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The Visit by Chelgi
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F+/mf; aliens; scifi; giantesses; crush; foot; naked; breasts; play; voy; tease; cons/nc; X

As Diane left the mothership she rolled her sled and looked back to watch as the other four girls shot forth from the launch tubes, in their sleds. "Come on slowpokes, we've only got three days before our furlough is over and we have to be back." she spoke into the subcutanious radio relay that tied them all together as if they had telepathy. They only had to think who they wanted to talk to and they were online together. It would work with any number of the girls at one time. They were all tall heavily muscled girls, athletes that played as a team on an intergaletic squad playing a game that would be recognized as volleyball on any beach on Earth. They were each lying prone on individual space sleds wearing tight space suits for protection from the radiation and lack of air as they raced toward a planet in a nearby solar system that the ship's instruments said had a breathable atmosphere, and was in the range of habitable distance from the mainline type star.

The others caught up to Diane and swarmed around her in a barrel type formation with the clear tops of all the sleds toward each other. "Hey, Di, How come we're going to this planet? It doesn't have any civilization on it. No guys, no clubs, no nuthing!"

"You know a better place in range of these sleds?"

"Yeh Cheyrl, let's go clubbing. We'd only have to spend about a year in the sled to get to the nearest club, that I know of, but you know of any closer?"

"Yea, for Cheyrl, she knows of a Club we can go to instead of that barren old planet. Where is it Cheyrl? Just off to the right of this star, I guess!"

"Ok, Ok, so we're not right in the heart of downtown Galactic one, there's got to be something somewhere, where we can go and have a good time.."

"There is, little honey, and this little planet's it."

"Come on Kat, lighten up on her, this is her first tour with the team, she doesn't know that we don't always stay right at home, and have the opportunity to play with boys all night every night."

"Yeh, but Syl, I don't remember ever being this far out in the arms before. Where in Hell's the coach taking us this time? There aren't any teams for us to play this far out."

"Oh, the captain's cutting across the arms to save time and he has this crazy idea that the mythical planet of Origin is somewhere out in this area according to some old books he has and some really ancient star charts he dug up somewhere when he found we were going in this direction."

"OK, you guys, roll out and get in line, we're gonna be coming up on the R&R planet in a few minutes now. I'll take a roll around it to see if there's anything interesting to see, and if there is we'll land there."

"Yeh, at least it's got an atmosphere and we can take these damn suits off for a while."

"Hey, Kat, you bring a change of clothes?"

"Naw, I thought I'd just strut my stuff in front of all the guys and watch their eyes bug out at the sight of a set of tits like these."

"Yeh, maybe that would be a good idea for Kat to run around naked, that'd bring any guys running if there were any in a parsec or two."

"Yeah, maybe some handsome space pirate or lost millionaire in his private yacht would show up for that spectacle."

"You sure proud of them big ole' boobs of yours aren't you, Kat."

"Sure am, Lil' Liz, too bad you don't have any to show off at the games, so you could get a guy now and again."

"All right, guys, swing in line and follow me, we'll swing around once then decide where to land. OK?"

"Sure D D. I'm on your tail. Liz?"

"Gottacha, Cherry?"

"Naw, some guy got her cherry a while back, but I'm behind her anyway."

"Jesus, don't you girls ever think of anything but guys, and sex?"

"Why Silly? Is there anything else worth while?"

"Aw, you know Silly's got some guy back home she's mooning over."

"It ain't never stopped her from letting some handsome dude pick her up."

"I've got to defend Sylvia now, I've never seen any guy pick her up.... at six four and two hundred twenty plus pounds there ain't too many guys that CAN pick her up."

"Two twenty? What, is she on a diet again?"

"Liz, you're gonna' pay for that."

"OK, enough BS, where we gonna' land?"

"Shit... the only thing I see that stands out at all is that little bunch of lakes about half way between the equator and the pole, on the smaller landmass."

"Yeh, they're great, there'd be one for each of us. We could each have our own lake and I wouldn't have to put up with the rest of you."

"Ok, the lakes it is, unless someone else has a better suggestion."


The astronomers at Mt. Palomar observatory were the first to notice the ship from another star. They determined that it wasn't a meteor or comet shortly before several smaller parts broke off and headed for Earth. The astronomers technical reports were barely out when it was obvious to nearly everyone that there were interstellar ships approaching Earth. Five ships, each a hundred and fifty miles long, moving from a tight, if ships that large flying a hundred miles apart, could be considered to be flying a "tight formation", and forming into a single line and sweeping over the planet at thousands of miles an hour immediately caught everyone's attention.

