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Title: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 17, 2018, 11:01:32 AM
Pink Is For Girls  by DumpsterSlut and PolytheneWrappedMe
Solo-F, dumpster, bag, hide, caught, M/f, tied, gagged, bagged, left, collection, garbage truck, mast, compactor, recycling centre, process, conveyor belts, rescue, erotic.  Cons/reluctant XX

Tony could never understand his girlfriend, Hannah. She was submissive by nature and he did not mind tying her up, and gagging her.

The truth was it allowed her mind to think of herself as an object, and to have no say in what he did to her. It was as if her strict upbringing would not allow her to enjoy orgasms. Nice girls don't, the Convent Mother Superior had told her once, when she had been caught playing with herself. Left outside naked, and humiliated so that other girls could laugh at her; it had been enforced at an early age for nice girls not to.

But she could not help herself. She loved the high her orgasms gave her. Hannah knew playing with herself was sinful; but if she had no control, it was not her fault she kept having them.

Hannah also had a bit of a polythene fetish. She had not known this at first. But whilst putting the trash out in the Convent as a young girl, the heavy trash bag, had rubbed against her naked leg, as she pulled it out of the bin, and dragged it to the dumpster.

As time went on, she got to imagine how she might feel sealed in polythene, and dragged to a dumpster. It would get her out of those nasty sports lessons with that bitch of a teacher, Sister Rosa.

Now years later, those same feelings she had as a young girl, flooded back to Hannah. Tony was her first boyfriend, and like all girls (and all boys, for that matter), she had worried whether he truly loved her. After all, who loves trash? Hannah said to herself that she must be trash, since she had these strong and powerful desires, and she had always been told it was naughty.

One morning, Hannah woke to the sound of the garbage truck. Blurry-eyed she went over to the bedroom window and peered out into the semi-darkness of the street outside. She could see the massive lorry coming down the street, pausing to stop briefly at the houses, to pick up the pink bags of recyclable waste and black bags for general trash.

It was a split packer, rear loader. A smaller compartment for recyclables and a larger one for general trash. The men grabbed the trash bags placed by the residents at the kerb, and they were flung inside the garbage truck. The truck would make several stops, until the rear hoppers were quite full, before one operator would start the compactor, and the hopper contents would disappear inside the truck.

One of the garbage collectors looked up at her bedroom window, and Hannah darted back behind the bedroom curtains, afraid she had been seen looking out at them, for her right hand was between her legs, softly caressing her love button, which was already rather wet.

Tony awoke. "Come back to bed, love" he called to Hannah. "What are you doing up at this hour, it is still dark outside?"

"Nothing" replied Hannah, red-faced. She wondered if Tony had seen her touching herself as she looked out of the window. How would she explain that, if he asked? She realized she had better not do it again, or else he might get suspicious.

Hannah climbed back into bed, and laid there as motionless as she could whilst dreaming of being trash. Once she was sure Tony was sleeping, her hands wandered down her body again. She juddered and gasped when her orgasm hit, and this woke Tony again.

"Are you having a restless night, hun?" he asked.

"No, just struggling to sleep," she replied with a half-truth.

As her trash fantasy grew, Hannah found herself looking at garbage trucks more closely. She would go during her office lunch break to seek out dumpsters and peer into them, visualizing being inside one herself.

One dumpster she found she kept an eye on all week. She noted the trash collection day, when a front loader would lift the dumpster off the ground, and upend it over a hatch in the truck's roof, where the trash simply tumbled inside. Wow she thought. If I was inside a dumpster, the garbage man would not even see me fall inside his truck!

Making sure she avoided pick up day, for she did not want to be killed, Hannah would often hide inside her favourite dumpster. She would bring a sports bag filled with large shiny, black polythene bags, and once inside she would strip naked, just like she had been made to do at the Convent, and put her clothes into the sports bag. Then she would climb inside the trash bags and pretend she was just part of the dumpster's contents.

At first, the smell repulsed her, but the way she figured, trash does not chose where it goes. So in she went!

Feeling the polythene all around her was the best sensual thing she had experienced against her skin. It felt wonderful.

After pleasuring herself, whilst bagged inside the dumpster, she would climb out of the trash bags, and leave them all hot and sweaty with the rest of the trash, and she would recover her sports bag, and dress back into her day clothes.

Then back at the office, Hannah would use the showers, and wash all evidence of her body scent and her trash odour away down the plug hole. No one even seemed to notice she had been gone.

Each day, this became Hannah's new routine. She'd never had such sexy lunchtimes!

But one day, as she was laying bagged inside her dumpster, someone came to dump trash. Lots of it, and right on top of her.

She tried to remain as quiet as she could, for the last thing she wanted was to be caught half-naked playing with herself inside a garbage dumpster with all the bagged waste. However, one heavy bag landed right on her face, and she could not help crying out.

She had been found. And just like at the Convent, it was humiliating. The police were called. They wanted to charge her with trespassing and being naked in public. It was all in the newspapers and she lost her job.

Tony was furious. They needed two incomes to pay the bills. How were they to manage?!

"The way I see it, we only have enough money for one person to live here. You will have to go!" Tony barked.

Tony grabbed her, and bound and gagged her as normal. But then he grabbed a large pink polythene bag, used for the recyclable waste.

"You want to be trash?" Tony asked. "Well you are trash. This bag has air holes in it so it does not burst when crushed inside the garbage truck. I would not want you to suffocate and not enjoy your ride."

Hannah shook her head violently from side to side, protesting at the thought of being dumped this way.

"What is that?" Tony asked his gagged girlfriend, who was unable to speak for herself. "You probably think that pink bags are only for recyclable waste, and you know what, hunny? That's true. I don't want you anymore, but perhaps someone else would want to 'recycle' you into their girlfriend, so it is not right I put you in a black sack. Those items only go to the council's incinerator."

Hannah continued to shake her head in protest.

"But don't worry, hun. After all, pink is also for girls." Tony laughed, and the next poor Hannah knew she was bagged, taken downstairs, and carried out to the kerb for collection the next morning. Alongside her pink bag were several black bags.

Tony did not even say goodbye, for who talks to trash?

The garbage truck was late arriving the next morning, and it was starting to get light outside.

Hannah watched the garbage truck approach. Bound and gagged, she could neither move nor cry for help. But at least Tony was right, the air holes in the pink bag had allowed her to breathe.

Hannah noticed the driver of the garbage truck had no helpers with him today. He had to both load the trash and drive the truck. That, she realized, was why he was late. At least he will see her and save her. If he had arrived on time, it might have been too dark out for him to notice her.

When the garbage man moved the black bags next to Hannah and tossed them in the large hopper for general waste, he saw Hannah, sitting there bound and gagged, bagged up in her pink recycling bag.

"What have we here?" teased the garbage man. "Recycling waste?"

Hannah shook her head to confirm she was not.

"Well someone clearly thought you were when they bagged you like this! I am sorry, I have to collect every bag I see, it is in my contract. I could get fined if I miss a bag."  He said.

Hannah tried to thrash about, but her bonds were too tight.

The garbage man lifted Hannah up in his big strong arms and carried her to his truck. He gently placed her in the small hopper for recyclables, then went around to get into the cab of the truck, and drove off.

Hannah could not believe it. He had actually collected her as recycled waste and now she was sitting in the hopper of a rear loader garbage truck, taken away with the trash. At least he had not compacted the waste.

Hannah's struggles had managed to free her bound arms, and she placed her right hand between her legs and her left hand on her breasts as she began to rub both. All night long she had pictured this moment and now it had arrived. After eight long hours sitting by the kerb, with the bagged waste, her sexual frustration at the anticipation of the arrival of the garbage truck was just too strong and she realized that she suddenly cared more about her enjoyment than about escape.

Unknown to Hannah, the garbage truck driver could see her wriggle and move, as she caressed herself inside her pink recycle bag, on the CCTV camera that was above each hopper.

How strong he must be, Hannah thought, he lifted me as though I was as light as a feather. Now he has put me where I want to be, in the hopper of his garbage truck.

The garbage truck driver had thought he had witnessed most things in life, but this was a first! Who could have imagined that he would ever see a girl getting off in the hopper of his truck?

He stopped the truck, picked up several more bags, and walked to the rear of the truck.

Hannah stopped playing with herself as soon as she saw him.

"Well you are obviously enjoying your ride, miss," he said.

Hannah blushed.

"Here. Have some more bags!" he said as if he was being helpful, to aid her trashcan fantasy. He threw a few pink bags on top of her, got back into his cab, and drove the truck onward again.

Hannah realised he was playing along with her fantasy. How sweet, she thought, someone actually understands me.

"Oh I am being dumped with the trash in a garbage truck," Hannah said to herself "Oh no. I am being buried alive." she pretended to complain. This was like the dumpster only 100 times more frightening and exciting. What would he do with her? Her mind raced, and her heart skipped a beat.

On the screen in the cab, he could see Hannah in the hopper, and he witnessed her orgasm. It was almost impossible for him to carry on his duties with a sexy babe like that in his truck. He longed to make her, his.

He stopped the truck again, operated a switch on the side of the truck, and went to grab some more trash bags.

He dumped some black bags in the large hopper for general waste and some more pink bags in the small recycle hopper. The hoppers were was getting quite full.

