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Last time i was chained up part 2
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Last time i was chained up, part 2

Hi again from a frenchie
I’ve seen that I had many readers for the first story but just one message. It’s a little bit disappointing. Hope I’ll have more messages for this new narration.
This was some days ago, and I felt the need to be chained-up again by my lovely wife. It’s summer in France, so this time I didn’t wear leotard, just T-shirt, short skirt, black sheer pantyhose and flat black ballerinas. As I described in the first story, I put a pantyhose over my arms, as a sweet-shirt, with no holes for my hands. I put on the tight chain around my hips, a chain going down straightly to the shackles for my feet ( the same than in the first narration, made with dogs collars with ultra-short link and padlocks as described before in the first story). The bicycle lock locked around my neck and a chain tightly straight in front of me from the neck to the waist chain. Since some days, I hadn’t shoulders pain anymore, so I decided to try again to be handcuffed behind my back. Before, I padlocked again a short chain, hanging from the waist chain in the small of my back and I called my wife, telling her that I was ready to be chained. I told her to try again the handcuffs behind my back. So she snapped reluctantly the handcuffs around my wrists behind me, double-locked them by the little needle on the key and she linked by a padlock, the handcuffs to the chain hanging in my back. After that, she pulled the pantyhose clading my  arms and hands and made some knots on it, joining my both hands claded in nylon, by top of the fingers. I know that i can tear with my nails, the fabric of pantyhose covering my hands but with my wrists handcuffed behind me, i couldn't take any avantage to do that. My wife told me: “ I have no time to take care of you, so I will hook you to the hasp of the window. You will can’t go anywhere and, in this way, I will always know where you are in the house, just hooked here and i havn't to monitor you and you havn't the risk to fall down in the stairs or stumble on some object, if you're blindfolded”.
She took an other padlock and padlocked the hanging chain behind me to the window hasp, lifting a little toward the hasp, my cuffed hands in my back. I was my back against the window, hooked to hasp by my waist and my handcuffs behind me. She returned with the blindfold ( same described in the first story) and put it over my eyes.

I’ve asked my wife, some times to punish me when I’m in bondage but until, she hadn’t no imagination. She knows that I don’t like to be slapped or spanked or insulted ( these forms of masochism do not interest me and are not exciting me) . If I mention that , this is for what happened after.
I asked to my wife: “Honey, I’m shortly hooked to the window, blindfolded and handcuffed behind my back, I can’t go anywhere, totally blind and chained more strictly than a dangerous beast. Can you free my ankles ?    I'm forced to stay where I am, even if my ankles were free. Can you take off the shackles on my feet please ? “

