Author Topic: It is also a bondage catalog  (Read 7110 times)

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It is also a bondage catalog
« on: September 15, 2016, 03:33:21 pm »
I got the Uline catalog in the mail.  It is an industrial supply house mostly for shipping and packing industries.  I ordered some boxes from them a while back and they send me a couple of catalogs every year.  And yes, Uline is online. 

If you are in to packaged or encasement, garbage play or mummification scenarios it might be worth a moment to check out the catalog.  And why am I posting this?  Well, a few days ago as I was browsing the catalog, I was sort of inspired with a few ideas.  Nice, deviant, perverted ideas, the kind that fit well on the Plaza.  Especially the poly bag and wrapping sections.  And now I am trying to write a couple of stories for the Halloween special. 

You never know where you will find inspiration.


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