Underneath the bags, Hannah was having a whale of a time. She had already had one powerful orgasm, and was well on her way to her second when the next lot of bags hit her. However he said a few words which left her horrified.

"I have set the packer on its softest setting." Then without any further warning, the packer descended and scooped her up, along with the other pink bags. She found herself squashed into his truck.

"I am sorry," he said speaking into the empty recycling hopper that had contained Hannah, "I could not fit any more bags into the hopper, and by the look of things you might enjoy the rest of your trip in there anyway."

Hannah had no idea what he meant. Half of her wanted to kill him for compacting her as trash, but the other half wanted to thank him for the packer had indeed been gentle and, to her surprise, nothing had broken. Hannah was sure if he had not done so, she would be dead by now. Perhaps he did want to save her after all.

For hours and hours, Hannah rode inside his truck, being pushed back further and further inside.

It was not long, before her second orgasm hit, measuring 9.9 on the Richter Scale, as her world was well and truly rocked to its foundations. The tight enclosure, being bagged in polythene, being treated as trash, and being part of the contents of his truck, was all she now desired. She hardly cared what would happen to her once the truck reached its destination.

Hannah imagined the people walking by the truck, oblivious to her plight. They would not know she was in there, and as they heard its hydraulics keep squashing her ever tighter, none of them would care. To them, she was just trash.

Hannah was dripping in sweat, from her powerful orgasms. At least in here no one could see her play with herself, she thought. She was free to do whatever she liked, and she liked this a lot !

The truck finished its route and then went on a long drive to the Materials Recovery Facility. Once there, the truck driver opened the rear tailgate of his garbage truck and the ejector plate pushed Hannah and the rest of the recycle trash out the back. Hannah fell onto the Tipping Floor, just one pink bag among thousands of identical ones.

Before the driver could rescue Hannah, a large tipper truck, scooped her bag up and dropped her onto a conveyor belt to be sorted! The driver was horrified, but before he could think of anything to do or say, it was too late. Hannah was whisked away, and no one noticed her as she fell inside a rotating trammel and sharp spikes tore open her bag so she could be processed.

The other bags were all ripped open too, and Hannah found herself rotating in a large steel drum. She banged her head, arms, and legs as she tumbled around. The machine did not know she was human. The machine was not required to think, it was only required to sort.

Small items fell through holes, but none were human sized, so Hannah continued her journey.

Onto another conveyor belt she fell, and she was passed under a belt of electro-magnets which caused all the tin cans with her to stick to it and be taken away. Hannah was not made of steel, so she remained on the conveyor belt.

Next an eddy current removed all the aluminium cans, and Hannah narrowly missed having one hit her in her face as it flew through the air and was collected by the machinery.

Then Hannah bounced over paddles and cold air was blown over her naked body, chilling her and making her nipples stand erect, as she shivered. This removed all the waste paper.

Lastly all the plastic bottles fell into hoppers, leaving just Hannah and a few other oversized recyclables naked and still on the conveyor belt.

It was lucky really that the machinery had not thought she was steel, aluminium, paper or plastic, for each of these waste streams ended up being sent to separate bailers that would have squashed Hannah to death before binding her in a bale, destined for a factory to be made into some sort of newly recycled products.

Instead, Hannah was delivered to the sorting room and into the safe strong arms of her garbage truck driver.

"I think we had better get you home miss", he said to a much-relieved Hannah. "Afterwards, I can run you a hot, soapy bath for you to relax in."

As he offered Hannah his coat to hide her nakedness, he whispered to her "I hope you enjoyed your ride. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship of trash collection and compaction. Did I tell you, I enjoy giving oral sex?"

Hannah blushed, embarrassed and excited. In truth, she was starting to wish that Tony had dumped her years ago, if this was to be her new future! She couldn't imagine what the truck driver might have in store for her, but at this point, she didn't care. She was his recycled trash to do with as he pleased, maybe even if he were to someday decide to put her out with the black bags of regular trash.

But until then, it was like her ex-boyfriend Tony had said... pink is for girls.


This story was inspired by these two videos :-

Although, I changed the sequence so that the ride was longer.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 17, 2018, 10:33:11 PM
this was a cool story thanks for making it you two
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 17, 2018, 11:03:57 PM
Glad you liked it. Thanks for posting your kind feedback.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: DumpsterSlut on October 18, 2018, 01:59:48 AM
Many thanks again for the story, PolytheneWrappedMe! In all fairness, this one should really be credited mostly to you. All I did was make some slight revisions... and get bound up in the trash, of course! ;) Here's looking forward to next time...
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 18, 2018, 11:22:37 AM
My pleasure DumpsterSlut !

Thank you for the inspiration and for your help. You are very kind.

I'll have a think about a possible Part 2.

Please feel free to send me a message to tell me what you desire. I would love to make all Hannah's dreams come true.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 18, 2018, 12:45:20 PM
id love to see more of hannah too and what her new speacial one will do with her
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 18, 2018, 01:51:26 PM
Part 2 written, and sent for "approval".

I might have to write a Part 3 or even a Part 4.

It depends on how well the Plaza audience likes the story so far.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 18, 2018, 02:14:54 PM
yay can't wait to read it you two if you wanna you can make a large story about me too
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: malus_infantia on October 18, 2018, 02:28:06 PM
Another fine addition to the pile of trashcan tales. You two work well together - and I quite enjoyed it (even though it had a happy ending =P ).
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 18, 2018, 03:52:23 PM
Hi Trash Girl.

I am not splitting up your story partnership with your co-author Fordman.

Whilst I am sure you are very nice. DumpsterSlut is the girl for me.


Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 18, 2018, 03:59:31 PM
Hi Malus_Infantia,

Thanks for posting your kind feedback. I am glad you enjoyed the story.

I could not possibly spoil the surprise by telling you how the story ends. Firstly, I have not written it yet, so even I don't know how it ends. Secondly it may be happy (I know Trash Girl likes happy endings), it may be more final (I like, yourself, prefer a "true-life" ending, as it adds realism) and others might prefer an open ending so they can make their own choice.

I will let DumpsterSlut chose, as she is my inspiration.

Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: malus_infantia on October 18, 2018, 04:06:41 PM
Oh - for sure ^.^

The "happy ending" comment was me just being cheeky, and was in no way intended as a criticism of the work. Nor was it intended as me trying to insert my preferences into how the tale unfolds, as authors, your vision is really the only one that matters. Regardless of where you two go with it - I will be happy to read it.

Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 18, 2018, 04:44:43 PM
PolytheneWrappedMe i understand that but im saying if you wanna use me as a charcter you can
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 18, 2018, 06:58:10 PM
Thanks Malus_Infantia.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 18, 2018, 06:58:43 PM
Cheers for the offer, Trash Girl.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 18, 2018, 06:59:27 PM
your welcome
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: DumpsterSlut on October 19, 2018, 01:50:12 AM
Thank you for the kind words everybody! PolytheneWrappedMe has sent me the second part, and I think it's lovely. You should all be seeing it here soon. :)

And Malus, just because part one has a happy ending, doesn't mean that every part has to! Though as far as I'm concerned, no matter what happens in the end, I for one will certainly be happy with it.

And don't worry Trash Girl, I think you'll be seeing plenty more of me around here. I don't plan on going away anytime soon, no matter what might happen to Hannah.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 19, 2018, 06:06:20 AM
Pink is for Girls (Part 2) - By DumpsterSlut and PolytheneWrappedMe
Mf, taken, confessions, bathed, oral, erotic, Cons XX

The garbage truck driver took Hannah to his home.

Hannah sat in the front passenger seat of his garbage truck. It was certainly a more comfortable ride than being squashed in the rear with the recycle waste, and it smelled better too. She smiled to herself, remembering how naughty she had been back there.

"I had better introduce myself," said the garbage truck driver. "I am David."

"I am Hannah," replied Hannah.

"So tell me" said David "Why were you bagged with the recycle waste?"

"Oh, I had a falling out with my boyfriend Tony, after I was caught masturbating bagged inside a public dumpster," she confessed.

David almost choked on hearing her revelation. "Wow" was all he could reply.

There was an uneasy silence, for a short moment while Hannah's confession sunk in.

Hannah blushed and looked around the cab, not wanting to meet David's eyes for she felt ashamed.

Around the same time Hannah spotted the CCTV camera screen showing the view of both rear hoppers, David spoke.

"That will explain the fun time you were having in the hopper" David said, as if that made Hannah feel less embarrassed. Dumb David.

"I see you watched the whole thing on CCTV" said Hannah, pointing to the CCTV screens. "Did you enjoy watching me?"

Now it was David's turn to blush. "To be honest Hannah, I could hardly steer the truck in a straight line, with only one hand on the steering wheel."

Hannah could guess where David's other hand had been, whilst he was watching her bagged in his recycle hopper, playing with herself.

"I am glad we both enjoyed it" said Hannah. "We seem quite well suited".

"It is not usual for me" said David "I am actually quite shy, and I normally let the girl be dominant. I like to please her."

"Yes, you hinted you liked giving oral sex, when you put your coat around me." she said.

Soon the garbage truck arrived back at the council depot, and the two of them transferred to David's car. As David held the car door open for Hannah, she smiled at how gallant he was. Then she noticed him admiring her figure underneath his coat that she was loosely wearing. David's piercing green eyes liked what he saw.

"I don't live far," said David. "We will be home soon, and I can run you that hot soapy bath I promised."

