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Title: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: Gromet on December 09, 2017, 01:51:59 PM
You can view the story here on the plaza:
FF, F/f, caught, desire, maidbots, latex, catsuits, encased, sealed, roleplay, maid, corset, boots, arousal, tease, machine, cleaning, collar, mind-control, computer, controlled, transform, f2maidbot, servant, climax, cons, X
MF+/f, transform, f2maidbot, maidbots, latex, catsuits, encased, corset, boots, collar, mind-control, program, computer, controlled, servant, inspection, discovery, caught, pod, recharge, guilt, cons, X
Solo-F, M/f; MF+/f, transform, f2maidbot, maidbots, latex, catsuits, encased, corset, boots, collar, mind-control, program, computer, controlled, servant, caught, touch, molested, hum, arousal, desire, emb, cons/nc, X
F/f; MF+/f, transform, f2maidbot, maidbots, latex, catsuits, encased, collar, mind-control, program, computer, controlled, servant, voy, arousal, desire, naked, emb, fondle, interupt, caught, hum, pod, recharge, toys, mast, climax, cons/reluct, X
F/F, M/f, Ff, maidbot, latex, catsuit, encased, collar, mind-control, program, controlled, servant, discovery, fondle, embrace, arousal, desire, kiss, first, lesbian, frottage, emb, voy, pod, recharge, mast, toys, climax, cons, X
F/F, M/f, Ff, maidbot, latex, catsuit, encased, collar, mind-control, program, controlled, pod, recharge, servant, machine, cleaning, arousal, desire, embrace, kiss, lesbian, frottage, voy, sexbots, breakdown, reprogram, submissive, mast, climax, cons, X
F/F; M/f; Ff; maidbot; latex; catsuit; encased; collar; mind-control; program; controlled; pod; recharge; servant; machine; cleaning; arousal; desire; embrace; kiss; lesbian; frottage; voy; submissive; mast; climax; cons; X
Solo-F; F/f; maidbot; latex; catsuit; encased; collar; mind-control; controlled; servant; arousal; desire; embrace; kiss; rom; lesbian; voy; submissive; frottage; oral; climax; cons; X
FM+/f; maid-bots; latex; catsuit; encase; collar; mind-control; controlled; arousal; desire; kiss; rom; lesbian; voy; service; reprogram; mindwipe; mast; climax; cons; X
F/f; maid-bot; latex; catsuit; encase; collar; mind-control; programmed; servant; submissive; arousal; desire; kiss; lesbian; voy; oral; climax; cons; X
F/f; maidbot; latex; catsuit; encased; collar; mind-control; programmed; servant; submissive; lesbian; strapon; arousal; desire; kiss; FF/f; clinic; inspection; surgery; bodymod; voy; oral; climax; cons; X

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Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: feline on December 11, 2017, 11:28:53 PM
Since this story grabbed my interest very quickly, I decided to write down my thoughts on this as I was reading all 4 parts, so at first this is rather a stream of consciousness review, which is good, it means I had plenty to say :)

I am amused and deeply interested by the way this story starts.  Two very good friends, for many years, who have a long history of playing pranks on each other, add in the context of mind control, a house full of maids, and one friend with a fascination with the maids, and this sounds like a lot of fun waiting to happen!

The comments about it obviously being a man who designed the maidbots to have such large breasts did make me smile, remembering the previous story, that this clearly references, and knowing it was a woman who actually organised this :)

Oh dear, poor Jessie, sealed into the suit, with no way out!  Obviously her best friend would never take any form of advantage of this position, now would she?  If she doesn't, well, I think a golden opportunity is passing us by here, but it does need to be done a bit carefully, given their friendship.

It does seem Valerie has quite a lot of experience with this maids uniform, I wonder just how much experience, who helped her into the corset, and where her experience took her?  Perhaps we will find out with time.

And there we are, the prank has arrived, and suddenly we have given Jessie exactly what she has been looking forward to for quite a while, it seems, the chance to really become a maid, to be one of these amazing looking women, along with all of the fun, and loss of control this implies *evil smirk*  Lovely happy feelings, I bet Valerie is having so much fun right now!

LOL, oh that is rich, the prank works, but Valerie doesn't know for sure what is happening, or if the collar is really working!  It fits perfectly, and we get to see the transformation from another perspective, someone who does not really know what to expect, or what is happening now.

