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Cara's Chainge of circumstances.
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Hi Folks

First for quite a while and this one has a good ending, rather than a few of my other darker stories.
Hope everyone is staying safe out there.


Cara Jones wasn’t that impressed when she arrived at the Old Manor Hotel on the Sunday night. Just outside of the city but within reach of the local airport and it’d advertised itself as ‘old rustic’ but with easy access to London by train and free parking for anyone staying the night before flying off for their holidays. She however was here for work and hoped her boss might be impressed that she’d found somewhere cheaper for the expense account rather than staying in the city itself.

Even the reviews on the booking sites weren’t exactly complementary. “Living on past glories’ was one acidic remark. ‘Stayed here five years ago when it was great, now it’s run down and the owner could give Basil a run for his money’ was another. But nowhere else had rooms available for a whole week so the ‘Old Manor’ was it for her.

A line of cars parked to one side meant she wouldn’t be the only guest here tonight Cara hoped. Least she’d eaten before arriving as this was another gripe, the place was only doing breakfast due to ‘staff issues’. Probable meant ‘Basil’ had sacked the chef, Cara chuckled as she switched off.

To her surprise as she got out a man emerged from the building and headed towards her car. “Miss Jones?” he asked and she nodded. Being welcomed it appeared by the owner as he introduced himself and offered to carry her baggage inside. Cara popped the boot of her mini and he hefted out the case. A box was there as well but the girl didn’t want him seeing what was in that so declined the offer saying it’d be staying in there.

Couldn’t allow him to see a load of bondage equipment! 

She’d been a self-bondage enthusiast since her late teens and now nearly a decade later, a lovely 26 year old was an expert at tying herself up with both ropes and recently she’d begun using chains. The only problem with those was of course she couldn’t do that on her overseas business trips! Try explaining THAT to a Customs Officer, she’d chuckled thinking it over one day. But it was a UK based convention this year so she had an ample chance of being able to do some self-bondage.

Check-in took moments and she was escorted to her room on the first floor. There were three on the ground and only five on the first, this wasn’t a big place after all, but the line of cars intrigued her. There must be about thirty there, mostly with covers over them, so more cars than guests?. Then she remembered the bit about parking while away. He must have bought those to protect the vehicles while here. Probably from the stuff birds drop out of the trees of which there were a lot on the grounds.

Entering her room he put the case beside the dresser and bid Cara a pleasant evening. Saying the bar was open for another couple of hours, and also could she please fill out a menu card for her breakfast requirements before nightfall. Cara agreed and thanked him for his assistance. Not like Basil at all, she thought. Closing the door behind the guy and having a proper look round after kicking her heels off.

At first glance it was lovely. A proper four poster bed for a start! She’d never had one of those and Cara walked around the three sides and looked closer, thinking about how to…

A slight groan on realising she’d not be able to attach her wrist and ankle chains to it like her one at home. Unlike a normal bedframe these were all antique wood and polished panelled all around. “Great, get upgraded to something unsuitable,” she murmured, trying not to be ungrateful to her host. A glance into the bathroom seeing a proper old bath rather than the new modern ‘wet-room’ showers that hotels were going in for. A few marks on the edges and thinking back to her room the whole place could do with a lick of paint. ‘Living on past glories? Yeah. Maybe the reviewer was right! 

She changed out of her smart skirt-suit into grey sweat-pants and a hoodie top. Adding trainers as she intended going for a run to clear her head after the drive. Coming back downstairs as the hotelier was checking in another pair of guests. He nodded politely to Miss Jones as she approached the couple who were already grumbling about there being no dinner service tonight as they turned away heading to the stairs. Giving her a look of disapproval too, probably at my attire she thought as they left.  She smiled and handed over her menu card to him and he thanked her for being prompt unlike some who needed lessons in courtesy. Obviously the pair that had just left as a knowing look passed between them.

“Bit hard doing this now,” he said somewhat mournfully, replying to her question about whether things were alright. Explaining that he and Marion, his late wife had run this place for a decade since they’d inherited it from her parents. Now it was getting a bit much and unless he could get some full-time help then it might be time to sell up. At the moment a couple of youngsters came in each morning to do the cleaning and washing but that was all. Everything else was done by him alone. 

“Well my room’s lovely thank you,” she commented and got a thankful if tired smile for that. Asking which way was best to go running round here. “Left, road’s quieter that way but there’s no footpath after a mile. Not sure how fit you are young lady but keep to the left side of the road and when the footpath stops there’s a gate. The track from there eventually comes to the back of the hotel through the woods. You’ll know you’re almost back here when you pass the old house. Here’s the padlock key for the gate, just leave it on the desk when you return, alright?”

That was great and she pocketed the little key, thanked, Jim, having found that was his name and headed off. Going as directed and smiling to herself about something he’d said. ‘Not sure how fit you are’ and Cara idly wondered if that was some sort of flirt? Certainly she had a figure few men would kick out of bed if they’d had the chance, but Miss Jones wasn’t that interested at the moment. Bit of a career character, plus she needed the money and if this conference went alright she’d be getting a promotion sometime soon.

The pavement was pounded and soon enough Cara found the gate right where it was supposed to be. Letting herself in and refixing the padlock as requested. Starting her warm-down stretches as she came along the track and soon saw the old house. Well, what was left anyway. Part of the roof had collapsed and it certainly hadn’t been lived in for many a year.

Being a nosy cow Cara wandered closer and up to where the old front door was, hanging by a rusty squeaky hinge and moving slowly in the breeze. She held it open and came inside out of the wind. As expected the place was as ramshackle on the inside as out. No furniture at all in the living room. The kitchen stripped out so all that was left to explore was the bedroom. Walking in and…ahhh!

Her eyes widened on see the bed there. While a very weathered mattress lay on top it was the frame that made Cara smile. Proper metal posts both top and bottom corners. A metal rail in a semi-circle forming the top of what used to be a headboard. The wood having either rotted away or been removed. No sign of dampness in here as she briefly looked up at the roof…but this was ideal!