The enormous ships circled the globe once then slowed, and dropped into the atmosphere over the eastern Pacific Ocean. They continued east as they crossed the coast of California, swinging slightly north and dropping continually until they came to a complete stop several hundred miles above Michigan. They turned and spread into a circle, moving into a circular formation like the spokes in a wheel and then began settling straight down just north of Grand Rapids.

People couldn't believe that ships of that size existed, much less could even think of landing. The military stood by, with all their weapons, both nuclear and conventional all aimed at, and zeroed in on the huge ships. But since they hadn't really done anything that could be considered threatening, if you don't consider threatening to squash half of Michigan by merely landing on it threatening. No one fired on the ships. The enormous ships did not respond to any attempts at communications. Merely silently moved into position above southern Michigan and began settling down. People from Chicago to Detroit stared up at the one hundred fifty mile long ships as they slowly came down. The ships were arched up in the center and two long pontoon like ridges along the length of the bottom had marks and scarring that seemed to indicate that the gigantic ships sat on them when they were aground.

By the time that the military decided that the huge ships really were a threat to southern Michigan it was too late, any weapons that would even stand a chance of being effective against ships the size of these, would do more damage to the inhabitants than the ships would, unless of course you happened to be in an area that was under the titanic ships. Lansing, Flint, and Grand Rapids were the biggest cities that were crushed by the landing ships as they settled slowly, but inexorably to the ground. Military units in the area began firing at the bottom of the ships, completely ineffectively, of course.

A bottom strong enough to support a ship of that size would be strong enough that any weapons short of a hydrogen bomb wouldn't do any damage to it, and any effective damage from a hydrogen bomb was doubtful. But when you are looking up at several thousand square miles of ship bottom that is obviously going to crush you deep into the ground, why not try taking a shot or two, or all you've got. If it doesn't work, you're not going to have to worry about firing without orders anyway. The ships touched down, and everything under the landing pontoons was crushed into melted rock flowing with the heat of the unimaginable pressure from the titanic weight of those immense ships.

Diane had the girls swing into the defense wheel formation for landing, not that they expected to have to defend themselves from anything on this barren little planet, but regulations are regulations and when landing on an unknown planet, regs called for the defensive wheel formation. Anyway, it looked kinda neat and when they popped the tops open they could all see and talk directly to one another. As the sleds settled on the ground, they noticed that the skids sunk in quite a bit.

"Watch it girls, the ground's a bit soft here. I don't think we'll have any problems, but watch your step."

"Yeh, sure, momma, we promise we'll be carefull." and a thin laughter echoed through the thin air of the planet.

Thin laughter that was heavy rumbling thunder to the surviving inhabitants of lower Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. For as the colossal ships touched the ground huge waves of heaving earth rolled out in the first earthquake the inhabitants of this area had ever experienced. Titanic earthquakes that went off the scale of every seismometer on Earth. Gigantic earthquakes that leveled buildings from Iowa to New York.

The girls opened the hatches of their sleds laughing and joking as they sat up and swung their legs out over the sides of the sleds. People from Windsor to South Bend stared in shocked awe at the enormous spectacle as the ships split in half lengthwise, the entire top section rose, and women seventy to eighty miles tall sat up in the ships, one woman to each titanic ship. Spectacullar women, awesomely beautiful women, atheletic and powerful looking women, dressed in skin tight leotard type outfits that exhibited every luscious curve of their colossal bodies. Men stared in adoration as they stood and stretched those awesome and beautiful bodies. As the girls stood, each footfall sent smaller earthquakes rippling out from their massive feet like aftershocks from the titanic earthquakes of their landing.

Even little Liz, at only seventy miles tall had feet that to the inhabitants of earth were eight miles long and three miles wide, with more tons of woman than could be calculated by most computers crushing the ground beneath them. And Diane the biggest of the girls, at eighty miles tall, had feet more than thirteen miles long and four miles wide, and nearly twice Liz's weight. Although Diane weighed twice what Liz did, it mattered little to the inhabitants of the area which of the girls stepped on them, for even little Liz's tiny feet turned trees, buildings, people and animals into a thin layer of mud squashed deep into the melted rock beneath eight miles of gigantic foot.

