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Off forum stories
« on: August 05, 2020, 06:08:04 pm »
Hi Thanks to the editor of this site for allowing me to mention my illustrated stories, that don’t meet the specifications that her sponsors allow.
Written mainly to keep my dark side under control, but now feel would like share with others who have similar tastes, and having refiltrations can  bring the story's to life

Have been written over the space of 20 years, after I stopped hosting the first browser ordered spanking parties (Posterity), so are c/p orientated, but also contain a male-female none-consensual submission, torture essays.
However, that does mean that some are slightly incomplete, and not yet fully edited, but as your editor commented to me, reading through a 150 page A4 story to edit, takes one hell of a time, and having fake photos, included, make large download size.   

They are what a lot of people would classify as strong S&M, but if looking for child abuse stories don’t bother
Click on the link to be taken to my Google cloud storage, to download which stories, if any, that interest you. these are updated from time to time so always check back
Hopefully solved use this link.

Any comments to [email protected]

Whenever exploring your S&M dark side with someone else, and both sides are not enjoying it, then you are doing something dangerously wrong.
If your dreams dont excited you, then maybe you’re not dreaming big enough


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