‘Self-bondage mission on!’ she exclaimed. Walking closer and feeling the bed itself. A few wonky springs maybe but she didn’t care. Another look round then she swept off a couple of leaves that had blown in through a gap in the windows then hopped on. A bit of a squeaky mattress as she bounced around but it felt dry and that was good enough. So Cara smiled and spread herself out into an X shape and looked up at the frame above her head. Imagining how she could get herself chained across this but still able to get free again. Well she had a week to work it out. Coming back outside and returning to the hotel a few minutes later. Jim wasn’t there, though she could hear voices in the bar so she slipped the key onto the counter and headed off for a shower.     

Which was surprisingly good apart from the noisy plumbing. A few squeaks in the hot pipe but soon the bathroom was a steamy mess as Cara got cleaned up. No point in ‘dressing for dinner’ as there wasn’t any, but Cara did have one that she normally used at times like this. Pale coral colour, just below knee length, three quarter length sleeves and a pair of matching heels. Took a bit of effort to get into it but the belt was applied at the end to nip her in. Shoes on and a brush of that flowing blonde hair, now free from a ponytail before a touch of lippy and Cara was ready to show off a bit.

Carefully clicking herself down the stairs without falling over then coming into the bar area. Finding she wasn’t alone as Jim emerged from the back room. The older couple there in the corner giving her a look as she approached the bar. Asking for a small glass of wine as she wasn’t driving till late morning, his recommendation of course and Jim obliged. “Very sensible ma’am. This should do.”

‘Hard to believe it’s that same girl we saw earlier,” she heard the old lady murmur to her companion and it was SO hard not to smile. Jim looked up and Cara was convinced he winked at her! But surely it was her imagination as he turned away. Asking if she’d enjoyed her run. “Yes thanks’ and the key is on the counter before I forget,” Cara replied and got a nod of thanks for that. Taking her glass and heading over to the window and carefully sitting down. Looking outside as darkness began to fall. A few guests arrived and were served drinks. One couple and another what she assumed was a company man, still in his business suit. He did give her a long up-and-down look that she saw out of the corner of her eye. Especially down and Cara guessed he was a ‘leg’ man.

There’s three types, she knew. Leg, ass, and tit. When a guy’s in a bar he looks around to check the women and normally glances at one piece of her first. Least Cara was wearing tights as hold-ups would show under this outfit and it provoked another smile out of the window. He left a few minutes later and she relaxed a bit as Jim came to collect her glass, asking if she’d like another. “Er…no thanks. One was enough, I’ll have one tomorrow if the bottle’s ok, yes?”

“That’s fine, oh and apologies for that guy staring at you. Saw him there and nearly said something. My Marion would go nuts if she’d seen people doing that…” he began and Cara nodded sagely. “It’s fine, guess I’m used to it, but thank you anyway.” Miss Jones replied as she stood up. Managing not to trip on the table leg and Jim reached out, Cara grabbing a hand to stop herself falling over. “It was only one glass. Promise!” she chuckled, letting go but feeling a surge of something she couldn’t understand. 
Thanking him again for his kindness and clicking herself out, sure his eyes were boring into her ass as she went to the stairs. Going to her room but as usual the nosy girl looked into the old wardrobe just outside her door…empty.

Locking herself in Cara got to work on her conference prep and soon enough it was time to turn in. a good night’s sleep followed and Miss Jones was up for breakfast at her appointed time. Today in a dark trouser-suit and boots in case her business admirer appeared. But she was alone with only Jim until almost finishing up when the elderly couple arrived. No whispered comments today and Cara headed off to work, but already thinking about tonight’s run and maybe what to do in the ruined house on the way back afterwards.

Arriving back after the first boring day and Cara needed that drink more than ever. So many guys in her company all assuming the ‘cute piece of ass’ was just there to make up the diversity quota! She’d hardly been allowed to do much questioning of the Directors during the Q&A. One fat old fool calling her a ‘youngster’ and the others had chuckled and almost joshed him. Cara’s own boss hadn’t given her much support either. Just saying that he hoped her speech on Friday was ‘better than today’s!’

So into the room, off with the suit and into sweats. Packing a notepad and tape measure into a pack along with some weights to get her fitness level up. Heading downstairs and seeing Jim at the bar on sticking her head around the doorframe. Nobody else here and she asked for the gate key again. He fetched it and said if she wanted it in future… ‘Well, tell you what, just keep hold of it. Nobody else goes running round here, especially that far, just remember to give it back when you check out, OK?” It was and she thanked him with a beaming smile and he’d nodded, this time with maybe an embarrassed grin himself.

Away she jogged and soon a sweaty but possibly excited Cara was back at the old house and working over her plans. Tomorrow she’d use cord for the first go and jumped onto the bed and spent a few minutes measuring what lengths she’d need. Scribbling down in the notepad. She almost decided to bring herself off now but it looked a little stormy outside so Cara left. Arriving back just as the rain began to fall.   

After her shower it was back into the coral dress and heels then down to the bar. A few guests around but her table by the window was empty. Cara getting her glass of wine brought over this time by Jim and again she was asked about her run. “Must get fit myself sometime,” he said at the end. Looking at Cara and she somehow managed not to blush. This dress was a close fitting one and she was convinced he was staring at her breasts. She wasn’t that big up top, a 36b but being only 5’7’ and very slim it was her shape she assumed was attracting the admirers. Anyway, one glass was enough and soon Cara was off to her room. Pausing to look in the wardrobe by her door that she knew was em…

Except it wasn’t.

There to the left she was amazed to see a stylish nightdress and kimono set hanging there. Cara looked up and down the passage, checking for cameras’ but saw nothing. Reaching in and feeling the fabrics of both garments. “’Pure silk…lovely’ she murmured. Running her fingers gently over it and the wrap. Both in blush pink and Cara lifted the hangar off the rail and held them up against herself like all women do. Checking the label and…wow. Miss Jones amazed to see who made it. Only a designer label that she certainly couldn’t afford. And this was nightwear! Someone with more money than sense she thought…and it was too good an opportunity to waste. Another look and she retreated into her bedroom with it and locked the door.

Cara struggled with her preparation with the garments hanging nearby. In the end she stripped off and soon was swathed in the most luxurious outfit she’d ever worn once it was zipped up to her neck. She slipped the wrap over the top and belted it up. Looking in the mirror Cara nearly fainted…wow!

