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Title: A Cure for Neil Pt 2by Mr Smooth
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                                              A CURE FOR NEIL (Pt 2)             
This too looked very medical and it had a lot of heavy straps attached at various points. Overall with the other clinical equipment in here it all appeared very intimidating to him. He shivered now with the thought of the unknown that lay ahead. He was about to have his first treatment and it seemed to be very scary indeed to him.

  Stella directed him to strip naked and lie on the Y shaped bench. He as usual had an erection as he now sat on the bench. “Just lie back down and try to relax” she said. He did this and was now in a semi lying position with legs apart almost at ninety degrees on the Y frame. The leather was cold on his skin and he shivered again with its coolness and his fear.

   He wished he could just leave as Christine now set about fixing the heavy leather straps onto his wrists and ankles. He shut his eyes and muttered “oh god” to himself. Soon he was completely secured with more heavy leather straps around his knees, thighs, waist and chest.

  She pulled them more tightly smiling at him and at his fear. If all of this was to intimidate him it was working and this gorgeous creature was putting the fear of god into him even before the treatment was started. She put a thin blanket over him saying “this will help to stop you shaking Neil but it won’t keep your erection down will it?”

  The thin blanket stood clear of his body where it was held up by his stiff cock. Then she added “Sylvia will be here at ten thirty to start your treatment. He had fifteen minutes to wait and waiting is always the worst part when it’s the unknown, medically speaking Neil had always found; like a wait at the dentists, only this was much worse.

  His thoughts turned to Abi and hopefully if this worked out then it would seal their relationship. Ten thirty arrived and he heard a clip clop of heels on the tiled floor in the corridor. Sylvia entered in a stunning nurse outfit and to his now delight this one was made of erotic latex rubber.

  It consisted of a short skin tight black rubber medical coat with a Red Cross motif showing off her magnificent legs which were clad in matching black latex stockings and she had a matching nurse hat. I could clearly see the nipples of her ample breasts straining at the tight material.

   The sight of this rubber clad nurse took Neil’s breath and he couldn’t believe his eyes as she allowed him a good look. “She smiled at him while removing his blanket and exposing his throbbing cock. She approached him between his forced open legs and he felt the warmth of her smooth rubbered body inside his thighs and then she rested her latex covered hands on his groin area.

  This whole erotic scene made him gasp. “Good morning Neil” she said still smiling “I hope you are going to cooperate today: according to your results I have dressed in one of your favourite outfits that your mind conjures up and it is also made in your favourite material. I am now dressed as one of your greatest fantasies and it has come true for you today, aren’t you the lucky one?”

 His cock stuck up with the veins fit to burst at her appearance and words. All he could respond was “Oh my god” as she waited for him to say something. She continued as Christine left now and she locked the door behind her “well Neil it appears that you have very sensitive nerve endings in your genitals and coupled with your active and kinky mind just making matters, so I have to start you on a course of injections and some electro therapy.

  This will prove to be quite uncomfortable and indeed painful so I have tried to off-set some of this by dressing up especially for you as your favourite rubber nurse to help keep you excited should the need be; also to help take your mind of it and to test you out too later. She swished and made a rubbery sound as she walked away to get something and Neil couldn’t take his eyes away from her.

   She was indeed a very sexy nurse dressed as she was and this was one of his wildest fantasies. Neil watched her unlock a cupboard with a key she kept on a chain around her neck to put some items from the cupboard onto a chrome trolley. She wheeled this over to his side. It contained a dark coloured box of some sort with wires attached to it.

  “This is my de-sensitizing machine” she explained “this is my little secret so I keep it locked away as no one else knows how to do what I can do here at this clinic, especially my girls and I don’t want them too either; as you have already agreed not to divulge anything that goes on in here with me. She also had on there one of his greatest fears: a hypodermic syringe. She made no attempt to hide it and in fact held it up for him to see. “You will have a course of injections every day in your groin area and coupled with the electro-therapy afterwards this should deaden the nerves somewhat in your genitals, now try to relax”

  She filled the syringe and made no attempt to conceal it so he shut his eyes and groaned. She wiped his groin area with antiseptic and gave him his first jab “Just one more Neil then its over for today” He felt the second one enter near his most tender area and tensed as the needle did its work. Neil was glad it was over and she now turned to her special TENS machine for that’s what it really was.

