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Title: Embarrassing situations
Post by: Jimdini on December 22, 2015, 10:46:12 PM
I always enjoyed these type of posts.

I will start by re posting one of my own.
Okay this happened a few months ago.

I have a waist harness with attached handcuffs and crotch straps that I play with from time to time. It was late on a Friday night, I stripped and put on a pair of tight leather briefs. I had not used this harness for some time and was pleased to find I could buckle both sides two holes tighter than previously. As a reward to myself I added a leather hood with pepper pot eyes to my bondage. I put locks on all the buckles and the hood and locked my wrists in the cuffs double locking the right hand cuff with a thin nail. Cuffed and hooded I sat and watched a late night chat show. This finished about 1am and I made my way to my release key and picked it up. Normally after a little struggle I get the key to the right hand cuff in the lock with my right hand and release myself (the key hole on the left cuff faces away from my hand). But this time try as I much as I like the key does not go near the key hole. It slowly dawned on me that as the waist belt was tighter than previously my wrists were held further back on my hips restricting my arm, shoulder and wrist movement more than before. After a few more futile attempts I decided I was not getting loose without help. I went to my front door, opened it and looked out, all the neighbours windows were dark and with my hands trapped at my hips I wouldn’t be able to reach high enough to ring their door bells.
I was not in any danger so I didn't want to dial 999, it was 2.30am and I did not fancy being stuck like this all night so I decided to call the 101 police non emergency number. This proved a lot harder than I expected with my hands trapped at my sides and my vision restricted by the hood, but after about 15 minutes I managed to dial and get through, I explained my situation and that I didn’t feel justified using 999, they suggested neighbours, not till morning, Fire service, problems dialling and 2 miles from station and I am hardly dressed for wandering the streets, they were sorry but as it is the Weekend Officers were very busy. So I said “sorry to bother them, I'll just stay stuck until I see signs of life from the neighbours in the morning,” I put the phone down and resigned myself to waiting at least 4 or 5 hours before I could be released, even if it would mean a very embarrassing encounter with my neighbours.
At about 3.30am my phone rang and I struggled to answer it, the Police have called back, Officers are on the way to me and can I let them in, I say yes. About 10 minutes later two officers arrive, I open the door and let them in, They shine a torch on me and ask where the light switch is and I point as well as I can with my wrists shackled at my hips. After looking at my bondage they ask if they are standard handcuffs, I say yes but I have the key here. They ask if I really managed to lock myself up like this without help, I sheepishly admit that I did, one Officer unlock my cuffs, and the other  says " I am genuinely impressed you managed to secure yourself that way without help". They confirm I am not injured or in need of anymore help and leave.
I was really impressed with the way that they dealt with the situation , as if finding idiots bound and hooded was an everyday occurrence.
  Come on guys and Gals lets start repopulating the Forum.
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: MsBehavin on December 23, 2015, 11:22:43 AM
That had to be toe curling embarrassment-wise but its lovely to know the Boys in Blue came good and were totally professional in their attitude :)
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: Jimdini on December 23, 2015, 09:54:44 PM
Not as toe curling as having to be seen and released by a neighbour would have been, but bad enough.
I rather suspect I might have been a source of amusement back at the nick though.
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: M88 on December 28, 2015, 05:37:59 PM
Great story :)

Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: Mrs. Locks on January 16, 2016, 01:49:23 AM
I had an embarrassing situation somewhat recently as well (coincidentally also involving the police):

For those that don't know, I often like to play with selfbondage as more of a means of locking myself into outfits with corsets, catsuits, boots, collars, that sort of thing.  Locking the catsuit over top of the other items to force myself to stay enclosed for long periods.  One of my release methods is a key that I have stashed down an abandoned road several miles away from my house.  This forces me to leave the house at night and drive a distance to get my release key.