Getting her camera out and shooting some photos in the mirror before spending a few minutes strutting around the room. Feeling the hem swishing silently around her ankles…wonderful and Cara was now determined to sleep in this tonight. Finishing up her work and soon the girl was easing under the duvet and gently running fingers over her nipples as the fabric stroked them SO sensitively. Eventually Cara dropped off…

Waking up next morning at 8:05! A muffled squeal into the pillow at how late she was and a frantic Miss Jones struggled out of the bed. The material so slippery and she had to wriggle and almost grip the post to haul herself across towards the edge. A chuckle as she saw herself in the mirror but Cara knew she’d be back in this tonight! By 9:00 she was downstairs snatching a quick croissant and coffee rather than what she’d put down on her card. Thankfully Jim didn’t seem to mind as Miss Jones was in and out in 10 minutes, getting herself to the conference only half hour late. Finding out they’d only just started after the fire alarm had gone off earlier on made her feel better and no questions were asked as to why she’d not been at rollcall.

A better day followed with an afternoon trip to another trade show and Miss Cara Jones earned a few brownie points with her bosses at being able to translate some of the stuff one of the foreign salesmen was spouting about. Having a Westerner who spoke Japanese was a novelty and the girl found herself the center of an eager bunch of businessmen, who for once were interested at what she had to say rather than what she was wearing. Though this was another of her staid but smart trouser-suits, coupled to a pair of killer-heeled stiletto ankle boots and she saw at least one guy pointing to them, probably asking his young secretary to wear something like that in future!

The hapless girl trying not to blush but later would come over and ask Cara where she’d got them. Miss Jones obliged with the information but told the girl, probably not much younger than herself that they weren’t exactly what she could afford and these had been a gift from a company director who’d been trying to wheedle some information out of her!

Back to the hotel and Cara came hurrying in as it was pouring with rain. No run surely tonight and a disappointed girl headed upstairs. Only on seeing the wardrobe there did the youngster freeze, now remembering that she’d not replaced the nightdress and wrap in there! Surely she’d be found out and Jim might say something if the cleaning girls had told him. But on entering her room Cara found her bed made, fresh towels in the bathroom and most importantly the dress and wrap hanging in her own wardrobe. A sigh of relief and a slightly guilty look…plus a quick feel of silk!

Looking outside after changing into sweats to do some exercises on the floor she was surprised to see the rain had stopped and a bank of cloud blowing away. So run and…yeah! A smiling Cara going to her suitcase and grabbing some cords and a knife. Packing them into her sack then she was heading downstairs and out onto the road. Back through the gate and Cara was in the bedroom tipping all the cords onto the bed. Stripping off her sweats and using a towel to wipe herself down. Laying another on the mattress before getting into position.

Working on her wrists having already bound her legs together, easing them into the loops and tugging them closer and soon Cara was wriggling like a good-un. Humping up and down. Thinking that either tomorrow or Friday she’d have a go with the chains instead. Freeing herself after a while and going back to the hotel. Upstairs to her room and a look in the wardrobe…damn. Empty!

Oh well, shower then on parade in a pale blue edition of last nights dress. No drink tonight as she was a little late in, with an earlier start planned too, accepting a coffee from Jim instead as she handed over her breakfast menu. “No oversleeping tomorrow, I promise,” she chuckled and got a wry grin from mien host. No comments or glances from the other guests followed her out of the door an hour later and soon enough Miss Jones was wrapping herself in pure silk luxury for the night.

Another day, more boring rubbish at the conference and Cara Jones daydreamed her way through it. A cream skirt-suit getting her a few admiring glances but the girl ignored them. All she was doing was just thinking whether she should do the chain thing tonight or maybe tomorrow. In the end she had to go with her bosses to another place with them for a meal and didn’t get back to the hotel til nearly 10pm. No run, no bondage either and a slightly ill-tempered Cara filled out her menu card. ‘Fancy a full English tomorrow. Bollocks to my training’ she grinned tiredly having dropped it off.

Going upstairs again a nosy Cara as usual tugged open the ward… and stopped in amazement. Hanging there where the nightwear had been was a lovely white dress and again she looked up and down the passage. This HAD to be Jim’s doing she grinned, lifting it out and holding it up to herself, looking down inside the just below knee length outfit. ‘A tea dress’ Cara murmured. Seeing a slip there as well. Shame there was no shoes, Cara didn’t have any white heels, ‘Not an Essex girl’ she murmured so a sad shrug and put the outfit back and closed the door. Into the nightie and off to sleep.

That fry-up went down a treat next morning. Sausages, perfectly cooked bacon, beans, hash-brown and scrambled egg…yummy and Cara cleared her plate with toast to follow. “Look like you really needed that ma’am,” Jim said as her coffee cup was replenished. A glowing Miss Jones nodded then after a perusal through the paper before clicking herself off to work. Getting through the day and back to the hotel and intending a shorter run today as she’d be taking the heavy restraints down to the house.

Sneaking the box out while Jim was in the bar and returning later on. Slightly wheezy having had no run yesterday and Cara scolded herself as she went upstairs. As usual having a nosy into the wardrobe to see…hmmm.

Last night’s dress was still there, but Cara stared at the box underneath. Resting on top was a pair of strappy white high-heeled pumps. She smiled broadly now, sure that somebody, presumably Jim was playing a game with her. The girl happy to oblige if they’d fitted as she picked one up, examining the label, admiring the fact these were actually bridal shoes seeing the lacy patterns on the top…very nice. There was even a little faux pearl hanging off the buckle and yes, they were a size 6.

Cara smiled and retreated into her room with the ‘gifts?’ as she saw them. Wondering what was in the sizable box. Opening it and… “Bloody hell…” she murmured. An array of silk and satin underwear that would put her own wardrobe to shame! She sat down at the dresser and lifted out a couple of the items…hugely expensive labels here and a little knowing smile later Miss Jones went off for a shower.

Coming out wrapped in a towel afterwards then Cara set to work. Stockings, garter belt and a lovely front-lacing bustier were applied and she got the bow done just right for an admiring session in the mirror. More photos and the girl was in heaven as she sat down to do her hair and make-up. Not really understanding why this was happening, but not complaining either. This damn conference was making her SO miserable despite that chance of promotion at the end. “Come on missy, buck your bloody ideas up and have a ball!” she whispered, giving herself a verbal slapping.

