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Paradice Lost Pt. 5 by A Pensive Pen
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Part Five: A Rare Gift

   The sun was setting outside as Cheri struggled, a rag in her hand, to try and wipe off the dinner table. Movement wasn’t easy in these shackles. Cheri could only walk in short steps, could barely extend her hands away from her body, and the corset made her waist rigid. It also didn’t help that her legs were basically welded together above the knee, nor that every movement made the toys inserted into Cheri’s loins tease her. But she cleaned vigorously nonetheless. She picked up the cardboard and packaging, and the discarded restraints from Gabrielle’s sick games with Cheri and her friends were all collected and neatly put away. Cheri even dug out the vacuum, which thankfully drowned out the fretful noises coming from her bedroom. Cheri dreaded what might be happening to Gwen.
   It was her fault. She’d mouthed off and defied Gabrielle, trying to defend Gwen, and it backfired. Just like Laura’s moment of defiance had backfired. Now Gwen was taking a lashing for Cheri’s behavior, and Cheri hoped to God that was just an expression. But all Cheri had to do was clean. Sure she was chained and gagged in this latex prison, but there was no Gabrielle around. Hardly fair.
   Finishing awkwardly with the table (her arms could only reach so much), Cheri heard yet another whimper from the closet in the living room. She’d been trying to tune those out for what must be hours. Laura was still in there, savagely bound in an extreme position. Gabrielle was punishing them all but Laura had it the worst by far. Cheri tried again to ignore it as she set the table for dinner. Should she set four place settings, or only three? That question nearly made Cheri drop the plates.
   The strained cries grew louder. It was unbearable. Cheri approached the closet door, knowing she couldn’t open it without Gabrielle knowing. Carefully, she lowered herself onto her knees and, for the second time today, peered intently into the white paint of the door as though trying to see through it. Her friend sat inches away.
   Cheri was still gagged. She couldn’t say anything if she wanted to, so she leaned close to the door and, with her cuffed hand, rapped gently on the wood. The pattern of groans immediately ceased and Cheri could tell Laura was listening for the sound. She rapped again and heard Laura grunt deliberately through her gag.
   “Mmmph.” Cheri responded. Hey Laura, it’s me.
   More muffled sounds. Laura was clearly trying to speak despite her oppressive muzzle.
   “Mmmph.” I want to help. I really do. But there’s nothing I can do.
   Laura’s sounds were more frantic now. Cheri could hear her struggling wildly against her restraints. Laura must be in tremendous discomfort after all this time.
   “Mmmph.” It’s going to be ok, Laura. I promise. But each sound from Cheri only seemed to make Laura more desperate for freedom. Cheri wasn’t helping at all. Cheri heard her bedroom door open. Gabrielle must be returning. As quick as she could, Cheri struggled to her feet and made for the dining room. When Gabrielle strolled in, Cheri was dutifully setting the table.
   “I am impressed, Cheri,” Gabrielle said as she looked about the house. Cheri was just glad her mood had improved. “’Ave you also cleaned ze bedrooms?”
   Cheri shook her head apologetically. “Alright,” Gabrielle didn’t seem worried, “Tend to zem before I finish preparing dinner.”
   Cheri made for the door as fast as she could. “But,” Gabrielle warned her retreating back, “Gwen is not to be touched. Understand?”
   Cheri turned and nodded. Gabrielle seemed to love Cheri’s new humility. Cheri told herself it was just an act. She prayed it was just an act.
   Cheri made straight for her bedroom to find quite a sound coming from inside. She pushed open the door to find Gwen still tied spread eagle on her bed as before. Her ass and thighs resembled a fire engine thanks to Gabrielle’s liberal use of her crop. She looked exhausted but she struggled and moaned frantically as the wand vibrator buzzed between her legs. Gabrielle had tied it to Gwen’s hips with a length of rope and left it on at full power. Upon seeing Cheri, Gwen screamed into her gag and yanked at her restraints, imploring Cheri for help with wide eyes.
   Communication isn’t exactly easy when both parties are gagged, but Cheri gave Gwen a helpless look through violet locks and motioned out the door. Gabrielle, remember? That didn’t seem to faze Gwen very much. Cheri sympathized, but Gwen’s limbs were all in padlocked restraints. Cheri couldn’t free her if she wanted. The anal hook looked nasty, but if Cheri untied it Gabrielle would surely find out. Cheri stood there meekly for a moment, then noticed the wall outlet. Cheri hobbled herself across the room and contorted herself until she managed to pull the vibrator’s plug out of its socket. The wand died with a very thankful groan from its host.
   Gwen still seemed eager for release, but Cheri couldn’t risk any more than that. Instead she tidied things as she’d been instructed while Gwen’s confused eyes followed her around the room. Cheri finished quickly and knew she had to leave. If she didn’t follow instructions Gabrielle would get angry and Cheri had no idea who she’d take it out on. And Gabrielle couldn’t find that vibrator unplugged…
   Cheri tried wordlessly to explain her predicament to Gwen, but her friend still got quite upset when she saw Cheri heading for the outlet. Gwen shook her head frantically as Cheri replaced the plug, and the wand burst to life again inside her. A ten minute reprieve was the best Cheri could offer and by the time Cheri managed to close the door behind her, Gwen was already reeling from yet another bittersweet orgasm.
   When Cheri cleaned Laura’s room, however, something miraculous happened. In a bedside drawer Cheri found a tiny bronze key. Examining it, Cheri realized it was for Laura’s myriad collection of padlocks. Breathing fast, Cheri pressed the key to the padlock on her wrist cuff, but it wouldn’t fit.
   Fuck! Gabrielle had used a new set of locks on Cheri for this ridiculous outfit. Cheri couldn’t release her own restraints. Carefully, she tucked the key under the buckle of her cuff. Somehow she’d find a use for this.
*   *   *