 She explained “I shall build you up to a reasonable low level today but I will increase the levels and build it up as the therapy progresses over the next few days. Some patients cannot handle this very well but it is in their own interests and they were rewarded in the long term”

 She donned a pair of surgical gloves and taking care not to over excite him she wiped his cock dry of the pre-cum that had dribbled down it. He gasped with the sensation all the same. “Now no squirting” she teased him “I need to keep it rock hard and your balls full of juicy sperm for the treatment”

  These words alone made him groan with lust. She now oiled a quarter inch diameter length of black rubber around five inches long which terminated with a small domed cage and an electrical connector at its tip. She made sure he viewed all of these things that she was about to do to him and explained that it was conductive rubber to carry an electrical current.

  This she then fed its length down his cock hole until the dome fitted over and behind his knob holding it in place. As usual he cringed as she slid and pushed it home, but she appeared to enjoy his displeasure smiling with her pleasure. Two adhesive pads with wires were now stuck underneath his cock: one near the base and the other just short of his knob.  She wrapped around and stretched a length of thin latex rubber around each one and these were fastened to hold the pads tightly in place.

  Neil was very excited by this erotic latex clad nurse touching his genitals but also terrified at the same time with what she may now do to him. She finally connected a thin cable to the dome enclosing his knob. All of these cables were now plugged in to the box on the trolley. She announced “Are you ready Neil, this will be quite painful once I have reached your personal limits, so I will give you something to bite on”

  She offered him a hard rubber bit but he questioned her. “Why can’t you put me under if it is to be painful for me?” She replied “I cannot do that, I have to know your limits and I need you conscious or I may go too far and destroy your nerve endings for good and you don’t want that do you, so concentrate on me, this is one reason you have the pleasure of seeing me dressed especially for you as your rubber nurse to help you through this, and included are your local mild anaesthetic injections to help you through this”

  She stroked his thighs and he was bursting with lust again and she then strapped the rubber bit into his mouth fixing it into place. He watched her as she powered up the TENS box and a dull green glow lit up the display. She made some adjustments “ready Neil here we go” she said and hit the start button.

  A few seconds went by and Neil felt a strange faint almost pleasant tingle in his cock. Sylvia watched his reaction and turned a switch. He now felt a more unpleasant sensation and this made him tense. The pain was not constant but came in waves as she steadily increased the current. It was now very uncomfortable and she watched his reaction closely as she continued to increase the power level until he strained at the leather straps and bit into his gag making inaudible sounds.

  He looked at her mouthing for her to stop but she just commented that it was only at three out of ten and she would leave it there for a few minutes until he got used to the pain. It felt to Neil as if a million red hot needles were being drawn along his cock and he would have torn the attachments to his body away if he could.

  Slowly over the next few minutes his nerve endings dulled and the pain became more tolerable for him. After minutes of this torture she gradually increased the current again until he was now writhing in pain. She spoke as she wiped his face to help calm him “try and take it Neil, it will be all over soon, I know its painful but think of the benefits”

  He bit onto the rubber in his mouth and tears were now in his eyes, spittle ran down his face and he cried out in pain as it came in waves. This torture on his genitals continued for sometime and when it finally stopped he was wringing wet with sweat from tensing his muscles. She took off his gag and then gently removed the attachments from his cock which itself had subsided somewhat.

 “Just lie there a while, relax and rest” she said with a caring voice now putting her secret things away. She now called in Christine via her intercom who now took care of him, releasing his straps and after a while she led him back to his room where he showered again to freshen up.

  He was then directed to lie on his bed in his pyjamas exhausted where his wrists were again lightly but firmly secured and a blanket pulled over him. A knock out gas bottle had been placed in there and Christine soon put him out with an anaesthetic mask again.  “Breathe now” she said and he was soon sleeping off his ordeal.

 He fell off to sleep for an hour or so and was awakened by Christine. When he came around she released him to have a fresh drink of coffee which was very refreshing. “I spend more time sleeping than awake here” he said. Christine replied “the therapy is very intense and it leaves the patients exhausted so you get to sleep more than you would normally, there is some lunch for you here and then my shift is done for today and nurse Stella will take over from me.

  Neil was hungry and they sat together as he ate. He tried to find out more about Sylvia as he was intrigued by her former and continuing lifestyle. Christine would only make small talk though this time as they chatted generally about his treatment but in which she told him that what had happened so far today would be repeated each day he was here.

  This left him fearful and he found now that he lost his appetite thinking about what pains each day would bring. “Never mind” she said “you can look forward to being tested after each session to check how well the treatment is working. “What do you mean by tested?” he questioned her not daring to hope what had just gone through his mind. “You will have to find out later” she answered smiling broadly.

  With this in mind he now forgot the painful treatment that had been administered to him earlier. At this Stella entered his room “Good afternoon Neil” she greeted him. He responded. Stella was in her very short white buttoned nurse coat which displayed most of her lovely long legs. Neil guessed her to be around thirty years of age and she was very pretty and sexy in her uniform which Sylvia had discovered was one of his fantasies.