Getting the slip flowing over her torso then Cara was ready to ease herself into the dress. Goodness it was a wriggle but eventually Miss Jones tugged the hem down just below her knees. Buttoning the collar and the same for her wrists in the sheer sleeves. The leather belt was applied and the girl was thrilled. If Jim had selected THIS for her…, then she assumed Marion when alive had impeccable if rather expensive tastes. “Probably spent more on her outfits than they did on this place,” the girl said. Not knowing much about the late Mrs Jim and eventually scolding herself again at the thought.

Shoes on last and Cara winced slightly, despite being used to heels these were at least an inch higher than she was used to. Slowly pacing around her room, loving the feel as the outfit ebbed and flowed over her legs. Putting on her own best jewellery, pearl teardrop earring and a silver pendant necklace that rested just above her cleavage. A session pinning her hair up finished the job so time for a few more photos. “Gonna break hearts tonight babe…see how he reacts eh?” and off Cara went, grabbing the empty clutch bag that was the last thing in the box, putting her menu card into it along with a purse. Somehow managing the stairs, gripping the banister for all she was worth but eventually arriving at the entrance to the bar.

Nervously Cara entered, relieved to find the place empty, even Jim was absent then he arrived from the back. He stared at her and Miss Jones saw the faintest sign of his eyes widening as he saw what she was wearing. A polite nod however was enough and she accepted her proffered drink, retiring to her normal seat by the window. Managing to sit elegantly, feet to one side and spending a few moments smoothing her dress down while looking idly outside.

A few minutes later a group of guests arrived, all males too and settled down for drinks. One quick glance and Cara was amazed to see her boss and a couple of others from the company she worked for. One being the guy who’d be deciding her promotion tomorrow! What the hell were they doing here? Miss Jones fumed, knowing she was trapped now, no way could she get out of the room. The sight of her in this dress and those heels passing their table to exit, would surely generate comments that would be derogatory at best, sexist at worst and the girl quietly cursed herself for glamming up tonight.

Jim arrived with a tray to collect her glass, looking at Cara and her glance towards the men who were certainly into the booze, voices getting louder and he could see the girl was a little worried as she fiddled with her dress. “Relax ma’am. I’ll handle it, ok?” he murmured and she nodded. Accepting the offer of the newspaper and a book that’d he’d thoughtfully brought over. ‘Thank you’ was a whispered reply and he left.

Thankfully they stayed another half hour and Cara Jones heard no comments from them as they’d filed out. A couple of older ladies arriving a few minutes later, one giving the girl a look as she’d passed by. But the youngster still had prep work to do and twenty minutes later she headed off. getting to her feet and pacing oh so carefully towards the exit. Leaving Jim’s book on the counter and go…

“Excuse me my dear,” one of the ladies said, sticking out a hand as she came closer. “That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing. Haven’t seen a pretty girl like you for years. Might I ask where you got it?” and a blushing Cara didn’t know where to put herself! Taking the offer of a seat as apparently they wanted a word and getting herself settled down. Again hands and bag into her lap with feet to one side. The two older women looked at each other and smiled at Miss Jones as Jim arrived to take orders.

“Ladies?” he asked, looking to the older couple first who both wanted gin, while Cara preferred a coffee. “Driving first thing tomorrow, remember?” she joked to the man who nodded and left.

“Nice to see he didn’t give you the eye young lady. Our Jim’s a good boy,” one said as he’d vanished out the back. “You’re local then?” Cara replied and got nods from both her hosts. “Yes dear, we’ve been coming here after Thursday night bingo for years. But till tonight we’d never seen someone like you here…are you on your own?” and it was so hard for Cara not to go crimson now!

“I am ma’am,” she replied trying to be polite. “Staying all week, I’m attending a conference in the city and my company wouldn’t pay for me to stay close by because of the cost.” Cara continued, seeing Jim heading back. “But actually this place is lovely and quiet. Allows me to concentrate on work anyway.” And they nodded, accepting their gins as the guy served the elders first then Cara.

“So anyway, this outfit, come on young lady, put us out of our misery, I don’t recognise the design or label and I thought I would,” the older of the two said. Cara glowed again and admitted the dress and shoes ‘were a present from an admirer!’ “No…surely not. Wow, what a…you lucky lass. Cor wish I had your luck when I was a gel, well, can we have your lottery numbers too,” and everyone laughed, even Jim still standing there joining in and this time he definitely DID wink at her. Cue more blushing from the girl as she relaxed. Spinning a complete lie about how the outfit had arrived. “But actually this is the first time I’ve worn it in public. I’m glad it’s made the right impression,” she said at last.

Both old ladies smiled and agreed. “It certainly does, you’re a treat to see. Brenda and myself used to work in the fashion industry years ago. We know style when we see it. But we need to be off shortly. However, you tell the nice young man who’s bought you that. He’s onto a winner!” and ‘Muriel’ was joshed by her chuckling friend as everyone got up. A hug and kiss to her from both the ladies before they filed out leaving the girl and Jim alone. 

They stared at each other and nothing was said before Cara drew breath…but Jim raised a hand. “No need to apologise young lady. But you were partly right. “It is a present that I’d like you to accept. It’s been a treat seeing someone actually enjoying herself here. Most of my customers are a bit like those guys in earlier…” and Cara nodded. Admitting that one of them was her boss! And that did make him pause and it was his turn to go red and turn away. “Well good night anyway…” and he hurried off leaving a stunned young lady behind him. It was a quiet Cara who tottered carefully up the stairs and after doing her prep went off to a rather broken night’s sleep.

In fact she was almost glad to wake up next morning and go down for breakfast. Thankfully for her Jim was checking out a few guests that she hadn’t seen arrive, maybe they were just collecting cars but soon enough he came in with her toast. Cara wanting to apologise for last night but Jim just smiled a bit. “Trust me, it’s nothing. But by the way what time are you back tonight? I’ve got a function to go to. Could I leave the spare front door key somewhere for you to collect. You’re the only one due in so far. Will that be alright?”

Well it was and Cara suggested the big flowerpot by the right side of the door under the canopy. Just tape the envelope to the back and she’d find it. “Capital, I’ll maybe catch you later…” and with that he departed as the reception bell dinged again.