   Cheri sat strapped to her dinner seat. Her arms were no longer bound to her sides, thankfully, but she still had to eat her dinner with chained hands. Gabrielle had little trust for her prisoners today and no time at all for irony. Gwen was at the table, too, but her arms were bound behind her and she could not reach the food on her plate. Cheri had to assist her between her own bites, and it was clear that sitting wasn’t very comfortable for Gwen right now. Laura’s place was still empty, but Cheri was steeling the remains of her courage.
   “Would it be possible, Mistress, to let Laura have dinner, too?” Cheri knew Gabrielle best, and was trying to speak in a way she’d respond to.
   “Why?” Gabrielle said without looking up from her own food. Apparently Laura was still not forgiven, and Cheri was daunted into silence for several more minutes. Then she tried again.
   “S-She’s barely eaten anything today, Mistress.”
   That gave Gabrielle pause. “I told you before, she made ‘er choice.”
   “Please, Mistress.”
   Gabrielle stared her down. Cheri knew she was pushing her luck.
   “What if I said she could only come out if you took ‘er place?”
   Cheri resented her own hesitation. “I would say yes, Mistress.”
   Gabrielle didn’t speak again until she finished her meal. Then she rose and released Cheri from her chair. She motioned for Cheri to follow. Perhaps the only suitable punishment for feeling curious about Laura’s predicament, was to experience it.
   The November days were short and the living room was already dark. The bell rang as Gabrielle opened the door. Laura remained in her kneeling strappado, breast bondage and crotch rope still taut and in place. Sweat beaded her body but Laura hadn’t managed to budge an inch during all those hours. Her poor nipples resembled tiny cherries. She simply shook in place, her features contorted and hidden beneath her large gag and blindfold.
   “Are we ‘aving fun, Laura?” Gabrielle asked coyly. Laura just whimpered pitifully, clearly unsure whether Gabrielle was merely here to taunt her, or make things even worse.
   “Cheri is very worried about you.”
   “I’m here, Laura.” Cheri knew Gabrielle wouldn’t allow her to say anything else.
   “She wants me to let you out of your cozy Oubliette. What do you zink?” Gabrielle asked darkly. Laura shrieked through her gag and struggled. Cheri winced, watching the strings yank at Laura’s tits.
   “You were very naughty earlier, Laura. Are you going to be’ave?” Gabrielle asked seriously. The nod was tiny but unmistakable. Gabrielle motioned to Cheri and they began releasing Laura at last. She was bound so stringently that it took forever. Cheri immediately went for Laura’s chest, releasing the string from the bolt on the wall. Every agitation of Laura’s breasts looked agonizing. Cheri tried to be tender, but nothing could lessen the jolts Laura felt as the strings uncoiled from her nipples and restored full circulation. The same thing happened as Gabrielle lowered Laura’s arms and allowed the crotch rope to slacken. Laura was just sore all over.
   Once she was mostly freed, Gabrielle mercifully removed the muzzle gag. Laura lurched forward and immediately coughed. She collapsed into Cheri desperately.
   “T-thank you…” she choked. Gabrielle seemed to think Laura referred to her. Cheri didn’t dare correct it.
   It was clear Laura wouldn’t be winning any races, so Gabrielle had no qualms fully releasing her legs. Her arms, though, remained secure in the armbinder. Cheri helped steady Laura as best she could, and Gwen gasped audibly when she caught her first glimpse of her friend. Gabrielle just eyed them sternly.
   Though still incredibly sore in her yellow latex, Laura looked a lot better by the time she’d eaten some of her (cold) dinner. What she wanted most was water.  But Gabrielle was only patient for so long, and soon she was leading Laura and Gwen out of the room. Cheri remained behind, with her gag back in and her arms strapped, with barked orders to clear the table.
   Cheri complied, slowly because the glass toys inside her now tormented her constantly. There was no getting around it now: Cheri longed to cum. She longed for distractions to help her not think about orgasms. But she was alone, and her toys kept playing with her. Release became the only thing on her mind.

