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Hi everyone
« on: July 30, 2016, 10:53:10 AM »
    I am new to this site, my name is stephanie98, a submissive bottom, sissy. I love dressing so much en-fem and in the process working with my female doctor to start female hormones. I am closeted but have done a few daring outings and trying to come out more often. For some of my kink, I see a pro-domme, she always makes me show up to her place fully dressed, then it's time to submit to her strapon. She has even inscribed on my sissy ass the words fuck hole, with an arrow pointing to it, the writing has lasted for over 2 months. I need to be discreet in my town, when dressing, so found a website for transgenders in another town and early next year will be going there and be fully dressed and full makeover and taken around town in public places.

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Re: Hi everyone
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Welcome Stephanie98 to the Plaza Forum.

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Re: Hi everyone
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2016, 10:30:41 PM »
Hi stephanie

Be sure you won't find anybody supporting your strange desires here! Here we're all lovers of straight bondage, crossdressing, garbage-fetish, devourism - about anything except child abuse, shiteating and death. So - you might find a likeminded participant anyway :)

When you mentioned visiting a Pro-Domme, I recalled the wonderful story '' by Steve Spandex. It's not a sissy being the main character, but you might enjoy it anyway.

If you feel like sharing your development regarding changing your gender, don't hesitate to write articles for the Forum. You might get questions, but be sure comments stems from interest and concern - not from rejection.

What more to say .... welcome to the Forum.

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