That was good news for her then it meant she’d be able to get down to the house unseen and play her game without fear of being caught…great! 

The day dragged forever onwards for Cara. All she was thinking about was tonight’s games. Almost forgetting about her speech but it seemed to go alright. Even her boss looked pleased, though the guy with him didn’t, probably because Cara was again in trousers and those spiky boots rather than a skirt. Well, standing up there on the dais she didn’t want anybody looking up her legs wondering if she was in tights or stockings today and to hell with them!

Cara closed her door then headed out of the hotel, shoulder bag slightly heavier now she had the dress and slip, plus the white shoes that had appeared yesterday. It made her grin wondering if Jim knew what she’d was about to do in them. But now, with him seemingly away for a couple of hours and nobody else staying tonight would be her chance.

Hurrying up the path she looked back at the hotel two hundred yards away at the end of the grounds, nope, no lights or anything to indicate she’d been seen and Cara sighed with relief. Coming into the room and finding it as deserted as she’d expected. The bright moonlight shining across the mattress that the youngster would soon be spreadeagling herself over!

So she began work. Firstly putting a clean sheet across the bed to hide the grubby material and tucking it all neatly. Then Cara reached under the bed and dragged out the box with all the chains placed there yesterday. Two were attached to the frame at the base and laid across the sheet. They’d be about three feet apart and another chain was clipped between the loops. Keyring grabbed and both were unlocked. Chains for her wrists were attached to the headrail, a longer one to both those fasteners that she’d drop over the rail to tug these loops outward. Another shorter one went between the wrist-cuffs themselves to hold those the same three feet apart and would be just above her head.

Cara reached over and lifted the heaviest chain and fed it over the rail. Slowly at first then gravity took over and she watched in growing pleasure as the weight drew the upper loops along the rail towards the corners as intended, the cuffs easing apart until the short chain between them was taut…perfect.! Cara put the keyring into the snaplock hanging from the top of the rail and lifted the wrist-cuffs towards them. The loops from the corners slid up just enough to allow her the knowledge that she’d be able to reach. It took quite an effort mind but the girl knew she was strong enough to not get stuck! Two more tests convinced Cara that things would be fine.

So now satisfied it was time. Quickly undressing on the blanket and she shuddered as the front-lacing corset was applied once more. Not that tight thankfully but enough to give her some figure. Those pure silk stockings had already been done and were now clipped to the belt. The white strappy heels were applied and buckled up. Cara thankful she wasn’t walking more than a few paces in these! She’d struggled enough yesterday just getting to the bar and back to her room.

Now it was the main event and after applying the silk slip she wriggled up into the dress. Arms into the sheer sleeves as the material tumbled around her body. She buttoned the ruff collar then did the same to her wrists. Though she knew that the cuffs wouldn’t damage the material as the outfit would ‘ride’ up her arms once lying down. The leather belt was wrapped around just to cinch her waist in a little more and Cara was delighted. ‘Knockout babe, same as last night eh?’

Material for her gag and a thick blindfold also came out, plus some other bits and she looked down, heart already pounding at what she was about to do. A wad was shoved into the mouth, packing it tight and another strip came around and she secured the knot at the nape of her neck. The blindfold was laid next to the wrist-cuffs and the keyring went there too.

Cara scrambled inelegantly onto the bed then bounced around until she was far enough down to place her ankles between the cuffs and adjusted her dress. Left one first and she mover the limb across and lowered it into the open loop, then eased the top across. Shuddering as the padding gripped all round and a gentle click as it was locked. Spreading herself over and soon a second click told Cara both legs were safely bound. The dress hadn’t ridden up that much after all and was still below knees and taut.

Now she looked behind her then slowly lay down, looking to see the chains and wrist cuffs were a little further up than expected. A bit of humping soon brought them closer, also making the strain of the leg restraints more thrilling. Cara lay there for a moment running through what she needed to do next as she looked either side to check things. Keys, chains and everything in position…wonderful.

Then Cara began, firstly reaching for the pads, one over each eye then the strip of material wound twice around her head. The knot this time over the bridge of her nose as trying it at the back had found it digging into her when lying down. Lastly she popped one of the hotels’ pillowcases right over her head. Using the ready cut strips of thick tape, one to hold the two top ends together behind her skull, the other much longer piece was wrapped three times around her neck to secure the lower end. It felt great, the material billowing every time she exhaled, that fresh smell of whatever it’d been washed in enveloping her nostrils but still able to safely breathe.

Ready now for ‘it and she placed her left wrist in the cuff and secured it. The little click sending a tremor through her body. A repeat for the second and she paused, both arms just touching the top of her head. A finger extending to find the links of her cuff chains above in the rows laid out. She felt the dress trying to ride up a little more, but the belt stopped that, but it heightened the feelings of her confinement. If only there was enough light to have set her video camera going!

Cara lay there shaking, already loving the situation she was in, but the best was yet to come. Grabbing the keyring she carefully reached up, and by trial and error she got them secured in the snaplock on the rail. Fingers feeling the tab was closed before she let the bunch go of course!

Last bit now and Cara, using one hand only began feeding the heavy chain over the rail and soon enough the links began moving without assistance. Quicker now and a faint screeee… as the loops began moving to the corners like the earlier tests and Cara suddenly felt her wrists jerking apart until the links of the chain went tight…WOW!!!!

The girl writhed gently in her bonds. Tugging the cuffs but little play there. Wriggling her ass but the silk material of the slip, rubbing against a satin fabric dress offered no resistance as she moved around the inch her restraints allowed. Breathing faster now Cara tugged a little harder, wishing somebody was about to run his hands over her torso. Bucking her hips upwards to meet him…

Slumping after a few minutes of this. Feeling a little dampness starting below Cara grinned behind the gag as she got her breath under control. Nose rubbing the pillowcase then she began again. Squealing through the gag and bouncing up and down. Bed frame creaking a little, chains rattling, she could even hear the tinkling of her keys, then she felt the orgasm beginning to bubble. Faster she went, really pulling hard on the restraints, relieved they were padded too but the finally she crashed over the edge and felt the inevitable discharge flowing out of her pussy…lovely.