"I hope you will help me to wash, as my arms are a bit stiff from being bound for eight hours in the pink bag by the kerb, and then squashed by the truck's packer." said Hannah. Then she added suggestively, "Afterwards you can do whatever you want."

"What was it like being compacted?" asked David, with genuine concern for her well-being.

"The best thing I have ever experienced!"  replied Hannah, excited at the thought. "As soon as the packer descended over me and the other pink bags, I laid back against the hopper as far as I could, so it missed slicing me into two. I was petrified to move, but it just gently but swiftly scooped me up. I must admit, my next orgasm hit at that point, as I watched it engulf me and all went dark inside. Then it firmly pushed the other pink bags that were laying on top of me, into me, and I became the filling in a pile of pink recycle bags as I was pushed inside the truck's tight confines. I worried whether I could breathe, but there was room and the packer plate has a gap between it and the hopper wall, so air could get in. I made sure I kept this gap in sight during the journey. As more and more bags came in, I got pushed further inside. It was very erotic. I must have orgasmed ten times. How long was I in there?"

"Five hours" replied David. Wow, thought Hannah. What an achievement and the time flew passed.

"I think I would prefer being inside the larger hopper, next time," confessed Hannah, "it would be less cramped."

"Next time!?" asked David.

"Oh yes! I want to experience your garbage truck more than once," replied Hannah.

David found her blunt honesty most refreshing. Hannah seemed to be at easy telling him her darkest desires, and David admired her for that.

"But the black bag waste could have nasty things in it" David said concerned for her safety. "People put all kinds of non-recyclable waste in there. Sharp objects that could injure, used nappies and diapers which are filthy. I would have no control over what goes in with you."

"I realise that, David" said Hannah, "And I thank you for your concern, but trash does not get to chose what accompanies it".

David was unconvinced this was a good idea.

"What's more," continued David "the black bag waste gets unloaded at the incinerator. I was not able to stop you being scooped up by the tipper driver, when he loaded you with the recycling to be processed. I would hate for you to be burnt alive".

Hannah pondered his words of wisdom. Would there be a safer way, or would she have to go the whole way to continue her fantasy, even if it meant an one-way journey?

David's car arrived outside his house. "Here we are." David announced to his new, mostly naked guest.

The two of them entered David's home. "It is not much," said David, "but it is home".

Hannah was quite impressed. To have a large four bedroom house in London must cost a fortune.

David ran a bath for Hannah. "Here you are."

Hannah climbed in the bath, and the warm soapy water eased her bruised and aching muscles. The journey being compacted in a garbage truck and then mechanically sorted at the recycling centre had been fun, but it left her black and blue all over.

"Please join me, David," she said.

David reached for a soft sponge and soaped it, until soap bubbles ran down his arms. He gently rubbed the backs of her shoulders and down her back. It felt wonderful. She admired the way he was gentle with her, and she could feel he genuinely liked her.  Her ex-boyfriend Tony, had only played rough sex games with her, and this was a different style of care, and she admitted that she liked being this pampered.

David continued to soap her back with the soft sponge, and Hannah turned her body around to face him. "My front needs cleaning too," she purred. "Only don't use the sponge for these bits."

David dropped the sponge in the bath water, and soaped his hands instead. He placed his soapy hands on her shoulders and worked his way down to her breasts, which he caressed softly but firmly. It produced a bulge on him, and her tits too become erect too.

Hannah raised her arms so he could wash them too. Her body was getting quite slippery with soap.

Hannah just stood there letting his soapy hands wander wherever they liked. It was clear to Hannah, that David enjoyed giving lots of foreplay, for no one had ever taken such care and time over her.

Next David soaped her legs, and caressed her thighs. Hannah wondered what David preferred, her breasts or her thighs. As she thought this, her question was answered, as if David could read her mind.

He knelt down in the bath tub, and grabbing her buttocks, he pulled her towards his face.

"But you have not washed down there," Hannah panicked, for she knew that after repeated pleasuring herself, she must be covered in her love juices.

"I always use my tongue, on the delicate bits" reassured David "And you need not worry, I love your taste".

David inserted his tongue deeper between her thighs, and she stood her legs further apart so he could access her better.

David pulled harder on her buttocks, so he could stick his face and tongue even deeper. It was as if she was being eaten by a hungry animal that would not stop.

Hannah found her mind wandering to the devoured stories she had read on the Plaza, as she concentrated on the feeling his tongue was giving her as he lapped up all her dried on juices. He was definitely a passionate lover, and he desired her like she had never been desired before.

His tongue inched passed her labia, and up towards her waiting love button. He was indeed a skillful lover and one who knew a female's anatomy like the back of his own hand. Hannah smiled as she thought, even if David had been born a girl, he could not know where to please her better than he was doing right now!

Within moments of circling her love button in soft, wet, figures of eight, her head was spinning.

When she came, her knees gave way, and she sunk to kneeling in the bath tub, and the same height as David. She kissed him hard on the lips, that only seconds before had been giving her pleasure.

They never made it to the bedroom. He stood up, and helped her up also. Then he lifted her up in his big strong arms and hitched her onto his hips, as he took her deep, whilst in a standing position.

David was so passionate for her. She knew he would do anything she asked.

All she had to figure, was how to persuade him to bag her in the black bag waste.

For she did not feel worthy of such devotion.

However, David had fallen in love. For what Hannah did not know was, in his eyes, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Unlike Tony, David loved all of her.

Hannah had indeed been recycled.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 19, 2018, 06:07:31 AM
There could well be a Part 3, or Part 4.

I shall have to see what DumpsterSlut wants next.

Her every wish and desire is my command.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: malus_infantia on October 19, 2018, 03:37:29 PM
That was super satisfying. I enjoyed David and Hannah getting fleshed out, and you've left it on a great note for future adventures.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 19, 2018, 03:57:37 PM
wow just wow i hope to see more of this it's brilliant polythen and dumpsterslut this is super good
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 19, 2018, 04:27:19 PM
Hi Malus_Infantia,

Many thanks for posting such superbly kind feedback. I am glad you enjoyed Part 2, so much. Thanks for writing and saying so.

We are already discussing options for a Part 3, in view of the fact it has proved popular.

Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 19, 2018, 04:33:00 PM
Hi Trash Girl,

Equally big thanks to you, for posting your kind feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it so.

We wanted to introduce something more erotic into this trashcan story, as Hannah and David explore their passions together.

DumpsterSlut has been such an inspiration, she should take all the credit.

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Thank you again so much for this story, PolytheneWrappedMe. When Hannah got trashed I don't think she'd had any idea that she would end up in the arms of such a wonderful, sensual man.
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Thank you very much DumpsterSlut. I always aim to please a girl.
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Here is Part 3 !

Pink is for Girls (Part 3)
MF, sexual, M/f, bagging and wrapping, garbage truck, compaction, dumping, waste transfer station, accident, chute, holding pen, conveyor belt, fear, rescue Cons XX

After their clean up, their passion knew no limits.

By now the bath water was getting rather cold, but that mattered not as David continued to explore Hannah's sexy body. He liked girls with some curves, and her curves aroused him again quickly.

"Now for your next orgasm, what shall we do?" teased David.

"I want more!" Hannah almost screamed. Her ex-boyfriend just used to penetrate her and roll over asleep when his job was done. David seemed to worship her body, and she did not want this to end so soon.

"What else can you do?" Hannah teased David back.

David began to massage her all over again. With each caress, her aches and pains from the being inside the garbage truck with the trash and getting processed with the recycle stuff were melting away.

Hannah and David become aroused once more.

This time, David felt a little bolder, and as he went down on her again, to Hannah's surprise, he inserted his right index finger deep into her love tunnel. Hannah moaned and bit her lip.

"Oh my!" she gasped.

Then David turned his hand over so that the soft underside of his finger, could stroke upwards in a 'come hither movement' as he made contact with the ridges of her G-Spot. At the same time, David skillfully continued to kiss the tops of her thighs, gently teasing her pussy lips with his soft mouth, and reaching his tongue for her clit a second time.

It was not long afterwards, Hannah squirted her love juices into David's waiting face. Hannah had never experienced female ejaculation before, and she was at first worried she might have peed herself.

David laughed as she shared her concern.

"Its alright, you can pee if you want to," David said, hinting that he wanted her to give him a golden shower.

Hannah relaxed and let it flow.

David enjoyed feeling her body hot fluid drench him, as it trickled all over his body. It was a good thing they were still in the bath tub, or there would have been a lot of cleaning up to do.

Wow that had been one hell of an adventure, and they had not even finished washing and got to the bedroom.

The two cleaned themselves and got out of the stone cold water.

Hannah shivered.

"I know just how to warm you up," said David, putting an immediate twinkle in her eyes as she wondered what else was in store for her.

David led Hannah to his bedroom and laid her on his bed. It had been a long time since any girl had laid there.

David went to a cupboard, and brought out a massive pile of 1100 litre shiny, black polythene bags, the type meant for large commercial bins. As David unfolded the bag, it seemed to Hannah to be never-ending, as David unfolded it, this way and that, to reveal a bag nearly 6' 6" (2 metres) long.

Hannah was amazed, for she had never seen a trash bag that large, it was truly huge.

"It can hold 242 gallons" David said "Easily big enough to swallow humans whole! Want to try?"

