her hip called down and Jennifer saw the tiny black man, Frank, toss a bit of string up to him. The one on her hip started hauling on the ‘rope’ and Jennifer realized that it was tied to the black plastic snap of the shock collar. The man on her grabbed the huge plastic buckle, then turned and rappelled down Jennifer’s ass, hitting the carpet behind her. Jennifer saw that the Tinies had stretched the canvas collar to its limits and immediately realized why as she felt the little person behind her forcing the buckle as far as he could between her body and the floor.

“Nnnn…” Jennifer groaned as she tossed her head from side to side, squirming helplessly and rolling onto her back. She heard the little man behind her yelp in fear, those in front scattering in panic as her struggles increased, thrashing and rocking from side to side as best as her bonds would allow. Desperately she tried to sit up, but it was hard. She was tired from her ordeals and weak from lack of food and water, but she still managed to force herself up, hooking her feet under the desk and shoving her hands back beneath her and propping on her forearms.

“Nnnngh!” Jennifer grunted into her gag as something dug into her ass cheek. She looked down and saw Linda through teary eyes, the tip of her sword buried into the thick flesh of her butt cheek, a trickle of blood dribbling from the incision. Jennifer rocked her body even as the six-inch redhead pulled the blade free again, the wound slicing more and feeling like an intense paper cut.

Ignoring the pain in her ass and aching muscles Jennifer heaved, pushing up to a sitting position with monstrous effort. She heard most of the Tinies screaming in panic, scattering away from her, shouting obscenities as they backed off for safety. She saw Jason charging forward, the razor blade axe in hand and raised high and gleaming in the flickering light of the television and the candles they had re-lit earlier. Jennifer swung her bound arms towards him as he neared and flicked two of her fingers squarely connecting with his chest. The axe spun from his hands as he flew backwards with the impact, tumbling head over heels to slam up against one of the pillows. She saw him shake his head and groan, clutching his chest, hurt but not dead, thankfully.

Jennifer swiftly pulled her legs in, sweeping her feet and bound ankles across the floor in a wide arch. A couple of the more daring Tinies that had been moving closer jumped back out of the arch, scrambling for distance and safety beside the desk and beyond the bed. Jennifer folded her legs at the knees, then shoved with her hands to the side, struggling with all of her strength to force herself into a kneeling position, her butt finally resting on her heels as she swayed trying to keep her balance. She groaned, breathing hard through her nose as she forced her leg muscles to work, awkwardly rising up on her knees.

“Nnnnneeeee!!” Jennifer squealed into her gag as electricity shocked through her pussy. It was intense… agony and unrelenting as she felt her sex shiver and pulse, burning as though on fire. She wavered and arched her back, squirming under the onslaught, gasping as it ended. She had a brief glimpse of the shock collar still wedged between her thighs, though the straps hung limp and dangling. She wriggled to get the long, metal prods to slip from her slit, whimpering in panic then shrieking as the pain resumed a heartbeat later, coursing through her entire being.

As her body shuddered with the waves of electricity shooting through her pussy Jennifer felt something snag into her hair, and then the tiny ticklish sensation of someone clambering up her body. She turned her head and tried to focus through bleary eyes as another bolt of anguish shot through her and she saw the familiar head of reddish brown hair. Linda was climbing a knotted, thick twine, her sword slung over her back by a looped bit of thread at the hand guard.

Jennifer swayed and bucked as yet another shock tore through her causing Linda to swing out and lose her footing. She was crying hard from the pain as the collar did its damage, snot clogging her nose and drooling down past her lips and chin. She had used the thing for fun in the past, little jolts applied by imagined kidnappers in her role plays, with Erica, but always on her throat, and never at the highest settings save once just to see. The pain on her neck had been incredible, but in her vagina it was terrible, a thousand times worse as her tender, inner flesh was far more sensitive than the skin of her throat. Dimly through her haze of agony she felt something sharp poke into the soft skin of her throat as the shocks finally, blessedly stopped.

“You will FUCKING lie right the fuck back down or I will FUCKING drive my sword into your carotid artery and watch you FUCKING bleed out until you FUCKING die!” Linda shouted harshly as she dug her sword menacingly into Jennifer’s tender throat. Jennifer’s eyes were wide as she pleadingly stared at the tiny woman, anger coloring Linda’s face a deep red as she held the sword in one hand, the other clutching a fistful of the giant’s hair. She had no doubt that the little woman would follow through with her threat, so with a sobbing whimper of defeat, Jennifer eased back, propped first on her outstretched arms, then slowly lowering back down onto her elbows. All the while Linda dangled from her hair, the sword poised menacingly as she swung, ‘walking’ the giantess’ skin like a mountain climber; rappelling from shoulder to chest and then scrambling up to her face where she grabbed the leather strap of Jennifer’s ball gag.

“Watch her legs,” Jennifer heard someone shout from the floor as she started to stretch out. She felt the sword prick into her throat again as she unfolded her legs, watching carefully so that she did not crush anyone in the process.

“Get that belt under her!” Linda shouted as she held onto the leather strap of Jennifer’s ball gag, her sword still digging into Jennifer’s flesh. Jennifer felt the collar’s straps tighten about her hips as someone ran the end under her before Linda prodded her to lie back down. With a sigh Jennifer collapsed back to the floor in defeat, weak, exhausted and already in pain.

Slowly the Tinies moved closer again, some leery with caution, others bold and angrier than they were before. She saw two of them struggling with the collar finally locking the buckle with an audible ‘CLICK’ then tightening the straps even more; as tight as they could manage. She had bought the collar fitted for the larger dogs; Shepherds, Dobermans, Great Danes and the like so there was plenty of slack to tighten even settled as it was about her hips and waist. She felt someone climbing up onto her and trotting up the length of her legs. She glanced down her body, craning to see past her breasts and saw Johnny as he reached the black box of the collar’s housing. He actually climbed onto the box shoving hard and pushing the prods deeper into her vagina as the last of the collar’s slack was pulled tight, the business end of the collar now thoroughly embedded within her pussy.

“That was stupid.” Jennifer shifted her eyes and looked at the tiny Linda, both women breathing hard from their ordeal. Linda looked almost comical as she rose and fell standing on Jennifer’s chest and riding out the deep, heaving breaths. Jennifer sighed and snuffled through her nose as the little woman pulled her sword away, whirling it about to flick the tiny bit of blood from the blade to splatter across Jennifer’s bare, sweaty shoulder.

“If you had just cooperated, it probably would have been over by now.” Linda shook her head and gazed at her clan inching forward again, their bravery returning as they gathered about the bound giantess. “Now they’re gonna want more.” Linda stepped away and stood at the top of Jennifer’s cleavage. “How’s Jason?” she called out looking at a small group of the Tinies huddled at the edge of the pillows.

“Matt says he sprained his wrist when he hit,” a two-inch Tiny named Pete said after a moment. “And had the wind knocked out of him. He’ll live.” Jennifer did not know which Tiny Matt might be.

“Okay. Robert, get up here and bring the paper clamps. And one other, any takers?” Jennifer saw Johnny rush forward, lust in his eyes and licking his lips as he ran across her belly then scrambled up between her breasts to stand beside his leader. Jennifer tried to stay calm and lie still with the creepy feeling of the Tinies on her skin as Robert tossed the metal clamps up then climbed up her hair, grabbed the strap of her ball gag and swung up to join the others on her chest.

“You two get her nipples,” Linda said with a sweep of her sword. “Put the clamps on her and have fun.” Linda’s voice was cold as she stepped away down Jennifer’s body even as the two little men drew forward. Robert had an evil smile as he pressed the hinged paper clip open threateningly above Jennifer’s right nipple.