She’d had enough for a first time. Already planning another visit tomorrow night before going home on Sunday. Cara needed her keys and after resting till calm again she began to free herself. Lifting her….
Oh…and she froze on not being able to move her wrists upwards! Now how was that possible? It’d worked during the tests. Cara tried humping herself up the bed, but the leg cuffs only allowed her an inch and her eyes widened behind the thick padding. Surely she wasn’t stuck?

A stunned Cara soon discovered that she WAS! Another tugging upwards and barely able to lift herself more than a couple of inches. That was no good, the keyring was at the very top of the rail, at least a foot away, so what had happened?

She’d been able to move it earlier, bit tough mind, then the youngster realised that she had no leverage down here. When she tried to lift up, her body would sink into the mattress! A louder but still muffled squeal came through her gag. Nobody was going to hear that!

The tugging grew more frantic, trouble being it was also stirring her emotions again and despite not wanting to Cara eventually succumbed to another orgasm…this wasn’t fair!

A hot, sticky and exhausted Cara lay there quietly sobbing at her stupidity. Trying pathetically to reach up but her SO tired and aching shoulders were unable to flick the corner loops back up to the top. They’d worked in the test but now seemed to be jammed…WHY?

Suddenly out of nowhere a hand clamped firmly across Cara’s face! She squealed out loud, well as best she could with a gob stuffed full of fabric. A hoarse male voice whispering in the left ear silenced her.

“Quieten down…Miss Cara Jones, or you’ll be in deeper trouble than you are already!

The girl was shocked! Who the hell knew she was here…and doing this? Unless she’d been followed from the… and then realisation dawned. This was Jim from the hotel! He should be out and NOT here. Her secret was out and she’d be ruined. Breaking into more sobbing as the bed lurched and he sat down alongside her. But after a moment he said if she’d stop struggling then he’d release his hand. Feeling her nod in surrender and thankfully he let go.

“Well this is a surprise young lady. Now tell me honestly. Are you wearing everything I left for you? Or shall I check?” he asked and the mocking tone meant he already knew. The faintest of nods but he saw it anyway. “Good girl, you do look nice in it…same as yesterday, no wonder the old ladies liked you,” and she jumped as a hand came onto her torso just above the belt and headed north.

It was clear that a helpless blonde’s most obvious targets were the bulges up front and she squirmed slightly as fingers came up and stroked her breasts. Surprisingly gently too, rolling a nipple and she groaned at the way it went hard so quickly. “Ssssh missy, easy now Cara. It’s what you dreamed of eh? To be like this, yes?” The softening of his voice meant little but she assumed this had all been planned. Silly girl so she might as well play along, a nod being her answer!

The other hand joined in and Cara, despite herself soon found him knowing what she wanted and he obliged. Fingers working both breasts before sliding all over her torso before stopping. He leaned over and gently cradled her head and kissed the girl’s nose. Asking did she want freedom yet or could he play with her a little more? She had a couple of minutes to decide.

What a question!

She thought about it for a while as those fingers returned to roaming over her body. Not below the waist apart from one that had briefly checked she was wearing the stockings. It hadn’t lifted her dress or anything like that so Cara wondered what might be the outcome of this. If he’d meant her real harm he’d have just ripped the thing open and given her one. There might be possibilities here, she was single and hadn’t had any of that for a year or so now. Jim was a widower, OK honey, lets play him at his own game.

“Freedom now?” and he got a shake of the head.
“More of this for a while longer?” as her nipples were caressed again with another kiss of nose.

An eager nodding earned her a chuckle and a “Good girl. I hoped you would!”

Cara flushed under the pillowcase and he laughed again on seeing her giving him a thumbs up!

“OK young lady I will. But listen carefully Cara. This is slightly unnerving for me, you’re the first lady I’ll have done something like this to that I don’t already know. My late wife was ‘into this’ and we had a lot of fun. But you’re different, an unknown as yet so I want you to accept what will happen without protest or question, understand? Promise me you’ll accept my orders. Yes?” and she paused then slowly nodded.

“Excellent, now it’s a little late, you’ve actually been here two hours. So what we’ll do is I’ll free your restraints then we’ll go somewhere to make you slightly more comfortable, yes?”

Cara shuddered. No wonder her body ached if she’d been here so long. The ‘slightly more comfortable’ made her grin at the fact she might be sinking into a ‘Certain Movie’ scenario soon enough. But a wee and clean-up would help so again he got a nod of acceptance.

“OK so we’ll begin.” Jim said.

The keys were removed from the snaplock and her legs were released. No surprise when she closed them, only to get a tap of nose. “Naughty, did I say you could move at all?” but he didn’t seem to mind and a pat of hand confirmed this. He reached down and undid Cara’s belt and she froze, half expecting him to whip the dress up and mount her. But he laid something heavy on her waist then did the belt over the top. It felt like…restraints?

Right Cara, I’m freeing your right one first. There’s a set of cuffs now on you secured to your belt. Relax yourself for a moment then place your wrist and allow me to lock it. Then we’ll do the other one, ok?”. A sigh but nod confirmed it. Getting a pat on her cheek.

“Don’t worry Cara, remember this will be fun, understand, for both of us. By the way I’ll admit now that you’d never had freed yourself earlier. Reason being that the loops on the rail are now jammed with a pair of bulldog clips that I put in while you were resting. I’d been watching you since the first time you came in here. There’s a couple of infrared cameras on the house to stop any squatters or whatever and any movement sets off an alarm on my desk. I was surprised to see you in here and nearly said something the first time.”

*Once I saw you on the bed and measuring things out I thought ah! Wonder if we have a special girl here. Lets see what she gets up to. The third day with the ropes confirmed it. That’s why I started leaving Marion’s stuff in the wardrobe outside your door a couple of days ago and I assume you’ve worn it all if tonight’s is anything to go by. Hope you don’t mind!”

Well caught out you were sweetheart, she grinned again behind the gag and waited as her wrist was unlocked. A groan as she brought it down, resting it by her side and she heard him chuckle. “Hurts doesn’t it when you’ve gone too far? Marion was the same. I was also when she tied me up on the rare occasions I let her.”   

Another smile and she reached up and her hand was clasped, kissed then lowered into the cuff then locked. The other followed, given time to relax then secured. She lay there minutes later trembling slightly, listening to him removing all the chains and stuff from the frame. “Won’t need those anymore down here. Marion’s room already has enough to keep an honest young lady helpless. So ready?”

