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Title: New story new member
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 05:42:54 pm
New story, I've been reading the stories and checking for updates weekly if not more frequently lol, I've written a story in parts and will post shortly. When I get a chance to proof read and etc.
Fingers crossed you like it but I will warn you I'm not the best writer in the world and the punctuation police may arrest me lol.
Oh and hi to all the members I just wish there were more material and updates lol.
Title: Re: abbi011010
Post by: ElectroPainLover on October 26, 2016, 05:48:11 pm
Welcome to Gromet's Plaza Forums Thompa605!

We are always happy to have new author's join in and offer us some tantilizing reading.

I am quite sure that Trash Girl will be happy to have another trash enthusiast join her in the Trashcan Forum.

Again, Welcome
Dana -- EPL
Title: New story new member
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 07:01:54 pm
Thanks for the welcome I'll post the first part shortly
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: ElectroPainLover on October 26, 2016, 07:14:50 pm
Thanks for the welcome I'll post the first part shortly

You are quite welcome.

I would like to advise that you are more than welcome to post your stories to the Forum yourself, but, it does not guarentee that it will be placed in the Plaza's Story Section.

The only way to insure an approved story is placed in the Plaza itself is to submit the story to Gromet via email --> [email protected] <-- and he will review it and place it on the Plaza.

Please make sure you have read and abide by the story rules Gromet has set forth available here -->

It can be a length time for Gromet to actually post your story as he is the only one whom reviews and posts them. He has many stories sent in and has to read and approve each one himself.

Again, you are more than welcome to post your stories on the Forum and I am only informing you of this for your information.

Dana -- EPL
Title: abbi011010
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 07:35:04 pm
I've read stories which included some of things mentioned such as death and sex etc at which point is it unacceptable?
Title: New story new member
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 07:54:00 pm
It started as a game, I'd always been into bondage and my wife was well aware of some of my kinks but not all. I loved orally servicing her and did this at every opportunity. I told her I'd like to try some cock and ball torture whilst I licked her to orgasm. She's wasnt massively keen at first but said she'd give it a try, but warned she may get carried away with an evil gleam in her eyes. I quickly lay down on the lounge floor and she slowly sat down onto my face. Tentatively at first as I licked every inch I could reach. Slowly nibbling my way around as she played with my cock. It rapidly hardened quickly to her touch I upped my pace with my tongue. She started rolling my balls through her fingers and noticed my cock get even harder, flinching as softly tapped my balls. By now she was very wet and her breathing started to speed up. The more she got turned on the rougher she became and thus the more I wriggled and squirmed under her. After a few minutes she suddenly got up and ran to the bedroom stating I was moving far too much. We have a small bondage collection in the bottom drawer of our dresser and she returned with a large roll of duct tape. She started at my feet with 5 or 6 turns quickly i became immobile, she then made me fold my arms across my chest before taping both forearms together. She raised my arms above my head and sat back down pinning my arms above my head. I was now at her mercy. We continued where we left off and she mused I would be punished for moving around much to my excitement. As neared her climax her treatment got a whole lot rougher, my poor cock and balls were being slapped, scratched, her manicured finger nails digging into my tender balls. She was now panting and really grinding on my tongue as I squirmed under the torment. She reached orgasm with a sudden squirt of her juices. I wasn't quite ready for this as it was the first time she'd ever squirted. She then collapsed on top  of me in a heap leaving me still hard and now frustrated. When she did recover I was still slowly licking her sensitive clit.
Now that was amazing but we can improve things further I think. You still moved around far too much so we need a solution to stop you rolling around. Just then the doorbell rang and she looked at me before grabbing her dressing gown and chuckling to herself. She quickly rolled me under our large couch out of sight and threw a large blanket onto hanging off to hide me.
She opened the door to her best friend Suzie who ran the local daycare and immediately invited her in. I couldn't move an inch and lay perfectly still as the two of them chatted without a care. I couldn't believe this was happening but after discussing how useless she thought I was and how much better she thought my wife could do she left with a hug.
Title: Re: abbi011010
Post by: ElectroPainLover on October 26, 2016, 08:30:32 pm
I've read stories which included some of things mentioned such as death and sex etc at which point is it unacceptable?

Hi Thompa,

Mainly in 'vore' stories is where death and such are allowed. Also, some of the stories which do include some of the situations listed as 'Not Allowed' were posted before Gromet rewrote the restrictions based upon the limitations of his Domain Client. It is one of the reasons it is best to allow Gromet to review stories before having them posted. He is the sole owner of the Plaza's and Forum's licenses and is, therefore, liable for what is posted. To help ensure he does not lose his license he normally prefers to be allowed to review stories before they are posted.