  He felt his blood getting up at his thoughts and the movement in his pyjama trousers reminded him everything was still in good working order. She retrieved a heavy red rubber sheet from the wardrobe and laid it on the centre of the bed. “So now Neil” she said, you will now remove your pyjamas and lie on your bed again on top of the rubber sheet. She propped up the bed a little and waited for him to strip. As usual he felt very embarrassed doing this in front of these two young nurses who stood waiting now. He stripped and of course he had an erection standing to attention.

 “I see you are still OK down there” said Christine now smiling. Neil groaned with embarrassment and climbed onto the cold sheet which took his breath. “It will soon warm up” said Stella as they both secured his ankles with his legs apart. His wrists were also firmly secured to the sides of the bed frame and finally a broad strap was passed and fixed around his chest. “Christine announced that her shift was over and she left.

  And so now he was now alone with Stella and he was again firmly secured to his bed.  “So Neil” she said “we will see how much your first treatment has improved your PE and I will also teach you something of self control too” She poured some oil onto her hands before approaching him. Now she encircled his cock with her right hand which made him gasp with pleasure. Neil’s thought he was in heaven now and his cock began to wildly throb even more.

  She gently slid it up and down his member slowly. Neil made erotic sounds now with his voice quavering and all he wished to do was empty his balls but she held him off by stopping. “Control it Neil” she demanded “just calm down you have some distance to go”  “I cant help it with you looking so gorgeous please make it cum” he begged her. She just shook her head “you have to learn to control yourself as well, we cannot do it all for you Neil, you do have to help yourself too”

  “Oh god” he cried in frustration.  She replied “If you can last just five minutes then I will allow you a reward and let you cum properly, but if you don’t last and you cum anyway I will leave you with a ruined orgasm, is that clear?” How could she ruin an orgasm? Neil wondered. She checked her watch and took hold of him again.

   She began to slowly stroke his cock and he closed his eyes with pleasure and groaned. He managed two more minutes of this and then he felt himself starting to lose control: she sensed this and stopped again.  She allowed him to calm down and he remarked in a hoarse voice “I don’t think I can hold out much longer, I cannot make five minutes”

  “Try harder” she replied sharply “take your mind to something else, you have already lasted more time than before your first treatment, I will let you relax now for a while and try again later” She sat and allowed him to settle down for some time and she struck up a conversation. “Did you find the treatment painful today Neil?” Neil quizzed her with a look.

  She continued “the treatment Sylvia gave to you, was it painful?” “Yes it was” he replied “very painful and uncomfortable” “And what was it exactly that she did?” she continued as she again poured more oil onto his cock and again began to stroke it slowly again as he was ready to explode. “Oh god” Neil cried in ecstasy as she continued her stroking and repeated her question but Neil couldn’t answer as he started to cum.

 She immediately stopped as he began to spurt.” Please don’t stop” he begged her but she ignored his requested and left him hanging there: he had cum but was left totally frustrated by her leaving him to it and also not being able to finish himself off. Stella now castigated him and added that this would be reported to Sylvia and she would now step up the treatment to a more unpleasant level. She released him and ordered him to clean up his mess and take another shower and meanwhile she filled in a report sheet for Sylvia’s benefit.

 He was allowed to read a book for a while before she finally ordered him to bed where she secured his hands out of harms way for the night. She helped him to relax with the aid of an anaesthetic mask until he was woosy where she now left him for the night.

  The very same morning treatment was carried out on Neil the next day by Sylvia with the similar results and again Stella brought up the question of what Sylvia’s treatment was on Neil in her secret room but Neil did not disclose anything as he was instructed in his contract and reminded not to reveal any thing to the staff here.. 
    Day three now and he was awakened as usual and released and having showered and given breakfast was allowed an hour or so of reading before his late morning treatment from Sylvia. He wasn’t looking forward to it as he knew she would be giving him more painful and scary treatments and what else was in store due to his failure to control himself the previous night.

  He was to find out shortly as he was now given his daily embarrassing and very uncomfortable enema washout by his morning nurse. Later and after cleaning himself up he was now taken down to the treatment room and now made to lie naked he was strapped tightly into the gynae chair. He lay there a full ten minutes dreading her arrival and eventually Sylvia arrived and strode confidently into the room.

  She was again clad in latex, very erotic and yet sinister. A white latex buttoned skin tight doctors coat that was obscenely short and showed most of her legs and all of her self supporting long transparent and black trimmed rubber stockings with white high heeled patent ankle boots with a medical red cross motif on each side. The coat had long sleeves and her hands were encased in transparent latex gloves. Her head however was sheathed with a form fitting white hood that contained her hair showing her mouth and eyes only. This had a Red Cross motif on the forehead and it made her appear very sinister indeed.