Cara nodded and his arms came under both shoulders and slowly sat her up. A groan as her muscles reacted to the move and he apologised. She helped him hump her up til she could lean on the rail and that was better. He finished packing everything and said it was time they left and he’d walk her back to the hotel.

She pointed to her shoes and he chuckled. “Marion walked alright in them, you managed last night. So you will now as well!” and she tried not to groan. Cara was ‘helped’ off the bed and another squeal as he stood her up. Feeling a little uncomfortable now and the urge for a wee was getting harder to resist. He seemed to realise this was what she needed and said there’d be time for her to ‘freshen up’ soon enough. That earned him a thumb up and he rubbed her shaking shoulders, took her hands and led the youngster out of the house.

Verbally guiding Cara down the path, one arm now clamped around her waist, the other holding her hands and soon enough an aching but relieved Miss Jones stepped into the hotel foyer. With her being the only guest tonight there was never a chance of them being caught.

Up to her room apparently and he soon had the girl inside, telling her where she was. A nod on being told she had a few minutes in the bathroom while he waited here. She’d expected the pillowcase to be removed but he said no. She’d not be allowed that, only clean up below please then report when ready.

Cara bridled at that and gave a thumb down…but a hand pat… “Remember, you promised to obey…” Jim murmured. Jangling those keys in front of her head. She sighed and nodded, allowing him to free her from the cuffs. Being handed a spare set of underwear then guided to the bathroom door and eased inside.

“Right Cara, the alarm is set for fifteen minutes. Once it goes off, cuff yourself, this time behind your back then report to the doorway. And remember, don’t remove your hood. Understood?”   

She agreed and the door was closed behind her. She didn’t know if he was inside mind so just shrugged and got on with the job in hand. Undoing the belt, the cuffs clattering onto the floor making her jump for a moment as she hitched the dress up. But important things needed emptying and she blundered her way to the bowl and sat down. OH… the relief and a smiling Cara did the obvious. Taking time to clean and dab herself dry at the end. Feeling for the spare knickers as she paused, then grinned anyway and hid them away and dropped her dress back down. Surely he intended to ‘have her’ tonight so going commando would make it easier

Though she wasn’t allowed to remove the hood it surely wouldn’t matter if she twisted it, the bit by her nose was sopping wet from her breathing. So carefully the youngster undid the tapes, moved it round then retaped it at best she could. Oh, a little bit tighter too, a broad smile behind the gag at getting one over on him!

The belt was fastened and she fed the opened cuffs though the bit at the small of her back then paused. Easing her left wrist inside then flipped the loop around. Feeling the metal clicking into position and she tightened it a little. Then another pause and did the other…click…click…DONE!

Clasping her fingers together as that was about the most comfortable way to hold them. A shudder at the fact she’d now bound herself to allow her captor to have his wicked way! The alarm buzzed a moment later and a shaking Miss Jones waited for the door to open. It did seemingly seconds later and he came in. Seeing Cara had done all as expected he hoped. She shuddered as his hands slid onto her waist and drew the girl out into the bedroom.

“Well done Cara, feeling better?” an eager nod for that and she sighed as her nose got kissed. Then he led her outside to the corridor and along to the right. Unlocking that door at the end she was told there was a staircase upwards. Slowly she was escorted up and into another silent room, presumable the one above hers in the attic. What wonders awaited her in here?

She soon found out as he welcomed her to Marion’s old ‘residence when playing’ Being guided across and sat in a chair, opposite a bed apparently as he told her what was in here. One Cara assumed she’d soon be on and being…?

YES! She thought moments later on being asked if she wanted to ‘play’! He made it clear that it was her decision and she paused then nodded again. A shoulder rub then he lifted her up and said if she wanted he’d remove the hood and gag…but not the blindfold…yet. Another nod and he carefully did so, and a coughing fit followed but she soon got over that. Seeing Cara’s jaw working around as the strain of being gagged for nearly three hours wore off.

“Water?” was his next question and a raspy reply of ‘yes please’ made him chuckle. A straw eased itself into her mouth and Cara sucked it down in a few moments before a belch followed. He chuckled again and said it was time they ‘got to know each other better!’ if she wanted?

“That’s one way of putting it,” she whispered, hoping this wasn’t a breach of rules, but it seemed not as he laughed. Taking the trembling girl into his arms and they slowly began to kiss as his hands roamed onto her ass. She certainly enjoyed THAT, nearly swooning as tongues engaged, nose flaring like a filly and he let her settle at the end. Freeing the girl from the cuffs and removing them from her belt. Telling Cara to ‘get on’ the bed.

She obeyed and bounced across, almost falling over the other side at one point making him laugh, but soon enough by trial and error she felt herself in the middle. Cara heard him undressing and shuddered at the idea, hoping he was wearing protection as he joined her. Sitting alongside and his hand landed just above her waist and like before headed north towards her breasts. Cara reached up to ‘play’ only to be told “Nope you do so at your own risk. Don’t move or you’ll get cuffed!” and her mouth crinkled into a smile…and she kept moving and touched his fingers again.

“You win missy,” he grinned and lifted himself up and reached over to one side. Cara hearing the jingle of chain then a click as a cuff was unlocked and laid just by her ear. Without hesitation she put her wrist into it and allowed the restraint to be locked. Moving her other arm and soon that was done as well. She felt him move and soon her arms were tugged up well above her head.

“Better?” and she nodded. “Well you did say you’d get me ‘slightly more comfortable’ yes? I’d prefer much more but this is a start,” and it was his turn to laugh and they had a longer smooch.

Now her body was his and he gently stroked Cara to a heightened sense of arousal. The odd kiss, a bout of tickling that had her wriggling and giggling like a teenager and soon she guessed it was time when his hands finally went below her waist and began work on her legs. Sliding Cara’s dress and slip up as she raised her knees to allow him to bunch it under her ass. Her captor now finding her ‘present’ to him and he paused looking down at her. Delighted she seemed to be agreeing to all this.

“Naughty girl,” he murmured into her ear and another snog before he gently eased a finger into her. Finding Cara was more than ready for this, a sigh or two coming out of that oh so kissable mouth. Soon she was ready and braced herself as he mounted her. Coming in and ohhhh….