The end of part 1, and the characters are becoming more clear.  It is interesting to see how clearly you are painting Valerie as self centred and lazy, without having to say much.  Someone who wants everything to be done for her, and who doesn't seem to think to deeply about things, or try to think things through properly.

Part two, ah, so that's what happened to the wife who became a maid.  I had wondered, since there was no mention of a human friendly charging station in the maids room.

And Valerie only realises she forgot about her friend and her prank when her parents come home?!  Talk about an air head.  This could go in some interesting directions from here, especially since having her own personal maid to order around goes against her parents wishes and instructions.

The family, although barely drawn so far, are showing us where they stand, and what they offer.  The oblivious father, who probably won't notice, let alone interfere in any of the fun and games to come.  It's no surprise at all that Valerie is so transparent to her mother, and it fit's perfectly with what we have seen of her personality that she is quite unaware of this :)

It is useful that the mother already knows about the maidbot system, this bypasses a lot of explaining, and since she knows about the history of pranks, it makes sense that she will let this situation play out for a bit longer.

OK, so the mother / wife is required to help her husband with his work, while he is something of a raging perve :)  It does make me wonder who is going to end up in charge here.

No surprise that the wife also see's right through her husband as well, one very clever and insightful woman here.

*rolls eyes* Valerie did enough research online to start her prank, but never looked up how to end the program?  Sound's about right from what I am learning about her.  At least now her mother is on hand to sort out some of this mess...  but how will she sort it?

I am not sure what to make of this mother / daughter relationship yet.  The mother is stepping in and sorting things out, but does not really seem to be taking her daughters actions that seriously, at least not in the moment.  The morning may bring a different response and approach.

Starting part 3, yep, leaving Valerie in charge of taking care of and looking after her friend is working out SO well *rolls eyes*  she seems a nice enough person, but such an air head!  So where will this lead I wonder...

Ah, now *that* is an important and key point in the story and character development!  We have seen how much Jessie was enjoying and almost needing to be a maid-bot, but we had no real sense of why this might be.  There was nothing at first to suggest an overly submissive side to her nature.  So now instead of just saying "she is happy like this", you have given us shape, a sense of her history, what makes her the woman she is today, and why she would be so drawn towards and happy with a life that many would not want.  This is good and important, well, it is if you are going for a happy story, and it seems you are :)

And Valerie learns her friend cannot go to college, and she is behaving like a decent person, a good and loving friend!  She comes across as a good person, just no good at thinking things through, or really applying her mind to real life issues.  Sounds a lot like a description of a teenager really :)

Seeing the events that move forward from here, lots of lovely feelings and emotions, this is well explored and well done, but part 4 just seems to stop.  I do hope that you are going to continue this, at least a bit further.  To start with, something needs to be done about looking after Jessie, especially since it looks like she is going to be something of a long term resident with the family now.

At the end, looking back, this has been fun, sexy and naughty, happy, and done a good job of giving me the happy feelings that I want a story to give me.  What is really lacking for me is a proper sense of an ending, and also some form of resolution of the situation that has been set up here.  The husband looks like he is going to have to turn his sexual desires in another direction, Valerie needs a bit of a slap to make her think more :)  and Valerie's mother definitely needs a happier life going forward.

You have gotten me to care about these characters, to feel interested in their world, so where are we going with this?  That's what I want to know.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: Gromet on December 12, 2017, 03:19:49 AM
Thanks again Feline for your excellent in-depth review, this is indeed a continuation of a previous story...  ;) I won't say anymore there to spoil the ending.

Part 5: First Kiss is already written, though not posted here yet and from comments received I'll wait until I finish writing the story before posting because of some of the action in part 5 between Jessie and the family members.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: Gromet on December 15, 2017, 07:20:08 AM
Parts 5 & 6 are now online, please read both to find out the ending...  ;)
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: jackierabbit1 on December 15, 2017, 10:33:50 AM
A very interesting concept, a game within a game. An erotic story to be sure, and the loss of control part just wonderful, but also just a little sad that the only human in the story has no other humans to share her kink with. I think it was Dr. Einstein that said doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results was the definition of insanity, and if that is the case Jessie might be insane, and this home and it's non human occupants could be her appointed caretakers meant to keep her distracted and out of the public eye.