*   *   *

   Gabrielle returned sooner than Cheri expected, carrying a jumbled pile of multicolored latex. Laura and Gwen, it seems, had been let out of their costumed.
   “Ah, Gwen and Laura are tucked in for ze night,” she announced triumphantly, but when she saw Cheri’s horrified look she added, “Relax, sweet Cheri. Ze mere threat of Brutus and Marshall will be enough to keep zem quiet tonight. I did tie ze two back togezzer,—zey are clearly ‘appier zat way.”
   That was a relief, but Cheri still thought it was quite early to be going to sleep. Gabrielle must have been reading her mind, for she said, “I want us all to be very rested for tomorrow. I will prepare a delicious Zanksgiving feast and ‘ave so much wonderful bondage planned for you all!”
   Cheri groaned audibly, then caught herself. She tried to distract herself by scheming in her head for a way to get Laura and Gwen her hidden padlock key. Surely they’d be padlocked to the bed, but if she could get to them…
   Gabrielle never gave her the chance. She and Cheri cleared the table together, then washed the dishes together, then Gabrielle announced that their latex, while beautiful, needed cleaning so that it would be perfect tomorrow.
   “I should not make you all wear it every day—well, maybe you, as you look so beautiful, sweet Cheri—but tomorrow is a special ‘oliday and I want us all looking our best.”
   Cheri was taken to the kitchen. She noticed that their knife block had been emptied, and assumed Gabrielle had hidden any other sharp object Cheri might have use for. Cheri was brought to the counter and handed a dish towel. Gabrielle placed the yellow and blue garments by the sink and undressed from her own intricate outfit. Cheri wondered whether she’d be released from her latex prison, but Gabrielle made no hint of it.
   Comfortable in her own skin, Gabrielle set about washing the latex in soapy water. Cheri was made to pat each piece dry, and periodically Gabrielle would take the finished garments off to air dry.
   “Let’s get you ready for bed, so I can wash yours!” Gabrielle chirped, attaching Cheri’s leash and leading her irresistibly toward her bedroom. Cheri had a moment of panic. Gabrielle would surely change her restraints, meaning the key tucked in her wrist cuff would fall out. Gabrielle would surely find it. As they walked, Cheri fretted to dig out the key as nonchalantly she could. Could she maybe try and kick it under the bed without being noticed? But Cheri was not led to the bedroom but rather the bathroom. Cheri stood there, petrified, as Gabrielle began unlacing the purple skirt attentively. Finally, Cheri managed to dig a finger under her cuff enough to snag the key.
   The skirt was gone now and Gabrielle was unzipping Cheri’s crotch. She moaned thankfully as each glass toy slid out, the room filling with the perfume of Cheri’s prolonged arousal. The key was hidden in Cheri’s fist. As Gabrielle turned Cheri toward the toilet, Cheri took a leap of faith. The key fell from her hands, dropped silently through the air, and landed among the tissues and refuse of the wastebasket. Cheri could have screamed in relief.
   After the bathroom came the bedroom. Gabrielle donned a black satin chemise and carefully helped Cheri out of all her latex, removing restraints as necessary. Cheri’s freedom was brief, however, for Gabrielle promptly laid her down on the bed and cuffed her hands to the headboard. Her legs soon were parted and tied to the corners of the bed. Cheri heard padlocks click and knew she was trapped. If only she’d kept the key!
   Gabrielle sat on the bed and slipped a blindfold over Cheri’s eyes. Cheri couldn’t help her feeling of anticipation. After a Gabrielle’s teasing last night, and the toys today, Cheri was horny beyond belief. Being bound like this, and even her apprehension, only made her more eager for orgasm. Her mind drifted. A pair of soft fingers traced Cheri’s quivering sex.
   “Oh…oh God, Gabrielle.” Cheri couldn’t help herself. Her armor had long been stripped.
   “’Mistress’, Cheri.”
   “Oh God, Mistress…please…” Cheri stammered absentmindedly.
   Gabrielle’s fingers were magic and stubbornly refused to stop. “I ‘ave not let you cum yet, Cheri. I ‘ave been saving you.”
   “Please, Mistress, please,” Cheri didn’t care about anything else right now. She’d say whatever Gabrielle wanted if those fingers would only stroke a little harder.
   “Ze others are different, Cheri. You are special. Orgasm will be a rare gift zat I give to you, and only when I know you are completely mine…”
