How many times have you been undesirably caught during self-bondage play?

5 (55.6%)
3 (33.3%)
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
Four or more.
1 (11.1%)

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Author Topic: Undesirably Caught?  (Read 4614 times)


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Undesirably Caught?
« on: August 15, 2016, 08:38:01 pm »
How many times have you been caught while self-bound and not expecting to be found. This obviously excludes back-up persons you may use.

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Re: Undesirably Caught?
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2016, 08:42:50 pm »
Here is a re-post of mine from "RE: Embarrassing Situation".

My embarrassing situation included me being caught by the police as well.

At the time I was pretty much living out of my pickup. I could stay at my fathers house if I really wanted to, but my step-mother and I didn't really get along at the time and my mother lived too far away (110 miles) for me to reasonably drive too and from for work.

My pickup had a camper-shell and a convert-able bed/seating in the bed. Carpeted, it was actually quite comfortable. The seats had storage for my camping gear and my fun stuff that I enjoyed to play with. That was another reason which made me decide to live out of my truck more than at one of my parents houses.

Anyway, I had found a very secluded area and decided to spend some of my time that evening in handcuffs and leg-irons and (something I don't normally wear as CD is not my normal practice) some lace panties I had somehow had in my belongings when when my girlfriend and I split up and I moved out. I was walking around in the dark; black panties and shackled hand and foot and had locked a length of chain between my ankle chain and the chain between my wrist which did not allow my to raise my hands past my waist when I was standing straight or walking. My keys were in the back of my truck as I walked around. It was dark and walking around was more just to relish in my limited movement rather than explore anything. As I walked around, a car pulled in behind my truck. I was a ways from the street and my truck could barely be seen by passing motorists, which were few on this street anyway. My thoughts were pretty simple...'Oh Fuck!. They became much worse when I noticed the spotlight light up and illuminate my truck. Not only was I caught, but, knew it was a police car. They sat in their car for quite awhile just shining the spotlight on my truck. I assumed they were running the plates to see if it were an abandoned stolen vehicle. I was out of the spot light and standing some distance from my truck...though I could not see myself, I felt I had had the 'deer in the headlight' look on my face. I was frozen in place. Though there was no real cover for me to hide in, I had thought I would just hide. However, the thought that they might believe my truck abandoned and have it towed...along with my only means of escape and my clothing. After what felt like an eternity, the officers exited their patrol car and walked to truck. The officer driving must have caught something out of the corner of his eye because his flashlight came on and he pointed it directly at me, without the beam scanning around. He called my by my last name using the prefix of Mr. in a questioning yet stating voice. I barely was able to squeak out in the affirmative. "What are you doing here?" He asked. I replied, "Camping." His partner said, "I can guess he doesn't have any weapons on him, and, he won't be putting up a struggle", obviously commenting about the fact that I was only wearing female's underwear and was chained up. "I guess not" said the first officer, then to me "why are dressed that way and wearing restraints?" I stammered for an answer and finally came up with, "it's a fetish I have." By now I had met the officer's at the front of my truck. They asked me several more questions, like "How often do I park and camp here"; "Have I ever brought anyone here"; "Do I engage with prostitutes"; "Do I tie others up"; and other assorted questions along that line. Most of the other questions having to deal with prostitution. I answered their questions without pausing to think about an answer and they believed them because of it. The first officer then stated, "Mr. 'Me', the reason we're so suspicious, and, yes, you will be part of our investigation, is because we have found four prostitutes in this area that were beaten to death and their bodies left here." My mouth dropped. "Well, I sure picked the wrong place to camp." I said. "Yes," he said and continued, "and dressed pretty suspiciously." I asked them if I could get the keys to my cuffs or if he could release me and he said, "I think we'll just leave them on for the time being." I said "Okay" as there was nothing else I could say. "Do you have ID?" the first officer asked. "Yes, in the pocket of my pants in the back of my truck." I said, "I'll need my hands released to get it" as my hands were currently locked behind my back and chained to my ankle cuffs. "I can get it, just come back and watch me while I grab it." I followed him to the back of my truck and he opened the hatch on the back of my truck. He grabbed my pants and, noticing my keys, he picked them up as well. He pulled my wallet out of my jeans and had me watch as he extracted my ID then set my wallet on my pants he had returned to the bed in my truck. He went back to his car, obviously to check if I had any wants or warrants. His partner stayed with me, a smirk on his face. The first officer returned from his car with my ID and a camera. "He's clean." He told his partner when returning. He then said to me, "Mr. Me. You are now part of a murder investigation and we need to get your photograph for the files. If you had nothing to do with the murdered prostitutes, these photos will not be seen by anybody but the investigators. If you did, they will come out in your trial." Since I had nothing to do with any murders, I had nothing to worry about. The officer took several photographs of me in most embarrassing attire, and, had me turn around and he took photos of my cuffed wrists and ankles. He then placed my keys in my hands and said, "You can remove your cuffs when we are driving off and I would highly suggest you do not camp here and save your life-style for a dwelling of some sort." I said, "Yes sir and thank you sir." The two of them went back to their patrol car, turned it around and drove off." I removed my restraints, got dressed and left the area as fast as I could and never went back. I went to a motel for the night. I was never contacted during the investigation and eventually read about the capture of the murderer. He had committed two additional murders after my incident, both bodies left where I had been discovered by the police.

That was the only time I had been caught while practicing my self-bondage and, never again, outside of a building.

Dana -- EPL


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