Is there a sequel planned? I could imagine several scenarios where some nefarious soul might gain control of the house system and more firmly imprison Jessie, either for her own good, or their dark entertainment. I could also see maid bot Jackie wanting to teach Jessie a lesson about screwing with the maid bots and doing a little reprogramming of her own, the house then turning into a for real work prison until she learned to behave, perhaps even with other humans renting it and it's maid bot staff for a time so that Jessie could get the whole experience.

Thanks for sharing, Jackie.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: feline on December 16, 2017, 12:00:49 PM
First the comments I made while reading, then some further thoughts, now I know how this ends.

weekend maid part 5 and 6

Again I am going to comment as I read, since the first 4 parts went so well, I have very high hopes for the next two parts.  First a minor "formatting" point, you have duplicated the last paragraph of chapter 4 at the start of chapter 5.  It made sense at the end of chapter 4 when chapter 5 had not yet been published, but now chapter 5 is up, it makes much more sense, to my mind, at the start of chapter 5.

Oooh, a good place to start, Sophia being caught in the act both by Jessie and the oh so recently tongue lashed Bruce!  And so far unaware of both witnesses!  *smirk*  This is going to come back to bite her, real fast, and real hard, I am sure of that!  But this won't change the basic dynamic of her marriage, will it?  Or will it be a turning point?

Now that is an interesting side effect of Jessie being so immobile, passing out before anyone else has their orgasm.  This means she knows what happened before, when Sophia will think she won't, but Jessie won't know what happens next, she will have to wait and see what the outcome of this "little moment" was, an interesting dynamic and emotional situation in the making :)

Now that is interesting, I did not expect Bruce to sneak away like that, but to be fair this is probably the best thing he could do at this time, especially since his wife has not long finished reading him the riot act.  Still, he has left a semen stain to mark his presence, if anyone were to notice this later on.  How is he hoping to use this discovery?  He isn't going to just want to let it lie, or will he just watch and hope that events take an interesting course from here on out?

So I am going to have to wait and see who gets caught out first after the nights naughtiness, a fun tease :)  But also some very important context here.  Until now the attraction Sophia has been feeling towards Jessie seems to have come somewhat out of the blue, the only obvious "clue" being her husbands lack of interest in her body, in her sexually.  Now we find that this is not the first time she has been attracted towards a woman, so this helps to make things a lot clearer, it gives more context, and makes things make more sense.

Jessie's reaction is reasonable enough, she is living a sexual dream, and while I can see her not wanting the uninvited advances of Bruce, having feelings for a woman she is watching, and who has helped her to realise such happiness seems fairly reasonable.

Of course, down the line, Bruce may be less than considerate of what Jessie may or may not want, now that she is a controlled maid...

Well Jessie, if you are going to walk around with happy and eager nipples like this all of the time, well, people are going to conclude that you are really enjoying this experience...  *evil smirk*

I really do enjoy these moments, these insights into how Jessie is feeling, her looking forward to preparing breakfast and wondering what the reactions will be, her wicked side is showing :)

Ah, interesting!  I was wondering if there was a point to the system cleaning out inside the suit making the outfit cling even more tightly to Jessie's body, but of course it is just going to enhance her appeal for her "owners".  And now the flip side of the system keeping her near the wife, the same rules and programming is going to keep her near, and offer her up to Bruce...  Jessie's changing views on Bruce are interesting, but again, given context and an explanation they make sense, and help to keep me interested and invested in the characters and what is going on here.

Now that IS interesting!  Bruce is still very "guilty", for what of a better word, about his fascination with the maid bots and touching them, but Sophia seems almost proud of her actions the night before, almost wanting to rub Bruce's nose in it.  Perhaps she does, it is a good way of reminding him that she is a sexually alive being after all!

The systems response to all of this is very interesting, now Jessie is being "allowed", or perhaps "forced" is a better word, to put on a slightly more sexy wiggle and walk.  It does beg the question of where the dividing line is between maid-box and sex-bot, especially since Jessie is fully equipped to function as both...  *muwahhhh*

I would say the back and forward between the parents is subtle, but it really isn't, not that there is any risk of Valerie noticing or picking up on any of this!  It is enough for her parents to make sure she slept well, and isn't aware of what is going on around her.

The sexual encounter between Valerie and Jessie is very well done!  I really did enjoy how you wove the rising physical passion together with the mixed emotions, Jessie's already heightened state from earlier, Valerie having no idea of what first started this, thinking that most of it was down to her, and getting carried away with her own desires.  The moment completely overtakes and overwhelms both of them, and then Valerie starting to come back down to earth at the end, and suddenly remembering that she is not alone in the house.