“I’m gonna enjoy this, bitch,” he sneered as he closed the clamp over Jennifer’s already sore and abused nipple, squeezing it tight with all of his might. Jennifer gasped, sucking air through her nose as she felt the pain, then shrieked into her gag as Johnny followed suit on her puffy left nipple. Then she screamed as electricity shot into her pussy again.

And again…

And again…


Jennifer was still sobbing hours later as her body protested, aching in lingering pain. Each of the Tinies that had wanted to participate in her punishment had been allowed to inflict some form of torture on her helpless body. They had traded off on the nipple clips for about an hour until Jason and William had come from the bathroom dragging her long, thin curling iron behind them. Jennifer had squealed and shook her head but the Tinies ignored her protests, Stacy shocking her over and over until finally she slumped into submission.

Jennifer had squealed again as the nipple clamps had been removed and blood started rushing back into her abused nubs hurting far more than when they had been attached. She had shrieked as the curling iron had then been closed over her sore nipples, burning them and squeezing harshly, two of the Tinies always working the wand, trading off with others.

And all the while Stacy kept shocking her relentlessly, a wicked smile curling her lips with each muffled howl of agony.

Someone had slashed at her soles with the razor blade axe as another waved a lit match over the wounds, cauterizing them. Jennifer jerked and squirmed, trying to pull her legs up and away until she felt Linda’s sword poking into her throat again. Linda had ordered several of the men to drag her dog choke chain over and they looped it through the ropes on her ankles and around the leg of the heavy desk. They had pulled it as tight as they could, then locked it in place with one of Jennifer’s small padlocks, efficiently holding her feet to the floor. The torture on her feet then began again and Jennifer cried out, shaking her head with the new pain as her soles were repeatedly slashed and burned. She knew it would be days before she could walk comfortably again, if they ever let her go.

If they let her live.

One of the women had come up with the idea of piercing her breasts with pins and needles. Several of the Tinies had mounted her and started shoving straight pins into the flabby flesh of her mammories. Jennifer wailed into her gag, her high-pitched shrieks muted as the Tinies abused her breasts sticking pin after pin into her, shoving deep and showing no remorse or mercy, most actually laughing at the wild ride on her heaving chest.

And Stacy shocked her over and over.

Finally Linda had called a halt to the torture. “That’s enough,” the tiny woman had said as she stepped up onto Jennifer’s chest again, roughly jabbing her sword shallowly into the giantess' clavicle. Jennifer was sobbing non-stop and could not even open her eyes as the little woman stared down at her.

“I’m sorry,” Linda said softly as Jennifer’s voice racked and heaved trying to draw breath through her snotty nose. “Get me a tissue!” Linda shouted out and a moment later Jennifer felt a Kleenex pressing against her nostrils.

“Blow,” Linda said, wadding the thin tissue over Jennifer’s nose and holding it in place. “After all that, I don’t want you suffocating on your own snot.” Jennifer blew thick, snotty mucous into the tissue, three times until she cleared her nose and lungs enough to draw a decent breath. After one more blow Linda wiped around her nostrils then tossed the messy Kleenex to the floor.

“You rest now, and don’t do anything stupid.” Jennifer felt Linda padding away, eventually dropping back down to the floor.

Jennifer just sobbed, lingering pain echoing throughout her body…

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8 Abortion

Jennifer woke with a start hearing the high, tiny shrill shrieks of one of her captors. She blinked, shifting and trying to come awake, wondering what was happening but careful not to move her aching body too much, not wanting another death on her hands.

“Take the phone!” a loud voice boomed as she struggled and craned her neck to see what was going on. She could hear the Tinies shouting and pain coursed through her as she shifted, her abused nipples and feet ablaze with agony. The shock collar was still embedded in her pussy but thankfully the pins and needles had been removed from her breasts; she vaguely recalled waking as the Tinies crawled over her sliding them out. The television flashed and flickered as Keanu Reeves leapt from a small sports car onto a speeding Los Angeles bus.

The Tinies were gathered about the far corner of the pillows, panicky and shouting as one of their own writhed in agony. Jennifer focused through her own pain and bleary eyes and saw Anne squirming in agony, holding her huge, swollen belly, screaming as her face contorted with agony.

“What are we gonna do?” one of them shouted waving his arms wildly. Others gasped in horror, as the bloated stomach seemed to throb. Some held one another in fright, staring in harsh fascination as their friend writhed in torment, unable to help. There were screams, and Jennifer saw several of the women crying as Anne screeched. “What are we gonna do?” the man shouted again, his voice high and shrill with emotion.

“End this,” Linda said with a cold, detached finality. She pushed past two of the Tinies that were trying to calm the pregnant woman; washing her down and petting her. Linda stared down at her agonized friend and Jennifer saw the leader’s head, shake from side to side, her shoulders slumping in defeat.

“Please…” Anne wailed, her voice slurred as she fought past her pain to beg. Jennifer wondered if she was pleading to save her life or to end her torment.

Linda slowly raised her sword high over Anne’s bloated body, the tiny pregnant woman squealing in pain, her words distorting into harsh sobs and grunts again. It took Jennifer a moment to realize what must have happened. The baby in Anne’s belly must have shifted and was now in such a position that the tiny woman could no longer contain it.

“God, no! Don’t!” someone shouted, but Linda ignored the woman rushing forward, her sword slicing down.

Anne shrieked again even as the blade slashed into the bulging flesh of her belly. Her stomach burst, exploding in a ghastly spray of blood, the huge fetus that had been trapped within the pregnant woman surging out to hang limp and slimy and dead from the woman’s stomach. Several of the Tinies dropped to their knees or bent over and vomited at the horrific scene and Jennifer struggled to hold down her own bile, knowing that she would suffocate if she let her body succumb. The womb was slit and the juices of nurturing life oozed onto the floor as steam rose from the gaping maw.

Incredibly Anne still lived, her screams rising in pitch from the new pain, her body bucking and flailing in convulsions. All around her the Tinies were screaming or crying, their own wailing washing together into a loud, senseless babble. Only Claire seemed composed, her face sad but hard as she held Anne down with one hand on Anne’s shoulder and the other on her forehead, stretching and exposing her neck. She looked up at Linda and the red head nodded, raising her sword and quickly slicing it down across Anne’s throat. There was another spray of blood as Anne’s cries choked off, her body arching up one final time then collapsing back onto the pillow.

Silence, heavy and dreadful save for the sounds of retching and crying, the television eerily droning in the background unheard. Everyone that could stared at their friend, now dead. Anne’s misery finally at an end.

Linda covered and dripping with blood sighed heavily and dropped to her knees her sword held limp, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I’m sorry… So sorry…” she sobbed as she wrapped her arms about her belly and rocked on her knees crying.

Claire stepped lightly up and around Anne’s body, ignoring the blood that covered her own skin and dress and placed her hand on Linda’s shoulder. She then dropped to her knees as well and hugged the younger woman to her, caressing and comforting.

“It had to be done,” she whispered, cooing into Linda’s ear. “There was nothing we could do. You did the right thing. Spared her so much pain…”

Linda’s sob was racked with anguish as she took a deep breath. She tossed her bloody sword aside and hugged Claire fiercely. “She didn’t deserve that,” Linda sobbed, holding Claire tighter. “She was so sweet.”