Graciously, Gromet still allows stories to be posted directly into the forum but with a more strengient set of rules. The key rule to remember is if in doubt...ask. You can always private message myself or any of the other moderators or administrators to ask whether something is pushing the line too far. We will be happier to help than be forced to ban a writer for not asking.

Your story you posted is entertaining and well written. I don't see what it has to do with a Trashcan type story though. However, that is Trash girl's domain as she is the moderator of the Trashcan forum.

Again...feel free to ask if something will be too far past the lines. Gromet lets things slide pretty tight against, if not pushing, the lines; but he does have to protect his license to provide all of us this wonderful world so hard to find anywhere else.

I look forward to seeing some more of your writings. Have Fun and Enjoy.
Dana -- EPL
Title: abbi011010
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 08:40:40 pm
That's just the start I have written it in many parts and will put a couple of parts together shortly and it will become very trash orientated
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: ElectroPainLover on October 26, 2016, 08:49:52 pm
That was what I figured and didn't push it too far. I know you were only approved this morning for membership and I am here to help you...not scare you away. We are about having fun and enjoying what other like-minded people have on their minds as well.

Again, the staff are always willing to help and not hinder our members. Please do not hesitate to ask one of us a question if you have one. If we don't have an immediate answer for you...we will get it and let you know as soon as we have it.

Enjoy your time and have a blast!
Dana -- EPL
Title: abbi011010
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 09:04:38 pm