Ok, so maybe if Diane stepped on them instead of Liz, their bodies would be pressed a few miles deeper into the ground, but they were just as flat, just as dead, and just as unrecognizable as anything that had ever been human. Either of the gargantuan girl's feet would instantly turn a man into a very thin grease spot with the slightest touch, at least, that part of him that didn't flash into hot gas from the heat of the titanic, crushing pressure; bones, blood and other non-flamable parts would form a microscopically thin layer of organic film embedded in the crushed and melted rock smashed deeply into the bedrock.

Knowing the air was thin but breathable even before they landed, Kathy, had immediately pulled off her helmet, unzipped her suit and was squirming out of it before the other girls had even stood up.

"Take it easy, Kat, there aren't any guys here to impress." and general laughter followed Sylvia's remark.

"Honey, I can impress guys anywhere, maybe even here."

She didn't know how right she was, as she tossed her suit back into the sled she stretched her colossal naked body, thrusting her massive bare breasts out and wiggling them teasingly at Sylvia, men for hundreds of miles around gazed up in awe at the magnificent mountains of her enormous tits. For in spite of the terror these giant women were causing, Kathy's tits were impressive. To the men of Earth as they stared up at them, each one was a mountain range in itself. Although the men staring up in awe at Kat's awesome breasts had no way of measuring, each massive tit stood out arrogantly from her chest more than four miles and was perhaps six miles across, huge even for a girl of her size.

The nipples rose as she massaged her breasts on their release from the tight suit, and watching men for hundreds of miles around stared in awe as each of those huge nipples swelled to protrude more than half a mile from the two mile wide aurora. A very impressive woman. Men on the ground staring up at her were torn between terror and lust for this colossal giantess. Lust won out for those not in her immediate area, but terror easily won out for those near her, for as she moved about, each time her ten mile long foot touched down hundreds of men died, quickly turned to an organic film under the sole of her titanic bare foot, and squashed miles into the earth beneath her unimaginably prodigious weight.

It was only seconds before the others girls were stripping too. Walking about casually laughing and joking at their freedom from the tight spacesuits, for although the air was thin, it was breathable and very pleasant. Cheyrl waded out in the nearest lake.

"Hey, girls, I don't think we're gonna' get much swimming done here, look how deep this "lake" is." Standing in the middle of lake Michigan, the water didn't even come to her ankles, "and this is with my feet half buried in the mud!"

None of the giant girls even noticed the ripples that spread from Cheyrl's feet as she waded in the lake. But the inhabitants around the edge of Lake Michigan sure did. The little ripples from her gigantic feet rolled out in two mile high tsunamis. Minutes after her first step into the lake, Chicago, Milwaukee, and dozens of smaller cities ceased to exist, inundated under millions of tons of water crashing ashore with unprecedented destruction as they washed away every building within several miles of the lakefront.

Cheyrl reached down, her fingers dug a canyon into the earth four miles wide, two miles deep and ten miles long as she grabbed up a handfull of mud from the edge of the lake and turned to threaten the other girls with it. Unfortunately the canyon she had so casually and playfully dug included most of Chicago's waterfront. Buildings, roads and inhabitants crumbled in her huge fingers and were crushed together unmercifully in her giant hand as she casually lifted most of Chicago's waterfront, or at least the crushed debris from it, seventy miles into the air and held it over her shoulder as if to throw it.

"OK, who was it that suggested these nice little lakes, so we could take a swim?"

Thousands of the inhabitants of Chicago that had survived the initial tsunami, or being crushed in Cheyrl's hand as she scooped up and crushed half of Chicago in the palm of one hand, suddenly found themselves seventy miles in the air, rapidly loosing consciousness from the lack of oxygen in the thin upper atmosphere.

Diane, Sylvia, and Liz all pointed at Kathy as the guilty party to have suggested this area. Suddenly the terrified survivors trapped in the crushed wreckage of Chicago in Cheyrl's hand felt a tremendous acceleration crushing many more of the already sparce survivors among the grinding wreckage of buildings and land. Then suddenly all the remaining men, women and children were hurtling through the thin air seventy miles above lake Michigan and then over lower Michigan at hundreds of miles an hour with the crushed remains of Chicago, crumpled buildings, roads and millions of tons of earth flying along with them.