Bloody hell he’s good,” she thought minutes later at the pounding he was giving her! She’d never done it like this mind, but certainly wanted more. Gasping and pleading with him to ‘keep going Jim’.

“I am trying, out of bloody practice!” he wheezed and she tried not to laugh but soon enough she felt that familiar bubbling as she clamped hold of his cock. The sawing in and out stirring her and eventually…yes!

Him first then a few moments later with a squeal she did climax. The guy slowly drew out and sighed as he got off. leaving a groaning Cara helpless and dripping slightly. He re-joined the girl a few minutes later and put a tongue to work on that hot little pussy! She’d never had that done before and more wriggling before he threatened to cuff her legs.

She paused then smiled and he saw the thumbs up and quietly chuckled. Reaching down behind him and Cara soon found herself rendered immobile once her left leg restraint was locked. These were together rather than spread-eagled. He tugged them taut, attaching the chain to the frame below her feet, feeling her shudder now and stroked those arms until she’d settled. Finished drying her off with a towel then pulled the dress and slip down as far as they’d go as she’d bounced her ass to help.

Then he said he’d put a new set of restraints for her arms to make her ‘slightly more comfortable’ and she laughed saying she was ready for whatever he tried, but could they pause so she could nip off for another wee and have a proper clean up please? “OK, the challenge accepted,” so he freed her. Sending the blindfolded girl back downstairs. Telling Cara if she wanted the face covering could be removed in the bathroom to give her eyes a break but must be reapplied for the journey back. The girl agreed and got a kiss. She managed to get there and back as promised in fifteen nervous minutes as he watched from the top of the stairs.

Coming in to get a ‘well done’ smooch before being helped back onto the bed and her legs secured. A new steel belt was applied over her waist and she certainly had to breathe in as it was secured. The girl feeling loops to either side and assumed that chains could be attached to them as she lay down. “Right, got something else that will do for your arms hon.” Going away to the corner and opening what she assumed was a cupboard. Returning with a device and she heard the familiar sound of keys as it was unlocked.

“Lift yourself up again Cara please and I’ll slide this under you,” so she obeyed then they had a longer hug as he’d come onto the bed alongside her. “You sure you’re happy with all this?” and she nodded, while rubbing his back. “Yeah, it’s been fun Jim, been really nice to have someone showing me some affection. I’ve been lonely for long enough,” a sad sigh at that and she felt him nodding. “Yeah, me too. Guess that’s why when I saw you…wondered whether it might be time to find someone who shared my ideas?”

That earned him another tight hug. “You’re right.  Plus I’ll be back earlier tomorrow too for more playtime, if you want?” and got another kiss for that. “Yes. Sounds like a good plan to me Cara.”
But tonight hadn’t finished yet she hoped. Cara saying she’d liked to be bound for a while longer!  He agreed, said she’d get her wish and eased her back down and got a smile and whispered ‘thank you’ as reward.

The girl feeling her neck resting in a padded something. Her wrists were laid also into cuffs alongside her head a few inches away. He paused till she’d settled then brought the front over and she shuddered as the outer bits gripped her forearms then her throat was also enclosed then a click and rattle of key meaning the spreader bar was secure. Chains were clipped to the side loops on her belt and tightened. More to the spreader bar from the top and this was great. Once done they had another kiss and asked her how she felt now. Seeing her tugging both wrists but knowing she was utterly helpless again.

“Hmmm, as you said. Slightly more comfortable!” 

He chuckled and said it’d been worth it to see her smiling. Cara nodded and asked what was next, only to be told ‘not much else tonight…but tomorrow could be different if she wanted once back from work’ She agreed, said she’d be looking forward to it. Most of her stuff was done now, all preparation for her conference speech was done so she was ready for bed. The girl waited for freedom as he rubbed his hands over her body again and especially those breasts. “But that’s just lovely Jim, you can do that forever…” she whispered, twitching the half inch possible.

“Hmmm, you’re talking too much Cara dear. Now what could we do about that?” he asked and she smiled and said that was up to him…  He got off and she heard him rummaging in what was assumed to be the cupboard. The guy returned and ordered her to lift her head again and Cara paused. Getting a tap on nose and she knew that meant obey! But she had no leverage with the solid bar being pinned down and after a struggle and a whispered ‘can’t, sorry’ he could see this so another tack was required.

He carefully mounted her and another sensual kissing session followed and she relaxed, breathing deeply, her mouth opening…just enough for him to slide the penis gag into it. Cara bucked a bit and tried to squeal, but a gentle ‘Sssh, settle down honey,’ as he shuffled down her legs a bit, freed the bits from the spreader bar then lifted her upright. Beginning to secure the harness around her head, holding firm until the last click. A softer murmuring of apology came from behind the gag and he slowly pumped it up until she was silenced. “Try again,” and there was nothing this time. Nose flaring now and it was just as well she didn’t have a cold. Jim grinned and asked if she wanted it freed after all…

            A vigorous shake of head…no!

She got another nose kiss as reward. “That’s better sweetie, isn’t it?” he murmured and she nodded before he laid her back down, re-attached the chains to the bar then got off. Cara was amazed to feel a sheet or even a blanket being thrown over the bed and tucked in all round. Even under her chin. She was amazed, surely he wasn’t going to leave her bound ALL night up here?

It appeared so but she assumed he was teasing her so didn’t struggle as that might have spoiled things. Surely Jim WAS joking but she thought differently when two earplugs were inserted… moments after he’d said…
       ‘Goodnight sweetheart. See, you’re MUCH more comfortable now!”   

Cara lay there helpless, fingers able to twitch and she clasped his when they wrapped themselves around her left. Partly hoping he’d free her after all, despite loving the feelings he’d awakened in her. So maybe… and she gave him a thumbs up from her other hand. A last pat and kiss then slowly they withdrew and left the girl to her dreams of bondage for the night and what might follow…

The End.

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Re: Cara's Chainge of circumstances.
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Exciting story. Thank you for sharing Shelley  :)

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Re: Cara's Chainge of circumstances.
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Excellent story. Waiting for a Part 2 hopefully. I wish this could happen to me.


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