Author Topic: Whatever Happened to Katrinka Karu?  (Read 2590 times)

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Whatever Happened to Katrinka Karu?
« on: December 13, 2022, 05:24:12 pm »
Recently, there was a new TG/CD story posted called "Business or Pleasure?" by Martini Martaine, in which the author stated that it was a sequel to "Desire Boutique" by Katrinka Karu. I enjoyed it, and it inspired me to go back and reag the original story. "Desire Boutique", written over a decade ago, is one of the best fetish/ feminization/ bondage stories I've ever read. It hits every kink on my bucket list. The only problem is, it is only 4 chapters long. It is obvious that Katrinka planned it to continue (and I appreciate the new author's effort to revisit the characters) but wish I could read more of the original. I did finf out that Katrinka had been (a decade ago) on Second Life and sold her writings there but I couldn't find her or her work there now. Does anyone know anything about this author? What happened to her, and can her writing be found elsewhere else?
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