One night after a long 12-hour session, around 1am, I ventured out with my 5½" boots, a posture collar, and my typical outfit of compression clothing and corsets all locked on.  I drove to the abandoned road, parked and put on my jacket (it was cool) and walked a ways to where my key was hidden behind some trees in a semi-wooded area.  I unlocked my boots and collar (which also unlocked my outfit), and started walking back to my car.  I brought a different padlock with me in case I decided to lock things back on to only be released once I got home and decided against putting the collar back on, and only locked the zipper of the catsuit again.

About 90 seconds after clicking the lock closed, I was incredibly happy I didn't include the collar.  Because I noticed a group of teenagers walking my way with flashlights.  I definitely didn't want anybody to see me in my outfit. This is the exact reason why I go out so late at night--so the neighbors or anyone else witnesses me!  A girl wearing heels is one thing.  But wearing 5½" boots is another.  And at 1am, I panicked.  I took off my boots and put the posture collar I was holding in my jacket pocket.  I stashed the boots behind another tree and tried to hide.  But they were coming right toward me and one person said "I think I hear somebody, I'm scared". So I had no choice but to walk out. I figured my jacket would hide most of my outfit and without a collar or heels, I'd look almost normal.  I just said "don't worry, I'm just going for a walk" and silently walked by them as they laughed because one person thought I was "a ghost" or something equally silly.  My plan was to go back and get the boots, but I felt like they were going to think something was up if I turned around, so I just walked back to my car in my socked feet.

And that's when I was even more happy that I had already removed my collar and didn't put it back on.  A police car pulled up behind me, shined its lights, but slowly drove away.  I sighed and turned around and took this as a sign to get the hell out of there.  That's when I saw the police car further down the road parked.  And sure enough, as soon as I passed him, he pulled me over.  I was terrified.  Here I am locked in a corset and catsuit and the police about to ask me questions.  I admit, I started to fantasize about being arrested and having to sit in jail overnight (or more!) without a key to let me out of my outfit.  But that was certainly not something I wanted to have happen.  I'd be in the paper for something like indecent exposure or I don't even know what.

He came to the window and asked "Do you know what time it is?" "About 1am." "What are you doing down here?" "Just going for a drive, wondering what was down this road." "Where are you from?" I told him.  And he asked for my license and walked back to his car.  I started thinking of what to tell him since that was such a bullcrap response and a second police car pulled up.  I'm dreading the situation now, but the first officer didn't make mention of anything I was wearing so I assume my jacket was doing the trick in not showing anything out of the ordinary.  They both walk up to my car and start asking more questions like "Why are you this far from home at 1am?" and what I was doing. I made up excuses like "I saw the road on Google Maps and I like to explore." And I thank God I had a flashlight with me to somewhat validate this story.  They started to ask "gotcha" questions like was I doing drugs or stashing anything out there or meeting someone for something since that would be the most likely reason to be in the middle of nowhere at such a time at night.  I just stuck with my story until the first officer handed me my license back and said to the second, "All her info checks out." And they warned me about being alone at night and why I was so suspicious, etc.  I wasn't committing any crimes.  The road wasn't marked as anything other than "closed" (not "no trespassing"), and I wasn't really nude or anything.  They seemed to notice "something" was off with my posture, but didn't say anything and they just let me go. 

At this point, there was NO WAY I could go back for the boots now, I'd be more suspicious as ever.  So I just drove home, feeling like I sweat about 4 gallons and had 4 heart attacks. I did go back the next morning to collect my boots.  I was hoping the teenagers didn't find them or that the police didn't go back and search for something.  But they were there.  I grabbed them, and drove back home.

I kept thinking about what might have happened if they asked me to step out of the vehicle for some reason, or asked to search me and found the collar in my pocket.  I don't have a clue what I would have done or said.  It would have been a fantasy come true if they had cuffed me and taken me to a lockup of some kind.  It would have been the first ever time being locked up against my will without my own access to the keys to freedom.  But if that were to actually happen, I might have to move to Antarctica!

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: Jimdini on January 16, 2016, 03:46:38 AM
It sounds like you got a lot more excitement than you bargained Mrs Locks.

