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Title: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on August 30, 2017, 01:14:59 pm
Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear amongst the black polythene

F/m, bagged, FF/m, wheelie bin, collection, garbage truck, compaction. Cons X.

The girlfriend had noticed my trashcan fetishism. Indeed I was fortunate enough to find someone willing to participate !

For her, she enjoyed how horny it made me.

Telling me she was going to bag me and put me out with the trash, always enlarged my cock; and she knew just how to use that to her advantage.

She loved being taken deep and hard, and getting me in the mood with her skillful sexy talk always did the trick. The mere mention of fulfilling this fantasy, turned me into her willing slave.

At first, she was repulsed by the idea, as this is not a subject we enthusiasts feel comfortable at sharing.

But once she realised she could take on a more dominant role in the bedroom, she started to get off as well.

You see, she was also shy at revealing her darker side. The fact she wanted to dominate someone to be her sexual object. To be there for her needs, and to put her first.

This helped her reach more orgasms, and if she had to threaten to bag me in polythene to get her way, then so be it. After all, I did say I wanted this.

She would start by telling me how dirty I was. I needed to be thrown away. That is what she did with her other dirty objects, and why should I be treated any differently ?   I loved the power-play.

My punishment would always be to serve her needs or be trashed.

I would get off on the humiliation.

"You pathetic loser. Your small cock would not satisfy a woman.  I don't know why I just don't throw you away. You are useless !"  Natalia would say.

I would simply stand there naked, and hang my head in shame. I offered no excuse. Trash does not talk. It accepts its fate.

As time went on she became more demanding.

She bought these industrial 1100 litre bin liners. Large enough to engulf my naked form completely in thick, dense, black polythene; and durable enough, that having bagged her prey, she could even pull me across the floor without the bag splitting.  Even more so, if she double-bagged me !

Afterwards, I was compelled to apologise for my failings as a sexy man, and worship her body, by eating her wet pussy, until she came in my mouth.

She also had a side of her that liked to tease. In the middle of one fantasy play, when I was naked and bagged, she put several bags of kitchen waste inside the 1100 litre liner, with me so I could fell being just part of the trash.

She had left me in this state, when she invited her friend Krissy round.

My legs had gone completely numb, as I was left to sit in the 1100 bin liner, with the kitchen waste, in the corner of the kitchen as the two girls chatted and talked over morning coffee together. Unbeknown to Krissy, the large black sack in the corner of the kitchen also contained me.

Krissy was a sexy girl, around age 28, with long black hair, that went down her back, almost as far as her bum. Her long legs and ample breasts, I had often looked at her, when I thought Natalia was not looking. What it did not know was Natalia liked looking at Krissy too.

During one bagging session in the kitchen, the two girls made out with each other.

Inside the 1100 bin liner, I could do nothing except listen to the pair of them kiss each other.

"Oh you kiss much better than a man" said Natalia for my benefit no doubt.

"What about David ?", enquired Krissy.

"David is such a loser" said Natalia "I am even thinking of dumping him."

"I have always fancied you" said Krissy to take advantage of the fact I was not around (or so she thought).

"I am glad you feel likewise" replied Natalia.

Next I heard items being knocked over in the kitchen, as the two women got passionate with each other, and items of clothing were frantically removed from each others' bodies.

"Natalia is only making out with Krissy !"  I thought to myself, as I remained bagged along with only the kitchen waste for company.

Natalia cleared the kitchen work surface.

"I want to take you, right here, right now", Natalia screamed.

And I listened as the two women climbed on top of the kitchen work surface and promptly made love to each other.

For what seemed like hours, I sat there in the trash bag, as the two women kissed and fondly each other, taking turns to give each other oral sex.

I could hear their moans and groans as they were sending each other into a higher and higher state of ecstasy as their arousals climbed.

I had not only become Natalia's trash, but I had been replaced in her affections by a woman !

With the two women totally engaged in their carnal lust for each other, I felt I could discretely wank inside the 1100 bin liner, as no one would notice.

I gently rubbed my cock up and down, the bags of kitchen waste surrounding my naked form.

As I heard Krissy came to her first orgasm, I shot my load inside the bagged waste.

I think Natalia revelled in the power she had. She knew I was listening, and I was powerless to do or say anything without being discovered naked in the trash.

Natalia saw the bag move slightly "Well at least, David is enjoying himself too" she thought.

Natalia smiled silently to herself.

"Why are you smiling ?" asked Krissy.