   “I’ve been good, Mistress. Please.” Cheri felt Gabrielle’s body over her, then a pair of legs on either side of her head. Gabrielle knelt so that her own pussy was directly over Cheri, and Cheri felt a hot breath graze her below and then, Gabrielle’s tongue. It was beyond bliss, and Cheri immediately craved release twice as badly as before. Yet Gabrielle only teased her, and soon the implication was clear.
   Cheri didn’t care anymore. She really would do anything. Raising her head slightly, Cheri found Gabrielle’s moist sex and gave it a soft kiss. Cheri had never done anything like this before, but Gabrielle seemed to enjoy herself as Cheri worked her tongue over the delicate folds. Gabrielle moaned and bore down on Cheri, making the bound woman curl her toes in absolute pleasure. Cheri moaned seductively in kind.  She tried to lean into Gabrielle but her captor held back. Cheri had no such luxury, as Gabrielle’s hips sank lower and lower until Cheri was engulfed with Gabrielle’s dripping sex.
   It didn’t take long after that. In the middle of sucking Cheri’s clit, Gabrielle tensed and let out a carnal moan. Her hips ground into Cheri as she was brought to shattering orgasm. Strangely proud of herself, Cheri braced as she felt her own climax building, but as Gabrielle’s breathing finally slowed, Cheri felt her pulling away. Cheri felt Gabrielle pull away and, more importantly, stop pleasuring her.
   “Don’t stop. Oh, don’t stop…” Cheri murmured. There was a faint clink of metal.
   “Do you want to climax, Cheri?”
   “Yes,” Cheri whispered.
   “Tell me you do.”
   Cheri had no intention of trying to resist Gabrielle now. “Mistress, I want to cummMMmmmph.”
   Cheri wrenched as the gag pressed against her lips, but too late. Gabrielle ignored every protest as she buckled the gag snugly behind Cheri’s head.
   “Mon Chéri,” Gabrielle said sweetly, “There will be no orgasm for you tonight, I am afraid. But I must say, your tongue was quite ‘eavenly!”
   Cheri wailed into her gag. She was filled to the brim with need. Her mind flashed with thoughts of Gabrielle’s fingers and tongue. They were so close. She needed them back.
   “Tonight I am going to tease you, I admit, a little cruelly,” Gabrielle continued, drawing a dejected moan. “But I promise zat by tomorrow night you will be zanking me. I have such a wonderful surprise waiting for you.”
   Gabrielle probably referred to something else, but Cheri indeed felt a shock as an object brushed her vagina before inserting itself between Cheri’s exposed hips. But only when a second sensation tickled Cheri’s ass did she realize what Gabrielle was doing. Cheri cried out and struggled fiercely, but a moment later Mr. Snuggles rested comfortably between her legs, secured in place by a rope. Cheri shook her head repeatedly, but Gabrielle ignored her and activated the gigantic vibrator.
   Mr. Snuggles could be far more intense than this, but Cheri still moaned in protest as mild vibrations coursed between her legs. It was a low, very teasing setting, and the exact opposite of what Cheri wanted. She groaned helplessly as Gabrielle kissed her on the forehead and left, presumably to go clean Cheri’s purple latex.
   When Gabrielle returned, she found Cheri in a right state. The woman had clearly tried everything she possibly could to climax, but Mr. Snuggles left her wanting. When Cheri sensed Gabrielle back in the room, she pleaded intently through her gag for mercy. What she received was far less generous. Gabrielle laid herself tenderly next to Cheri, phone in her hand. She directed Mr. Snuggles to build Cheri’s arousal to its limit. Scintillating vibrations across Cheri’s clit, pussy, and ass soon had her thrusting her hips desperately on the bed, grasping for a vaunted release while Gabrielle’s hands caressed Cheri’s thighs and breasts. When Cheri inevitably turned to her captor to beg for what she wanted, Gabrielle encouraged her. She hinted that Cheri need only try a thrust a little harder, moan a little louder, or struggle a little more sexily, and Gabrielle might be persuaded to give in. And so, given no other choice, Cheri followed her, and danced Gabrielle’s dance. And when she finally believed she had earned Gabrielle’s grace, Mr. Snuggles went still inside her. Cheri was left gasping and wanting while Gabrielle soothed her, walked her back from the edge.
   It was cruel enough for Gabrielle to tease Cheri like this, but much crueler that Gabrielle would do it three more times before removing the massive toy. Cheri fell for it every time.