I thought my wife would come and get me straight out from under the couch but she didn't. I'm lying there whilst I can hear her dragging something in from the garage. She sits herself down on the couch right above me with a giggle. I hope you realise what you've started little man. That was too good, so things are going to change. Some of it you may enjoy some you may not but I'm in charge now.
When she's had a cigarette and a drink she eventually uncovers me and the old travellers chest we had in the garage comes into view. Heavy set case with reinforced corners and heavy leather straps across the flat lid. As yet I'm still taped up wondering why she hasn't released me. She helps me to my feet but still doesn't go top remove the multiple layers of tape she applied.
She opens the chest and places 2 huge contractor type thick black bags overlapping the sides.  Within this she places an dog blanket in the bottom and hops me round to the side. I'm looking thinking there's no way I would fit in there being 5ft 6 inches tall. Next thing I know my has wrapped 6 or 7 layers of the strong tape around my mouth and pushed me backwards. I've tumbled straight into the case on my back and she's now folding my legs upto my chin.
I'm possibly still in shock as I see the lid close above me and the light disappear. Then 2 heavy clicks as the latches close and straps applied seal me fate. Being in the position I'm in folded up in now completely helpless. From a little fun to packaged away out of sight.
I'm not going to lie I thought my cock was going to explode right there and then. My balls were aching from the earlier abuse as I heard my wife taking to herself.
She warned I'd be spending a lot of time in my new home, she was tired of my demands and expectations and it was now her turn to enjoy herself.
I had no idea how much time had passed but I was desperate for the toilet from both ends. I tried to shuffle or call her but that came out was a mmmmmppphhhh.
What's up I heard her say? Well speak up? Ah well it can't be that important so I'm off to bed she chuckled but remember it was you who wanted bondage but now it's on my terms. Don't worry tomorrow is Saturday so I think I'll have a lie in.
After good knows how long I could hold back the cramps no longer and I exploded the hot piss drenched me. The case now stank and I could hardly breath from the pressure on my position and smell from bodily fluids.
I must have dosed to be awoken by my wife screaming that I was disgusting, a disgrace and no better that a baby. She dragged me from the case and released my legs. Chasing me into our rear yard. Thankfully where we lived was fairly secluded. Next thing I know I'm getting hosed down with cold water as our dog dived around the yard playing happily. My wife warned maybe I should sleep in the yard with the dog now on if I can't control my self.
For the rest of the day my wife went shopping with Suzie whilst I was instructed to clean the house from top to bottom and prepare a nice meal for later. Steak and vegetables my favourite meal was almost ready when my wife returned dropping numerous shopping bags on her way. I was instructed to strip and fetch the roll of strong tape. I tried to protest but she warned I'd be sorry. I trudged away to fetch the tape and as I returned I noticed her unpacking certain items from her shopping bags.
I was told to lie down as she applied to adult diapers incase of any accident she said them the words that haunted me saying Suzie had provided them from some stock she'd wrongly received. Again I protested hoping that she hasn't told Suzie what they were for as my wife's knee shot up into my balls. Don't worry I tell Suzie everything that's why she tells me I can do better. Sometimes I think she maybe right. The words were like a dagger to my heart.
Crippled on the floor trying to hold my broken balls through two large diapers she then took the chance to retape my ankles and my arms were taped behind my back this to make me uncomfortable in my home. The blanket was removed and 2 large black plastic construction sacks were placed inside the case again. Now I'm worried, infact scared. I'm taped up, diapered and going to be secured inside a chest inside these strong black plastic bags. She removed her panties which were nothing short of soaked and roughly pushed inside my mouth before more tape is applied. There you go my baby all secure for night just need to put you to bed before Suzie gets here. I'm now tumbling backwards again crashing onto my arms beneath me. My legs again folding up and lid clamped shut.
Ah peace and quiet whilst your all wrapped up in your garbage bags. You did say you enjoyed bondage didn't you? Ah you can't reply but I must say I'm loving this. I feel so free to enjoy my self again. Now don't get dirty in there baby or you'll be outside with Rex but still in bondage mind. As the evening slowly passes I hear the door go and Suzie arrives. I hear the odd mumbled word and plenty of laughter. They then come into the lounge and sit down placing their feet on the trunk. I try to stay quiet before Suzie asks where is the useless husband tonight and is he diapered like the baby?.
More laughter before my wife replies he may be closer than you think.
Oh please tell me you know we share everything apart from your trashy husband. I hear the words I've been dreading, "I'll show you how trashy he is" the chest is unlocked and the lid lifted to raucous laughter from both women. Suzie says she's got to run to the bathroom before she pees herself but before she moves my so called loving wife said just use him instead. He begged me years ago to pee on him but I couldn't at the time but now seeing him lying there helpless and bagged up nothing should leak with those bags so feel free.
Are you sure because I won't stop once I start. Go right ahead he's almost trash now anyway haha. I just closed my eyes in time before Suzie piss splashed all over me to more laughter. I think he enjoyed it Suzie said, my wife disappeared for a moment before returning with our large ashtray. She giggled again as she upended the large glass ashtray with probably 50-60 buttends and ash directly into my face. The ash burned my eyes and I couldn't breath at all.
Since you look so snug in those trash bags I think we should use them properly and the next thing the kitchen bin is now emptied on top of me. All the days waste from food scraps to old cartons and soggy tissues. This was followed by the bathroom bin with dental floss, toenail clippings, dirty snotty tissues and used tampons.
I've never heard my wife laugh so much and they took a few photos for insurance purposes they said.
Well it looks as though the bin is full so and it stinks. Time to close the lid I think trash boy they threw pile of old newspapers on top on me laying down the length until I was completely buried from sight. Folding the edges of the trash bags over to keep the smell in before sitting on the lid to squash it all down onto me. See ya hope you enjoy yourself as much as are, but I think we're out all day tomorrow so don't go anywhere will you. More laughter as they disappeared.
I'm lying there wondering what happened to my lovely, did I really ask or deserve this. What happens next? Surely it can't get any worse can it?
Title: abbi011010
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 09:56:55 pm