Powerful, sexy and very well done! :)

Now that is interesting, Jessie has a history with girls it seems!  THis again adds some important context, and helps to explain why she has taken, so quickly and easily, to the female side of all of this.

The playful teasing and flirting between the two friends, a sure sign they are settling into their new roles, feeling happy and comfortable again with each other and what is happening, its also just fun to read, to see :)

"Caught in the bedroom" by Bruce, it is amazing how far Jessie's reactions to Bruce have come in such a short time.  Apparently ply her with enough orgasms and things take on a whole new perspective *evil smirk*

OK, this needs to be flagged up.  You have just finished setting the scene, telling us how Jessie knows something is up, something is coming, and that she is even getting worked up in advance.  Then we see her thoughts, her acknowledging in her own mind how much Bruce fancies her bottom, then with the next paragraph you start with:

>> Jessie was initially shocked again to find the wandering hands of Bruce on her rear, but the erotic appeal soon overcame her first thoughts

I will give you "initially surprised" here, but shocked?  Really?  Nope, shocked just does not work here, you are breaking your own scene and emotion setting here.

Then her wicked nature telling her to push her bottom back into his wandering hands!  OK, all is forgiven :)

The maid-bot has not moved away is consent.  I find myself with mixed feelings on this point, but it is a maid-bot, not a person, as far as Bruce knows, so in his context that is fair and reasonable.  It does make for a considerably more interesting situation from Jessie's point of view though! :)

I do like the aspect / consideration of Jessie used and discarded as soon as her owner has achieved their release, regardless of her release or satisfaction level, definitely something that is going to play into her submissive and controlled feelings.

Now Sophia is catching up with Jessie, and this works so well.  Effectively it feels like Jessie the "slut" corrupting and encouraging the tempted but well behaved Sophia, but at the same time, Sophia's concern for Jessie, for proper behaviour, and her embarrassment over what she did all ring true and fit so well with what we have seen of her so far.

It has taken me a few moments to put my finger on it, but of course, Jessie is about as emotionally mature as Valerie, certainly at times.  Here is Sophia breaking down into tears, so embarrassed and upset, and she is laughing?!  In a way a good way of reassuring her, but not what I would have looked for or expected, but that is a more adult and less teenager perspective.

Watching the shocked and horrified reactions of Sophia, compared to the warm and happy glee of Jessie, I am strongly reminded that Jessie has had all night (all be it asleep), all day, and all of the various encounters with the family to get used to these new ideas, feelings, and this new role in the family.  In contrast Sophia is being presented with everything that happened in one shocking moment, combined with the guilt of feeling responsible for everything!  No wonder they are on different pages here!

Sophia is coming round quickly, but Jessie's wholesale enthusiasm clearly has a great deal to do with this, plus, I suspect, her ongoing sexual feelings.

Moving onto part 6, the reprogramming title is somewhere between ominous, fascinating and delicious.

Lots of fun dreams going on I see, but I am really interested in Bruce's dream, watching while unable to interact, that parallels Jessie's suggestion very closely, so I wonder how come?  Just coincidence, or something else at work?  Could the computer system be feeding Jessie hints as to what Bruce wants and will enjoy?  That would explain this surprising closeness.

Bruce likes her bent over and her bottom presented like this?  Well, who would have guessed! *snort*

Sending her off to be cleaned, exactly what Bruce should do here, but it also delightfully reinforces the "just a maid, just a robot" aspect.

*smirk* Sophia is still thinking ill of her husband for taking advantage of Jessie, while she herself is eager to.  Then again, it is going to take time for her to adjust to all of this.

Ah Sophia, but a woman, even a woman in latex, is different to a controlled, available sex-bot woman, different to a controlled, helpless, willing and eager woman...

Called back to the maid room by Sophia, with control, its the turn of phrase, "what do you require of me", not "what do you want", or "what are you interested in", much more a question that assumes she will have no say, no control in what is to follow, and that she is happy about this.

UM, what the hell?!?!  Sophia is a sex-bot?  Where the hell did this come from?  Then who is Jessie?  What is going on here?

Ah, now the explanation starts to kick in...  things start to fit together finally.