“I know,” Claire said as she petted the larger woman’s blood slick hair. “I know…”

“We’re gonna kill him,” Linda finally said after a few minutes, her crying somewhat back under control. “Him and his whore. He won’t get away with this. BASTARD!” Claire hugged her more tightly and Jennifer felt tears welling in her eyes for the Tiny woman that had suffered so much, her own pain forgotten…


Jennifer craned her neck to look at her alarm clock on the small shelf above her bed. The red LED numbers showed 1:42 in the AM. She sighed as she rolled slightly, trying to get comfortable but the pain in her nipples seemed a constant, burning fire that conspired to keep her awake. She noted thankfully that someone had cleaned her breasts while she fitfully dozed in a haze earlier and she saw the bottle of rubbing alcohol not so far away. Hopefully she would not have to worry about infection.

After the traumatic experience of Anne’s death, after the Tinies had regained some control and composure, Linda had directed Jason and Bill to bag Anne’s body as they had earlier done with Ed’s. They had cleaned her as best as they could after first drawing out the remains of the fetus and cutting the umbilical cord. They then bagged both in black plastic shopping bags and several carried the bodies to the refrigerator where they stored them until they would later bury the remains outside somewhere. Everyone was somber and sullen throughout, and Jennifer was little better, trying to show respect, or at least concern for the dead.

After that the Tinies seemed to have no desire to do much of anything. The television played on silently muted in the background but no one was watching. Eventually the movie ended and the DVR shut down switching back to the news channel. Whatever food they had prepared was forgotten, and everyone simply seemed to sit in little groups, mostly silent but for the occasional weeping.

Finally Jennifer saw Linda stand from the spot on the pillow where she had been sitting with Claire, the two women speaking softly. Jennifer could still see the dark spot on the carpeting and pillow, the splattered blood glistening as the television’s glow flickered with changing scenes. She watched as Linda strode to the spot where she had flung her sword away earlier and stood over the letter opener, staring down at it in silence for a long time. Finally the small woman sighed loudly, then bent down and scooped up the blood-splattered sword. When she turned and glanced her way, Jennifer could see the grim determination masking her face.

“It’s time,” was all she had said as she turned back to her clan. Jennifer saw most of the men and a couple of the women stand and move towards their leader, a few climbing the rope ladder down to the floor from the top of the bed, the two-inch tall Frank jumping the figurative five stories to the plush pillow below. They all gathered around Linda, tiny weapons of nails and needles in hand. She saw that three of the men carried coils of string with the paperclip grappling hooks attached. Jennifer wondered what was going on, though by the dark, grim looks on all of their faces she had her suspicions.

“You shouldn’t do this,” Claire said as she limped closer supported by her makeshift cane. “You don’t have to. It’s insane… suicide!”

“We do, Claire,” Linda returned, unquenched anger still in her voice. “We owe it to Anne. She was one of us, our friend. The scum that caused this… the bastard that killed her deserves to die.” Jennifer could see that Linda was shaking, her knuckles white with the fierce grip on the hilt of her sword.

“We didn’t kill HER for Ed,” Stacy choked out with a sob, glaring as she pointed a long silver molding nail at Jennifer. Linda raised her hand to stay the further argument that was starting to swell.

“We’ve been all over this,” she said. “Ed was an accident and his own stupid fault. We punished her for killing Ed and it’s done. Finished!” Linda snapped now glaring at the smaller woman almost daring her to protest further. The two-inch tall Stacy turned away in frustration, anger still apparent from her loss.

“You’re gonna get yourselves killed.” Jennifer heard an almost imperceptible voice and looked about to see who had said that. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw the speaker, a very tiny man that was standing on Claire’s shoulder and clinging to her hair for support. Jennifer had to squint in the flickering light to focus, but she could finally see that he was naked and looked to be less than a centimeter tall. He was the smallest Tiny she had so far seen in the group, and she was amazed that he had actually survived at his new size. She wondered too how monstrously huge she must appear to him.

He seemed unconcerned as he pressed on however, apparently adjusted to his size and surroundings. “All it’ll take is for the guy to roll over and crush the lot of ya. An’ god forbid he should wake up. He’ll smash you flat, or worse. Bloody Hell! He stuck the woman he loved in a birdcage and tortured her! What d’ya think he’ll do to you?”

Jennifer could hear the man’s voice rising in pitch and emotion, his words choking as he shouted to be heard. Linda simply waved away his protests.

“It’s a chance we’re all willing to take, Matt,” Linda said with a heavy voice. “A risk we have to take to get justice for Anne.”

“This isn’t justice,” a woman whose name Jennifer did not know piped up. She was black and stood just under four inches, Jennifer judged. “This is just vengeance,” she spat, her fists clenched into fists. “Don’t do this! Dammit, Frank! Don’t go!”

Jennifer saw the two-inch tall Frank frown and shake his head. “We have to, Dani. I wish we could make you understand that. Hopefully you will, eventually.”

The tiny woman burst into tears and ran forward, dropping to her knees to embrace the smaller man who was half her size, sobbing into his shoulder. Jennifer watched tearfully as Frank held her lovingly, stroking her hair until she slowly calmed. She saw others crying as well, both in the group that was leaving and those that were remaining behind. Only Claire seemed composed as she stared hard at Linda, the red-haired leader returning her gaze just as stone cold.

“Take this,” Frank said as Jennifer returned her attention to the tiny black couple, the woman Dani now towering over the shorter Frank like an adult to a child. Frank handed her the little matchstick axe, which she reluctantly accepted. “Just in case,” he added, glancing at Jennifer as he stepped past her to pick up a nail from the supply of their weapons kept at the far end of the bed under the radiator. It was large enough to be a spear in his hands.

There was a long tense moment of silence as he stepped back to the group broken only by the occasional sob until Linda finally spoke up. “Let’s go,” she said, turning away from those that were staying behind without another word. Her gaze lingered on Jennifer as she walked past, and their eyes met. Jennifer saw the tiny woman force a smile and then she was behind her and out of sight, the rest of her group trailing after her.

Several of those remaining moved away from the pillow to keep their friends in their line of sight, stepping past Jennifer and watching. Finally though they all slowly returned to their places, plopping down on the pillow in sad resignation. The mood was somber and quiet; the flashing lights of the television and the flickering candle’s flame making the scene seem surreal.

Claire’s heavy sigh finally broke the silence as she hobbled back to the pillow. She stared at the bloody stain on the floor for a long moment before looking up at the eight clan remaining. She gently raised her hand, palm up to her shoulder and waited as the miniscule Matthew stepped on before lowering him to the pillow.

“There’s nothing to be done for it now, but wait,” she said with a deep sadness in her voice. “And pray… Let’s try to get some sleep.”

Claire punched the ‘Power’ button on the television remote with her cane and instantly the room dimmed to just the light of the one candle near the bathroom door. Jennifer saw the older woman look at her for a moment, her eyes slits as she squinted through the dim, her face otherwise seemingly void of emotion. Whatever the woman was thinking was lost on Jennifer however, and Claire finally turned away to settle in a ways away from her usual spot on the pillow, avoiding the drying bloodstain.

Jennifer turned away as well, trying to get as comfortable as her bonds would allow. She closed her eyes but doubted that she or anyone in the apartment for that matter would be able to sleep that night.

Within moments though, both mentally and physically exhausted, she was sound asleep…

9 Rat

Jennifer gasped as she was fitfully burst from her dreams…

She had been bound and gagged, rope lashed tightly about her naked body and about the rough wooden pole that she had been forced against despite her wild struggles. The wood and harsh rope cut into her skin, biting into her scarred flesh to slice open the bloody welts she had received from the whipping that her tormentors had delivered the night before. She was crying, begging into her gag for them not to do this, but her pleas were ignored save for an occasional burst of laughter or shouted lewd comment.

