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Title: Leather Arm Binder concerns
Post by: Unajet on October 28, 2019, 06:47:34 pm
I have a question for anyone who has used a leather arm binder / sleeve before.  I recently purchased one for the first time. 
But after a couple of uses, I have noticed that every time after only a few short minutes, I start to get the 'pins and needles' feeling before losing feeling in my hands/fingers.  It does not have to be fully tightened, even though that is how I prefer it.  Is this considered normal as I've watched many videos of others wearing them for much longer periods than I am without showing any discomfort?
I have attached a pic (not of me) so that you are able to see an example of the type I have.  It is first zipped and then laced up.
I hope that some of you might have an idea as to if this is normal and I just need to regulate the length of time wearing it or if I just need to forgo its use to prevent injury.
Title: Re: Leather Arm Binder concerns
Post by: Steve Spandex on October 28, 2019, 07:25:50 pm
Pins and needles is definitely NOT normal, and losing the feeling in your fingers (or toes) is certainly cause for concern, whatever type of bondage you're in. You need to be ultra careful with circulation, as anything too tight can lead to deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms, which are extremely nasty conditions and can, in severe cases, prove fatal.

Sorry to put a dampener on your fun, but health considerations should always comes first.
Title: Re: Leather Arm Binder concerns
Post by: TeaSer on November 03, 2019, 11:14:15 pm
Hi unajet

I fully agree with Steve, that no bondage should cause pins and needles and especially not loss of feeling.

Question is why you experience this. I assume you do have a partner putting this device on you? You may play around with just holding the arms in the same position - try to estimate what causes the problems. One reason could be lacking flexibility - which can be trained by slowly pushing the arms in the right position letting you relax while it's done. You might feel a strain and then at some point a relief - that's when the actual muscle-stretching happens.

Another problem could be that you turn your arms in some bad way - hence causing nerves to get pressed. This could again be caused by too tight muscles as you try to gain the desired position even if you're not fully ready.

One way to do stretching is simply to hold out an arm and walk through a door - let the door force your arm towards the back. This should stretch the muscles passing under your breasts. Do the exercise holding the arm in different heights.

As Steve suggested be aware and respectful to your body! Make sure you don't push yourself into some unsafe position just because you saw pictures which are indeed very sexy.

Did you ever have your partner tie your hands round a pole? Do have a look at ( to see what I mean - the pole can have different sizes (a nice walk in a wood....) to let you experience the bondage without straining the arms too much. And if you're using cuffs it's even easier (and faster to release).

Good luck
Title: Re: Leather Arm Binder concerns
Post by: Unajet on November 13, 2019, 03:30:18 am
Thanks for the tips.  Yes, my partner does secure the binder onto me.  I've tried looser and tighter, but still have the same effect.  I've always had colder hands which might be from low blood circulation so I've considered that this might also be a cause for the pins and needles.
I've considered trying to stretch my arms either using some kind of yoga/tai-chi moves.  If I notice this working, I'll give an update.  I'll also let my partner know when/if I feel the problem starting again and shorten its usage.  Thanks for your concerns.