  She allowed Neil to take in her appearance before she spoke and the blood had flowed into his cock already at the sight of her. “Good morning Neil” she greeted him and leaned in close and looked at him seriously “I have been reading your report compiled by nurse Stella and it seems you are not responding very well to your treatments” Neil went to speak but she interrupted him very sharply and pinched his left nipple very hard making him shout.

 “I haven’t finished what I have to say so pipe down will you and listen to me” She now erotically rubbed his nipple better and this in turn increased his erection. She leaned over him to speak and he could feel the smoothness of her rubber clothing pressing against him causing him to breathe more deeply.

 “So Neil it seems that we shall have to provide you with an incentive to help you control your eagerness to cum and so I suggest that some urine consumption therapy will be a good starting point” Urine therapy? Neil asked, what the hell is that? he ventured to ask the question. “Never mind, you will find out soon enough” she replied and began to prepare him for his treatment.

She as usual put him through as much pain and unpleasantness as he could take for the next hour and so totally exhausted he was finally taken back to his room by Nurse Christine for a rest. Later he had lunch, relaxed and read for a while and when nurse Stella arrived for the shift changeover he was made to strip and lie on the rubber bed-sheet again and secured as he was the day before.

 This time however Sylvia arrived a few minutes later still dressed in her bizarre rubber nurse outfit and carrying a small black case. She stood over him menacingly and said “So Neil its time for your test and I will be carrying this out today and in future if you don’t comply properly” She continued “what you need is an incentive, so we will try my urine therapy procedure as I suggested for starters”

  She asked him a direct question “have you ever drunk anyone’s piss?” Horrified at her suggestion Neil didn’t reply straight away so Sylvia answered for him with a cruel smile “I take it that’s a no then” She directed Stella to collect something and she returned with a tall chrome stand and wheeled it next to his bed.

  Sylvia now opened her case then removed a glass beaker from it held it between her thighs and to Neil’s total surprise and horror she began to urinate into it for all to see. When there was a quarter of a litre she held it up as if to inspect it. She offered it to Neil’s lips “drink” she commanded him. Neil shuddered and flatly refused saying “its disgusting, what do you think I am?”

 “I think you are my patient and you will do as you’re told to do or suffer the consequences” she replied “and now you will be given the choice as an incentive to help you take control of yourself and stop yourself cumming” She handed her contents to nurse Stella who transferred it to a semi-transparent rubber bag with valve fixed underneath it and a thin tube attached to that: this was hung high on the stand now next to him.

  A clear anaesthetic mask with strong rubber straps was now put over Neil’s nose and mouth and this had a long one inch diameter clear tube attached to it and now the free end was fixed high and just below the urine bag. The thinner tube was inserted deeply in this anaesthetic tube. He was now forced to breathe through the one inch tube containing it and Neil was now made aware that her urine could be allowed to invade the sealed mask and therefore he would be forced to swallow it.

 Nurse Christine finished her shift and left and so Sylvia decided to test Neil for his control. She had Nurse Stella oil her hands in front of him which unfortunately turned him on and so was part of his downfall and leaning in to him she said “now Neil, Nurse Stella here will masturbate your cock and if you do cum before your time is up then I will open the valve and you will endure having to drink my fresh piss, is that clear Neil? That is your incentive not to cum so you now have five minutes in which to control yourself”

 Stella grasped Neil’s already wildly throbbing member gently and began to stroke him slowly. Although horrified at her words he gave a sharp deep intake of breath as her erotic slippery fingers began to do magical things to him. “Oh god” he cried after only a couple of minutes “I can’t hold out” “You know the consequences if you don’t hold out” Sylvia replied firmly “a large quantity of my personal fresh champagne will be allowed to drain into your mouth and you will have to drink it all if you do not control yourself and cum before the time is up”

 Neil horrified struggled with the thoughts of this and knew that she meant every word: he managed another minute and felt his orgasm approach. Sylvia knew this and as when it was too late for him and as he lost control she immediately stopped; again he had a ruined orgasm begging her to finish him off properly.

  “You are pathetic Neil” she scolded him and shook her head “now you must suffer the consequences of your mistake” As his cock miserably dribbled its forbidden load she opened the valve. Neil now tried desperately but without success to shake off the mask on his face as the vile liquid slowly filtered into it. He tried to force it back up the tube in desperation by blowing back, but there was no pressure to allow this and the mask filled up now.