As it stands, this ending feels very "hollow" to me.  As Jackie says, she is simply stuck in a loop, going round and round the same steps time and time again, yet somehow wanting or expecting a different outcome to come of them, which is never going to happen given how this system works and is designed.

Trying to pin down my thoughts and feelings here, "hollow" seems like a good word, by revealing everything, and so many of the feelings and emotions that I have been enjoying, and bonding with, to be a repeating cycle, with no sense of progress or hope, this makes a lot of it feel "empty and meaningless", it also leaves Jessie in an ultimately terrible place, becoming more and more unhappy with each repeating cycle.

No, to my mind this needs to be taken further, the cycle needs to be broken, and Jessie needs to find contentment and purpose in her life.  Her concerns are valid, but the story already contains a sensible seed of its own salvation.  Jessie wants this life, wants to go down this road, a mixture of time as a maid and time with a loving family of "humans" who care for and about her.  So change the system, upgrade the system, to give her "human" owners who are still programmed, who are thus guaranteed to keep her safe, guard her, stick to the outlines she wants, but to give them freedom to be "alive" within those rules, the trustworthy and safe people that she wants, but does not think she can find in the world outside her home.

Let Jessie accept the "natural learning system upgrade", and then slowly discover for herself what has happened, that her dreams and life are now real, and so long as she is happy and content, she has no freedom to break free of her own free will!  Give us some closure, a real sense of going forward properly.  That is what I find I am looking for here, something to bring this to a "proper", non circular ending.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: taurired on December 22, 2017, 05:46:17 AM
Interesting turn of events but repeat same things? Why not at least try to do something (calling tech support?) to prevent Sophie's failures? Why not try different scenarios? Please continue story.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: taurired on April 30, 2018, 12:58:19 PM
6a's version looks looks more interesting than 'original' ending. I hope it doesn't here...
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: feline on May 21, 2018, 11:05:26 PM
I am REALLY glad to see that you have returned to this story, and provided an alternate part 6, and a wonderful part 7.  The original, going in circles ending just made my head hurt, and not in a good way.  It was an interesting experiment in story development and a surprise twist, but logically it just never made sense to me, since her change from not wanting to be fondled to enjoying being a sexual object for everyone does not just get reset with the reset of the program every time.

Instead, here, you have taken a very solid framework and gone with it.  One of the things that stands out for me is Valerie, the old best friend.  I say old since it is clear that the friendship is fast fading in the light of the new and permanent role as a maidbot.  Again the basic teenage selfishness of Valerie shines through, it does not show her in a wonderful light, but it all feels so very real and reasonable, this feels exactly how so many people can be.

This goes to the heart of the story for me, and why I am enjoying this so very much.  You have captured the wonderful ballance between captured and controlled as a maidbot, but also choosing, wanting and enjoying this.  Moving in and out of control gives us both sides of the experience, and adds so much to both sides!

I also really enjoy the emotional considerations, the wondering, the "is this right?", the feelings of guilt and worry that Sophie has to grapple with so many times.  She has not simply accepted this, showing herself to be some cold hearted monster I could not warm to.  Instead when her head clears and her passions damp down she has guilt, concern, worry and basically love for Jessie, the story has heart, it has soul, it has people at the core that I care for, care about, and want to see made happy.

Also seeing how distant Sophie and her husband have been for so long adds a lot of weight to this, it shows why she is likely to be tempted by, and drawn to someone who shows such passion and desire for her, for her body and her company, without being bogged down in trying to push their own fantasies onto her.

I really do hope that you are working on this, and we won't have to wait to long for more of this wonderful, sexy and powerful story :)
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: feline on May 23, 2018, 04:12:27 PM
The timing worked out well here, part 8 has just gone up, just as I got around to and finished reading part 7.

I really enjoyed part 8, but did have a few moments where I wondered how I felt about events during the second half, when the service engineer arrived.

The first part first though, seeing how Valerie is behaving, the complete refusal to engage, wanting to make fun of her friend in front of her other friends, it suggest their friendship was rather imbalance from the beginning, as makes a degree of sense when you bring together two teenagers from such different levels of wealth and privileged.  So seeing the back of her is no hardship for me, but it also helps to explain and show the transition from Jessie looking to Valerie to Jessie looking to, bonding with and focusing so totally on Sophia.

Sophia continues to really impress me with her warmth and decency as a person, caring for and watching over Jessie, while also getting to enjoy her life, and the much more focused attentions of someone who wants her, and wants to make her happy.