"I am just content", replied Natalia. "Shall we go upstairs. I have some toys in the bedroom, I think you will like."

My mind thought of the large purple silicone double ended dildo, I had found once in Natalia's panty drawer, and I had teased a blushing Natalia over. It was over 3 ft long, and I now concluded that its wide girth must be far more satisfying that my small prick.

I heard the two girls retire to the bedroom to continue their sexual antics.

I was left in the kitchen amongst the trash. I had been replaced in Natalia's affections, and I felt worthless and discarded.

As I imagined the two of them rocking back and forth with that purple monster inserted inside both of them, I could smell the kitchen leftovers as the warmth of my body and recent cum, made the trash smell more intoxicating, as the black polythene surrounded all the contents.

Quite some while later, I heard Natalia and Krissy return to collect their clothes, which had been left strewn across the kitchen, in their haste to disrobe.

Krissy's eyes wandered around the kitchen looking for any lost item of clothing, and focused on the large trash bag in the corner of the room.

"Wow, Natalia"  said Krissy "That is one hell of a big trash bag. It is huge. Where on earth did you get it from ?  Its large enough to swallow people !"

Natalia rushed over to the trash bag, to tie it up. As usual for our games, it was two bags, one inside the other, so a double bag could be moved without it splitting with my weight.

Natalia briefly saw my face, as I looked up, and saw her gather the shiny black polythene over my head, and tie it up.

As Natalia did the same with the second bag, she answered Krissy. "Yes, I bought them to hold extra large items of trash, or simply lots of smaller items. It saves trips to the wheelie bin, but the downside is they can be very heavy."

"That's okay" said Krissy "I'll help you take it out to the wheelie bin.  If we hurry, we might be in time for the garbage collection."

"Garbage collection !  Oh no, its Thursday !"  I wanted to shout.

Natalia hesitated, for she knew I was inside.

Then hearing no protest from inside the double lined trash bag, said to Krissy "Thanks, that is very kind of you."

I then realised that I would be disposed of as nothing but trash, as I felt the two women struggle to take the bag outside.

"I see what you mean about it being heavy !" cried Krissy. "Let me wheelie the bin to the bag, and lay the wheelie bin down on its side. Then we can simply shove the bag inside, and right the wheelie bin upright again. That will save us having to lift the bag of trash."

"Good idea !  David is so pathetic, he would never have worked that out" laughed Natalia.

Next I heard Krissy knock the wheelie bin over and lay it on the ground. It was empty, as all of the bags of kitchen waste were in with me.

The two women struggled to get the heavy trash bag inside, by pulling and pushing, and much grunting noises.

I felt the square confines of the wheelie bin start to swallow the 1100 bin liner and everything held inside it.

Some more pushing from behind, and the deed was done.

Then the two girls struggled to lift the wheelie bin upright, and I slid to the bottom of the bin.

Next the two girls wheeled me to the kerbside as just part of the neighbourhood's domestic waste.

I heard their footsteps walk away.

"I feel so hot and sweaty again" said Natalia "Do you feel like having 'round 3' upstairs in the shower ?"

The two women raced back inside the house, and stripped off once more.

Meanwhile, the rear loader garbage truck proceeded up the street, and the gang of men were busy emptying the bins.

I could hear them approach, the noise of the wheelie bins crashing against the truck, as they were lifted one at a time by the automatic lifter and flipped over into the hungry hopper and emptied, getting ever louder.

I could even hear the bags of trash tumble into the steel hopper, and then the hydraulics as the packer plate was lowered and covered the contents of the hopper.

Even closer, I could also hear the popping noises as the bags burst as they were crushed by the machinery.

Then it was my turn.

As I had been loaded inside the wheelie bin feet first, so I fell out head first into the hopper of the rear loader garbage truck.

I landed on my head, upside down, my back against the inside of the truck, and my feet pointing upwards.

Immediately as the wheelie bin was lowered to the ground, so the packer plate descended.

Out of fear of being sliced in half, I laid rigid against the hopper wall, and this allowed the packer plate to descend over my body but without touching it, as I was now between the packer plate on its guides and the hopper wall.

The packer plate scooped inwards, and the kitchen bags that had accompanied my adventure thus far, were squeezed against my head.

I took a deep breath assuming it would be my last.

Then the packer plate pushed the top of my head, resulting in my entire body being pushed up into the body of the truck, guided between the packer plate and the hopper, as though I was being "inserted".