  Neil had no choice but to swallow her acrid fluid as it now entered his throat. He choked it down but she took no notice and watched him until every last drop was consumed. When the mask was removed Neil cursed her and demanded to be released but Sylvia dismissed him like a naughty child which made him angry. “I want to get out of here you bitch, now let me go now”

  He waited for her response and she replied as she as forced an anaesthic mask over his nose and mouth “yes I know I am a bitch and you are going nowhere until you show substantial improvement in your treatments which needs to be stepped up somewhat” Neil tried desperately to shake her off but soon he began to get sleepy with the gas that she administered to him.

  When he awoke he found himself now in a well lit room with no windows, he was facing a heavy solid metal door and he was naked but covered with a thin blanket.  He could scarcely move as he found he was heavily strapped down into a gynae medical chair, his legs apart and in this place with a heavy aroma of antiseptic and rubber. He could still taste his tormentor’s liquid in his mouth.

 He was alone and so he shouted out being slightly in panic mode. The room echoed somewhat and no one came and so he looked around. The room was of brick construction forming one arched roof ceiling around twelve feet high; he guessed it was a cellar area and the whole room was fitted out as a medical clinic.

  It was completely painted in stark white and the place was filled with stainless steel equipment, gas bottles, anaesthetic masks, bizarre rubber clothing, hoods, masks, leather and canvas straps hung along the walls, Glass cabinets with stainless steel implements, rubber tubing, needles and the like were also for him to see.

 The whole room was indeed very intimidating to him and he became very anxious as he struggled in vain to free himself and try to make someone hear his shouting. An age went by and then he heard footsteps. Sylvia entered and firmly closed the door; she was still dressed in her sinister latex nurse outfit.

  She stood at his side and spoke in a serious voice “I have had you brought down here to my personal underground medical suite Neil as you have presented me with a real challenge and I will not be beaten on this. This is completely private and fully soundproofed down here where I can give you all the extra special treatment you require”

  Neil tried to object but she silenced him by putting her hand over his mouth and continued “now listen to me Neil, you have absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever. I shall keep you down here for as long as it takes to cure you and there is nothing you can do or say to stop me. There is a bed and all the facilities I need and you will sleep in down here from now on. I will enjoy the challenge you have set me and believe me Neil you will be made to suffer if needs be in order to find a cure”

  She released his mouth and Neil now very angry put his argument forward. “When I get out if here I will see to it that you are closed down” he said “you are keeping me here now against my will and torturing me for your own sadistic pleasures” Sylvia now put her face close to his and answered him seriously “I remind you of a few things Neil, firstly you along with your partner volunteered and agreed to be here and you signed for me to do as I wish for your cure.

   Number two, you are in another country where our laws are different to yours and I also have influence where it matters and number three also I have some very nice footage of you via my camera system in, let me say some compromising positions with a pretty nurse whilst secured and so  I can if I so wish, release the footage to whoever I wish and you know and let them know what a kinky perverted person you are, so do not threaten me, I can be very vindictive as you are about to find”

   Neil was devastated by her reply and knew he could do nothing to stop her now. He just lay there as she waited for him to reply. “Cat got your tongue now I take it” she said with some venom and continued “now I promise not to take this any further if you cooperate in future and now that is out of the way I have some other business to take care of before I continue down here with your treatment, and this will show you what sort of person I can be when I am crossed”

  She now called for Stella to join her on her intercom and shortly she entered the room looking a little nervous as Sylvia closed the door. Sylvia now with her serious face confronted Stella in front of Neil in her very German way “So Stella it seems that you have been trying to find out my trade secrets haven’t you” Stella looked at Neil first then became flustered and denied doing it.

  Sylvia snapped at her and grabbed a handful of her hair viciously and making her squeal “don’t lie to me girl and do not take me for a fool, I have you recorded and I listened to you asking Neil here what treatments I have carried out on him; fortunately for you both he did not say anything

 ” Neil joined in “I would not tell her anyway as I was instructed not to” Sylvia glared at Neil for a second as Stella knew she was caught out and began to apologise “Its too late for apologies” Sylvia said fiercely “Have I not given you a fantastic opportunity here, paid you well and taken you away from that mediaeval village and surroundings you lived in and the hovel you had to sleep in?”

  Stella now had tears in her eyes and begged Sylvia to forget it as she would work for no money, just her keep from now on. Sylvia disappointed and angry now put it to her that she could not be trusted, that she had let herself down badly and she would let her go and be transported back home. Stella now dropped to her knees sobbing and begging for forgiveness.