The handfull of soft mud splattered against Kat's magnificent chest clung for a moment then fell the fifty miles to the ground at her feet. A few men landed where in their dreams they would have liked to have been, but not in the manner that they arrived there. Even though they were the biggest tits in the world, smashing into a tit six miles across at several hundred miles an hour is fatal, and if it wasn't, the fifty mile fall to the ground was. There were no survivors to look up and see Kat's gigantic foot coming down to crush them and the scattered ramains of Chicago into the dirt of lower Michigan as she scooped up a handfull of Michigan to throw back at Cheyrl. Kathy wasn't standing by a city of any size, so her handfull of mud took only small towns and rural farm houses as she playfully scooped up some forty square miles of lower Michigan in one hand to throw back at Cheyrl, barely more than a thousand people were crushed in her giant hand as she tossed the handful of dirt back at Cheyrl.

The two girls were laughing as they ran toward one another and crashed together in the middle of lake Michigan. Still laughing joyously they wrestled for only a few seconds before they fell into the lake. Kathy, slightly larger and stronger than Cheyrl had the upper hand and was on top as Cheyrl fell flat on her back in the lake. This time there was a real wave as Cheyrl's colossal body hit the water. Water flew into the air more than fifty miles and a sheet of water thirty miles across flew out from their crashing bodies. A spectacular wave more than ten miles high raced across the lake and scoured the land to bedrock for more than twenty miles from the lake as it crashed ashore with unprecedented fury.

They looked at one another, still laughing and casually tossed a couple more handsfull of mud at each other, this time it was nothing but lake bottom. Then they tried to wash the mud off their colossal naked bodies.

"Shit! This damn little lake isn't even an inch deep! And muddy too!"

"What do you expect after the way you two have been playing."

"Any of the others any deeper?"

Sylvia laughed, "Naw, I waded, if you can call it that, when it's less than an inch deep, in all of them. The deepest place in any of them is where I stepped in the mud and that's only a couple inches deep where the mud squished out from under my foot. I think you guys are going to have to walk over to the big lake over there." and she pointed east toward the Atlantic. "If you want to get washed up before dinner."

"You cooking?" Kat ask of Sylvia.

"I guess so, just going to heat up some of the sled rations. Go get washed. It's gonna' be dark before long."

"OK, I guess we might as well. Come on, Kat!" and Cheyrl reached down and grabbed Kathy's hand pulling her to her feet. "This mud puddle's too shallow to wash in." and hugging one another playfully they walked east.

Two magnificently built naked giantesses towering more than seventy miles into the air taking twenty five mile strides ambled playfully off toward the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

Suddenly the world was no longer a safe place. Every twenty or thirty miles a couple of gorges ten miles long and three or four miles wide and two or three miles deep appeared where their massive feet had crushed everything. Regardless of what had been there before the laughing girls arrived, when they passed, tremendous valleys, deeper and wider than the grand canyon, were left behind, and nothing recognizable other than crushed dirt and rock.

"Hey, Kat, have you noticed these little lighter patches, they're scattered all around and when you step on them they have a little crunch to them. did you notice?"

"No, I hadn't. You mean like this one here?" and she pointed her toe at one of the grayish spots on the ground.

"Yeh! Go ahead, step on it, you'll see what I mean. It kinda' crunches a little bit."

Kathy swung her colossal bare foot out and stepped on the light grayish patch Cheyrl was talking about. It crunched under her foot, and she giggled. "You're right, that's kinda neat. There's another one, get it."

Cheyrl stepped down and felt the little crunch under her bare foot. When she picked her foot up Akron Ohio was no more, it was a two mile deep hole in the ground ten miles long and four miles wide.

"There's another one, watch!" and Canton ceased to exist. "That's neat! It feels kind of funny when it crunches."

Hey look there's a real big one. Still feeling playful they raced for the big one and found it was too big for just one step. Both girls stepped here and there laughing as their titanic bare feet crushed Pittsburgh to a thin paste deep in the earth. It might have been too big for one step but it was not too big when both girls were racing to see who could step on the most of the crunchy little "growth". They noticed too that not only did it crunch and dissappear directly under their feet, but for quite a ways around each step it seemed to collapse and condense.

"Hey, Kat, did you notice that it kinda retreats for some little distance where ever you step?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well watch." and Cheyrl carefully stepped on a higher section of the whitish gray stuff. "See what I mean, it collapses for several inches around where I stepped. See how it all sort of flattened out around where my footprint is."

