Author Topic: Real dryer experience, ala laundry prank gone wrong  (Read 6850 times)


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Real dryer experience, ala laundry prank gone wrong
« on: April 26, 2016, 09:05:58 pm »
Ok so I have time to write some more about my experiences.  If you haven't read my other posts, I am a real life small person, 28" tall and about 21 pounds.

So I have always liked laundry machine activities.  It's fun when the machine just does what it does no matter what (or who) happens to be inside.  I prefer top load washers, the front loaders spin faster among other things.  I thought I would tell this experience because it closely follows the "Laundry prank gone wrong" story that's posted.

This was a few years ago and at the ladies' house who I was having relations with at the time.  She was tall for a woman, nearly 6 feet, blonde hair and lots of fun.  She liked to play games with me especially on cleaning day and was very creative.  Anyway, I decided I was going to try and scare her when she went to load the dryer.  The washer had been running for a while and she was cleaning another part of the house.  I went to the laundry room to wait for the washer to finish.  I knew she wouldn't be around until then.  This was the first load of the day so the dryer was empty.  It was your normal front load dryer, pretty large, no glass in the door.  I could easily stand in the back, bent slightly forward. 

Now I know that when average size people, or at least this woman, never looked at the back of the dryer when they load it.  They swing open the door and seen from normal height they see a few inches of the front.  Even so, I put on white socks, and near white sweat pants so I would blend in with the color of the drum.  I didn't want her to see me right away. 

The washer was doing it's final spin so I climbed into the dryer.  I let the door close but not completely, it hinged at the bottom.  I sat and waited until the spin cycle stopped, then I got in position at the back of the drum.  About 5 minutes later I heard her coming.  The inside of the dryer brightened slightly when the laundry room light was turned on and a little light came through a small crack in the door.  I heard her moving around the room, sorting clothes for the next load I guessed.  My excitement was growing until.... I heard singing... she had her headphones in listening to music.  My plan depended on her hearing me and now that was in question for as you might guess, my voice isn't the loudest in the world.  Still, it might work.

I heard the lid of the washer being opened and the clothes being moved around inside it.  Suddenly the door to the dryer was thrown open and before I could react the first batch of wet, freshly washed clothes was thrown in at my feet.  "Hey don't do that!" I yelled.  She obviously didn't hear me for she kept on signing.  At that point I decided I better do something different.  I started to move toward the front of the drum but the wet clothes were heavier than I thought and instead of moving to the front I fell forward onto the clothes in the bottom of the drum.  I rolled to the side to try to get up just in time to have the next batch of clothes tossed in on top of me.  They were wet, heavy and cold.  At this point I am getting a little worried about the situation.  Once again I yell at her, nothing.  I stick my head up out of the pile just to have what was the last item of clothes literally thrown right at me, hitting me square in the face.  I quickly try to pull this tangled mess off my head and succeed just in time to see a dryer sheet thrown in and the door slam shut an instant later.  Crap, I think to myself.  Now i'm starting to think about surviving this.  Now I've been in the dryer before but when I was prepared for it.  This time I was basically pinned down by wet clothes.  I heard the distinct sound of the lint screen being pulled out.  I hit the side of the drum with my hand trying to get her attention but her music was up too loud.  A few instants later I heard the screen put back in, a couple of clicks, then the world turned upside down.

After a few tumbles I was able to get myself back to the rear of the drum and pin myself in so I wasn't tumbling around with the clothes.  Once I did that I was ok.  I knew how to work out the rhythm  of the clothes so I knew when I was able to kick the door.  A couple tries and I got it to open enough to get the dryer stopped.  I climbed out, shut the door and the machine started back up again.  She never knew what I had done and I didn't tell her... I might want to try it again and didn't want to ruin the surprise!  But next time if I know she has those headphones in I'm getting out right away.   

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Re: Real dryer experience, ala laundry prank gone wrong
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2016, 11:06:38 pm »
Thank you for sharing your experience Realsmallguy. I enjoyed reading it.

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Re: Real dryer experience, ala laundry prank gone wrong
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2016, 11:58:06 pm »
Thanks for sharing.

I am still a tad concerned, with your 'near death wish type' fantasies that motive you to do this for real.

Please take care. Accidents DO happen.


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Re: Real dryer experience, ala laundry prank gone wrong
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2016, 03:18:03 pm »
hey hey realsmallguy thanks for posting your experiences on here for us it was something to read while gromet is still away

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Re: Real dryer experience, ala laundry prank gone wrong
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2016, 10:47:57 pm »
Hi everybody,

Thanks for posting your dryer experience. I enjoy a lot this story. I would love living this situation too. For me the best moment of this kind of situations is when you hear the click of the timer and you know that the begining of the cycle is iminent.   


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