My feet, which had been uppermost in the hopper, as I was upside down, were forced into the layers of bagged polythene waste from the previous premises they had collected from.

I felt my feet slide between the tightly held polythene bags.

The double bag I was contained inside ripped open, and I travelled further between the polythene bags, naked once more.

I had been inserted up to my knees, and I was now held fast by the compacted bags, even though my body from my knees to my head still dangled down towards the hopper.

Natalia's bags of kitchen waste formed part of the load that was now squashed between my feet and my knees.

I felt the lorry move forward by one house.

I was now part of the contents, and I was still alive.

In the shower, Natalia had heard the garbage truck arrive, and she was busy thinking of me being consumed by the trash, as Krissy's fingers continued to explore inside Natalia's pussy, as Krissy's tongue expertly sucked Natalia's clit in soft figures of eight.

At that moment, Natalia heard the dustmen, load the neighbour's wheelie bins into the truck, and she imagined their garbage being mingled with her own trash, dumped just moments earlier. Natalia screamed her orgasm loud enough to wake the dead, as she fell to her feet, literally unable to stand.

Inside the garbage truck, the packer plate descended once more.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Indeed, I could still breathe.

I might even enjoy this, as my arms went straight for my cock, and I enjoyed being processed inside the truck.

The packer plate scooped out the neighbour's trash and I was pushed deeper inside the layers of polythene bags, as I was rammed firmly in, up to my hips.

Again the truck moved forward to the next house.

"That was one massive orgasm, Natalia" exclaimed Krissy. "You are very hot today".

Yes, my mind keeps racing. Thinking about what we are doing, and thinking about David". said Natalia quietly as her orgasm started to subside.

"David !  What made you think about that loser ?" exclaimed Krissy as she stopped fondling Natalia, the passion being killed, and the moment lost.

Natalia heard the next wheelie bins being emptied into the garbage truck as it got further and further away, as it continued the collection round.

"Yes, he was a loser. His fantasy was to be taken away in a garbage truck. Just like the one which I heard come today, as we were here, making out, in the shower. I pictured him being squashed in the garbage as you made love to me, and I found that a powerful image !" cooed Natalia.

Meanwhile, I was wanking for my life, my hands already trapped on my penis, as they worked below my hips.

The packer plate descended again, to collect the next lot of black bags from the hopper. Again it passed over me, and when it returned I was pushed even harder into the load of the truck, as the bags now reached up to my chest.

I knew I would be engulfed soon. To disappear amongst the layers of black polythene bags inside the garbage truck.

It was like falling into quicksand, upside down, but still feet first. Only I was not surrounded by rough grainy sand, but lovely shiny slippery black polythene bags, that slid along my naked form, as I was continued to be eaten alive by the truck as I was processed as just another discarded object.

The insertion had caused some bags to be forced between my legs, as I travelled further inside the truck, so these bags started to give me a wedgey.  My cock exploded its hot and sticky load as the polythene bags continued to be loaded in the truck.

Each time, I heard the men attach another full wheelie bin.

Each time, I heard the bin lifter invert the wheelie bin, and the bagged trash tumble out and hit the floor of the steel hopper. Just like I had done.

I knew the lowering of the wheelie bin would activate the packer plate, and each time, I would be buried further and further into the trash, until nothing remained.

To be held firmly amongst the black polythene bags, I knew would suffocate me. But it had been one hell of a ride.

Shortly afterwards, the packer plated continued its programmed work. It descended once more collected more bags of trash, and I was rammed further into the contents. This time, up to my face, so only my forehead and nose was clear.

Krissy shouted accusingly at Natalia. "Is that why the trash bag was so heavy. It contained David !   Oh my god !  I think David is a loser, but I never signed up for this !!"

"But that is what he wanted" said Natalia, as she tried to reason with Krissy.

Krissy dashed downstairs, grabbed a handful of clothes, and rushed out the house still half-naked.

The dustmen had just finished emptying the next wheelie bin, when a partly clothed pretty girl ran up to them in a dreadful state shouting and waving her arms.

The dustmen stopped to see what all the fuss was about as they looked at Krissy, one of her breasts escaping from her blouse, and bounced as she ran. Her hair and body still wet from the shower.

"Can I help you, Miss ?" enquired the garbage truck foreman, with a big smile on his face, as he looked at this wet sexy girl who had run after him.