Men were piling sticks and branches of dead wood higher and higher about her lower legs as Jennifer mewled into her gag, struggling uselessly against the binding ropes. Another man was pouring a sickly smelling oil over the wood as the pile grew higher, chuckling with delight as he watched Jennifer struggling. When they were satisfied a wickedly grinning woman stepped forward and reached up to grab Jennifer’s thick, puffy nipples. She laughed as Jennifer squealed in agony, her nails biting into the already abused, hardening nubs as she squeezed and twisted mercilessly. The mob that had gathered cheered and applauded at Jennifer’s new torment.

“That’s enough,” someone said over the din and the cruel woman stopped. As she backed away Jennifer saw another woman step forward carrying a blazing torch in one hand, an over-sized cutlass in the other. Jennifer thought that she might have been beautiful except that she was dressed in rags and for some reason drenched in blood dripping from head to toe.

“It’s time,” the woman said coldly, her dark eyes reflecting the firelight. A brief, sorrowful smile passed her lips as she casually tossed the huge burning matchstick on the pile of wood surrounding Jennifer’s feet to her knees.

Jennifer screamed into her gag in fright, her eyes tearing as she watched the flames catch to the oil-soaked wood. She could already feel the heat as the fire grew in intensity, the flames growing higher and closer to her bare flesh. She looked up at the crowd beseeching them to free her but saw that most were watching gleefully, smiling and laughing, taunting her. The blood-soaked woman was grinning as she watched intently, leaning on her long sword. Only the older woman at her side seemed impassive, her face blank as she stared at the spectacle.

Jennifer’s fearful screams turned to shrieks of agony as the flames finally licked at her skin. She gagged as she smelled the awful scent of her burning flesh, her feet already ablaze with searing pain. Smoke stung at her tearing eyes, blurring her vision and clouding the shadowy, mocking faces before her. She squealed as the flames climbed ever higher, until…

Breathing hard and eyes wide with fright Jennifer looked about the oddly flickering dim of her apartment. She was shaking and sweating, her heart hammering in her chest as she glanced about wondering where she was and what had happened. Slowly she started to calm as the dream faded away to be replaced by the reality of her situation, which was only a little better.

She was still naked and lying on the cold, scratchy carpeting that covered her small studio apartment’s floor. Still bound with handcuffs and rope, hands behind her back and her roped ankles chained to the leg of her heavy, cluttered desk. Still gagged by the thick rubber ball jammed into her mouth and buckled tightly behind her head. Still aching from strained muscles and the wounds all over her tortured body.

Still a captive.

Jennifer craned her neck as her breathing finally slowed to normal to stare at her captors. The ten tiny people that remained all seemed asleep, though one or two twitched fitfully as they too appeared to be caught in the grasp of some nightmare. She glanced up at the clock above her bed, the glow of the red LED numbers declaring that it was almost five in the morning. The rest of the clan that had invaded her home and holding her prisoner for over two days now had yet to return from their murderous mission of retribution.

Jennifer sighed and lowered her gaze once again to the pillows on the floor in front of her bed and the slumbering group of Tinies. Despite all that they had done to her; stealing her food and clothes, the tortures and torments, she still felt a pang of sorrow for them. She could not imagine the hell that their day-to-day lives must be like to simply survive. The agony of being ripped away from their lives and loved ones. The tortures that some of them had to deal with when they had been abused by the cruel giant world that some random, incurable virus had thrust them in. The horror of having people they once loved turn into monsters that thought of them now as little more than pets or play things, no longer even human beings.

Her gaze fell upon the dark stain blotting the edge of the pillowcase. She stared at the bloody spot that the Tinies now avoided; the spot where they had watched poor Anne die. The spot where the clan’s leader had killed the pregnant woman; putting her out of her misery as the baby she had carried for three months had grown too large for her stomach to contain any longer. Jennifer closed her eyes, blinking back tears as the horrible, frantic scene replayed vividly in her mind’s eye. Jennifer shuddered at the memories, wondering if she would have had the courage to do what Linda had been forced to.

Subtle movement caught her attention at the edge of her sight as she opened her eyes. She shifted her head slightly expecting to see one of the Tinies trudging sleepily back to the pillow after a trip into the bathroom -

Jennifer gasped! Her heart started to beat wildly again as her eyes flew wide with fright. Not a Tiny!

A Rat!

Jennifer was too shocked to move as she stared at the thing creeping along the boxes she had stacked beside the radiator. It was a motley dark brown and its body fat, easily six inches long with a wriggling tail doubling that length. Its black eyes sparkled in the candlelight as it turned its head to consider Jennifer, raising its long whiskered nose to sniff the air. After a moment and apparently not considering Jennifer a threat, it moved on crawling towards the pillow again, drawn by the irony scent of dried blood.


Jennifer screamed into her gag, finally overcoming her shock as the rat charged forward at the noise. She screamed again and bounced about as best she could trying to rouse the sleeping Tinies. The rat stopped and turned towards her, hissing as its tail lashed threateningly, declaring that it was ready to fight for its newfound prize.

“What the fuck?” she heard a voice groggily grumble, slurred from sleep.

“Is she trying to get away?” another voice asked, followed by others less clear. Movement on the pillow as the Tinies slowly came awake, drawing the rat’s attention. Finally someone screamed.

Jennifer struggled violently, trying to get the rat’s attention again, trying to sit up and hopefully scare the creature away, but apparently it was hungry; starving to not scurry off into the safety of whatever hole it had crawled out of. The Tinies were all smaller than it was, weaker and too tempting a meal. Jennifer knew that rats were almost omnivores; able and willing to eat anything. Their teeth were hard and sharp and able to chew through stone with relentless effort to get at whatever they were after. She remembered watching the old Seventies movie, Willard when she was a little girl. Watching in growing fright as rats gnawed away at a wooden door, then swarming over Earnest Borgnine and trying to devour him before he crashed through a window, trying to get away. She had had nightmares for weeks.

More screams as panic erupted on the pillow. Jennifer saw the little people struggling to rise, some running away even as the rat surged forward in a flurry of motion. She could not turn away as she scooted back, trying to get her arms under her again to push up on her elbows. She saw Claire struggling as well as the rat scampered close to her, its mouth open as it swept close to the pillow.

“Matt!” Claire screamed as the rat’s head twisted up, its snout high as it flicked from side to side. Jennifer blanched as she thought she saw tiny arms flailing, then disappearing down into the rat’s mouth. Jennifer forced herself to work harder, frantically pushing her body up to a sitting position.

Once up Jennifer waved her handcuffed arms up and down and all about, trying to get the rat to focus on her and maybe run away. It only glanced her way briefly, blood dripping from its snout before turning back to Claire, the old lame woman having collapsed back to the pillow, her gimp leg unable to support her without her cane.

Jennifer screamed pitifully into her gag and thrashed about, the rat ignoring her as it crept towards Claire. Then a dark flash and she saw the tiny black woman, Dani, charging forward with the razor blade axe held high. She jumped between the rat and Claire, slashing the empty air before her, her voice shouting shrilly threats.

The rat reared up to tower over the smaller woman, its tail lashing wildly, claws raking the air as it hissed its defiance. Jennifer saw Claire crawling slowly backwards, grabbing her cane at last and trying to get up again as Dani slashed the axe back and forth before the threatening creature. Some of the others were shouting and jumping up and down, waving their arms to draw the rat away, but it stayed focused on the two women directly before it.

Finally it lunged, slamming into Dani and smashing her down. The tiny woman flew back, the axe lost to her grip and spiraling away as she was pinned under the vermin’s weight. Dani punched and kicked madly, then shrieked as the rat’s teeth savagely bit down into her throat. Everyone screamed as the monster ripped away at the woman’s flesh, blood spewing and driving the creature into a bloodlust driven frenzy.

