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Title: Buried Poll
Post by: Gromet on January 13, 2016, 04:23:32 PM
This poll was on the original forum before it got deleted, vote for what you want and leave a comment below.
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: srbart1945 on January 19, 2016, 04:02:53 PM
Sand burial is one of my favorites.   I prefer a trench where one can lie sloping up to the head...  This puts maximum pressure on the groin (and legs) and gives the best ability to breathe somewhat comfortably.  I do have a fantasy to be buried standing up, but I would think the "digging out" would be problematic.
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: Daffy Duck on January 20, 2016, 02:19:44 AM
I think most trashcan fetishists would say buried in and under trash that is bagged in nice shiny, silky, black, polythene bags.

Perhaps in a landfill site...

Perhaps stuck in a garbage truck....

Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: Maxine on January 20, 2016, 03:05:08 AM
I've done mud and I've done trash.  I loved both but the mud just had so many more potential roleplays that went with it.
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: polyedit2000 on January 21, 2016, 11:02:39 PM
My first interest in buried stuff was from Quicksand, and when my interests focused on encasement, Cement closely followed.  However, Television Reality Star did mention the use of Sand to keep a mummy immobile.

However, when I do search on the buried substance, I usually start with cement.  I suppose being in a material with a time limit has some appeals, especially if said material is used commonly for walkways, like an invisibility of some sort.
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: Mrs. Locks on January 22, 2016, 04:37:28 PM
Definitely quicksand.  Ever since I was a kid, I didn't fear quicksand, but always wanted to find some!

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: Steve Spandex on January 22, 2016, 05:41:26 PM
I agree, quicksand is the best! I think its because, the more you wriggle and struggle to get out, the deeper you sink.

And its even better when its combined with bondage as well, as in my story Imagine slowly sinking with your hands tied behind your back! How exciting is that?

Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: siobhann on February 22, 2016, 05:10:59 PM
Sand is best I guess.  Something about the way it flows around ones body and the weight slowly builds. 

But I have this other strange fantasy which I have not finished writing as a story.  At a femme domme nightclub my time runs out and the Mistress buries me alive. I'm in a glass coffin that is part of the dance floor and the bitches slowly fill it with plastic.  As it hardens I become a part of the dancefloor.  Strange things run through my mind sometimes.

just a fantasy

Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: Andreas on March 16, 2016, 02:32:24 PM
I would go with quicksand, with sand as a second choice. I realize there are methods where you may be able to extricate yourself from quicksand but if your hands are tied behind your back it would be a futlile struggle.

 Or- buried up the neck in sand at a beach... with the tide slowly rolling in. Due to the sound of the surf a gag wouldn't be necessary, but given a choice would you prefer a blindfold or hood?
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: 64Fordman on March 16, 2016, 08:58:49 PM
Does anyone consider being buried at the beach a socially acceptable form of bondage? I was buried standing up once with a female cousin. Male cousins found a couple quarters and thought they would unearth Blackbeard’s chest (Dude, it’s a lake), failing that they put the hole to another use. I remember it was much easier to breath than being buried lying down, and fun being trapped back-to-back with a cute girl. Took forever to get out, even dug out to the hips we were still stuck.
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: Asphyx on March 17, 2016, 06:05:38 AM
Bound inside a bag in mud would work for me. Feeling the bag press tighter and tighter against you as you struggle and sink.  :D
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: jackierabbit1 on March 17, 2016, 10:01:16 AM
Like Fordman I like buried at the beach, but not necessarily for myself. I have this concept for a story I have came back to time and again:

It's a long anticipated summer vacation at the beach, private beach house somewhat secluded, my husband and I there with several others, some couples, some not. My husband looses a wager, or in some other manor becomes indebted to the group and is handed a shovel by the other men very early in the morning and told to dig a deep hole in the soft and dry sand away from the threat of drowning and sand crabs, yuck!

Wearing only his black panties of submission, (or nothing at all), he is duct tape bound and loaded back into his hole in a standing position if the hole is deep enough without caving back in on itself, or in a kneeling hogtie if it isn't.

The group of conspiring men (friends) then burry him to the shoulders, the excess sand displaced by his bound body forming a mound that they stomp down so as to ensure he won't be going anywhere on his own. The men then set up and stake down one of those bottomless beach tents overtop of their buried captive so he doesn't roast in the sun, he there to learn some kind of lesson while guarding the groups personal valuables as the rest of us romp and frolic in the surf wearing almost nothing.