"YES PLEASE!!" said Hannah most enthusiastically.

"And they say size is not important," David sniggered.

Hannah lifted her legs off the mattress so David could slide the mouth of the bag up her legs.

The black polythene was of industrial strength, and it felt so heavenly against her skin.

Past her ankles the plastic "monster" slid up her legs. Hannah had read some Devoured Stories on the Plaza, and as David pulled the bag ever higher up her naked curves, it did indeed seem like she was being swallowed whole.

"Ohh, this feels so good David," Hannah cooed. She could not believe her love tunnel was already getting wet again, when she had only just finished playing a short time ago.

David reached her naked bum, which he held aloft to pass the bag underneath her. His strong arms lifting her with ease, as she continued entering the massive commercial bin liner, inch by inch.

Hannah wriggled some more, and it was now passed her torso and up to her neck, and her feet had not reached the bottom of the bag yet.

Oh my god, Hannah thought, it is going to eat me whole!

As David pulled the bag past her head, Hannah found herself in darkness, the black polythene was that opaque!

Unlike the pink bag that Tony had put her in, Hannah could no longer see out.

Hannah smelled the intoxicating new plastic smell that became more and more potent the hotter the polythene warmed up to the heat of her body. If she had been shrunk, she smiled to herself, this is the view that normal sized trash would get to see in a normal sized trash bag. Hannah was amazed by how easily she fit completely inside. "I am just a piece of trash now," Hannah whispered to herself. She did worry slightly. Could she trust David? After all they had only just met ?

But any doubts soon vanished as, to her surprise, he started gently stroking her naked body, through the thick industrial strength shiny black polythene. It almost did not feel right. Should trash enjoy such intense feelings as it is being trashed?

Then David started licking the outside of the bag, and his able tongue was forcing the smooth polythene against her clit once more. No one had ever given Hannah oral this way before. Was there no end to his talents?

"Oh no, not in a trash bag" Hannah faintly said to herself, as if she only half-heartedly wanted him to stop. "Oh David. you are turning me on again!"

Through the thick polythene that covered every inch of her, Hannah was being "processed" by something far more pleasurable than she could have dreamed.

"Oh no, trash should not feel this," Hannah quietly muttered, not that David took her inaudible pleas seriously. He knew Hannah's mind was deep in her own trashcan fantasy.

Not long after, Hannah came to yet another powerful orgasm, and literally saw stars, as she almost blacked out from the passion.

Inside the massive bag, it was red hot, and she dripped with sweat and cum. David helped her free. "So much for the bath, David" she mockingly teased, "I need another wash."

"That can be arranged," replied David.

"No! I am only kidding. I have to stop, or I won't be able to walk tomorrow." Hannah was almost too tired to carry on.

"That is okay, I can carry you to the dumpster just as you are! I am working a front loader tomorrow." David winked at her.

"Oh David," she sighed "Where have you been all my life?"

The two of them snuggled contentedly on the bed, and fell asleep.

The next morning they woke at 3am.

"I have to get to the council depot, to pick up the front loader", said David waking Hannah at this ungodly hour. "Come on, rise and shine sleepyhead, or you'll be late for your dumpster".

It is amazing what words will rouse (and arouse!) a sleeping babe.

David got dressed and carried Hannah downstairs, still bagged in her 1100 litre black bin liner.

Hannah noticed that the strong scent of the black polythene had transferred to her own skin, having laid there half the night, and now she, herself, smelled as if she was made of shiny black polythene. Umm, she inhaled the scent deeply.

David explained that he knew a full dumpster, which often had a half empty one next to it. Both would be filled of restaurant food waste. Nice and soft. (Hopefully not too many broken plates and drinking glasses!). He would have a full crew with him today, so he told Hannah it was important that she remained totally quiet and totally still as they moved her dumpster to the prongs of his front loader garbage truck. With luck they would empty the full dumpster first, so Hannah would have something soft to land on. But as he would place her in the top of a half-full dumpster, as it would be emptied, she would be buried underneath the bags she would have laid on. All being well, the plan was she would land on top of the full dumpster's contents, and then be buried alive under the remaining bags in the half-full dumpster.

Again, David would select a soft pack, so Hannah could survive.

Hannah already liked his plan!

Then David explained further what she could look forward to, and anticipate. He would put her in the dumpster around 3.30am. Hannah would then have around 2 1/2 hours to enjoy herself before collection time. Once collected, the trash would stay in the truck for a further 4 hours, being repeatedly compacted. As Hannah was one of the first pick ups, she would be pushed towards the rear of the front loader and away from the sharp edges of the packer blade. Then David would drive the garbage truck alone, having dropped off the crew back at the council depot. Finally, he would take the full garbage truck containing Hannah to the Materials Recovery Facility she had already been processed in earlier. Only, as commercial waste was not sorted by the customer, the factory would have to sort her waste slightly differently.

Firstly, it was far more automated. Instead of being picked up by a tipper operator and loaded into the sorting machine like last time; the front loader trucks unloaded at the transfer pit. Basically, each truck would reverse to a large pit, which was more like a chute to funnel waste down. David would open the rear of the front loader, and Hannah would tumble out the back of his truck and fall into the pit, along with all the contents of a complete truck. But the pit contained a conveyor belt, so hopefully Hannah would be taken away on the conveyor belt before she would be buried alive under 20 tonnes of waste.

There were a number of unknown "maybes" and "hopefullys" in what Hannah heard. She knew that the slightest mistake or accident meant certain death.

"Are you sure you want this Hannah?!" asked David one final time.

"I only have two questions," said Hannah, surprisingly calm. "First, how do I know you will collect me and not some other front loader, which has not been set to give a soft compact? And second, assuming all goes well, how do I escape disposal?" she asked.

David said "Well the first is easy. Each driver has a schedule of what route their garbage truck will take. I have been assigned Route K today, on which your dumpster is my fourth pick up. It is important for each driver to know the assigned route as it takes great practice to get my large truck into some small alleyways, and I have to know which dumpsters to collect and which ones to leave. The second is more risky. In theory, you should arrive at the manual sorting room, where I shall be waiting for you. If not, you might end up in a recycling pen. If that happens, then I'm afraid you would get baled and crushed with the rest of the recyclables."

Hannah thought for a moment. Baled and crushed sounded nice, albeit a tad too permanent. But she had gone through before, so she was sure she would be all right again. And besides, the way he talked about "the rest of the recyclables" as if she was just another one herself was such a turn on.

"I agree" said Hannah.

"I thought that is what you would say," David replied.

"You know me so well, my Cunnilingus King!" Hannah said with a big grin on her face.

So under the cover of darkness, a bagged Hannah was taken by David's car to the dumpster, and Hannah was loaded inside.

Hannah landed softly on the smelly bags of food waste. So far, so good, Hannah thought. She was already wet and excited by David's plan. If all goes well, I really want to treat him to something nice, she dreamed.

Then Hannah settled down inside the dumpster and pretended to be bagged waste.

Three orgasms later, a hot and sweaty Hannah heard men talking as they wheeled the dumpster next to hers over to the garbage truck. That part of David's plan had also worked. She heard the steel arms of the front loader engage the dumpster, and the sound of the truck's hydraulics as it lifted it high and emptied it. She even heard the sound of the heavy bags hit the steel floor of the truck. These would give her a soft landing.

Hannah got more excited as she knew her dumpster was next. Her heart was pumping, adrenaline raising her blood pressure. She felt the men move her dumpster, and the steel arms of the front loader locked her dumpster in an 'embrace' that gave her no escape! The dumpster was lifted off the ground, and although she expected to fall, Hannah did not expect it to be so high and so far. Her stomach turned over, like being on a speeding car racing over a hump backed bridge and Hannah became weightless as she plummeted to earth.

Had she not remembered to stay quiet, she would have screamed her head off!

With a thud she landed on the soft bags already in the truck, and moments later the rest of her dumpster's contents rained down on her. Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud. Quite heavy, almost knocking Hannah quite senseless.

Then, with David at the controls, the soft pack commenced, and Hannah was pushed to the rear of his truck. All the bags were forced around Hannah, and these cushioned her against the sharp blade, like her being surrounded by soft pillows. Pillows made of black polythene.

For the next 4 hours, Hannah listened to dozens of dumpsters being loaded inside her truck, and their contents joining her on her adventure. Each time the packer was activated, it squashed Hannah's naked and bagged body ever tighter.

Soon it became impossible for Hannah to move at all. It was lucky her hands were already on her breast and her clit, in the position she loved best for self-pleasure.

Now it was no longer possible to remove her hands from that position. It was like she was forced to carry on. The accusing words of the Mother Superior when Hannah was young, rang through her mind. Who cares, she thought, laughing to herself. If only the Mother Superior could see her now. She would probably call me a Dumpster Slut!

The packing continued and the soft polythene "pillows" started to burst all around her, as the garbage truck was getting more full.

Soon poor Hannah was covered in foul-smelling sticky juices. It matted her hair and she was unable to move to wipe it off. She closed her eyes, and wished she had not looked out from inside her 1100 litre polythene sack, that David had given her for her own protection. (Yep, David forgot to warn her about that. But in David's defence, he had never seen what happens to the bagged trash as it is crushed.)