Jennifer continued to shout and struggle, trying to draw the rat away, but it continued to rip into Dani’s now still body, devouring all that it could. She saw the tiny older woman Beverly charge forward then, scooping up the axe as she ran for the rat. She leapt as gracefully as a ballerina, seeming to float in the air like Michael Jordan for untold seconds before she slashed down with the axe. With all of her weight behind it the blade bit deep into the creature’s shoulder causing it to squeal in pain and abandon its feast. It spun about, its tail slapping into Beverly and knocking her away, the axe again tumbling from limp fingers.

And again the creature lunged forward, its teeth snapping at empty air as Beverly scrambled to her feet, running for all that she was worth beyond the rat’s reach. She bounded down the pillow, dashing towards Jennifer, the rat racing behind and at her heels, gaining swiftly. Jennifer saw the tiny woman look up at her, her eyes wide with fright and hope, knowing that she was too old to outrun the beast, moving now only on adrenaline. She charged into Jennifer’s shadow even as the rat leapt for the kill.

Jennifer groped and her fingers wrapped about the creature in mid-air. A shudder of revulsion swept through her as she squeezed, feeling the thing squirming in her ever-tightening fist, the rat squealing in protest. Jennifer yelped as the thing’s sharp teeth bit into her finger, but she did not lose her grip as it gnawed away at her flesh, trying to get free. She squeezed harder, trying to crush the thing in her grasp, and she felt bones snapping but she knew that rats were flexible and this one was far too determined to die.

“Down! Bring it down!”

Jennifer looked to the floor just in time to see the rat’s whipping tail slam into the one-inch tall Melanie, knocking her away. She saw the tiny Connie barely holding up the axe that was as long as she was tall, others approaching with safety pins and nails in hand. Claire limped up and took the axe from Connie as Jennifer lowered the squirming rat to the floor and held it, pressing down with all her might and weight. It squealed loudly as more bones snapped, shrieking in pain and panic as Claire stood before it, axe held high.

Claire slammed the blade down into the rat’s neck and it screamed, struggling even harder to escape, its tail lashing and tiny claws scrabbling.

Again Claire chopped down as Connie drove a needle into its shoulder, another Tiny following suit. Blood seeped from its wounds as Jennifer squeezed as hard as she could, but still the thing would not die, writhing in desperation.

Claire hacked into its neck again as Beverly drove a nail into its flanks. But it was Melanie that finally killed the beast with a well-placed pin shoved into the rat’s eye and spiking into its brain. Jennifer felt it expel its waste as she held it tightly through its death throes, the rat finally going limp in her fist. When it was finally still she swept her arms away and tossed it towards the refrigerator, shuddering in disgust.


It took awhile for everyone to calm down, but finally Claire took charge and started to direct the clan.

She directed Pete and Beverly to bag the rat, but rather than storing it in the refrigerator she told them to drop it into the walls stating that she hoped it would land in the basement and draw any other vermin away from them and this apartment.

She told Melanie and Connie to clean up Dani’s body before bagging her as well, then along with a three-inch tall Tiny named Mike they transferred her body into the refrigerator alongside Ed and Anne. There was nothing they could do about Matt except mourn. She set the rest to clean up Dani’s blood, then hobbled over to Jennifer, looking up at the gigantic woman towering over her. The two women stared at one another for a long while before Claire finally broke the silence.

“Thank you,” Claire said with sincerity. She was spattered with blood again but did not seem to notice or care as she spoke on, looking up at Jennifer. “After all they… we’ve… done to you, you still helped us. You probably saved most of our lives.” Claire sagged a bit as she leaned on her cane then looked off to the side, watching her friends.

“Lay back down. We’ll get that gag out of your mouth. Get you something to eat and drink if you think you can hold it down,” she said with a slight smile.

Jennifer nodded and complied…

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10 Reunion

It was Monday morning Jennifer realized as she lay on her belly sipping water through the bendable straw from the plastic container that the Tinies had set within reach. In just a few minutes her co-workers would no doubt be wondering where she was as it was almost 9 AM. She wondered just how long they would wait before one of them might call to find out if anything was wrong. If she was sick, stuck in traffic or held up by train delays, maybe not coming in at all.

The eight surviving Tinies were fairly quiet as they watched the morning news, Darlene Rodriguez again on screen and announcing an Amber Alert for a little girl named Gina that had gone missing on her way to school earlier that morning. Traffic was going to be a mess on the East Side as the UN General Assembly got into session, but the weather promised to be nice; no rain in the forecast and in the low 80’s. Life went on with or without Jennifer Monroe it seemed.

It was just after 9:30 when Jennifer heard the faint scrabbling noises coming from somewhere behind her. She turned towards the stove, the source of the sounds, praying silently that it was not another rat. She could barely see the subtle shift of shadows moving in the dim and finally let out a long, slow breath that she had not even realized she had been holding. Linda crawled from beneath the stove, eight others eventually following behind her.

Only eight…

They all looked haggard and withdrawn as they trudged across the carpeting towards the pillows. Jennifer saw that they were filthy, probably from climbing through the walls and through the dust and grime under her stove. Linda gave her a casual glance as she passed, then raised an eyebrow as she realized that Jennifer was not gagged. She said nothing though, walking on with the rest of her group following behind. Jennifer saw Frank holding his ribs as he went by, and Jason was limping, favoring his left leg, but the rest seemed unhurt; at least physically. She did not see Johnny, Bill, Stacy or Robert and others whose names she did not know. Linda’s sword was coated with dried blood she noticed as the clan leader stopped before the pillows and Claire.

“It’s done,” Linda said sounding tired, defeated almost, leaning on her sword. Jennifer watched as the others plopped down on the pillow lost in thought except for Frank who stood looking about, probably for his girlfriend, Dani. Claire looked about as well, watching those that had returned, scrutinizing each before her gaze fell on Linda once again.

“And was it worth it?” Claire finally asked after a long, tense silence, her body language mimicking Linda’s as she leaned on her cane. Linda was silent for a long time before she finally looked Claire in the eye.

“Not in the end. No. The bastard had to pay though, and he did. And his whore. But we lost so many. Too much.”

“Where’s Dani?” Frank asked abruptly, his voice wavering and fear in his dark eyes.

“And Matt?” another of the clan asked looking over the pillow for his miniscule friend.

“We lost here too,” Claire said, sadness in her voice. “There was a rat.”

“Oh my God!” one of the returnees gasped looking about frantically as though expecting to see the vermin still lurking in the apartment. Her hands went to her mouth as she saw the fresh bloodstains on the floor where Dani had died and the rat had been slain. Others started to talk wildly, some jumping to their feet again until Linda shouted for quiet.

“What happened?” the tiny redhead asked. Claire frowned and shrugged.

“It came from under the stove I figure. Just like we did. Attracted by the blood maybe, or the trash.” She waved a hand towards the accumulated garbage of uneaten food packed in plastic bags near the cabinet under the sink. She shrugged again, then raised her cane to point at the spots where Dani and the rat had died, large splotches of dried blood. “It swallowed Matt whole in one bite, then ripped Dani’s throat out as we were trying to fight it.”

“No!” Frank wailed his voice choked as another screamed Matt’s name. Claire waited a moment before continuing, letting Linda hear the anguish in her friends; remorse and crying, not only for Matthew and Dani but for those lost on their murderous mission of vengeance.

“We all had a hand in killing the thing,” Claire said as she directed her cane to point at Jennifer. “Her too. In fact, if not for her we’d probably all be dead now. She woke us up. Grabbed the thing finally and held it so we could kill it.”