  Sylvia now gave her a choice “very well Stella I have already thought this over before I spoke to you and because of your attitude now you are found out I will give you one final chance to stay, but in order to satisfy me that you will not cross me again. So you will have to be severely punished with a judicial caning and beating of fifty strokes, there will also be no pay for one month, that is your choice, or go home with nothing, take it or leave it”

  Stella white with fear and shaking now reluctantly nodded in agreement. “Very well I shall administer your punishment here now in front of Neil to humiliate you as well and, I will video record it as a warning to show the others here what is in store for them if they ever cross me” said Sylvia “now strip off naked and stand there for me”

  Stella wasn’t expecting this and shook her head in reluctance. “I said get your fucking clothes off and I have just added ten more strokes for your disobedience and you had better visit the bathroom I don’t want your mess everywhere” hissed Sylvia and added “I will return in fifteen minutes with the instruments of your punishment, so you had better be waiting and standing naked in here just there as I have ordered or I will repeat the punishment in one month when your wounds have healed, is that clear?
  Sylvia was venomous with her statement and left the room. Stella slipped into the bathroom to use the toilet. Neil’s heart was beating hard, he pondered what sort of sadistic bitch was Sylvia and why would he administer the beating in front of him. He thought this may be a setup of some description to frighten him into cooperation.

  He was wrong as he soon found out. A couple of minutes went by and Sylvia’s footsteps could now be heard and the door opened. She wheeled in a metal frame covered in black padded leather with heavy fixing straps which she positioned in front of Neil’s chair. She left again and quickly returned a video camera and tripod setting it up so that the whole scene could be filmed. She left again and meanwhile a few minutes later Stella returned from the bathroom still shaking with fright as she spied the frame and equipment.  She now removed her clothes and stood on the spot that Sylvia had pointed out earlier.

  Embarrassed and naked in full view of Neil, Stella had a beautiful body and he showed he appreciated it with an erection pushing up the thin blanket covering him, but Stella glared at him for staring and so he looked away.

   Sylvia’s footsteps could now be heard again as she returned and closed the door behind her in a manner which could only be interpreted as sinister. She was carrying a canvas bag a around four feet long which she now opened revealing its contents. Stella shook and sobbed quietly with fear as Sylvia showed her various canes, whips and leather straps.

  Sylvia spoke “I am going to teach you a lesson you will not forget no matter how long you live my girl, believe me in a few minutes time you will wish I had never been born, now get over the whipping frame” Stella broke down and begged her not to do it but Sylvia grabbed Stella by the hair and forced her down over the frame making her squeal with pain and surprise.

   She quickly and expertly pulled a heavy strap across her back and buckled it tightly preventing Stella from standing up. Now Stella’s wrists were fastened downwards either side of her and her legs now forced wide apart at the ankles as these were buckled to the padded frame. Sylvia concentrated on adjusting the straps very taught so that Stella could barely wriggle.

   She was obviously an expert and she also did this to maximum visual effect for Stella’s benefit who was now in a kneeling position and helpless. Neil now felt he had to interrupt and said “you don’t have to do this in front of me please don’t involve me in this”

   Oh yes I do” replied Sylvia “and I will, Stella has to learn that she cannot involve my clients so she is to be humiliated in front of you and also you will learn how very sadistic I can be if my requirements are not met by you, I will also have a nice recording of you enjoying her punishment for my benefit and security and who knows you may enjoy the whipping and BDSM you are about to witness”

   With that she removed his blanket so that he was fully exposed revealing he still had his erection. Sylvia smiled at this and now produced a ball gag for Neil to wear. “This will keep you quiet and prevent you verbally spoiling my video now open wide” she demanded and slipped the hard rubber ball into his mouth before strapping it tightly onto him as she adjusted his chair into a more upright position for him to be able to witness the whole scene better.

   She switched on the camera now which was set in a position to capture both Stella and Neil.  She now approached her bound captive and spoke for the benefit of the camera “Stella you have been found guilty of disloyalty to me and my staff, this is a serious breach of misconduct here for which I will not tolerate or allow without serious punishment. You were aware of my strict rules about this and so now you have agreed to be subjected to a judicial caning and flogging as I see fit so that you may have one final chance to stay here.

   You will now receive the fifty strokes plus ten more for your earlier disobedience. You will count each stroke or I may forget where I am and deliver it again” “is that clear?” Stella sobbed a “yes”
Sylvia announced “I will rub some oil on your skin to help prevent it splitting so that I can administer the beating to completion and completed it will be. Sylvia then applied and rubbed in some oil to Stella’s buttocks before wiping her hands clean and now she selected a thick leather two tailed tawse and repositioned Stella’s frame so that both Neil and the camera could best benefit.