The ordeal lasted and lasted. Hannah started to worry if she would survive this. But she heard the truck go on a longer journey and she knew David would be driving to the council depot to drop his colleagues off, and drive alone to the Materials Recovery Facility.

Sure enough Hannah heard the reversing beepers of the truck, as David manoeuvred it towards the pit. Then Hannah heard the round tailgate of the truck unlock, and she was pushed out the rear, as nothing but part of the front loader's payload.

If the fall from the dumpster into the front loader had been a long way down, it was nothing compared to the pit !

But in seconds Hannah found herself bounced on the rubber conveyor belt and swiftly taken inside to be processed along with the trash.

Hannah loved the automation of the whole process. Unseen by humans, she was treated as trash and nothing more.

Some trash had become stuck to her now sticky body, and the sorting machine thought she and the trash sticking to her was one and the same piece of trash and down she fell into a holding pen, awaiting the next conveyor to the baling machine, that would shortly be squashing her into a cube tied up with steel bands. There was no way she would survive that, and Hannah knew it.

"Help!" she screamed, and screamed, but no one heard her cries. Instead more trash that had been sorted carried on raining down on her, as her holding pen started to fill!

"Help! Help! Help!" Hannah continued. "David where are you? I am down here in a holding pen along with waste paper!"

The paper grew heavier and heavier as more of it landed on top of poor Hannah.

Meanwhile, in the Manual Sorting Room, David was expecting to see Hannah appear at any moment. David waited and waited, but there was no sign of Hannah!

The paper was now half way up the holding pen that contained Hannah. Hannah hit the wire mesh walls of the metal box that contained her. It made a noise and hurt her hands, but still no one came to her rescue. With how automated the whole process was, there was no need for anybody to be near the holding pens.

David started to worry that something had gone horribly wrong with the plan. Where was Hannah?!

As the minutes continued to tick by, both David and Hannah realised the urgency of their tasks. Hannah had to be rescued, and David had to find her.

The waste paper in the holding pen was now almost to the top, with Hannah buried beneath.

Then Hannah heard a beeping sound of the alarm on the holding pen next to hers. The holding pen, with all the aluminium cans inside, opened up and emptied its contents out onto the conveyor belt. They were whisked along the belt, past Hannah's holding bin, and up a ramp. At the end of the ramp, they all fell down and down into the powerful baler.

A horrible screeching sound was heard as the cans where flattened and baled.

"Oh my god!!" cried a petrified Hannah, this will be my end!

David gave up waiting for Hannah and dashed to go and find her. The factory supervisor was most reluctant to let David enter the area where the holding pens were, as it was fully automated and dangerous. David argued the point fiercely, but all the time, the clock was ticking and running out for Hannah.

David arrived in the basement to witness the aluminium holding pen was empty and its contents now just a cube of mangled metal.  I just hope she was not in there, David sobbed.

The plastics holding pen filled next, and before a stunned David could move an inch, it was sent into the baler, and both he and Hannah heard the plastic bottles all crack, and split open as they were baled next. "Oh how am I supposed to find her?!" David cried aloud.

Then he saw her in the waste paper holding pen. But it was too late, it was already full and it now needed to be emptied and baled, just like the aluminium cans and the plastic bottles.

Hannah screamed as her holding pen opened and emptied its contents out onto the conveyor belt. Once again, she was getting swept away, buried in a pile of paper and destined for the baler. Along the conveyor she went, then up... up... up toward the opening of the baler!

Just in time, David saw a red emergency stop button, and he pressed it. The conveyor ground to a halt. Hannah was saved.

I don't know who was more relieved, Hannah or David!!

David's tears turned to tears of joy, and he sobbed uncontrollably, having convinced himself he would never see Hannah alive again.

"What took you so long!" said Hannah once David helped her off the conveyor.

"Just don't go there Hannah," David replied, still in shock, "you might be confined to bagged in my bedroom for some months after this!"

"Suits me" said Hannah with one of her naughty smiles. David could not be mad at her, for she knew how to get her own way with him.

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Thank you again for the story, PolytheneWrappedMe. I was really worried there when the other bins started emptying, knowing that mine would be next! ;) I'm so glad you were there in time to save me.
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i was so worrid to polythen i can bare see hannah killed in the garbage now that she has found love with dear david thay fit eachother so well
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I always try my best to please my girl.

Her every wish, is my desire.
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wait are your real names david and hannah ?  ???
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That's for just he and I to know, Trash Girl. ;)
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hihi okay winking naughty
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That would be telling Trash Girl.

And a gentlemen never tells.

I know lots of real names.

But I don't break confidences. If someone tells me to keep it private, I do.

You once told a friend your real name. But he never told anyone.
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Pink is for Girls (Part 4)
M/f, punishment, bagged, left, daydream, Solo-F, wheelie bin, accident, garbage truck, incinerator. XXX  Cons.

Even when David took Hannah back home, after Hannah's near-death experience, David was still livid.

He was livid mainly with himself for encouraging Hannah's trashcan fetish. It was clear, even limited trash play was too risky to continue.

David ran Hannah her usual soapy bath, for her to clean herself and relax her tired and sore muscles. But just when she expected more personal attention, like last time, David walked back into the bedroom too stressed to think.

"Aren't you going to soap me down ?" Hannah said, somewhat hurt. But she knew a line had been crossed. David would never, ever, want any harm to come to her. He simply had fallen madly in love, and if he could have wrapped her in soft cotton wool to keep her safe and free from hurt - he would have done. Not that Hannah had a cotton wool fetish, he was aware of !

"I've gone to think" said David. "You could have died tonight !"

"But it all worked out well, in the end" Hannah said to try to reassure David that no harm had been done. "And it was the most thrilling time, going through the automated process, just as trash. You know that is what I ultimately want."

"But you were nearly baled with the waste paper !" David replied.

Although David had never raised his voice to Hannah, she could tell David was upset and worried for her safety.

When Hannah finished her bath and came to bed, she was quite sheepish. She knew David loved her like no other.

"I meant what I said, that you would be confined to the bedroom." David said.

Hannah's eyes sparkled. How could it be a punishment if she would enjoy it ?

David went to the cupboard, and pulled out another 1100 litre commercial bin liner. Only this one looked quite thick and almost rigid.

"They use these bags, inside industrial waste compactors. They are guaranteed to be totally tear resistant." David told her.

Then he opened up the gigantic trash bag, that Hannah knew might be her "punishment cell" for the night. Maybe for longer, if David was that stressed.

Hannah heard it rustle and creak like only very thick polythene sheeting does, only this was a trash bag; and for worrying the shit out of David, it would be where she belonged....maybe.

David unfolded the massive industrial compactor bag, until it was flat and covered the entire double bed, they slept in.

Then David went to his tool box, and pulled out a sharp bradawl, like a carpenter might use to dig holes into wood; and Hannah was amazed to see this strong bloke really struggle to poke any holes in the polythene at all. David struggled bearing almost his full weight on the bradawl, yet only after much effort, and twisting and turning of the woodworking tool, did it finally pierce the polythene !

Several holes were made. These were to be Hannah's air holes.

It was quite clear to Hannah, that no amount of biting or ripping would get her out, and she submitted to her punishment.

"In you go, you naughty girl", David commanded Hannah. It was unusual for David to be so dominant, and Hannah rather liked this new side of David that she had not witnessed before.

Hannah obeyed him, for she could not wait to see what being inside this human-sized industrial strength compactor bag would feel like against her skin.

"You have enough air holes to breathe, but once I tie" the top of the bag closed, you won't be getting out, unless I cut the bag open and set you free. And I have not decided, if, or when, that will be." said David.

Hannah sat on her bum, legs folded, her knees pointing outwards, like a child would do sitting on the floor, only she was at the bottom of this shiny black trash bag, naked and looking upwards as she watched David draw all the sides of the bag together, and then he proceed to tie a knot in the top.

If trash could see itself being bagged, this is the view it would see, Hannah thought.

"Am I allowed to play with myself ?"  Hannah asked David, from within her trash bag. For she was unsure if her dominant master would permit his trash to enjoy "itself".

"I would have thought you were exhausted, but yes, you can." David replied. Not that Hannah would have had the self-control to refrain even if she been commanded not to do so. For Hannah loved being bagged as trash.

Hannah noticed the large bag's potent plastic smell, as before. This bag was truly opaque, and she could neither see out, nor David see in. All David could see was a human shaped trash bag that breathed slowly.

Then David saw her stroke the inside of the trash bag, with the palms of her hands as she immersed herself in this totally enclosed space. Hannah felt the smoothness of the polythene against her hands. Indeed, it covered her bum, her legs, her knees, her feet, her arms, her back, her neck and even the top of her head. There was hardly an inch of her skin that was not in direct contact with the shiny, smooth, thick polythene. It was like "this trash" made the bag full. And she knew only too well what happens to full trash bags. They get taken out !  Only these bags were meant to be crushed and compacted.

Although Hannah could breathe, it was getting misty and wet inside the polythene. Like she had become some smouldering, rotten food waste decaying whilst sealed in plastic.

Hannah did indeed feel like trash. Her hands wanted to play more, and as usual her left hand went for her breasts, which she caressed tenderly, whilst her right hand went for her love tunnel.

David watched Hannah, begin to enjoy herself. He loved to watch her. He loved to make her happy, too.

Once David had witnessed Hannah orgasm inside her trash bag; David spoke.

