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hey you know take the time you need ! nobody will rush you  for that story ! ;)
im sorry for you accident, but i'm glad that you made it through!

im working on one myself... that involve my 2 favorits kink and fetish...  it's been a year now but i don't have any more inspiration now :(... also english isin't my first language soo writting her that way make it harder for me ! sure i could use google translator but i prefer trying my best to it.
TrashcanStories Feedback / Re: Double Stuffed by crushedwithdiapers
« Last post by crushedwithdiapers on December 07, 2023, 06:38:46 am »
Working on it now. I'll have it done soon. I was working on another story, but it's a bit long, and I'm not sure I'm happy with it, except, I would love to turn it into a video instead that is partly animated. If I were to release it here, expect it would take almost 30 minutes to read.
So I'm shifting gears, and currently planning this.
This is partly therapeutic, as I was in a very bad car accident this year, and suffered some minor mental impairment from the accident. So writing is something, that while I struggle with it, does help so I am on my road to recovery.

Expect it sometime January, and if I can pump out a few more, I will.  Anyone have suggestions of what I should work into others? 

Also, thank god I have a wife that doesn't mind this stuff. In fact, she does actually want to partake in some of the fetlife, without the dangerous elements (no dumpsters/trucks, mostly bagging, etc..) which is a relief. So it's encouraging. till I came across this site, I never knew that people were like me out there, and I can tell that growing up under a very religious household made it worse when dealing with it. Good to know that people are more tolerant of things than I thought. and I'm super glad I found this site. Hopefully I can bring some good quality content here and know that people'll appreciate it.
Trashcan Stories / Re: Story: Double-Stuffed
« Last post by Landfill_Racoon on December 06, 2023, 01:12:18 am »
Lovely story !! one of my favorit for sure !
is there any part 2 coming out soon ?? can'T wait to read it ! :)
Favorite Story Lists / Re: Recommendation Engine
« Last post by subgrrl on December 05, 2023, 06:19:05 pm »
For example, user1 might submit:

I really enjoyed the story "Family Tradition" by Ponce...

I liked the female chastity aspect, the mystery, the cage...

User2 might go off and read that story and think, "Hey! That reminds me of that one story I once read..." And then recommend:
I recommend "Emily's Fall" by Erratic...

It's about a woman exploring ancient artifacts / chastity and gets stuck...
Favorite Story Lists / Recommendation Engine
« Last post by subgrrl on December 05, 2023, 05:29:57 pm »
I would like to start a thread that will be a recommendation engine.

Here is how I propose that this will work...

1. A user posts to this thread a story (with link) that they enjoyed. Only a link is necessary, but if the user adds more information about why they enjoyed the story (e.g. erotic elements, degree of sci-fi, bondage predicament, character dynamics, anything...)

2. Another user who is familiar with the story listed above, can then think about a similar story that might work well as a recommendation for the requestor. Post the link to the recommendation. (Optionally, the respondent may add reasons why they think that the story is a good recommendation and how it relates to the initial user's link.)

3. Finally, it would be awesome (but, not necessary) if the original user were to respond to how well they liked the recommendation. (E.g. "Great Match! Loved it!" or "Hmmm... good, but not really working for me...", etc.)

The idea is that we may spend less time searching for similar stories on our own and leverage opinions of those with similar interests.

What do you think?
Transformation Stories / Re: Battery Hens by earlofnexus
« Last post by HannahAnne on December 05, 2023, 03:18:42 pm »
Just a quick question. Have you considered expanding upon this story and theme? I keep going back to the Plaza in hopes you will write some more along the same lines.
Latex Website Stories Feedback / Re: Eltie by KrokR
« Last post by KrokR on December 04, 2023, 08:11:50 am »
Very interesting introduction to this universe. I have to wonder if in a later episode, we would have the Krayons (maybe an all-male society) have their way with the Enhuman women, or if the Terranian scientists finally discover a way for male Enhumans, and Eltie and Casey have some fun with their male counterparts.

Looks like my (not so well) hidden intentions are not hidden anymore!  ;D
Would you be referring to a Krayon attack of our heroines?

Probably  8)
Erotic Stories Website Feedback / Re: Ariana by Adegans
« Last post by teanndaorsa on December 02, 2023, 08:00:41 pm »
Story 2 up tonight, enjoy!
Part 15 up tonight, enjoy!
BoundStories Website Stories Feedback / Re: Chain by Budman
« Last post by teanndaorsa on December 02, 2023, 07:55:12 pm »
Chapter 45 up tonight, crucification complete!
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