*   *   *

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Re: Paradice Lost Pt. 5 by A Pensive Pen
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2016, 04:10:45 pm »
Reading this part, enjoying the wickedness, and considering the people and their interactions, I find myself being forced to reconsider and re-evaluate my assessment of what is happening here.

It was always clear that Gabrielle had put a lot of thought, time and planning into this kidnap, but initially that planning seemed to have happened in an emotional vacuum, with no understanding or grasp of any of the real emotional dynamics or forces at work here, leaving inevitably to a complete mess, and a complete breakdown.

Now though, I am not so sure.  Clearly there are massive things, major points that Gabrielle seems to have no grasp of, no awareness of at all, but for all of that, the sheer forcefulness of her actions, and their brutal efficiency are starting to have an effect.  Cheri is being forced to bend.  Yes, Gabrielle has always held leverage over her, but now this is more than just bondage and leverage.  The sexual need, the massive contrast between what her friends are getting - far more orgasms than they can cope with - and her constant teasing and denial, the need to beg and appeal to Gabrielle, to consider her thoughts and perspective, to search for a way to bring her round, to ease things when she can for her friends...

No one is defeated yet, no one has given up yet, but the penalties for being caught disobeying are so major and instant that this is already changing what the friends do, what they are prepared to consider or risk, and how compliant they are with Gabrielle.  This isn't going to form love or trust, but it is showing signs of forming dependency, and this is going to really mess with their head spaces, their emotions and world views!

Plus it seems that Gabrielle has more, major events planned...  this is going to keep on twisting these friends, but into what shape I don't yet know, but I am looking forward to finding out :)


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