"Tomorrow I am taking the split packer, rear loader out for a spell of domestic waste collection", he said.

Hannah immediately stopped daydreaming, and listened intently to his words.

"I have been assigned to Route H. H for Hannah !" he teased.

This house is actually on Route H. Around 11 am, I shall be coming down the street. The lads will be wheeling the black bins (for general waste) and the green bins (for recycle waste). We are a bit different to where your ex, Tony lives. They still have bags, but this area, has already gone over to using wheelie bins.

Hannah remained silent, listening to his words.

"I shall leave you here, bagged, and safe inside the house. You can listen to the trash truck collect and empty the bins, knowing that I am driving the truck. You can imagine being collected as trash, from with the depths of your black trash bag. Then when I come home, I expect to find you hot and sweaty !"

"Ummm"  said the trash, trying its best not to speak.

Hannah did not even hear David go off to work at 3 am. She was however, fully awake and listening out for his truck, when it came.

As Hannah sat there, she pondered whether such a strong plastic bag would tear, even in the metal jaws of the garbage truck's compression unit. She was sure the air inside her bag would escape through the holes David had punctured, as it and her were squashed flat. After all, it was designed to survive going through a trash compactor, without splitting.

By the time David's garbage truck arrived, Hannah was already on her fifth orgasm. David had told her these 1100 litre bin liners were not cheap, so the way she figured it would be wrong of her not to enjoy them as much as possible. It was like she was getting her moneys' worth out of David's generosity. Hannah had no intention of using each bag just the once !

As she heard David's garbage truck arrive, and the wheelie bins being rolled into the road, and emptied, so Hannah pictured herself being thrown inside as well.

David found a very wet Hannah when he returned from work at 3pm. However, Hannah was quite dehydrated from all her pleasures and sweats, without a drink all day. Luckily, this also meant Hannah had not needed to pee either. Once David cut her free, she could not wait to drink and drink. Lots of water. Not David's love juices. (When can a guy get a break ?)

For a punishment, David had been soft on Hannah. But at least, he knew she was safe indoors, and not getting herself into a whole pile of trashy trouble (in more than one sense of the phrase).

Whilst David was at work, in the days that followed. Hannah had promised him to behave. In return, she was trusted to go around the house without being sealed inside a trash bag. Hannah was free to potter about the house on her own, and she would sometimes play with David's trash bags, that she was free to help herself to, or do a spot of cleaning, tidying up, or cooking, if Hannah felt in the mood to be helpful.

The morning's post arrived. Amongst it was a leaflet from the council explaining that all residents were required to wheel their bins out on collection day to the kerb. The notice said very sternly, that residents who fail to comply and left their wheelie bins on their property, would not get their waste collected.  It simply took the garbage men too long to go and collect bins, in busy streets, whilst their garbage truck held up the road traffic. There had been complaints from motorists, Plus the delays were costing the council extra money in overtime payments.

Hannah figured that although David probably new about the new rule, there was no point reminding him. So Hannah hid the leaflet from him.

The next week, David was also assigned to Route H. But Hannah pleaded with David not to be bagged and left in the bedroom, as she wanted to watch the garbage truck go by. This was a lie.

Hannah had no intention of doing anything so vanilla.

David left at 3 am, as normal. It was not daylight until 7 am, and other residents nearby would be asleep.

Having made sure David's car was gone from the driveway, Hannah crept outside.

There, David had moved the black and green wheelie bins to the kerb for collection.

Hannah grabbed the larger black wheelie bin. It was a 360 litre wheelie bin, whereas the green bin was only 240 litre in size. She wheeled it back towards the safety of the house, away from the kerbside collection.

Hannah peered inside David's black bin. Inside were three small white polythene trash bags of general household waste. She reached inside and pulled the three bags out. Then Hannah, got two of David's 1100 litre very heavy duty, compactor bin liners inside, to double line the inside of the wheelie bin.

Then taking her clothes off back inside the house, and placing them in the laundry basket, Hannah returned outside naked.

She climbed inside the now double-lined wheelie bin. Then she loosely tied a knot in the top of the inner bag, as she bagged herself, leaving an air hole to breathe. Hannah had placed the three smaller bags on the lid, and with great dexterity she pulled them on top of her bag, before reaching up and tying the outer bin liner, and closing the lid to the wheelie bin.

So when Hannah was finished, she was inside a compactor bag, there were three smaller bags of domestic waste on top of her bag, and all four lots of "trash", were enclosed in another compactor bag, and the whole lot were inside the black wheelie bin, safely moved back to the house.

When David's garbage truck came, she would be inside a wheelie bin, during an actual trash collection, but her bin would not be collected. This would enable Hannah to listen to the bins being collected just a few feet away from her, whilst she was double bagged as household waste.

Hannah was delighted with her plans. With luck, she could escape, once David found the post-it note that she had left for him in the bedroom. It read :-

 "Hi lover, I have been a naughty girl again. I have disobeyed my Master. You will find me inside your black wheelie bin.
It is okay, for I know the new rules from the Council mean if a bin has not been wheeled to the kerb, it will not be collected.
There are only three small bags of waste in here, so if these miss collection for a week, it is not a problem. You can simply put them out next week.
I hope you had a nice day at work.
I have been thinking about you all day, crushing all that trash.
I am very hot for you, right now. You are in for the treat of your life tonight.
Please don't be angry with me, for being so naughty. I cannot help myself !"
All my love, as always.
Your trash, do with me what you like. Hannah xx"

Hannah played with herself long and hard. It was one thing to be bagged and totally enclosed in thick shiny black polythene. It was another thing entire to experience that from the inside of a wheelie bin, knowing it was trash collection day !!

Hannah's head was truly spinning. The excitement was almost too much.

Hannah fingered herself good and proper. "I am a naughty girl" she told herself  "I am nothing but trash. I am just one of the four bags full of David's trash. Oh soon his garbage truck will be here, on Route H for Hannah !  I am Hannah, and I am his trash."

Hannah sat there as she heard the postman walk up the path and deliver the mail. He walked straight passed the black wheelie bin, and did not even notice that it was not at the kerb, where it should be. Thank God, he did not decide be helpful and move it !  Hannah thought.

Although the postman did not know Hannah was in the wheelie bin, Hannah was still in deep panic. She had held her breath in case he opened the lid to the wheelie bin. This was her private play time and she did not want to be discovered.

The next visitor she failed to hear at all. One moment, she was sitting at the bottom of the wheelie bin, double bagged, with the domestic waste on top of her. The next moment someone quickly lifted the lid of her wheelie bin, something fell inside, and landed next to her, at the bottom of the bin, and the lid was shut almost instantly.

"Oh my god !" Hannah exclaimed. What is that awful smell !

A dog walker, had scooped up a pile of waste, bagged it, and thrown it in the nearest bin, which just happened to be hers !

The small plastic bag of dog poo, was still warm !  "Yuck !!  Fuck me !" said Hannah to herself.

But the way the dog walker saw it, he was being responsible collecting his/her pet's waste. In any case, all the residents knew it was trash collection day, so it was hardly going to make that bin stink for long.

Hannah wrenched and gagged. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to be sick.

However, it was nearly 11 am, and soon Hannah heard the familiar sound of David's garbage truck and all the bins in the street being emptied.

"Wow", Hannah thought, being at street level, the garbage truck sounded much closer than when she was bagged in David's bedroom.

The wheelie bins were knocked and bumped as the truck's crew grabbed all the bins, emptied them, and wheeled them back. It was as if they were racing against the clock. The whole street was done in a matter of minutes, but that did not stop Hannah from having time for another orgasm.

David stopped the truck outside his own house, but was too busy watching out for road traffic to notice that only the green wheelie bin was now out for collection, and that the black wheelie bin containing a double-bagged Hannah, three bags of domestic waste, and one of dog poo, was now back near his house.

The crew all knew the rules, not to collect any bin unless it was at the kerb. But they also knew where David lived.

"Oh look" commented one operator "David has forgotten his own black bin. Shall we collect it for him, or leave it ?"

Neither David in the garbage truck cab had heard what the men were muttering. They often chatted, and David and grown accustomed to their banter, which he had learned to ignore.

Nor had Hannah heard them, against the loud noise of the truck munching through their neighbour's rubbish, as it burst and popped under the packer plate. She was far to busy getting off on listening to David's garbage truck, right next to her, and she was in a wheelie bin on trash collection day.  Indeed, had Hannah heard, she would have screamed and shouted.

Or perhaps she would not ?  After all, this was her ultimate fantasy.

"Oh to be crushed by David's garbage truck", Hannah told herself, and she rubbed her wet pussy hard and fast.

As if the truck operators heard her innermost dark desires, his mate replied "No, do David a favour and bring it here."

Only this was not doing David, or Hannah, any favours whatsoever.

Hannah felt her wheelie bin be tilted and moved.

At first, she was not sure whether this was real life, or whether it was still part of her fantasy, and it was actually all in her head.

The journey up the path, to the kerb, into the road had been all too short a ride.

As Hannah came to her senses, the operator attached her wheelie bin, to the bin lifter on the back of the truck.

Hannah was launched into the air so quickly, she was upended and landed head first down in the hopper. Knocking the wind out of her sails, and dazing her quite badly.

The operator saw the huge bag in the hopper, and turned the packer control button, to its hardest setting.

