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Sunstone by Shiniez (DeviantArt)


A Pensive Pen:
I recently discovered an ongoing comic/story called "Sunstone" by Shiniez. It's some of the best writing I've ever seen in this genre and has set a new bar for me personally. The writing is witty, sexy, and knows when to show and when to tell. The art is pretty amazing too.

I understand it's available for purchase on Amazon, but I've been reading it on DeviantArt (requires a free account). It's worth checking out. Look left for individual chapters.

I agree this is an excellent ongoing comic, well written and beautifully drawn, you can really get into the characters.

Yes, I have to agree too.

Sunstone for those who may not have kept up, yes this is a necro-thread resurrection, Sunstone is now in print and has a follow up series Mercy.

Several Story arcs are in the works.


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