   Neil could plainly see between Stella’s buttocks and make out her sex which was completely shaved. “You will now receive ten from my leather strap to prepare your skin for something more interesting” said Stella testing her strap through the air to get her distance.  She carefully aimed her first blow and brought it down across Stella’s buttocks with a noisy thwack and Stella screamed out “ooooooooooh.  One ” Sylvia waited a full thirty seconds for her victim to savour the full impact and pain of the first blow before delivering her second.

 “Two” she screamed again and was by now sobbing the count out loud. Sylvia was an expert in this and knew just how to apply her instruments of pain to maximum effect with minimum marks and meanwhile Neil found the whole thing bizarre and very frightening as he watched the sadistic scene unfold. Ten strokes had been counted now and Sylvia selected a thin cane swishing it through the air to test it out.

  She soon applied this with equal vigour and by the time twenty was totalled Stella was at her wits end with pain and crying that she could take no more. Sylvia inspected her skin “nonsense” she answered Stella “your skin isn’t split yet, and you’re not even half way to finished” with that she laid another ten across her now purple marked rear taking time between each blow so around fifteen minutes had gone by now.

  Stella was shrieking with pain at this stage and still had another thirty to go. Sylvia was enjoying this and inspected her work after each ten strokes; she now selected another cane. She applied this further down the back of Stella thighs to spread the wounds across a greater area and for maximum pain.

  Now forty had gone by and Stella’s counting was practically inaudible and was drooling badly onto the floor. “Twenty to go girl” said Sylvia sadistically “let me get another strap as your skin is splitting now” She now picked up a wide heavy leather implement similar to a table tennis bat only larger and flexible and she began to use this for ten more until fifty was counted out.

 Sylvia again checked out Stella now and decided to revive her by pouring a bowl of cold water over her head. This took her breath away, woke her up properly and now Sylvia continued despite Stella’s shrieks until she completed the final ten with a vicious caning again leaving terrible red and purple wheals on her buttocks and thighs.

  She gently placed a soft towel across Stella’s tortured, sobbing and wet body and said “its all over now, I’ve completed your punishment” She left Stella and looking very flushed herself turned to Neil who despite the sadistic scene he had witnessed found he still had a raging erection. “My you did enjoy that after all Neil and so did I”
Now to Neil’s astonishment she found a powerful massager from somewhere and applied it to her own groin area whilst leaning closely into Neil with her other hand, her lust filled eyes and body inches from him she pleasured herself.  A couple of minutes of ecstatic moans and heavy breathing and she began to orgasm; filled with pleasure now, just inches away from him she gave a throaty low moan and as she now pressed and moved her warm rubber against him he immediately lost control and squirted his hot cum onto her latex clad body with a scream of pleasure through his gag.

  She lay against him for a minute or to come back down to Earth and she then bought herself back to reality. Stepping back with her rubber clad legs dripping from Neil’s sperm she looked down, smiled and shook her head as if he were a naughty boy and had been caught out. “I see you have another side to your kinky mind” she said. She then wiped herself clean and checked out Stella releasing and ordering her to clean up her drool which she did with the towel she had been wearing.

 Stella’s buttocks and thighs were red and with ugly purple bruising starting to take shape. Her skin was split in a few places and turning black with welts and bruises from the beating and she now found it very hard to stand up. Sylvia now reminded her why she had been punished and if ever she acted disloyal in any way against the clinic she would have double the punishment next time and then sent back home anyway.

   Stella cried with pain and humility and nodded in agreement to Sylvia’s terms who now called for another nurse to bring a trolley from another room and collect her. Sylvia now turned off the camera before the other nurse arrived who seemed genuinely shocked at Stella’s wounds and general appearance.

  She was ordered to take Stella lying face down and treat and dress her wounds in an adjoining room. This she did and Sylvia now cleared up the rest of the mess from the torture session. On return she removed Neil’s gag “now” she said very sternly “I can concentrate on your treatment and set about a cure for you and you know now what I am capable of and how I enjoy being sadistic if I have to be”

    She continued “I have tried the control approach on you and this is failing miserably due to your lack of control and cooperation and so down here now I will take the opposite view and you will be subjected to a maximum masturbation treatment to help your condition. I have a mechanical device that will make you cum time and again to empty your balls and it never tires. You will cum that much that you will beg me to switch it off and it will leave you exhausted.

  I alone will decide when you cannot take anymore and hopefully in a few days time you will be able to master your own control for yourself” “What if it doesn’t work” asked Neil in a voice of dread at her statement. “Then I will keep you here for even more time” she answered smiling smugly “I have taken the liberty of contacting  your Abigail and explained that you were not responding as well as you should be and may need more time here.

   She has agreed to my suggestion and will if necessary take the steps to arrange more time off for you and I can supply the official necessary medical forms to say you are incapable to work and are being treated in a private clinic for something or other. It will only be basic cost to you to cover my expenses as I love such a challenge and also I will benefit in the long term from experimenting on you and your mind.