"Yeah.... I see what you mean. Think it's some kind of protective reaction, or is it just so delicate that it collapses when you step next to it?"

"Aw... Nothing could be that delicate and survive."

"Let's give Sylvia a call and let her check it out. She likes to look at things like this, she's got that little portable lab she keeps in the back of her sled, just for things like this."

"Aw, let's get washed off first. We've got the gray powder all over our feet. I sure hope it's not dangerous."

"Sylvia, what are these little gray patches on the ground? They're delicate little things that crunch when you step on them. You got any idea what they are?"

"I thought you ding-dongs were going to go get that stuff washed off. I don't know what it is, but you should probably get it off, just in case."

"Just in case, what?" said Kat, half in a panic.

"Just in case it isn't good for you, what do you think I meant?"

"What do you mean, it isn't good for us?" Now Cheyrl was worried too.

"I didn't say it wasn't good for you. I said just in case it wasn't."

"But we've been stepping on them all the way."

"I never claimed you two were the smartest gals in the galaxy. Relax, I'm bringing my porta-lab, and I'll check it out."

"Good, because I can see it growing all along the edge of the puddle. It looks like it likes the water, it covers the ground for several feet in from the edge of the water, and about eight or ten feet from one end to the other. We'll have to walk through it to get to the water."

"Hell, you've been stomping around in it naked and barefoot every since we got here, even throwing it on one another, now suddenly you're worried about it. Besides that's why you're going over there, to wash it off. Go on in and wash it off."

"But if it's dangerous?" Kat was really worried now and it showed in her voice.

"If it is, we already have to treat you, so go on through the big patch and wash it off. I'll check it out and let you know what it is in a few minutes. Probably isn't anything to worry about, and we've got a good medical facility on the ship. Don't worry, little babies, momma Sylvia'll take good care of you."

"Ok, but look and see what it is, OK?"

"Sure, I'm coming." and she opened the back of her sled and picked up her little portable lab kit.

Liz, laughed at Kat, "Hey, Kat, it'll make those big tits of yours fall off, then you'd be flat chested like me." Which was an exaggeration because it was only next to Kathy or Cheyrl, that Liz could be said to have little breasts, they were more than adequate for her size. Not counting the fact that as a seventy mile tall giantess here on Earth, they were quite literally mountainous.

Very carefully now the two girls turned and started toward the water. Sylvia had taken most of the fun out of their stomping around and playing in the thin crust of crunchy white, whatever it was. Sylvia's warning of possible danger to the giant girls, saved a large portion of the east coast, New York and New Jersey from the girl's playful destruction, but, they still crushed ten mile long craters with each step of their giant feet. Not to mention that buildings for several miles around each ponderous footfall crumbled and fell to pieces as the earth shuddered and heaved in earthquakes so monstrous that each individual step of both girls could be tracked from any seismometer station in the world.

The sun was getting lower in the sky and the enormous silhouettes of the two giant women cast shadows many miles into the Atlantic, and caused darkness to settle early where the gargantuan shadows fell. Millions of people watched in awe, and terror as the girls came out of the setting sun in a rain of destruction. Men stared up at the monstrously titanic women's naked bodies, and at Kat's fantastically enormous bare breasts, torn between lust for the two beautiful women, and terror of their gigantic destructive power.

Millions of people had sat glued to their TV's and radios as the reports of the giant spaceships came in. They followed from the first sightings over the west coast of California, until the gigantic ships landed, crushing southern Michigan under their landing skids, then sat traumatized as they heard reports of the monstrously colossal women getting out of the ships and stepping on cities as if they never saw them, and/or didn't care the slightest bit about the tremendous damage they were doing or the thousands of people they were killing. Then came the news of the tsunami's crashing ashore from lake Michigan and wiping out whole cities as if they never existed. Then came the most terrifying news of the day, as reporters screamed into cameras and cameramen tried to follow the destruction of Chicago.

No one could believe that one single woman, even though she was sixty or seventy miles tall, merely bent down and scooped up half of Chicago in one hand and threw it at another, killing millions of people in a single move, as casually as a girl at the beach would toss a little handful of sand at another. Only when the screaming reports and wild video shots began to sink in did people watching really start to realize the colossal size of these women. Women so huge that they could crush an entire city beneath their foot with a single step. The television showed their lovely slim hands and long slender fingers, hands that could effortlessly dig trenchs three miles wide, fifteen miles long, and two miles deep, scooping up entire towns as casually as a beach bunny scooping up a handfull of sand.