It descended over Hannah. David unknowingly, even saw her briefly before she disappeared under the packer, on the hopper's CCTV camera screens in the cab.

There was much snapping and popping, but the crew heard this all the time. It was nothing unusual.

David dropped the crew off at the council depot, before driving alone to the Materials Recycling Facility, and unloading the smaller compartment for green bin waste. Then he would head to the incinerator to dispose of the black bin waste. At the incinerator, the contents of the black bin waste, was automatically loaded into wire containers, that transported the trash to its fiery end. No one would notice a squashed black sack, not even a large one.

The crew had teased David, before he drove to the incinerator. Something about "Did not he know to put his wheelie bins at the kerb ?"  Well of course he did, and he had !  What were they talking about ?  Operator crews, they get dafter and dafter, David thought.

Once back home, there was no sign of his much beloved Hannah, only a post-it note he found on the bed.

"Oh Hannah, he cried "What have you done !  You stupid girl !!"

David ran outside and opened the lid of the black wheelie bin. It was empty, and only contained a faint whiff of poo. "Oh my poor darling, she must have crapped herself in fear !"


Before you all write in complaining, I would never treat her that way.

I was asked to write a final ending, to make a lovely girl's dreams come true, in the land of fantasy.

Whilst I cannot foresee a Part 5. Hannah and David might appear in other stories. But only if you, the Plaza audience, ask the authors nicely.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: DumpsterSlut on October 22, 2018, 06:48:11 AM
I am reading Part 4 for the first time just now that it has been posted. I am going to pause occasionally while I read it and make note of some of my thoughts. These will all very much be first impressions. I am excited to see what David has in store for me. :)

I'm sad that David is angry with himself. He shouldn't he angry, he should be happy that he rescued me in time. That is all that really matters.

Oh, yes, and there is me telling David exactly that. PolytheneWrappedMe really does know how I think!

But it is nice of David to be so worried about me. It shows that he is a kind and caring man, in addition to being a strong and sexy one!

Oh my... he is really serious about keeping me here. Now I'm getting a bit worried. I had no idea that polythene could be that strong! I wonder how long I am going to be inside it.

Wow, he is being commanding! That is unexpected, but not unwelcome.

Oh now I am well and truly bagged! No way out unless he lets me out. I hope I have not misplaced my trust in him.

This is a wonderful plan of his! I only wish that I could be closer to the trash. But I understand his worries and will be content to just imagine.

Well that was hot! Thank you David, I'm happily surprised to be let out after only one day. Though, at the same time, I kind of wish I could have stayed a little longer...

Oh my, oh mischievious little me, getting into trouble. I am lucky to have seen the notice from the trash company. This will be a wonderful way to be closer to the trash during the collection.

What a lovely note I have left for him! I am sure he will smile when he reads it and finds out what I've been up to.

Oh crap! Literally! People who use other people's trash cans are so obnoxious. Especially since there are other perfectly good cans set down at the curb by the neighbors' houses!

This is so exciting, being so close to David and his powerful garbage truck! Crush, crush, goodbye garbage!

The hardest setting!?! Oh no! But at least the operator knows how to do his job. It would be bad if he didn't pack the trash properly. But oh my god, I can't believe this is happening, I was not supposed to be taken to the truck!

Oh no, David, my dear sweet David, why would you not listen to the operators when they were talking about your trash cans? You know that I am a naughty girl! You should think about this sort of thing!

I am amazed, that you have let me be incinerated. Amazed, because I was not certain you would do it, but also amazed because of how exciting it was. For a trashy girl like me, this really is a dream come true. After all, once I am in the can, I don't deserve any special treatment. You have done your job wonderfully by getting rid of all of the trash, and it was nice of your operator crew to be so considerate by helping make sure all your trash got collected.

Wow! What a story.

Thank you, David, for disposing of me so effectively, and thank you, PolytheneWrappedMe, for the wonderful story.

Even if this particular story is over, I expect there will be many more in our future. ;)
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 22, 2018, 10:16:56 AM
Hi DumpsterSlut,

Many thanks indeed for your most kind words, and for sharing your thoughts as you read Part 4.

It is nice our thoughts are so in tune. Next we will be finishing each other's sentences !  A good sign of total harmony.

David was worried about you. Indeed even Polythenewrappedme was most aggrieved even to contemplate a final outcome, even if it is just a work of fantasy. I find a writer has to be able to visualise the story, and that is one vision I would never wish to see, not even in my worst nightmares. It goes against every fibre of my being. Blokes should protect their damsels. I would gladly lay down my life instead, and not just because I would enjoy it more myself !!  I do genuinely care.

David realised that once Hannah was in the hopper, her lifespan would be less than 10 seconds. At least the flames never burnt Hannah alive. Hannah's end would have been quick. (Too damn quick, says Hannah, I wanted to enjoy being squeezed longer, and at least seeing or feeling the incinerator.)

If DumpsterSlut wants to buy very thick polythene, then hardware stores and garden centres sell stuff they use to line roofs or ponds with. It is very strong. It comes on a roll, and I am sure you will enjoy being rolled up in it. I have seen some rolls on ebay, which are 4 metres (13 ft) wide, so even if you laid lengthy-ways, it would cover completely and snuggly. Yes, you probably would need help to escape. I can think of a volunteer for such a task ! 

You are correct. Trash does not get any special treatment. But I hope that the way you are treated is always special. For you deserve every happiness.

I greatly look forward to writing more with you, or for you.



Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 22, 2018, 01:34:04 PM
That would be telling Trash Girl.

And a gentlemen never tells.

I know lots of real names.

But I don't break confidences. If someone tells me to keep it private, I do.

You once told a friend your real name. But he never told anyone.

hihi yes i did and i happly tell it agian
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 22, 2018, 01:58:57 PM
omg i don't know how to react to this poor david was disposing of hannah without knowing it and hannah got burned in a incenerator that got me teard up abit  :'( i hopeed someone would notice her scream but it never happend omg but story wise it was so dang good thanks for this story poly i loved it and i know just from the comments that dumpsterslut loved it too
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 22, 2018, 06:43:52 PM
Hi Trash Girl,

Hannah only lasted less than 10 seconds in the garbage truck. She never saw the incinerator, let alone was able to scream, by then. She was already playing her harp, on a cloud.

David has not spoken, eaten, or done anything but cry since.


Its just a story
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 22, 2018, 06:46:33 PM
hihi i know it's a story but you feel bad for the charactes and poor david why would hannah hurt him like that
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 22, 2018, 10:21:22 PM
I don't think Hannah would ever hurt David.

In Hannah's defence, she did everything possible NOT to be taken. She followed the council's rules. Her wheelie bin was NOT put out for collection.

However, trashcan fantasies are a risky business. Accidents do happen. Unknown players take part (like the dog walker and the crew operator). Unforeseen things happen.

Personally, I play in my wheelie bin behind locked doors inside. But Hannah could say "What is this doing inside the house" and wheel me outside to be helpful and keep the place tidy. I do love Hannah.

Is no where safe anymore ?   This is an interesting question, which perhaps the audience should answer ?
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 22, 2018, 10:28:24 PM
your right on that hannah did everything by the book and the rules it was the stupid crew that desided to be helpful even when thay too knew the rule of not takeing bins not on kerb
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 23, 2018, 12:29:34 AM
We have that rule where I live. But "kind" garbage truck folk still wheel bins to the kerb, which have been left on private property.

So if you thought you were safe in a wheelie bin, in the front garden, for example - you were sadly mistaken.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: DumpsterSlut on October 23, 2018, 02:18:37 AM
Trash Girl, I think you may be being a bit too harsh on the truck's crew. Although they were not required to take the bin that was at the curb, it was very kind for them to do so. They really went above and beyond to make sure that David's trash was properly handled, and they should be thanked for that. I'm sure David would be thrilled to have such a team working with him on his route, if it weren't for what was in this particular bin.

I am a bit sad that I got crushed in the truck so quickly, but I also understand it. If I had wanted them to go easy on my bag, I should not have used such a sturdy sort of bag which made them need to use the most powerful compaction setting. Of course, I also had not thought I would be ending up in the truck!

But in any case, it is a good way to go. Thank you again, PWM, for the wonderful story. And you're right. Trash fantasies are never entirely safe. I know if I came home to see a full bin of trash sitting inside the house, I'd take it out without a second thought, thinking you must have forgotten to do so. I just hope that I would find a note from you before the truck came by! Assuming, that is, that you leave notes. If you don't... well, then I suppose I might never realize quite what had happened.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 23, 2018, 09:58:38 AM
yeah i guess i was to harsh im sorry the crew was going beyond helping a fellow worker who thay thoght had forgoten his bin and even if it was a short time in the truck i bet Hannah loved it either was
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 23, 2018, 12:36:13 PM
Hi DumpsterSlut,

Thanks for being willing to take the trash out. You are so thoughtful and kind.

I am sure "the trash" would appreciate it.

Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 23, 2018, 12:36:55 PM
Pink is for Girls (Part 5) - The Halloween Edition
F/m, haunt, frighten, garbage truck, surprise ending !  Reluctant. XX

Introduction and a Stern Warning !
Yes. I know what you are thinking !  How can there be a Part 5, when we all know Hannah was crushed alive in the garbage truck. By the authors' own admission, Hannah never saw the incinerator, let alone was in a position to scream for help. Hannah would only have last 10 seconds tops, as she was truly flattened.