  That is all I have to say in the way of explanation so bear in mind that I expect your fullest cooperation from now on and now I will shortly introduce you to my mechanical milking machine”

 She restored Neil to a more horizontal sitting position as she finished talking and wheeled away the whipping bench returning with a metal device on a trolley also containing rubber tubes and cables. She plugged the device into the mains supply and switched it on. A low whirr started up and she added a rubber tube to an input port.

  A plastic or glass flask was fastened onto the other end of this tube and this had a soft rubber insert inside it which contracted at a low speed. “This is my Venus milking machine” she said with a smile “she will soon suck you dry and be ready to do it again straight away as she never tires. With that Sylvia moved between Neil’s thighs and stroked his cock back into life.

  After adding some slippery gel to him she slipped the flask over his cock and it enveloped it to the hilt with a slow sucking action. It took his breath and he was soon moaning with pleasure as the Venus carried out its work on him. This was like no ordinary masturbation but was very intense in its sucking stroking motion and he was soon on the edge as Sylvia watched him and waited for his soon to be orgasm.

 He exploded into the rubber sleeve with a squeal and it sucked him dry as she said it would. She switched it off and wiped him clean as he came around from his pleasure and back to reality. “There, that wasn’t so bad was it?” she laughed sternly, “you can have another one of those shortly” She showed him a heavy leather collar which she explained would be locked on him and she could remotely deliver a massive electric shock if he misbehaved and didn’t obey her and this would be kept on him to control him.

   He believed her and she released him for a temporary trip to the bathroom and to exercise his stiff muscles. She locked him in there to check on Stella and returned a few minutes later with drink and food for him. An hour later after his refreshment Sylvia returned and ordered him back onto the gynae chair after stripping where she secured him again. 

   He always felt very vulnerable being naked in front of these relative strangers but he had no choice as Sylvia set up her Venus machine again for him. He was already hard as she approached him with Venus and after adding some slippery gel to its inner pulsating sleeve she slipped it down his throbbing cock to engulf it. He gasped as it expertly sucked at him and she adjusted the speed as this time he held off for a while.

  His eyes soon rolled back with pleasure now and she upped the speed again to empty his balls with a squeal of lust and sticky fluid as sperm squirted out of him. He was very tender now as Venus continued to suck which made him cry out and beg her to stop it. She laughed and made no hurry to switch it off as he squirmed with sensitivity.

   Finally she removed the dripping flask from his aching cock with a shudder from him and allowed him to come back to reality. After a while he was released to clean up and given some refreshments.

   He soon returned to normality now but only two hours later she returned with Christine. “As I explained Christine” she spoke for Neil’s benefit too “he is to be kept down here from now on and given maximum masturbation using Venus and then using hands when that doesn’t work until he is cured.

  You and the other girls will see that he will be kept excited and emptied of his sperm at least six times every day and more if he can take” Christine smiled as this was put to her and replied as she turned to Neil “it will be my pleasure now Neil back into the chair for you” Soon he was restrained by them and after little coaxing from Christine, Venus was again employed on his cock sucking away as he fought to control his orgasm.

   This time however he lasted much longer and he eventually exploded his lust into the rubber sleeve again. “There that was much better” said the sexy Christine as she removed the Venus from him.  He now felt exhausted and dozed off after she cleaned him up and then draped a thin blanket over him.

  Neil was to undergo this heavy masturbation treatment each day from now on and when he wasn’t able to orgasm with the use of Venus then soft sweet gentle hands brought him off. After a few days of this erotic and heavy treatment his orgasms became more and more under his own control and so before long Sylvia announced that he had only one day left to go.

     Silvia came to see him that last morning after his shower and breakfast and not one of his nurses to bring him off as he was expecting. “Good morning Neil” she said “today will be the first day of your new life and I have a surprise for you”

  He looked at her and asked her to explain. “Well” she replied “let us go up to your room and see” He followed her to his room and they stepped inside. Sitting there on the bed was his beloved Abigail. She had tears in her eyes and they hugged as if a million years had passed.

  Sylvia now intervened and smiling gently she said “I will leave you two alone now to get to know each other properly” and she left them closing the door behind her. They had the most intimate and satisfying lovemaking they both could have imagined and Abigail cried with pleasure in his arms as she climaxed time after time.  Abigail also loved the way Neil reacted when she slipped on the rubber nurses uniform that was left out for her to wear and this was the way it would always be in the future.
 Sylvia too had some nice footage of them too for her own gratification; she watched them on her monitor as her now sticky fingers busied themselves between her open legs
                                                                       THE END