Linda looked at Jennifer; huge Jennifer naked, bound and shackled to the desk. She afforded the captive giantess a tight smile before returning her attention to Claire. The two women stared tensely at one another for a long moment and Jennifer realized that their friendship would never be the same. A rift had been driven between them. Claire obviously felt that the deaths were Linda’s fault because of her desire to get revenge for Anne’s death. Jennifer thought that Linda might agree, but was too stubborn to admit that she had made the wrong decision. It was Claire that finally broke the silence.

“So, your turn. What happened?”

Linda sighed as she turned and finally sat on the pillow, setting her bloody sword aside. It took her a moment to compose her thoughts, then she leaned forward, arms crossed and resting on her knees, sweaty reddish-brown hair hanging down.

“It took us awhile to climb up to the sixth floor, but when we finally got there and into the bastard’s apartment he was asleep. Passed out drunk by the look of all the empty beer cans on the floor, the lights on, TV playing way too loud. It was easy enough to get right up on him once we got up onto the bed. We all got into position; Johnny with a nail at his right ear, Robert likewise on the left. I was at his throat ready to drive it into his carotid artery while the others waited to back us up. On my signal we all struck together.

“He screamed as we all stabbed him, sitting up wildly clutching at his throat, blood spurting through his fingers and his ear drums pierced. I went flying in the process, ripping my sword free and widening the wound. Luckily I just managed to stay on the bed. He saw us all scrambling to get away, sliding down the ropes and bedspread. Gail jumped and broke her legs and back hitting the floor wrong. The Giant got some composure finally and lashed out. He backhanded Robert just as he was about to jump and sent him flying across the room where he smashed against the far wall. Then he slammed his fist down on Johnny, crushing him flat while he was trying to help Gail get away. He turned on me then, but his loss of blood made him weak and he collapsed while he was reaching for me. He tried to get up again but couldn’t. He finally rolled off of the bed and onto the floor still frantically holding his throat.

“We slowly got our courage back as he got weaker and everyone took a bite out of him; stabbing and slicing with our weapons. He was a long time dying.

“That was when his bitch came home. She staggered into the apartment as drunk as he’d been and screamed when she saw us, and what we’d done. The shock of the sight of us around her dead lover’s body sobered her up real quick, I guess. She waded into us as we tried to get back under the stove; stepping on us, smashing her feet down.

“She crushed Stacy… Bill… Tommy…” Linda paused, sobbing and shaking her head. “It was horrible,” she said when she was finally able to continue. “The rest of us were able to get back under the stove and escape. She was on her stomach trying to grab us, but it was too tight for her arm to fit.” Linda looked to Frank and frowned. “She managed to hit Frank with her fingers and break a couple ribs but we made it out and back into the walls. Took us forever to get back down here.”

There was silence between the two women again, as Linda seemed to sag and hang her head with exhaustion while Claire just stared coldly. Jennifer heard Frank crying in the background and saw someone hugging him, trying to ease the pain of his loss. Others were huddled in pairs or groups, sobbing, trying to cope.

“So,” Claire began, thumping her cane to the floor once more. “Now I suppose you’re going to go avenge the ones that died tonight, right?” Linda looked up and weakly shook her head.

“No. It’s over,” she said, then added, “At least as far as I’m concerned. I’m done.”

“What?” Claire asked suddenly with concern and a look of surprise on her face. Jennifer saw a few of the other Tinies look up as well, suddenly interested.

“I’ve had enough. Leading…” Linda said, her voice laced with emotion and exhaustion. “I fucked up. Let my emotions get the better of me and got too many of us killed. Time for me to retire. Let someone else lead the clan. What’s left of it.”

Immediately there were voices of protest, Tinies rising to their feet and beseeching Linda to stay on as their leader. Linda listened for awhile, never taking her eyes off of Claire. Finally though she waved their protests away.

“I’m done,” she said sadly, but firmly, her voice full of conviction. “Hell I never wanted the job in the first place, but someone had to do it. This debacle that I caused just proves that we need a new leader. Someone with a clearer head than mine.”

Jennifer saw the tiny Linda look at her for a long moment, smiling slightly as the clan voiced their opinions, all of them against her stepping down. Finally she waved them to silence again and addressed them.

“We’ll vote later on a new leader. Right now, I’m tired and need to sleep, and so does the rest of us that went out. Anne’s avenged, and that counts for something. I’m sorry that we lost others… Friends… But we all went willingly, expecting the worst.

“And that’s what we got.”

Linda said no more, simply lying back on the huge pillow and closing her eyes. Within moments, she was fast asleep…


“I’m going off the rails of a crazy train!”

Jennifer stared at her Galaxy III as the screen lit up, Ozzy Osborne’s ‘Crazy Train’ blaring as her cell phone vibrated along the carpet. The Tinies were up and on their feet with the noise, all staring as the cell phone seemed to dance a jig as it bounced across the floor. Linda ran forward at last and slapped her foot down on the edge of the phone to hold it still. Jennifer saw the tiny woman read the number, then repeat it outloud as it finally stopped ringing.

“It’s Lori,” Jennifer said when the Tiny turned towards her. “One of my co-workers.” Linda did not look happy, but she had voiced before that she knew someone would eventually call to find out what was wrong with the captive giantess. The Tiny glanced at the clock above the bed and saw that it was not even ten-thirty yet.

“They’ll call again,” she said dejectedly. “Sooner probably than later. And I’m quite sure that the whore upstairs has the cops there by now. They’ll be going door to door looking for us as soon as they believe her story and that won’t take long. We left enough of our dead behind. Time to go, people. Don’t forget to grab the ropes that we can, and anything else we might be able to use. Leave one on the bed for me.”

Jennifer watched silently as, one by one the Tinies started to make their way down off of the pillows. They all looked weary as they trudged past Jennifer’s bound form, spreading out about the apartment one final time. Some looked up to her and a few nodded as they passed, actually smiling wanly. Jennifer watched as they gathered the ropes that they had hooked to the furniture, more nails and screws and pins from the pile they had gathered; all that they could manage to carry. One by one then they all headed for the stove and disappeared underneath, back into the darkness. Finally though only Linda and Claire remained in sight, the rest behind Jennifer and crawling under the stove to the hole in they wall behind.

Both of the small women stopped near her head, looking up at Jennifer’s billboard sized face looming over them. Linda stood with her sword resting over her right shoulder as Claire; leaning on her cane looked her way. Jennifer could feel the tension in the air, between all three of them. A tension that lingered until Claire finally broke the silence.

“And what do we do with her?” the older woman asked. “Leave her for the police to find? Do we set her free? Either way as soon as she’s loose she’ll tell the police everything. Including where we’re holed up in the basement.” Jennifer shook her head from side to side causing Claire to stumble back a few steps with the sudden motion. Jennifer looked pleadingly at the two women noting that Linda had stood her ground, her gaze intent on the gigantic woman’s face.

“Please,” Jennifer whispered trying to keep a pleading tone out of her voice and not succeeding. “I won’t say anything. I swear I won’t. Don’t leave me here for the cops to find. Please… Let me go. Or at least leave the keys where I can get to them.” There were tears in her eyes as she looked at the two women; Claire frowning and Linda lost in thought.

Without a word Linda set her sword aside and headed back towards the bottom corner of the bed. Jennifer and Claire watched as she easily climbed the knotted rope of twine that still hung from the top sheet, left at her request. Once atop Linda removed the rope and paperclip grappling hook and let it drop to the floor before running along the edge of the mattress and then veering off out of sight. A moment later Jennifer saw her approach the edge again, dropping the keys to her handcuffs and padlock onto the floor. Linda then stepped off of the top of the bed to land lightly on the pillows far below. The tiny woman hurried over and coiled up the rope, looping it over her shoulder. She then trotted back to the pillows and scooped up the keyring before strolling back to stop beside Claire once again.