Your profile doesn't give a country so it is not clear if you were in danger of arrest, different police jurisdictions have their own laws and procedures.
Unless you are a risk to yourself or others British cops tend to ask you to attend Police stations or just report you, as long as your details check out. As you can see from my story they are pretty broad minded and kink tolerant. 
Your costume sounds fairly respectable, so unless they caught you driving with the 5!/2" heels and the posture collar on, I doubt you committed any offences.

 However if I had been out in public like this I probably would have been taken to the nick.
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: Tied84 on January 26, 2016, 08:52:06 PM
I was busted by my dad once wen I was 19 or 20. I was home alone and though that like my mom, he was at work. Unfortunately for me, he skipped out on the last half of the work day to pick up my mother's x-Mas present. I heard him come home, call my name, and head up the staircase to my bedroom. I did as much as I could before he knocked twice on the door before entering, but when he came in I was still dressed in a leather mini skirt, fishnet stockings, black garter belt, bra, and white sheer silk blouse, with a collar around my neck, ballgag hanging below that, ankles and knees tied together with rope, and a pair of handcuffs dangling still-locked to my left wrist (I'm now a 32 y/o male).

We stood staring at each other for what felt like 10 years, but was probably one 5 seconds before he sat down on my bed and started unpackaging the new car stereo he'd just purchased my mom. He told me where he got it and the deal the salesman told him he was getting, then asked if I'd be able to install it that weekend.

Despite being in total and complete embarrassment induced shock, I stammered out a 'Awesome, yeah, Sure!' He wrapped everything back up in the plastic store bag and asked, "so is this some kind of weird contortionist thing or something?" To which I replied "Yeah, kinda. I'd rather mom not know about this happening today if at all possible. I'm gonna go take a shower now."

After that, he bummed around the house for 15 min or so and left again. Never spoke a work about it after that.
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: Jimdini on January 27, 2016, 12:43:02 AM
Awkward! But decent of him to carry on as normal with his reason for visiting your room.

 Parents can be very understanding. My mother had caught me playing "tie up" games on my own and with friends many times as I grew up, and while she did not altogether approve she was tolerant of my "peculiarity".

My most embarrassing incident involving her was When I was 20 and home on leave from the airforce. She had gone into town shopping and I had the house to myself. I did not expect her back for four or five hours so decided to try out a spreadeagle tie for half an hour or so
I stripped off and put on a gold Tanga swim brief I had bought in London. I locked short chains to the legs at the head board of my double bed. Then laid out a pair of handcuffs by each one. Next I used rope to tie my ankles to the legs at the foot of the bed, this left me with my ankles about 3 feet apart. I put a large wet sponge in my mouth and burnished 3 strips of 2 inch surgical tape across my lips. Finally I laid back and locked one pair of handcuffs onto my left wrist snagged the open cuff through the chain and closed it (I left the key in the lock for now). Then I laid a handcuff key next to the right hand chain and locked on the hand cuff and snagged the chain and locked it. Now I moved my hand to see if I could reach the key and unlock the cuff from the chain. As this was successful I reached over and removed the key from the left cuff and flipped it onto the bedside table. I replaced the key for the right hand cuff and locked them to the chain. I laid back and tested my bondage, I was secured in a quite strict spreadeagle with very little movement.
After a few minutes enjoying my helplessness I hear the front door opening and someone entering and my Mum shouts "Hello, where are you?" and I hear footsteps coming towards my room. I have never been caught tied almost naked before and I panicked and grabbed frantically for the key knocking it off the bed.

The door opened a little and Mum said " are you decent?", I grunted frantically and she looked round the door and said "Oh, your still playing tie up games. I'll have lunch ready in half an hour." and she closed the door and left me. I spent the next half hour struggling fruitlessly to reach a key or attract her attention by gagged grunting.

Finally she returned to see why I had not gone down for lunch and realised I was stuck, She sat down on the bed beside me and gave me a lecture on why I should stop 'doing this sort of thing' now I was a 'grown up' and in the airforce. Finally she looked for the keys and released me.

