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Title: E-stim with SB
Post by: Harry on November 11, 2016, 03:47:14 am
Guess what the mail just bring me?
That´s right! I finally got myself a Tens unit, and after first test drive, I think my SB sessions got a bit more interesting.

On a scale of 1 to 8, I went to 3 and it felt quite intensive at first, but settled down after a while.
Can´t even imagine, at least yet, turning all out from the thing... Geez.

Maybe even some experiments end up in some story one day ;)
Title: Re: E-stim with SB
Post by: ElectroPainLover on November 11, 2016, 04:33:26 am
Congratulations to the world of electro-stimulation Harry.  ;D

Please be very careful with E-stim, especially if you are bound and unable to control the unit.

Here are a few tips for it buddy...

1) Never use when lightning storms are within 50 miles of your home.

2) Never use above your waist. If you do...start very low and use a channel per not use one channel on both nipples. It crosses the heart and can cause A-fib and cause death. It only takes 6 mA of electricity across the heart to send the heart into an unsteady heartbeat and cause death. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! My screen name should show that I have experience and have studied quite well on the subject.

3) The intensity will feel strong at first, lessen after a bit, but then become hard again. The longer you have it on...especially after orgasm...the more it will become quite bothersome and painful. Eventually it will feel as if someone is turning up the power.

4) Use electro-lubes or aloe vera gel when using hard (non-sticky) electrodes. Straight metal against skin can cause burns to the skin at higher levels. These burns can take a while to heal.

5) Be careful if using an anal probe. As the configuration of your bowels can and will change due to electro-stimuli, gasses, contractions, etc..., the stimulation will change as well. Sometimes it can change from a good feeling to severe stomach and/or bowel cramps. If you are bound, changing this can be done through purposeful bowel movement, but, generally goes back to bad quite shortly and you have to continuously work your bowels to lessen the cramps. WARNING...if it is up enough to cause such contractions, I would not advise trying to expel it. Your anus will take one hell of a shock.

If you have any questions about e-stim, (I have been using it for years and have a bit of experience with it), don't hesitate to ask me; in the forum or by Private Message. I will help you the best I can.

Have a shocking experience Harry...but do becareful.


PS...If you haven't about one of my true electo stories here --->
Title: Re: E-stim with SB
Post by: Harry on November 11, 2016, 05:12:05 am
Thanks Dana.

Actually I was hoping you to reply on my topic, since I knew you have experience with this thing.

I usually am a very careful guy when concerning my own safety, so I have read the instructions and warnings couple times. I read your story about your mistake too, well done for getting out btw...
I also have studied electricity tech for a bit over a year, so I have some basic knowledgement what it does. And of course, with actual experiences of getting shocked ;)

My tens unit is basic 2-channel MyStim unit, and it came with 4 self-sticking pads, which I have not tested yet. I also bought two MyStim adjustable fabric penis rings, which I tested yesterday.

What would you recommend, where to put 2 pads, what I can attach with the cockstraps at same time?
Title: Re: E-stim with SB
Post by: ElectroPainLover on November 11, 2016, 05:36:52 am
What would you recommend, where to put 2 pads, what I can attach with the cockstraps at same time?

Thanks for the thumbs-up on getting loose. It was a real 'pain-in-the-thumb'.  ;D ;D

They make several 'bi-polar' devices and it basically depends on how 'hard-core' you wish to get. As you can tell...I have no 'off-limit' area's during my play. I get pretty serious in it sometimes.

One of my favorite's is a bi-polar urethra sound. It is the only thing that has helped me achieve a hands-off orgasm. Getting used to inserting something into your cock can take some getting used to and my sound way too crazy but it can be one of the most amazing feelings you can enjoy...especially with the cock-rings along with it.

As for the pads...I don't use them much anymore as they are a pain to keep on at times. When you begin to sweat they will become loose and the point of contact will shrink and could cause a burn. If they start to lose their tackiness, run them under warm water and rub the black (sticky) side with your thumb and let them dry. I have stuck them to the bottom of my scrotum and at the base of penis on the top. However, if you have pubic hair it will affect the adhesion and electrical flow. Another place I have used them is on each side of my on one cheek as close to the anus as possible and the same for the other side. It will cause contractions in the anus muscles.

Much use of e-stim depends upon how deep you want to get into it. As I have said before, I am a full heterosexual, so, anal play is my way to torture myself. It can also allow you to imagine being raped by a guy or, in my fantasies, a woman with a strap-on. There is no reason to be embarrassed by playing in that area.

I do play up top...but if you should, make sure to only use one lead per nipple, or, limit the power low enough to feel but not to cause muscular contractions. Any muscular contractions of the chest muscles when crossing from one nipple to the other is showing that you have enough electricity to get down to the heart...about three inches into the chest.

I hope this helps Harry. I will tell you that having an unassisted e-stim orgasm is in a world all its own.

Title: Re: E-stim with SB
Post by: Harry on November 11, 2016, 06:09:12 am
Thanks again Dana, it helps.

On a quest for unassisted e-stim orgasm, I think there are not many things I am not willing to try.
I mean, anal inserts have been a big no-no for me, but some recent adventuring have taught me that I should not rule anything out before at least giving it a thought first :D
Not that I enjoy it, but it gives something extra to SB. And with electricity, well never say never...
The same goes with the uretha sounds, I have to check out and give it a thought.

Title: Re: E-stim with SB
Post by: ElectroPainLover on November 11, 2016, 06:23:08 am
Sounds great Harry.

With electrical stimulation, you don't have to go big in the rectum...even small devices will give quite a shock. Again, I am not an anal fan myself but in SB it can help you fantasize much more into your session.

The biggest thing with sounds is...1) to make sure they are thoroughly sterilized with isopropyl alchohol, and 2) never force it in; allow it to slide in with the use of electrical gel. I use Spectra 360.

As I am sure you can tell, I have dropped all of my inhabitions to talk about my play and will not judge you based on yours. If you decide to play in area's you prefer not have out in the forum, we can always chat via PM so it is just between you and I.

Hopefully I can help guide you to that ever-elusive hands-free climax...they are unbelieveable in my eyes. They take awhile to build which I think is one of the parts that make them feel so good once they come. They are, however, much more elusive when just stimulating your cock and not using something to stimulate the prostrate from the inside as well.

Title: Re: E-stim with SB
Post by: Harry on November 11, 2016, 06:47:00 am
Good to know, Dana.. Thanks
I will ask you if something too delicate for public discussion comes to my mind.
Title: Re: E-stim with SB
Post by: ElectroPainLover on November 11, 2016, 07:02:15 am
That's great Harry. Play safe as you investigate your new toy. It can be quite fun and erotic but dangerous if used incorrectly. I will guide you safely through its use when you need information.