But Krissy, merely watched the packer plate push the latest load inside the truck, and she heard the popping sound of the bags bursting, and she wrongly concluded it was too late, as she knew I must have been compacted several times, and I had probably have been killed on the first crushing.  In any case, how was she to explain that she thought a bloke had been loaded into the garbage truck, without being accused of murder herself ?

"Oh its nothing. I am too late anyway" she said.

"Too bad" said the garbage truck foreman "For a minute I thought my luck had changed. If you had thrown something away by mistake, we would have helped a pretty girl like you, would not we lads ?"

The other men all jeered and nodded in agreement.

One shouted, "Are you sure you don't want us to unload the truck to help you look for it ?"

"No, thanks. I am quite sure", said Krissy, so the garbage truck continued on its way.
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: GarbageBagDiaper on September 03, 2017, 04:14:15 am
 :) Good story :)
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 03, 2017, 12:41:42 pm
Hi GarbageBagDiaper,

Many thanks for taking the time out to post your kind feedback.

It is heart-warming to hear that someone liked my story.

(Such feedback does encourage authors to write more.)

Kind regards.
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: Trash girl on September 03, 2017, 01:43:26 pm
i enjoyed it to and felt sad that david was not saved when he was still alive but other then that good story hope to see more from you
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 03, 2017, 03:24:01 pm
Oooh thanks Trash Girl. I am glad you enjoyed it also.

Many thanks for writing and letting me know. I appreciate that.
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 03, 2017, 05:23:09 pm
Hi Trashisme,

Thanks indeed for kindly posting such nice comments. I am glad that you enjoyed it also.

Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 03, 2017, 05:32:09 pm
I wanted this story to investigate the fantasy that maybe a person in a garbage truck might take some time to get 'eaten alive', so that he could feel becoming just part of the load and the tight enclosure of all those lovely shiny black polythene bags against his skin.

I also introduced a male (?) fantasy of two girls making out while he was treated as garbage.

Not sure what elements of the story appeal, or readers don't like.

I'll take onboard Trash Girl's comments about the character surviving. Who knows, maybe in a Part 2, he gets rescued at the waste transfer station.  I have not decided yet.

Personally, I like the character to go unnoticed and get no favouritism. He is just trash, he gets whatever journey the rest of the garbage truck's contents enjoy.....

Interested to hear what other readers think.

A Part 2 might not be feasible, as he would be flattened and suffocated.  I want to keep the story fairly plausible, after all.

Hope you enjoy it.

Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: Stu on September 05, 2017, 06:49:22 pm
Loved the story mate
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: GarbageBagDiaper on September 06, 2017, 06:48:24 pm
Continue the story please :)
I love playing in a Garbage Dumpster humping and loving Squishys :)
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 09, 2017, 06:35:19 pm
Hi Trashisme,

That is a very helpful suggestion !   Cheers mate !

I suppose some form of "air-pocket" amongst garbage that offered "extra resistance" might offer an avoidance of suffocation and squashing, to the point where he dies. 

This is somewhat unlikely, but not impossible, I suppose.

I will give it some thought.

Perhaps the girls concern for him, is enough for them to risk looking for him at the waste transfer station.

Maybe they can sound the alarm, before he is shredded and turned into incinerator food, along with the black polythene bags he adores.

Perhaps he dies knowing that his fate is shared by the bags he loves.....

Anything is possible on the Plaza !

Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 09, 2017, 06:38:01 pm
Hi Stu,

Glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for your kind feedback.

Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 09, 2017, 06:40:01 pm
Hi Garbagebagdiaper,

Thanks for your vote for a Part 2.

Trashisme has kindly offered a way forward to this author's "Writer's Block" (we all get them apparently....)

I will give it some thought.
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: GarbageBagDiaper on September 10, 2017, 01:05:49 am
Cool :)
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 10, 2017, 08:36:48 am
No probs.  I'll have to think what to write. No promises at this stage.
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: Stu on September 17, 2017, 08:54:41 pm
First of all i loved the story  I've got to admit,  but wad also hoping he'd survive to become their slave.

Maybe the truck could breakdown so they couldnt compact any longer.  The girl see this and realises he may survive?  Asks where the truck will go and follows to rescue him?

Just an idea.

Keep writing mate,  great to see new material
Title: Re: Rammed naked into bagged waste until you slide and disappear
Post by: PolytheneWrappedMe on September 18, 2017, 12:17:18 am
Thanks Stu for your extra ideas of how I might continue this story.

I am delighted that you liked it.

I have written a more recent story where the character survived.....