The embarrassment of having been found like that by her stopped me practising self bondage when I was at home for quite a few years afterward.

Mothers are wonderful souls. 
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: Jimdini on May 01, 2016, 12:43:31 AM
Stupid mistake!

I was just going to spend half an hour handcuffed and gagged watching a game show, as I often do. I was planning on using police type Quickcuffs  behind my back and a ball gag with locking rubber strap. As I had the house to myself I stripped off and put on tight leather micro briefs.

 It started out OK as I locked the tight ball gag on, then I locked the first cuff on my right wrist, I had not used these cuffs for sometime and I made the mistake of not checking where the key holes were, securing my other wrist I settled down to watch my show. When it finished I went to my bedroom to get my handcuff key to release myself. Once I had the key I found I had a problem, the keyholes were facing away from my hands!

So there I am Handcuffed and gagged in nothing but a pair of very tight leather micro briefs. I am home alone! I try to find ways to get a key into a lock for about 30 minutes. Nothing doing, with my wrists cuffed palm to palm the rigid cuffs leave very little arm movement. All I get is sore wrists and the realisation I am not getting free without help! Should I approach my neighbours? It would be very embarrassing to let them see me like that! Almost naked, gagged and with my hands trapped behind my back in handcuffs. Especially as it is still broad daylight! I would probably be filmed on someone’s mobile and be plastered all over Youtube!

I decided to try and contact a friend for help. This threw up another problem, how to call them. The rigid handcuffs severely restricted my arm movement and I could not see the screen of my mobile while I was holding it. As I have to draw a pattern to unlock the phone I had to put it on the bed and try to draw the pattern with my nose before it switched off again.After 7 or 8 attempts I finally managed it. Now I had to use my nose to open the text screen select my friends contact and then try to write a text explaining I needed help. Thank god for predictive text, but it still took me about 10 minutes to write and send.

I got no reply, after 10 minutes I sent a further text. a few minutes later my phone rang, it was my friend asking if I was Okay, but with the gag in I couldn’t make myself understood and they hung up Then my land line rings and I struggle to answer it, but they hung up just as I picked up.. My mobile phone rang again I answer once more but they still could’t understand me. I struggled to text them again telling them that I was gagged. There was no further reply. What was happening?  I realised I might either have to stay cuffed and gagged until it got dark or perhaps call 999!

 I sat there feeling sorry for myself with my shoulders and wrists getting ever sorer and drool running down my chest. After about thirty minutes I hear a car pull up outside, my friend had arrived and and as they come through the door relief flooded through me. After asking if I was all right they took the key and unlocked my cuffs. Finally released from the by now very painful handcuffs I removed my gag. Looking at the marks left by the cuffs and gag they ask if I am sure that I am Okay. I assured them I was and apologised for interrupting their evening. Satisfied I was safe and well they left.
Moral of this is never do SB home alone!
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: Jimdini on May 08, 2016, 04:58:36 PM
At least I have cheered someone up. A mutual friend had recently had a break in and their car stolen and they were still a bit down so my rescuer told them about me to give them a laugh! {As my friends other half had driven him over to rescue me I had told them not to worry if they let slip my predicament, as I am comfortable with people knowing I am in to bondage as long as it isn't shouted from the roof tops!)
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: SergeantA on August 11, 2016, 02:37:02 PM
I made plans with my girlfriend (who lives 3 hours away) to find me in selfbondage when she got to my house.  She was expected at about 1130 pm so I started to tie myself around 10 pm.

I was naked on my bed and I tied my legs in fotomomo's with 30' rope each.  I put in ear plugs, a blindfold and a ball gag.  I then put on my hinged handcuffs (which have a weird double lock placement) and I could only double lock one side.  My keys were on a shelf near my door and I had told my girlfriend this before I started.

About 30 mins into my self confinement, the non double locked side of my cuffs started to ratchet down as I struggled.  Realizing this would become an issue, I lay still.  Over the next 10 mins my arm started to go numb and so I rolled to my side, once again ratcheting the cuff another couple clicks.  It was becoming painful and I knew I'd need to get out before it got worse.