Tom sat in mesmerized awe as he watched a live news show of one of the giant women, the cameraman had a shot of the enormous giantess from a terrifically low angle. It was up along one of the girls legs. There was no way to estimate the size of that titanic leg. It was beautifully curvacious and swelled, lusciously muscular, upward until it joined the other leg in the haze of the upper atmosphere. The woman herself could be seen from what appeared to be a worms eye view, her colossal body soaring upward forever, swelling in great masses of gorgeous curves. Almost like looking up the front of a towering thunderstorm. Tom watched and as he watched he realized that the camera angle was looking up the inside of the giantess' leg, from the ankle upward, the cameraman held the camera for long lingering moments on the vast forest of dark curly hair where miles above him the two gigantic legs joined.

He sat staring in stunned awe at the forest of curly hair surrounding the cavernous canyon of her femininity. Tom gasp in awe, her colossal pussy was literally as big as the Grand Canyon, a thousand men could disappear into that colossal pussy at one time. He held his swollen prick as he wondered if she would even feel a thousand men stuffed into that titanic pussy. Suddenly the camera panned rapidly down the other leg, and Tom saw that the leg was moving, a slow ponderous movement that appeared as though the leg was moving in slow motion. The camera locked on the girl's right foot, far off in the distance, it appeared to be rising and swinging rapidly forward, directly toward the camera.

The foot grew larger and larger, terrifyingly larger. Suddenly rushing right at the camera, but it was soon obvious that it was going over the camera as it neared, then the camera swung up until it was looking almost straight up at the bottom of that titanic foot. Tom expected to see the foot swing by and recede in the distance as she took a monstrously gigantic step, but the foot slowed and stopped. Directly over the camera, a foot ten miles long and three miles wide, at least that was what the announcer was saying, there was no way to measure the enormous shadow that was the bottom of her giant foot.

Then suddenly it started expanding, the cameraman could no longer get the entire foot in the frame, in moments he had only the huge toes and ball of her foot in the picture, then he appeared to zoom in on the ball of her giant foot. Since all that was in the frame was the wrinkled sole of the ball of her giant foot, there was really no way of knowing whether the cameraman was zooming in, or the foot was descending. Suddenly the camera began to shake wildly, a flashing shot of nearby trees that appeared to be whipping in a high wind, a wild pan of her other foot, then up again to a dark oddly wrinkled ceiling that was rapidly closing on the camera. The announcers scream told the story, the camera was not panning in. The foot was descending! The cameraman was a true professional to the end, he stood his ground and "got the shot!"

The sole of the giant foot expanded. There was no longer any reference only the dark bottom of that huge foot growing larger by the second. Tom, staring in fascination realized that he had a hard on looking at the bottom of that enormous foot. The camera was a good camera, it compensated for the lowering light level and Tom could recognize the swirling patterns of the friction ridges on the bottom of the giantess' foot he could even see crushed debris from her last step clinging to the sole of her enormous foot, squashed debris, mashed into the swirling patterns on her foot. The swirling pattern of the friction ridges swelled and expanded rapidly until they too were too huge to recognize, the dark surface got even darker, then the camera could no longer compensate, and everything went black half a second before the swirling electron pattern of no signal appeared on the screen.

Tom shuddered and wet his pants as he orgasmed, realizing that it was all over, the camera and cameraman were one, a couple of miles deep in the bedrock of lower Michigan. The beautiful giantess' foot had crushed the cameraman along with thirty square miles of earth. Everything that had existed on those thirty miles of lower Michigan had been turned into a highly compacted layer of mush a couple of miles deep in the bedrock.

The scene switched to a visibly shaken announcer in a studio, explaining that the view had been from downtown Battle Creek Michigan. Therefore it was assumed that most of the city of Battle Creek had been crushed under her enormous foot. Tom couldn't believe it. The entire city had been completely destroyed with a single step from that monstrously gigantic girl. It was unbelievable, an area ten miles long and four miles wide, everything in the city, buildings, people, animals, trees, cars, trucks and machinery, had been smashed beneath her giant foot and turned to mush beneath the colossal young giantess' titanic foot.

