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The air was Blue!!!
« on: April 05, 2016, 03:12:04 pm »
The Air Was Blue..

So there I was stuck on the floor in the shed, the sun beating down on a lovely summers day.  Yeah I know all tales start like that but this one really was.  The weather had been lovely for a few days and according to the forecasts was supposed to stay that way for a few more days.

I am going to keep this short as I know you will get tired of my ramblings about yet another screwed up adventure where I needed to be rescued, I bet you think I do it on purpose…

As I said, there I was stuck on the floor in the shed.  I was wearing my new latex catsuit, you know the one I showed you last week with the fitted gloves and feet.  Under this I had my latex bra.  Now I don’t think you have seen that yet but it’s a bit evil as it has fine steel pins moulded into it to annoy the wearer, i.e. me, and annoying they were, I will let you imagine how annoying after you have read this but you’re welcome to try the bra for yourself if you really can’t imagine.  I had also worn my latex panties which seemed to be doing a good job of keeping in the huge vibrating butt plug and vibrator that I had preset onto full speed.  So ok yeah I needed some fun and I was damn sure going to get it.  Why shouldn’t I?

As you have probably guessed by now this didn’t quite go as smoothly as it should have.  I had also put on my crotch length latex ballet heels.  Now these I can usually stand in ok but all these layers of hot, sweaty latex were really going to make themselves known, especially after I fitted the latex hood over my head.  I used the one that you like with the small perforations for mouth and eyes but covered this with a gas mask, a black Russian one with a smaller filter than usual to restrict my breathing by about half.  Not to make me breathless, just to make it more laboured.  Like it really needed to be any more laboured.

I finished this off by chaining my ankles together using prison issue ankle restraints secured obviously with some high security padlocks, they keys to which were upstairs in my bedroom and this is where the problems started. 

My bedroom is at the front of the house and the shed is at the far end of the rear garden but more about this later.

I had bought some new padlocks that were bluetooth and could be unlocked remotely by phone.  These had the benefits of no key’s to lose, although there were emergency keys available in case the batteries died. 

I had attached some bolts to the floor of the steel shed, which was already hot although I had already drunk plenty of water before hand and I padlocked my chained ankled to the far bolt using one of these new bluetooth padlocks.  I had already preset the release time to be 6 hours at which the sun would have gone down and I would be able to move freely through my garden without being seen in my odd outfit by my neighbours.  I would also be desperate for a pee!!!

I followed this by locking my collar to the floor using another of the new bluetooth locks and finally my wrists.  Now I had used a pair of Clejuso high security and very heavy handcuffs for this and of course I had left my keys with the ankle ones from before.  I then locked my wrists behind my head to another bolt in the floor using the same locks.

I was in heaven.  I could barely move, I was sweating profusely in my self condemned latex prison and being constantly tortured by the two huge, unrelenting intruders that I had placed there.  Just getting ready with them there was a challenge in itself, believe me!

I can’t remember how many orgasms I had, some I tried to hold on to but most jut attacked me like an unrelenting hammer drill.  My mind was toast. However, as I had guessed, the batteries in the vibes had run down and the rest of the time I was just desperate for a pee and grinding myself into the toys for any extra satisfaction I could get…  Now we wait for the timer…

And wait…

And wait…


What the hell?  It was almost day break and I must have fell asleep.  I was drained, completely and utterly spent but still locked…???

I had tested these locks plenty of times, yeah I know you think I didn’t but I really did…  However what I hadn’t noticed was the fact the locks had lost signal to my phone, which was with my keys, as soon as I had closed the metal door to the shed, effectively creating a radio shield…  Oh I am so stupid…  There I was again, stuck by my own hand.

Luckily I had a friend arranged as a backup just in case, especially after the last time with the damned cat knocking over the saucer that was supposed to catch my keys from the ice block…

Oh well, just my luck I guess…

See you soon.

Lou xx


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Re: The air was Blue!!!
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2016, 04:36:06 pm »
Nice set up to your story, I thought the one sided conversational tone worked really well too. The title made me smile as did the 'cat knocked over the saucer.... but that's another story' line.

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Re: The air was Blue!!!
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2016, 03:25:58 pm »
I completely agree with MsBehavin! Excellent setup and the way you tell your story gives a good, personal impression. I do hope you'll get into trouble again :)
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