We all give him some water when he asks, or a snack, but the others notice that my husband doesn't seem to be bothered by his burial, nor his enforced servitude, the men then deciding to up the ante on his lost wager. Being the randy girl that I am I decide to play along, but only after my husband is blindfolded so that he doesn't know who specifically he is listening to with me in that tent pounding me senseless. The sand flies, and we get just vocal enough to let him know we are enjoying ourselves without being overheard.

As few like sloppy seconds my husband is in the perfect position to fix that as he is watched by the others, I possibly having a go at all the guys at some point, and even my girlfriend while my husband is forced to listen. Since my husband is blindfolded he could be forced to clean up my lovers as well before they pulled their shorts back on to go out and swim if they wanted, or even fluff them up for round two three and four.

Digging him up at the end of the day the men could come to the conclusion that he "got off" on the experience, possibly thinking up even better ways to have some fun with me, as well as him at the same time.

It's just an erotic day dream, at least so far, Jackie.

Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: Andreas on March 17, 2016, 03:06:13 PM
Nice little day dream there, Jackie!

As Fordman suggested, being buried at a beach is one the few socially accepted forms of bondage I can think of. However, if one is also bagged, tied or blindfolded in the seemingly innocent burial, that will no doubt draw some odd looks from any curious spectators... as they begin snapping pics or videos.

There is an advantage to being bagged and sinking in mud or quicksand- at least the plastic will keep you clean. ;D However, I would add a diver's snorkel so, depending on pressure, one might still be able to breathe while being totally submerged. As long as it's not too deep!
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: 64Fordman on March 17, 2016, 11:54:40 PM
I think a couple quickly applied cable ties as the person is slid into the hole shouldn’t attract attention. Once buried up to the neck a pair of wraparound sunglasses that have been blacked out with modeling paint on the inside of the lenses would provide an effective yet inconspicuous blindfold, no one walking by would know they were unable to dig themselves out. A gag would be an issue, but being forced to talk to strangers like there’s nothing unusual going on would be more fun, for everyone else.

Thanks for the day dream Jackie, hope it becomes a story some day.
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: jackierabbit1 on March 18, 2016, 09:33:08 AM
Thank you Fordman and Andreas, I am working on it on and off.

 Although not part of my day dream, being buried up to ones neck in the sand by their significant other and/or her friend at the beach, and then having one of those beach chairs placed directly overtop with a draped beach towel could conceal the lucky victim. They would be out of the sun that way, and get to experience getting dripped on when their tormentor sat back down in their chair after a dip in the ocean. The view from under that chair could be either magnificently taunting, or not so much if the bottom sitting in it were the one trying to hook up with your significant other while keeping you out of the way.

I could also imagine the lucky victim gagged with a penis gag, it buckled in place with a small hole drilled in it. The hole could be hooked to a hose, the other end stuck into a bottle of water so as to keep whoever it was not only quiet, but hydrated. The bottles could be changed out during the day, or the hose could even be placed into the leftover drinks of whoever buried the gagged victim to further torment them.

Another way of burying someone at the beach just a little more creatively would entail digging a more shaped series of holes, as in a standing or laying spread eagle with legs spread wide and arms down slightly. I could imagine some buried five gallon pails with the handles tied off to the victim's appendages and mid section would anchor them in place for the duration no matter the position, and here the possibilities are almost endless. Could this torment even happen at night by the light of a beach fire, the buried victim having to watch his or her significant other's infidelity after their swimsuits flew off by firelight? If that were the case I could see loosing where something as small as a human head were placed on a dark beach, the lovers having to come back early in the morning when the sun was back up to find him or her, assuming they didn't sleep in after their extended fun.

Still another way of keeping a man buried in the sand would be to simply have him dig the hole himself early in the morning when the beach was empty, strip him and bind his hands behind him, burying the five gallon pail between his spread legs and tying off his man hardware to the handle and burying it all together in one neat package. While not having any first hand experience with such things, I imagine such anchored restraint would keep any attempted self escape to a bare minimum less something important get left behind in the hole.

Thank you for the opportunity of this fun, if not slightly sadistic line of thought, Jackie.
Title: Re: Buried Poll
Post by: 64Fordman on March 18, 2016, 03:46:17 PM
No, thank you Jackie. You just won the evil award in the buried-at-the-beach category and it’s NOT part of your day dream. I await your story in joyous yet mildly frightened anticipation.