She answered me: “ It’s out of question. Your feet are shackled, they’re staying in this way.
-But I can’t move from here, you will know where I am, even if I have the feet free.
-Listen to me, if you ask me again to free your feet, you will be punished”.
A delicious thrill run all over my body. Punished ? She comes in my game finally ! She had always be reluctant to chain me.
I asked again: “ But Honey, you can free my feet, please !
-OK, You want it, you will have it. “
I heard her going to the box where were all bondage stuffs, then she returned near to me, saying:
“ Bend your knees in a half position !”  I did as she asked, lifting a little more my cuffed hands in my back. I felt her doing something with the chain going from my tummy to my ankles.
“It’s over, your punishment begins now”.
When I tried to stand up, my knees were forced to stay folded in a half position, but the length of the chain, hooking me to the window, prevented me to squat. I was in a very uncomfortable position. The sweat began to flow from my face. I tell her: “It’s very hard, Ho..honey please….
-You wanted it, you’ve got it. Every time you’ll ask me to stop the punishment, I will add five minutes.”
I keep my mouth closed immediately. I was really in pain and sweat and my nylon confinement didn’t help me. When she returned to stop the punishment, I was all wet from my sweat and my black nyloned legs were absolutly painful. I think that i stayed around fifteen minutes in this uncomfortable position but it seems to be hours. She opened the padlock forcing me to stay in this painful position and said : “ Have you learned the lesson now ? You love to be chained, you will stay where you are, blindfolded, handcuffed behind your back, hooked to the window and ANKLES SHORTLY SHACKLED. If you ask again to take off the shackles at your feet or even to take off your blindfold, you will be punished in the same manner for a longer period. Ok ?”
I answered her that I had understood the lesson, and I spent all the afternoon in this way, hooked to the window, hands in my back, in the absolute darkness of my blindfold and ankles shortly cuffed. When she freed me, on evening, my feet were in pain because, even after the end of the severe punishment, i had spent the rest of the afternoon, feet joined and in a standing position without moving. My wife told me: " Today, i've decided to please you. Just after the dinner, i will chain you again in a lightly manner, until the hour to going to bed.
-And how will you chain me ?
-You'll see. But we will spent the evening together as usual "
Just after the coffee, she returned in the living room carrying some chain, two padlocks and the bicycle lock. She ordered me to sit in the armchair and she squated in front of me to chain my feet shortly. Then she locked the bicycle lock around my neck. She snapped my left wrist in the handcuff then passed the other handcuff through the bicycle lock. She asked me to lift my right wrist and snapped the handcuff on it. I stayed here, hands pinnioned to my chin, feet joined together. The chains padlocked around my ankles were more painful than the leather collars, and i didn't try to stand up and to try to walk by the shortiest steps i was able to do. My wife said with a big smile: "This evening, it's me who have the TV remote". And that's how i spent the evening, feet chained and hands lifted up to my chin, crossed on the top of my thorax like an egyptian mummy.

I edit again this post to tell you that if my wife begins to be more participatory in my needs of bondage, i'll never, never, never tell her what would be the more absolute unbearable ultimate punishment for me. I'm quiet, even if she comes here, she doesn't speak and doesn't read the english. The absolute ultimate ultra punishment for me would be to be chained-up without wearing pantyhose, bare legs, in front of my wife, wearing them and telling me how they're soft and smooth on her skin. I live always dressed in skirt or dress and nyloned legs when i'm home and i work at home, so i live dressed in women's clothes, 99,99% of my life, all the days of the year ( shorts with nyloned legs when my children are here because they have always known my nylon's habits since they're born but they're not knowing the skirts, dresses and feminine shoes habits)and my wife just wear them only for special days as Christmas or new year day or if we are invited somewhere or we're going out to the restaurant, except in summer.

I edit again this post to explain which idea i have for the next time i will want to  be chained: I will buy a wood broom handle and i will screw some little rings on it. I will ask my wife to link the top of the handle on the bicycle lock, behind my neck, the bottom will be linked to my feet shackles and the middle to my handcuffs in my back. In this way, i will must stay straight as an I, with no possibility to sit down, even if i'm not hooked to a window hasp, but she willn't have the possibility to punish me like she did since i willn't have the possibility to bend my knees. Will she accept this new stuff ? I don't know and i will tell you next time. If she accept ( i'm not sure), next time, i will ask to take a shoot of me chained and after masking my face, for evident reasons, i will post the shoot.
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Re: Last time i was chained up part 2
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Please don't get disappointed. Very few reader's will actually leave any kind of feedback to your posts. Do what you enjoy and write about your fun. If nobody replies, it doesn't mean nobody read and enjoyed it. Please don't let the lack of replies keep you from posting your stories.

Be careful what you wish for Frankie...It can bite you in the butt. And, it sounds like it did.

Dana -- EPL
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Re: Last time i was chained up part 2
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Hi Frenchie,

I have to agree with Dana, first you are blessed with a lovely wife to share your fantasies, congratulations on that. The first part of your story got over 1300 views. To get that many views in the TG/CG story section, which accounts for only 2% of all the stories at the Plaza, is amazing. Keep writing for yourself, but I would say you connected with many others even if they didn’t comment.


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