So how can there possibly be a Part 5 ?  Well it is Halloween, and things are about to go bump in the night (and the day, for that matter).

Prepare to be frightened out of your skin. This story comes with more than just a health warning. Don't say you were not told. Don't read any further, if you have a weak heart or high blood pressure. Gromet's insurance cannot take the law suits !

He goes :-

Hannah saw this bright light after the garbage truck had done its worst, or should I correctly say, done as it was programmed too. It squashes waste. It knew no difference.

The garbage truck crew knew no difference either. To them it was just a job. It was not personal with Hannah. They never even knew she was there. They had no reason to check inside David's black wheelie bin for a body. Oh, I mean, a living girl. (Sorry Hannah. I got my time lines mixed up. LOL)

But David should have known better. He knew what Hannah was like. Okay perhaps sealing her inside one of those extra tough industrial strength compactor bags for the rest of Hannah's life, might seem a tad drastic. However, she would not have ended up where she went.

Where exactly did she end up ?

Well her body is not just ashes. But is that it the end ?

David did not believe in ghosts. I think most logical thinkers know that is just horror stories you tell kids to make them look under their bed at night. Right ? 

Afraid of the dark ?  You will be !

David did believe that good boys and girls (who believe and repent) get to spend eternity in Heaven. While those naughty boys and girls get sent to a Lake of Fire (and no, that is not the council's incinerator). If true, that is one Hell of a story (pun intended), and far more frightening than any fictional horror movie.

After Hannah's death, David did question such things. I think you do, when you lose a loved one. And there was no girl loved more than Hannah in the whole of human history.

But no, Hannah was not playing a harp on a cloud. She had not crossed over, to the Other Side, for she still had unfinished business back here on Earth.

As Hannah got used to her spiritual form, her powers were weak. She could only move small items at first.

David put it down to absent-mindedness. Hannah's death had taken a great toll on him.

"Now where did I put the car keys ?" David shouted to, what he thought was an empty room.

Of course, Hannah had not yet found out a way to speak to him.

"Oh now look, I've lost the TV remote" said David. Then he lost the house keys.

He would find them later, hidden in strange places, and he could not remember putting them there.

He discussed the problem with his friends at work.

"It is simple David" a mate told him "you are having craft moments".

"Craft moments ?" replied David in a puzzled tone.

"Yes. C.R.A.F.T. moments." his mate laughed "Can't Remember A Fucking Thing.  It happens to old gits like you !"

"With friends like you, who needs enemies" retorted David.

Then pictures at David's house, would for "no reason" fall off walls as David walked by.

His mates told him, he must have been drunk and walked into them. Perhaps.

As Hannah's powers became stronger, so David's house became a tad draughty, he would shiver, like someone had 'walked over his grave'.

He remembered Hannah, and how he had wrapped her in polythene, to warm her up, after the bath water had gone cold, the first night she was there.

He briefly smiled, at her memory. It was the first time Hannah the ghost had seen David smile in what to her seemed like an eternity.

But the moment was fleeting. No sooner had David remembered, so his thoughts wandered to her funeral, only a week later. He had made all the arrangements at the local church. They had been very supportive at his loss.

At times like these, you need all the friends you can get.

Hannah's powers continued to grow, as she struggled to communicate.

David started seeing glimpses of shadows. At first, he thought he was seeing things. And again, David had dismissed the daft idea of ghosts, which had troubled him since her accident.

"What must I do !" cried Hannah to herself.

Things certainly started to go bump in the night.

The stairs would creak, although they had never done so before.

A shelf would fall down in the kitchen.

More stuff would go missing.

David wondered whether he was going mad, with the loss of her.

He saw his doctor and was prescribed pills to help him sleep.

Not that it was easy to sleep, with all the noises (in his head ?), for no one else seemed to see or hear, what he did. He was obviously going mad.

Mad with blaming himself. Mad with loosing his love. Mad at the universe, for being so cruel that he had only just found her, and now they were apart.

Of course, Hannah felt exactly the same. She was mad blaming herself. Mad with loosing her love. Mad at the universe, for being so cruel that she had only just found him, and now they were apart.

Then one day after work, as David arrived at the deserted empty council depot to pick up his garbage truck, he thought her saw her.

It was only 3 am, and it was still dark. He was now daydreaming about her, he concluded. That was it. Another sign he was going out of his mind.

He went around the truck to the rear hopper, and there laying there was an empty black sack. Just like the one Hannah had spent her last moments in.

"What the fuck is this doing here !" David shouted "This is NOT funny. Will the cunt of a prankster come out now !"

"Well I have a cunt" replied a sexy voice from behind him "But you used to call it, my pussy".

David instantly recognised that voice. It was hers.

He turned around, but he saw no one.

Hannah was standing there, but all David saw was darkness all around him, and some dim floodlighting from across the depot yard.

Another chill passed over David, and he let out startle, like someone, or something, had scratch down his back with long fingernails or claws !

"Feel that did you David ?" Hannah's voice said. "At last, I have been trying to communicate for days !"

"But, but, you're … " muttered David.

"Yes. Dead was the word you were trying to say" Hannah said.

The hairs stood up on David's head in pure terror. He was a big strong man, but this scared him to his core.

Then he saw Hannah laying inside the garbage truck's hopper.

"You're a demon, or an angel, Hannah is dead" David said, still not quite believing his eyes, and getting his head around this.

"Yes" said Hannah mockingly "We have already established, I am dead. That is right."

Instantly David knew it was her. He did not know how or why, but he cried, with joy at seeing her.

"Oh not more tears", said Hannah, sadly. "I have hurt you enough."

"It was my fault !" David replied.

"It was no one's fault, David. No one knew, not even me, and I was there !" Hannah chuckled to try and cheer David up.

"But how are you here ?" David asked.

"There is an eternity for you and I to find all the answers, but let's just say 'I have unfinished business here' replied Hannah.

"Come inside the hopper. I want one last snuggle in you arms, inside one your lovely polythene bags" Hannah said.

They both climbed inside the garbage truck's hopper, and snuggled down inside the large polythene bag together.

But as David tried to put his arm around Hannah, he noticed that although he could see and hear her, he could not touch her. For Hannah was just a ghost.

Hannah spoke "you know it was not too painful".

"What was not ?"  David said.

At that moment, a colleague had got in the cab of the truck and switched on the ignition.

Hannah had already set the packer to compact, with maximum pressure, and before David knew it, he was compacted just like Hannah !

His colleague heard David's last scream, but by the time he stopped the packer, the deed was done.

The police were called, and they opened up the hopper, and found David's lifeless body inside a garbage bag, flat.

"Well David was never quite right after loosing Hannah." one council witness told the police.

"He used to claim things went missing. But he was getting old" another council witness told the police.

"He even claimed to hearing sounds and pictures coming off walls" yet another witness added.

His told doctor told the police "I had to prescribe meds, for he was not sleeping. I warned him not to operate machinery afterwards."

His boss said "It looks like suicide. Perhaps David wanted to be with Hannah ?"

Now they had two funerals to attend.

But the truth is Hannah could not bear to be parted, and nor could David from her.

They say that they both haunt the council depot where garbage trucks are stored. Some say, you can hear strange goings on, with packers in some trucks moving 'on their own'. At all hours of the day and night.

But I did tell you that right at the beginning. This story has things that go bump in the night and the day.

You just never knew I was referring to David and Hannah shagging themselves silly.
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 23, 2018, 01:17:48 PM
OMG thank you so much for making this part it was wounderful and it truely sendt shivers down my spine but i loved it thank you agian now hannah and david are truely togheder forever as sexy ghosts i belive in them and know thay are stil togheder making love in all the trash thay want this was a nice final to those two
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: malus_infantia on October 23, 2018, 01:22:50 PM
This has been delicious. Having a romantic, kinky ghost story as a coda is extra special. Thanks PWM & DumpsterSlut
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 23, 2018, 03:57:35 PM
Hi Trash Girl,

Thanks for your kind words and feedback.

I thought you might prefer a happy ending !

This was the first ever attempt at writing a ghost story. I am glad it sent shivers down your spine.

Happy Halloween folks !

Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Trash girl on October 23, 2018, 03:59:37 PM
yeah i do like happy endings but i do enjoy a realistic story too and ghost storyes are awsome thre chould be funny ghost story/trash with david and hannah
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 23, 2018, 04:00:09 PM
Hi Malus_infantia,

Many thanks for your further nice feedback.

I am glad that you enjoyed it so.

I owe it all to DumpsterSlut.

Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: Jennifer52 on October 26, 2018, 12:12:46 PM
What a lovely ending to this 5 part series. Sorry for my late input but just wanted to say I really enjoyed the collaboration. Well done!
Title: Re: An adventure for girls. NEW STORY by DumpsterSlut & PolytheneWrappedMe
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on October 26, 2018, 08:40:20 PM
Hi Jennifer52,

I am glad you liked the 5 part story. DumpsterSlut is a terrific inspiration. I could not have written this without her.

Parts 1 & 2 are now posted by Gromet in the Trashcan section, along with Parts 3 & 4.

Gromet has posted Part 5 in the 2018 Halloween section, but he tells me it will also be posted in a future update to the Trashcan section.

Thanks for taking the time out to post your lovely feedback. Much appreciated.