And that brave cameraman who had stood his ground and provided such excellent pictures "to the last" was now no more than a thin trace of organic film pressed into the crushed rock by millions of tons of giant woman. Tom shuddered and wet his pants again when the station played back the final sequence of the foot descending on the camera in slow-motion. He fumbled for his VCR, and realized that he'd just missed getting a recording of the best giantess shots of his life. But, he'd been there live! And had watched in awe as her giant foot had come down. He figured that that scene would be played over and over again, and he'd soon get his recording.

Kat stepped gingerly through the New Jersey suburbs till she could step delicately into the ocean. Her "delicate" footfalls still crushed forty square miles of city with each gigantic step, and Cheyrl was following her with her enormous feet crushing everything they touched that Kat had missed. People swarmed the streets in panic, but there was no where to run. There was no way of knowing where those titanic women were going to step next. The only thing was to get away from buildings since even if the girls didn't step directly on you, from which there was no escape or hope, their colossal footfalls caused massive destruction for miles in every direction as the earthquakes spread from the impact of their unimaginable weight treading on, and completely crushing whatever they settled on. Although their words were crashing rumbling thunder completely unintelligable even had they been speaking a language that the inhabitants could understand, it appeared that the gargantuan girls were teasing each other as they playfully made for the Atlantic.

"Hey Cheyrl, look! This damn puddle isn't any deeper!" Kat was standing twenty or thirty miles out into the Atlantic and the water was barely covering her toes. Of course if you stopped to think that her toes were nearly a mile thick it wouldn't be any surprise. Then too there would be a lot of really deep chasms just off shore New York two or three miles deep, several miles wide and ten miles long. Giant footprints squished into the bottom of the ocean by the girl's titanic weight.

"See if you can find a deep place. We've got to get this junk off us. Sylvia said it might be dangerous."

"I didn't say it might be. I said it was possible that it could be. Now see if you two can find a deeper place and rinse it off. Go on out to the middle if you have to."

The girls spent several hours wading about, but were never able to find anything any deeper than their ankles, which made sense if you realized that their ankles were four or five miles above the soles of their feet, and the deepest part of the ocean is only a little over five miles deep.

Finally Kat squatted down and using her hand to scoop up some water being very careful not to reach down and get more mud began rinsing the dirt off her chest and body. Cheyrl followed suit and rinsed off as good as she could, but it wasn't very comfortable trying not to get handfuls of mud when the water was less than an inch deep to her. Boats, and ships floundered and sunk in the tremendous waves generated by the girls scooping up water and rinsing off their titanic bodies. They had gone so far out into the Atlantic that only a few ships actually ended up being caught in their giant hands and were lifted unknowingly to be squashed against their skin and crushed as the girls rinsed the mud of Chicago and lake Michigan off their gigantic bodies. But giant tidal waves generated by their activities managed to cause massive damage from Florida to England. Coasts were destroyed and coastal villages were swept away as far away as Spain and Norway. The Netherlands were completely inundated beneath the massive tidal waves caused by the girls playful splashing.

Meanwhile Sylvia had very delicately lifted a handful of one of the little crystalline areas and placed it very carefully under her microscope. She studied it for several seconds, moved it about and then studied it some more. She swept the debris from the stage of her microscope and turning to an area where the girls hadn't been, walked very gingerly toward the area. Her steps were very slow and deliberate as though she were walking on something that was very delicate.

She very slowly and very delicately scooped a section from the higher portion of the white "crunchy area" she had so carefully moved to and very carefully, moving ever so slowly and delicately set it on the microscope stage. She stared into the eyepiece for several minutes then moved it very slightly and stared for several more minutes.

"Hey, all of you, sit down and don't move! If I'm right you're not going to believe me. You'll all want to see this for yourselves. DON'T come near me! Stay where you are! DON'T MOVE ! This has got to be the biggest scientific discovery in decades!"

"Sylvia, are we all right?" Kat asked.

"Yeah, you're all right, but I can't say the same for the people of this planet."

"People of this planet? What are you talking about, there aren't any people here."

"Sit still, let me check this further. Don't move, just sit down where you are and don't move."

Sylvia stared through her microscope for several minutes without moving. Then looked up and very carefully leaned back.