“I’ll leave these behind you, by your hands where you can reach them,” Linda said as she bent to pick up her letter opener sword again. She seemed almost sad as she looked around the studio apartment. There were still bits of string dangling from the desk and dresser, the sink and refrigerator. Half-empty containers of water still littered the floor, the shock collar and vibrator lying by the dresser, nubs of melted candles. “Sorry about the mess,” Linda said with a shrug and a tiny smile. “Sorry about… everything.

“We’ll be gone by the time you get free, but I trust you. You helped us out when we needed it… Helped my friends with the rat even after all we did to you.” The tiny woman sighed, staring at the floor for a moment. “I –…”


Everyone gasped as a heavy handed knocking rattled the apartment door, followed by a man’s booming voice.

“Police! Open up!”

The three women looked to the door, staring hard, then turned to face each other again when the knocking resumed. All were silent as the cop called out again, but after awhile the knocking sounded from the apartment next door. The three women sighed in unison with relief.

Claire hobbled forward and reached up to touch Jennifer’s cheek, the larger woman lowering her head so that she could. Claire smiled finally, nodding, realizing that Jennifer could have cried out right then and given them away, but didn’t. “Thank you.” Jennifer smiled and nodded as Claire patted her cheek, then turned to Linda. “I’ll start towards the stove and wait for you.” Linda nodded.

Jennifer watched as Claire shuffled along and away, finally moving behind her and out of her line of sight. When she turned back to Linda she found the little red head gazing at her intently again, seemingly lost in thought for a long, quiet moment. Finally she shrugged and stepped closer.

“I wish…” Linda started and Jennifer could hear something odd in her voice. The tiny woman’s cheeks were flushed, her eyes watery. “I wish things could be different,” she continued, draping the keyring over her shoulder to stroke Jennifer’s cheek as Claire had done, reaching up. “Thanks… Thank you for… for everything.”

Jennifer was biting her lip as the Tiny gazed into her eyes for a long moment. Then Linda lowered her hand and walked away. She heard the sound of the keys hitting the floor behind her, listening for any other noise. There was a faint shuffling sound as Jennifer assumed that the tiny Linda was crawling underneath the stove once again.

Then silence.

Jennifer heaved a rasping sigh, then began to grope with her fingers for the keys and freedom…



It was dark in the courtyard behind her building. Even darker deeper in the shadows where Jennifer Monroe silently watched and waited, away from the solemn ceremony that she knew she had to be present for. It was a pleasantly warm night, and oddly the usual noise of the city seemed dull and far, far away.

She had freed herself easily enough, once the keys to her bonds were within reach. She had smelled her stench as she finally sat up, weary as she rubbed her sore and raw wrists and ankles. The handcuffs had tightened considerably over the weekend, the days that she had been held captive by the Tinies. She wanted a nice, long, hot bath, or a shower at least after her ordeal. She wanted food, but she knew there were other things to take care of first.

Finally she stood on shaky legs, holding onto the desk as feeling returned to her limbs, a wave of dizziness washing over her and away. It took some time to withstand the pain in the soles of her bare feet, the slashed and burned wounds that the Tinies had inflicted aching tremendously. When she could she started to move about her apartment wincing with every step, still naked and grimy, cleaning up all signs that she could find of the home invasion. The dangling threads and strings still attached to furniture and her sink, the containers scattered about, candle stubs, her toys, garbage; everything that she could find.

She knew that the police would be back eventually, either later that day or the next and she wanted to be ready. When she was satisfied, she went to the refrigerator and removed the pushpin that the Tinies had used to keep the heavy door open a bit, and looked inside. There was not much left. Some condiments and a small carton of expired and sour milk, a couple beers, a half-eaten loaf of bread and processed cheese slices. Jennifer grabbed the remainder of the loaf and cheese as well as a beer and went to her bed, flopping down with a sigh.

She looked at the spots of blood that still stained the carpets near the desk and radiator, the pillows, she would have to change the cases. She thought about the Tinies – the people that had died, one that she had inadvertently killed - as she folded slices of bread over slices of cheese and ate ravenously. She drank her beer, staring regrettably at the splotches of dried blood where she had crushed Ed against the leg of her heavy desk.

She would have to clean up the blood, but first she had to call her job and tell them that she was sick and would be out for a couple of days. Then a shower, and then sleep. Real sleep.

And after that there was one more thing that she had to do…

Jennifer watched as the clan gathered about the small hole that she had dug. She had come out to the courtyard well after midnight and headed directly for the small patch of dirt where the Super’s wife tended a small garden. She had knelt down with the small trowel that she used to work the soil of her own potted plant that sat outside her window on the fire escape most of the year. Quickly she looked about a final time before digging a small hole. Small to her but large enough for a mass grave for those that had died. Once she was done, Jennifer shoved the tiny hand shovel into the dirt before standing and wiping her hands and pants clean.

She stepped away, far back in the corner where her building butted up against its neighbor. She could see the garden from her position and figured that if they looked, any of the clan could make her out in the shadows despite the dark jeans and long sleeved tee shirt she had worn.

She knew that they would come, and a little over an hour later they did. As expected Linda was the first to appear, scampering out into the courtyard and up to the garden. The tiny woman inspected the freshly dug hole, then, sword in hand she slowly turned about in a circle scanning the area.

Jennifer saw Linda pause as her gaze fell on the dark corner where she was standing. The woman stared for a long moment and Jennifer thought she saw her nod. She raised her sword arm then as she turned back towards the way she had come, and waved.

Cautiously the clan started to emerge. Jennifer watched as the fifteen remaining made their way to the garden carrying the wrapped plastic bundles that contained the remains of their friends. Claire was the last in the line, hobbling slowly along trailing behind the others. By the time she joined the group, Linda had dropped into the grave and the others were gently lowering their dead down to her.

The ceremony did not last long, and Jennifer was too far away to hear what anyone said. She heard the occasional sob though as Linda stood before the open grave and spoke. She was followed by Claire, who talked for a far shorter time. One by one then the remaining members of the clan stepped to the edge of the hole for a moment. Jennifer saw one of them toss something inside. Frank, she thought.

Then as solemnly as they had emerged, they all filed back the way they had come, fairly much in the same order, Claire once again bringing up the rear. Only Linda remained, her gaze once more locked on the corner where Jennifer stood.

After a minute she raised her hand and waved, then scurried off again to join the others. Jennifer waited a bit to be certain that they were all inside and safe. Then she returned to the garden and knelt, looking into the grave.

After a while she reached for her trowel and started scooping the dirt back into the earth…


Jennifer Monroe moaned in ecstasy…

She tried not to writhe about too much, but the feelings of electricity shocking through her pussy were just too intense to deny. She screamed into the soiled panties wadded up in her mouth, the damp cotton doing little to muffle her enraged shrieks of passion.

Her sweaty body arched up off of her bound wrists as she shuddered with unbound passion, the ropes binding her ankles to the opposing legs of the radiator thankfully keeping her legs splayed wide as she strained in her bondage. Her breasts heaved as she gasped for oxygen, settling back to the floor as another scream wrenched from her throat.

She was cumming harder than she had in years; not since Erica. And still the tiny hands worked her clit, milking her of every drop, magically driving her higher and higher.



It had been a week since the funeral. A week since the clan had left her apartment allowing Jennifer to get her life sorted and back into the dull, mundane of boring normalcy.

