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Title: Coastal View by The Payee
Post by: Gromet on August 22, 2019, 11:28:14 AM
You can view the story here on the plaza:
Solo-M; outdoors; cd; fem; dress; chain; ice-release; handcuffs; stuck; discovery; hide; cons; X

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Thanks  ;)
Title: Re: Coastal View by The Payee
Post by: MaxRoper on September 15, 2019, 08:03:40 PM
Excellent story, well written and enjoyable. This feels like a true story. I wonder if you stayed another night? Went somewhere else? Went home? Did you ever find out who the voices were?

I'm gonna go see if you've written anything else. Thanks for posting!
Title: Re: Coastal View by The Payee
Post by: The Payee on February 26, 2020, 01:39:23 AM
I didn't stay.
After my haunting night and having someone go thru my bag, I was afraid to stay camped where I was.  I hooked up the truck and loaded the camper and pulled out headed south on the narrow road along the ocean.  I left the wireless backup camera mounted on the trailer turned on so I could easily watch who was following me. I was suspicious of everyone, but one by one cars turned off and joined the line behind me. I turned on a small road that I knew went to the turnpike and only two cars followed me. This was a shortcut to the northbound turnpike so I went south. The two cars went north. I gave a sigh of relief but way back I saw another car head south. I drove slowly towing the camper trailer but the car did not pass me. I pulled into the first rest area and used the bathroom. The white car went by. Relieved in two ways, I headed south at highway speed. A mile or so later I saw the white car in a maintenance turnout. I could not see him/her pull out but I was now sure I was being followed.
I took the next exit and got right back on northbound. I could not see the white car so I was still frightened and headed north as fast as I dared. I stopped in the northbound rest area and pulled way out in the back between two trailer trucks and watched. The white car arrived 2 or 3 minutes behind me and parked in the front. Now I was near panic. I walked around the trailer, tested the hitch and safety chains and wondered what to do. A big rig pulled in behind me and the driver was doing his paperwork. He finally got out and asked me if I was okay. I explained that I thought I was being followed. He smiled and said “of course you are!” he asked if I was getting a divorce or something and I said no. Then he took me behind the trailer and showed me a little wire thing. That is an antenna for one of those GPS tracker things.   He left and went inside. I looked under the bumper and came to a small box attached to the frame.  I was looking for screws that held it on when I moved it. It was magnetic! I pulled it off and was going to throw it away but on my way to the trash I passed a truck from Canada. The light bulb went off in my head. I slapped the magnet on the truck frame and let the wire hang out. Then I got in my truck and waited. When the truck pulled out, I followed him. The white car stayed way behind but eventually followed.  I followed the truck until I saw him gaining on another truck as we neared an exit. I passed the Canadian truck and he pulled  out behind me blocking the view of the white car. I took the exit blocked from view by the truck we had passed. I watched the white car drive out of sight following the truck to Canada! I turned around and headed south, but I decided that I95 was the wrong place to be. If the white car figured out that he had been tricked, he could easily catch me on the interstate. I headed down state routes. It was slower, but I was on vacation and my plans were now in disarray so I was in no hurry.
Title: Re: Coastal View by The Payee
Post by: MaxRoper on March 02, 2020, 06:43:24 PM
Wow! Quite an adventure. I wonder what the occupant(s) of the white car had in mind for you...
Title: Re: Coastal View by The Payee
Post by: The Payee on March 05, 2020, 01:14:08 AM
I will never know, but I probably don't want to!