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The Collar by May Park


Wow! I loved this short, little story. It was really quite hot!

Abby is a young woman who knows that she needs someone to control her in order to make her feel complete. Cassidy is a Domme who knows how to keep a sub under control. It's a match made in heaven and both begin to fall in love. Now, they just need to figure out how to navigate from being service-provider / patron to being a couple in love.

The story is simple and there is a distinct beauty in that simplicity. There are no sitcom miscues thrown in to keep the would-be lovers apart... no second guessing... Just two women falling in love in the context of a particularly alternative lifestyle.

There are no great twists or coercion or non-consensuality in this book. There is just a submissive who would do anything to please her Domme, and a Domme who would do anything to fulfill her submissive's needs. Beautiful and refreshing!

The text is fast and easy to read and the sex scenes are freaking smoking. (For me, Ff BDSM are the perfect ingredients for a romantic fanstasy.) But there are a huge collection of editing errors. Namely, it would seem that secondary character names change sporadically over the course of the book, which obviously is a little confusing. I would have been a bit disappointed in the quality if I had paid the $2.99 US, but I am reading this on Kindle Unlimited so... Woohoo! Where is my fan?

Here's the link, because it is really hard to find on Amazon:


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