My house mate is just across the hall, but I know he is asleep by this time.  However after much struggling and rubbing my face on my bed I dislodge the ball gag enough to yell his name.  (note: I didn't let it go around my neck due to strangulation hazard).  After about 5 minutes of yelling his name loudly, he comes into my room clearly dazed and sleepy and I ask him to uncuff me because it's too tight.  He of course is in a haze and has no idea where the keys are.  After a bit of direction he gets them and uncuffs my hand.  I get the other cuff off and reassure him I'm fine.  He knew about my self bondage, but he certainly wasn't expecting to be woken up by a naked guy yelling for help.  It was past 1130 at this point and my girlfriend wasn't there yet, so I'm glad I called for help when I did.  No lasting damage, but my house mate told the other people I live with that he had to rescue me when I was naked.  They are all kinksters, so it wasn't too bad.

One of only two times I've needed saving.  Both times were because of a failed double lock on handcuffs.  Have better cuffs now.
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: ElectroPainLover on August 11, 2016, 04:05:50 PM
My embarrassing situation included me being caught by the police as well.

At the time I was pretty much living out of my pickup. I could stay at my fathers house if I really wanted to, but my step-mother and I didn't really get along at the time and my mother lived too far away (110 miles) for me to reasonably drive too and from for work.

My pickup had a camper-shell and a convert-able bed/seating in the bed. Carpeted, it was actually quite comfortable. The seats had storage for my camping gear and my fun stuff that I enjoyed to play with. That was another reason which made me decide to live out of my truck more than at one of my parents houses.

Anyway, I had found a very secluded area and decided to spend some of my time that evening in handcuffs and leg-irons and (something I don't normally wear as CD is not my normal practice) some lace panties I had somehow had in my belongings when when my girlfriend and I split up and I moved out. I was walking around in the dark; black panties and shackled hand and foot and had locked a length of chain between my ankle chain and the chain between my wrist which did not allow my to raise my hands past my waist when I was standing straight or walking. My keys were in the back of my truck as I walked around. It was dark and walking around was more just to relish in my limited movement rather than explore anything. As I walked around, a car pulled in behind my truck. I was a ways from the street and my truck could barely be seen by passing motorists, which were few on this street anyway. My thoughts were pretty simple...'Oh Fuck!. They became much worse when I noticed the spotlight light up and illuminate my truck. Not only was I caught, but, knew it was a police car. They sat in their car for quite awhile just shining the spotlight on my truck. I assumed they were running the plates to see if it were an abandoned stolen vehicle. I was out of the spot light and standing some distance from my truck...though I could not see myself, I felt I had had the 'deer in the headlight' look on my face. I was frozen in place. Though there was no real cover for me to hide in, I had thought I would just hide. However, the thought that they might believe my truck abandoned and have it towed...along with my only means of escape and my clothing. After what felt like an eternity, the officers exited their patrol car and walked to truck. The officer driving must have caught something out of the corner of his eye because his flashlight came on and he pointed it directly at me, without the beam scanning around. He called my by my last name using the prefix of Mr. in a questioning yet stating voice. I barely was able to squeak out in the affirmative. "What are you doing here?" He asked. I replied, "Camping." His partner said, "I can guess he doesn't have any weapons on him, and, he won't be putting up a struggle", obviously commenting about the fact that I was only wearing female's underwear and was chained up. "I guess not" said the first officer, then to me "why are dressed that way and wearing restraints?" I stammered for an answer and finally came up with, "it's a fetish I have." By now I had met the officer's at the front of my truck. They asked me several more questions, like "How often do I park and camp here"; "Have I ever brought anyone here"; "Do I engage with prostitutes"; "Do I tie others up"; and other assorted questions along that line. Most of the other questions having to deal with prostitution. I answered their questions without pausing to think about an answer and they believed them because of it. The first officer then stated, "Mr. 'Me', the reason we're so suspicious, and, yes, you will be part of our investigation, is because we have found four prostitutes in this area that were beaten to death and their bodies left here." My mouth dropped. "Well, I sure picked the wrong place to camp." I said. "Yes," he said and continued, "and dressed pretty suspiciously." I asked them if I could get the keys to my cuffs or if he could release me and he said, "I think we'll just leave them on for the time being." I said "Okay" as there was nothing else I could say. "Do you have ID?" the first officer asked. "Yes, in the pocket of my pants in the back of my truck." I said, "I'll need my hands released to get it" as my hands were currently locked behind my back and chained to my ankle cuffs. "I can get it, just come back and watch me while I grab it." I followed him to the back of my truck and he opened the hatch on the back of my truck. He grabbed my pants and, noticing my keys, he picked them up as well. He pulled my wallet out of my jeans and had me watch as he extracted my ID then set my wallet on my pants he had returned to the bed in my truck. He went back to his car, obviously to check if I had any wants or warrants. His partner stayed with me, a smirk on his face. The first officer returned from his car with my ID and a camera. "He's clean." He told his partner when returning. He then said to me, "Mr. Me. You are now part of a murder investigation and we need to get your photograph for the files. If you had nothing to do with the murdered prostitutes, these photos will not be seen by anybody but the investigators. If you did, they will come out in your trial." Since I had nothing to do with any murders, I had nothing to worry about. The officer took several photographs of me in most embarrassing attire, and, had me turn around and he took photos of my cuffed wrists and ankles. He then placed my keys in my hands and said, "You can remove your cuffs when we are driving off and I would highly suggest you do not camp here and save your life-style for a dwelling of some sort." I said, "Yes sir and thank you sir." The two of them went back to their patrol car, turned it around and drove off." I removed my restraints, got dressed and left the area as fast as I could and never went back. I went to a motel for the night. I was never contacted during the investigation and eventually read about the capture of the murderer. He had committed two additional murders after my incident, both bodies left where I had been discovered by the police.