It is good to see the service engineer being sensible and cautious about this surprise, but at the same time, the changes in Jessie's status and programming do speak to the other surprising things that he has seen over time, during his job.

It was seeing some of her memories being removed and archived that bothered me and made me stop and wonder, but seeing it from her point of view, it's hard to argue with the point that dumping sad memories of unpleasant times to help her focus on what she wants and on what makes her happy, especially when she is in the hands of such a supportive family, at least a supportive Mistress :)

But I do wonder at where the changes in her collar, programming and status are going to take us.  A new, more advanced collar, new programming, new features, also a bar code and chip, along with the fact that she is now officially property...  Plus how much longer before Bruce discovers that she is a real woman inside the suit?  Or will he ever discover this?

We have already been told that Bruce wants to change and update the maidbot programming to make the maids into more sexual objects for his pleasure, so especially with the new collar and this change in status, how long before he gets his wish, at least with Jessie?

And what about Sophia, what is she going to be told about the changes to her maidbot, and what are these changes?

This story continues to fascinate me and keep me interested, and I am very interested in seeing where we go from here :)
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: JunS on May 25, 2018, 02:35:14 AM
Don't know the path you're going with this, but it would be neat in my opinion if she started getting nanobots so she could charge some energy and be less reliant on human food.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: jackierabbit1 on May 26, 2018, 02:37:07 AM
Love the idea of an upgraded collar, can't wait to see what it, and it's prisoner can now be compelled to do.

Thanks for sharing, Jackie.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: feline on July 28, 2018, 06:07:23 PM
Finally got around to part 9, which is a very good and fun read.

It is interesting to see how Sophia's view of her maidbot, of Jessie is changing.  She is letting go of the desire to mother and be overly protective of this friend of the family, and starting to really embrace the thought, concept and reality of owning and totally controlling such a sexy and desirable woman.

The idea that she has a dominant side makes sense, but the thought, the idea that she wants and needs to feel in total control of her partner in order to be satisfied was quite a surprise!  I really had not seen this coming.

My sense of her before had been more of a dutiful wife, remembering a comment earlier on about her helping her husband with his work, even though she wasn't that interested in doing so.  But work life and love life can and often are two very different worlds and spheres.

The extra control options are already coming in useful, and seeing that Jessie is now officially a maidbot, is now officially property and a possession, this is only going to encourage and support Sophia's delight in using and controlling her.

This new status, does it also mean that the system views her as a "slave" to Bruce?  Clearly what Bruce wants from all of this is rather different to what his wife wants, but they both do agree on making lots of sexual use of their maidbot...

I am looking forward to seeing where this goes next :)
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: icy on September 07, 2018, 05:52:22 PM
Hmm, I'm not that much into Doll stories, but I enjoyed this one. Just the last chapter, I didn't like. But, well done.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: mlod on September 07, 2018, 05:59:55 PM
yeah, not sure what it was, but while I've liked the rest, sometimes a lot, the last chapter just seemed off for some reason.
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: taurired on September 08, 2018, 07:52:40 AM
So it's end of story? Waiting for new stories in this world.
Btw, doctor says she doesn't have human rights anymore,etc but...implanted chip can be used for other things if she wants. How it works?
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: feline on September 08, 2018, 02:49:03 PM
Part 10 is "off", in that it is different.  Some of the consequences of being a maid so long term are finally coming up and having to be faced.  So in a sense the story is taking this from the "playful fantasy" place into the "living fantasy with side effects" place.

This does change the mood, and I am not quite sure how I feel about it either, but it partly depends on if the story continues, which I hope it will, and where it goes from here.

Just taking things at face value, suddenly Jackie is going to pass for a maid, so successfully and fully, that when Bruce returns from his work trip, he can happily assume and treat her like a sex-bot as much as a maid-bot, all without realising or being aware that she is a living person, not just a fancy robot.

The growing wicked, teasing and dominant streak in his wife is a lot of fun to see, and it does add to the general feeling of a couple who have been growing apart for quite some time now, even if they do have a shared and common interest in their maid sex toy :)
Title: Re: Weekend Maid by Gromet
Post by: MacWoman131 on September 10, 2018, 02:52:14 AM
I swear it is like you have reached into my mind and crafted a story with my darkest desires, I love it. If it were stop at part ten I would be happy with the ending but look forward to the possibility of reading more of there relationship.