"Diane, I don't know how to tell you this, but this planet is inhabited by a civilized society. Men and women that look very much like us, only somewhat smaller. They are microscopic! These little "White patches" aren't some kind of fungus growth, they're cities and towns! We've been killing people by the thousands with every step we've taken. I don't know how much damage we've done to them, but I can guarantee that each step we've taken has killed thousands of them, especially when that step was in one of these "Little White patches." The "Little Crunch" was the crunch of buildings, streets and sidewalks. These people are so small that you can't even see their tallest buildings without a microscope.

"What do you mean, that there are germs here that look like people? So what if we step on some germs, who cares?"

"Liz, that's not it, these are civilized creatures, even if they are microscopic. These are towns and cities, not some little hives, like termite hives. I don't know how much damage we've done to them, and if we're liable under the interstellar directives, but I can guarantee that we're in trouble if anyone finds out about it."

"Well what if we don't tell anyone?"

"You don't understand, we have to. This is the biggest scientific discovery of the century. A civilization of microscopic beings! Don't you know what that means?"

"If it means we get in trouble for stomping on them, I vote we don't tell anyone!"

"Yeah, put your microscope away, and pretend you didn't see anything."

"Kat, you're not really that dumb! We're on the radio, it's on tape on the main ship, even if everyone there hasn't already heard."

"Wait a minute. We didn't deliberately do any harm. We only found out about them because we wanted to know what we had been stepping in. And you had your microscope with you. If you hadn't had that microscope we'd have never known. Surely they can't do anything to us for that."

"I think you're right, I don't think we're in any trouble if we can get out of here without doing any more damage."

"How can we do that? We have to get back to our sleds, and if you say every step we take destroys thousands of them we'll kill a million of them just walking back to our sleds. Even if we're very careful."

"Diane, you're in charge. What do you think we should do?"

"I don't think there's any problem. Before we could be in any trouble it would have to be put off limits, and it's not off limits. The scientist would have to study them and make sure that you're right. It could be just like a termite hive, like you said. Termites have a very high level of civilization according to some scientist, but nobody ever says anything if you smash a termite mound. We'll finish our R&R and then report your findings. The scientist would have to declare them a civilization and officially put them off limits before we would have any problem. Even if we were to deliberately squash millions and the scientist then declared them a civilized race and put the planet off limits, we're home free and clear. I don't think there's going to be any problem no matter what we do. What do you think Captain Berry?"

"I think you're right Diane, I've heard most of it and even if it is declared a civilization and put off limits or even offered membership in the community of civilizations people have destroyed cities and people before without any problems. Go ahead and finish your R&R and then report back to the ship. We'll report it and see what happens. Have fun with your little guys Kat!"

"Okay, that's the official word, have fun!"

"Yeah, I told you that Kat naked would bring out the men from nowhere."

"Kat, how big do you think your tits are to these little guys?"

"Yeah, Sylvia, Do you think they could appreciate my tits?"

"Well from what I could see in my microscope they are built just about like us, it's not powerful enough to see if their women have tits or not, but if they do I can bet you that a lot of little men are appreciating those mountains of yours, and believe me, to these guys those tits really are mountains. In fact even little Liz's tits would be mountains to these guys."

Tom turned from his TV and that fantastic shot of the girls enormous foot crushing the cameraman and half of that town and walked to his western window. He was right! He could see the distant outlines of two fantastically huge women coming in his general direction. He could see that although they were going to pass many miles south of him, he would have a great view of them. In only a few minutes he could see more than a mere outline and he thought he could feel the ground shaking from their titanic feet and thrilled as he thought about those gigantic feet crushing everything in their path. He watched and thrilled as he saw the massive breasts of Kat protruding miles out from her massive chest, he could even see the titanic nipples thrusting out from aureoles that were several miles wide.

His attention was divided between his distant view of those massive tits and the thrilling shots of her colossal foot descending on TV. He wet his pants again and again as he thought about that mountainous female he was watching, and how everything in her path was about to be crushed under her massive feet. Even though she was still nearly a hundred miles south of him, he could definitely feel the building shaking from her ponderous footsteps. He pressed his throbbing prick against the wall and watched her every step, he could see her titanic foot come down crushing everything under it with the ponderous step of her huge luscious foot, and could feel her footsteps through the shaking wall as he watched her, and he exploded in ecstasy again and again, almost in time with her long slow footfalls as he stared at her and felt her ponderous footsteps vibrate through his throbbing prick, as he thought of her magnificently luscious body, and the men she was crushing into mush with each titanic step.
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