She had gone back to the daily grind of her 9 to 5 two days later. She was still tired so it was not hard to fake the after-effects of the 24-hour flu that was going around. Her friends at work had welcomed her back and sympathized with her condition. After an hour or so it was like she had never left.

The police had been back on Saturday morning, sweeping the building again and hoping to catch anyone that they had missed during the weekdays. They had not been forthcoming with many details of course, though Jennifer figured that she probably knew more than they did. They asked the usual questions; name, how long she had lived there, where she worked. Taking down her personal information.

They had asked if she had seen anything strange in the building.

“Strange?” Jennifer had asked, playing dumb.

“Anything gone missing lately?” Detective Brown asked deadpan.

“I lost a sock in the laundry the other day,” Jennifer replied with a smile. Brown grinned and jotted something in his notepad. He had seemed bored, and Jennifer half suspected that he was simply scribbling with the stubby bit of pencil in his fat fingers rather than actually writing anything.

“Had any mice recently?” he pressed on.

“I had a rat, actually.” Jennifer pointed to the light stain still set in her carpet. She had scrubbed at all the spots, but still a bit of faded red lingered. “Scared the shit outta me. I beat it to death with my shoe. I called the Super about it, and he said he’d check into it.” Jennifer shrugged. Not too big a lie.

“Brave of you,” Brown said sounding impressed. “Not too many women I know would take on a rat.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Didn’t want the ugly thing creepin’ around my apartment, now did I? Look, what is this all about?”

Detective Brown folded his notepad and put that and his pencil into the pocket of his damp, rain-spattered trenchcoat. The man was in his fifties, pudgy and balding and Jennifer could see red rimming his eyes from too much alcohol, the nicotine stains on his fingers. Definitely a career man who had seen way too much over the years.

He looked Jennifer squarely in the eyes and she had the strange feeling that he was seeing right through her act and lies. Finally he sighed and dipped his hand into his suit jacket pocket producing a cigarette and lighter, which he lit without a care of Manhattan’s latest non-smoking laws. He took a long drag and she saw him relax as he considerately blew the smoke off to the side.

“We’re investigating a murder in the building. A man on the sixth floor was killed. His girlfriend said that it was Tinies.”

“Tinies?” Jennifer gasped dramatically, feigning shock. “How could Tinies possibly kill a grown man? And why?”

“I can’t say more than that, but all the evidence corroborates the girl friend’s story. We’re checking with everyone in the building, looking for any sign of the little… people.” Jennifer had heard what he was about to say: ‘Freaks’ or something worse. She shrugged and shook her head.

“Sorry,” she said trying to hold his gaze. “I’ve never seen a Tiny in my life.” The detective sighed.

“Yeah,” he returned as his hand dipped into the suit pocket again producing a business card, which he handed to Jennifer. “That’s what I figured. If you remember anything, please give me a call anytime.”

“I will,” Jennifer said with a smile, setting the card beside her laptop on the computer table. Brown nodded, smiling weakly, bored.

“Thank you, Miss Monroe, for your help and your time.”

Jennifer followed him to the door. He paused and turned towards her, nodding a final time then left. She had watched him turn and walk down the stairs, then closed and locked her door.


The following Monday Jennifer had come home weary in body and mind after another day’s drudgery. The subway had stalled between stations and sat for over an hour on her way home from work. The garbled message over the speakers was barely legible but she made out ‘Police Action’ at West Fourth, just a stop away from home. She had dropped her purse and briefcase by the door and hung up her jacket before trudging into the main room of her studio with a bag containing beer and a sandwich from the deli across the street. She had clicked on the light and put her food away, turned with a beer in hand and gasped…

The shrunken woman was sitting on the pillows on her bed, wearing a scrap of supple black leather that had been cut to resemble a dress bound at the waist with a bit of string. Her sword sat beside her, cleaned and shining since the last time Jennifer had seen it. Linda looked up at her and smiled.

“I let myself in,” the little red head grinned. “Hope you don’t mind.” Jennifer stuttered.

“N-no… Of course not,” Jennifer had said trying to compose herself. She was shocked to see the woman, but also… happy. “What are you doing here?” she said as she cautiously sat on the edge of the bed and took a long sip of her beer then poured a small portion into one of thimbles forgotten and left behind by the Tinies. She handed it to Linda who accepted graciously and took a long swallow before answering.

“Your Super found our hiding place in the old storage room yesterday. Found our stash,” Linda said looking glum. “We heard him coming though and got into the walls. All of us, thankfully. We listened to him ripping the place apart and he found our Holt, finally. He smashed up our makeshift beds and the Sterno set-up we had to cook and keep warm. Took our radio…

“He took everything.” Linda shrugged. “Everything we took from you, he took from us. All we had was what each of us could grab and carry on the fly, which wasn’t much. We huddled there in the walls for about an hour before he found the hole we used and plugged it up. Frank decided then that it was time to move on.”


“Yeah. We voted him leader. I was adamant that I was done. Claire’s smarter, but he was all around the better choice. Long as it wasn’t me, I don’t care. They made their way back into the sewers and tunnels last night, hoping to find a new Holt somewhere else. I stayed behind.”

Jennifer stared at the tiny, six-inch woman on her pillow, knowing the answer even before she asked the question. “Why?”

“Because I’m tired of running,” Linda said with a sigh. She stood and walked across the top of the bed until she stood beside Jennifer’s thigh. She touched Jennifer’s smooth skin and craned her neck to look up at the giantess. “I’m tired of seeing people I care about die. Tired of feeling like a rat in a maze running from cheese to cheese trying to escape. Tired of living in filth, half the time starving, dirty and stinking. Tired of pretending that I’m still a person…”

Jennifer was shocked at the sound of defeat in Linda’s voice. Tentatively she reached out and touched a huge finger to Linda’s arm, rubbing softly. Linda closed her eyes but did not flinch away.

“But you are a person,” Jennifer soothed, “A good person. But that doesn’t explain why you’re here.” Jennifer swallowed and licked her lips, hoping for the answer that she wanted to hear. Linda was silent for a long time, her own eyes closed as Jennifer gently stroked her tiny arm with her finger. Finally she spoke.

“I was hoping… Maybe…” Linda bit her lower lip then took a deep breath. “I was hoping maybe I could stay here.” She looked up at Jennifer expectantly. Jennifer smiled within a heartbeat.

“God, yes!”


Jennifer was breathing heavily as she felt the tiny footfalls as Linda climbed up onto her and padded up her body. A tingling went through her at the sensation, making her shiver again as Linda pushed her breasts aside, shoving through her cleavage and finally stopping on Jennifer’s gigantic chest. Dreamily Jennifer opened her eyes and peered at her tiny lover. Linda, just as naked as Jennifer grinned.

“Did you like that?” the little woman said with a chuckle, already knowing the answer. Jennifer grunted into her gag.


Linda laughed as she strode forward right up to Jennifer’s chin. “Open,” she commanded and when Jennifer parted her lips she reached in and tugged the sodden wad of panties from her lover’s mouth. Jennifer breathed deeply, working her jaw and licking her lips as her tiny partner tossed the panties to the floor. “It was fantastic…” Jennifer finally whispered, resting her head against the carpeting again. “Like always.”

“Of course it was.” Linda laughed as she moved closer. She stretched up and leaned in, kissing Jennifer’s lower lip. The tiny woman then climbed up onto the giant woman’s face, settling onto her lips and finally looking into her eyes. Jennifer saw nothing but love as she stared back, but then felt the little woman slapped her nose.

“My turn…”

Jennifer immediately slipped her tongue between her lips and started to lap at her tiny lover’s pussy. She closed her eyes as she heard Linda moan and lost herself to the moment.

Finally happy again…

And they lived happily ever after.



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