That was the only time I had been caught while practicing my self-bondage and, never again, outside of a building.

Dana -- EPL
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: MaxRoper on August 11, 2016, 05:35:33 PM
There are some absolutely mortifying situations listed here (EPL, I think yours is the "winner").
These sorts of tales make me glad my selfbondage desires are so tame in comparison. I've never been close to anything like this and don't wish to be.
Thanks for sharing.

Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: ElectroPainLover on August 11, 2016, 05:52:50 PM
Thanks for the vote Max.  ;D

You can believe me, I was extremely mortified!!! I'm very, very happy I wasn't pulled deeper into the investigation! I am, quite sure, those photos were the laughing stock of the investigators. They probably had a lot of laughs at my expense. I knew from that point on...ever trying to seek a public office as a Polititian was out. Wouldn't that look great on the front page!!!

I would've hated to be in some of the other situation's though, but, I am sure I came quite close to being arrested that night. I'm just glad those panties were as stretchy as they were. If any parts would have been exposed, I am sure I would have.

It IS the reason I am so horrified by the thought of trying out-door self-bondage ever again.

Dana -- EPL
Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: MaxRoper on August 11, 2016, 07:14:41 PM
I do a lot of outdoor bondage but only because I own some very remote acreage. The remoteness is an excellent way to keep interlopers away but is also the reason I don't do anything that might in any way end up being inescapable.

I've used the games and property as a basis for some of my stories and there's a (very) slight chance that a real-life trespasser could stumble across me in the act but in that case they'd be the ones in the wrong. Unless they're extremely stealthy I can hear anyone coming long before they arrive. There's no way I'd play anywhere outdoors with public access.

Dana, you seem much too intelligent to opt for a career in politics, so no big loss.

Title: Re: Embarrassing situations
Post by: ElectroPainLover on August 11, 2016, 09:33:22 PM
Laughing out load Max. Thanks for the compliment, but, sorry to say, there was a time I thought of becoming a...uhhh...urrgg...eeyy...City Councilman. Glad I didn't.

I found that I am not good enough at lying however. My ex caught me anytime I tried.

Dana -- EPL