Here i am trapped, bound and diapered covered in filth, trash yet my body is betraying me. My cock is taped inside 2 thick and now wet diapers and is hard as steel. I've never been so turned on in my life, I can't imagine what I smell like as I've now grown accustomed to the stench inside my personal prison.
I eventually fall asleep before the cramps again set in. I awake with a jolt and feel my self moving and being dragged still bound and gagged. The lid is thrown open and both girls take a few steps back covering their noses.
Eeeewwwww Suzie says are you sure we have to get him out, I say we close it back up and dump your trash for good.
I must admit its tempting but no, I'm quite enjoying my new power over him my wife stated much to my relief. The chest was then tipped over and I topple out into the yard before that hose is directed onto me again. Once satisfied I'm clean enough my wife releases my bonds and I'm ordered to clean the yard and garbage up. By the time I'm finished the girls have disappeared.
On the table I find a little note from wife, "love you trash boy I'm loving this I hope your are too if not tough luck xxx"
My heart races and I can't deny I love this new dominant side to her but also a little scared with Suzie at her side I can see my treatment getting worse.
Things return to normal for the weekdays apart from a couple of devilish smiles saying she has plans for the weekend but I may be indisposed.
The week passed slowly with barely a mention of what happened. My wife's phone was busier than normal with text messages and little smiles making me feel slightly nervous. I asked a couple of times but the only response was "you'll see don't worry" then by Thursday I got scared when she replied saying her plans had now changed and it was all my fault for asking constantly. My mind was now in overdrive wondering what she had planned for me. Friday morning and as I rose from my slumber my wife had already gone. A small note wars lying on the table which read " meet me at Suzie says work at 5 pm sharp"
The day dragged slowly on as I checked my watch every ten minutes or so. I drive to the daycare centre to see only Suzies car in the parking lot. As I approach Suzie directs me round the back. I walk slowly into the rear entrance of the day care past several large dumpsters and a compactor. Just then both my wife and Suzie appear just inside the door telling me to strip. I start to tremble as I slowly remove my clothes. You won't be needing these for ........ well we haven't decided yet as they both giggled.
I was told to lay down as they fitted fitted a cock ring over my rapidly hardening tool and then rolled over to force a large plug into my arse. The pain was unbelievable as it popped past the point of no return. This time 3 large diapers were fitted and duct taped in place. My arms were taped behind my back then my ankles forced up towards my hands into a hog tie. My muscles are screaming already from the uncomfortable position. My wife bends down and fits an open ring gag behind my teeth before turning screws to open it further. My jaw is now feeling like it's being ripped open. She reaches up and tips 2 small blue viagra pills into my open mouth to keep excited. Both girls are now laughing at my helpless predicament.
Well trash boy I guess it's time to put you away for the weekend. I'm now very scared as they heave my hog tied body from the floor and waddle outside towards the dumpster marked soiled waste. I'm now struggling as best I can but to no avail. I'm unceremoniously dropped into the dumpster and a soft squishy landing. Suddenly the smell hits me at once as the girls retreat to a safer distance. Soiled waste it said suddenly I realise in surrounded and covered by dirty shifty diapers. My wife reaches in quickly a places a tube into my ring gag and hangs it over the side, we don't want you suffocating trash baby. As they both appear with heavy looking bags and they split the bags and hundreds more diapers begin to cover me over. Suzie saved all these for you isn't she kind. She said she didn't want you getting cold and they'll keep you warm to more laughter. The diapers got heavier and heavier as the sounds now faded away. The pressure then increased massively as they chuckled that the dumpster was too full and they've both sat on the lid the close the lock sealing my fate till they decide otherwise.
See ya trash baby, well we might if we get here before the garbage truck and again more laughter. I am lying completely packed in tight with only a tube to breath, my cock strained with the viagra and cock ring as my guess start to rumble from the laxatives. I love my wife so much I do hope she rescues me. Strangely I'm now hugely turned on by the total helplessness of my situation. I wonder what else they have planned for me or is this the plan to dump me..........
Title: abbi011010
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 10:28:26 pm
Lying here the cramps are really painful in my joints, hog tied securely and compressed by god knows how many stinking, cold, soggy diapers. I'm soaking as they all leak slowly towards the bottom of the dumpster. I have no idea of time as I drift in and out of sleep. My cock is still hard and I try and slowly masterbate myself by wriggling and squirming but to no avail the cock ring keeps me hard but the lack of stimulation and movement prevent my orgasm.
Time lingers by the temperature drops then starts to rise again. I can hear the feint tweet of the many birds and the odd car horn beeping.
I hear a car pull up nearby and a door closing. Feint footsteps as my senses come alive I'm preying my wife has come to release me. Suddenly it's harder to breath and I'm sucking for all in worth then a giggle. Hey trashy babe just checking your still alive. I try to mumble and plead but she can't hear me under 3 foot or diapers that are compressed above me. Suddenly something wet enters my mouth and I taste gatorade. Next I feel some lumpy cold substance dropping and it doesn't taste too bad thankfully. Don't tell Suzie I've given you this she said you'd been fine without food. All I could find was some baby food inside but at least you can swallow as you cant chew. I must admit I thought you were mad at first when we started this but I'm loving it. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying having my weekends back. My freedom and no selfish demands from you. I still love you very much but I'm falling for Suzie too. We've became lovers and I'm hers from Friday to Monday and she didn't want you around spoiling things so we'll keep finding ways of hiding you. She wants rid of you for good but I can't do that.........(a long pause) well maybe not yet, before another giggle as she hears a few sight moans from deep within.
Well I've got to go now but she said the garbage truck is coming in the morning so we'll try and get you out before then if we wake up in time......
And with that she's gone. I'm still hungry and thirsty but I darent make to much noise and be found buried in here.
Surely she'll get me unless Suzie distracts her......I'm going to try my best to win my gorgeous wife back when I get out of here.
My mind slips away and time fades again. I drift in and out of sleep in between cramps from what feels like every muscle and joint.
The temperature slowly rises again and the traffic noise increases. That's means it's morning and the garbage truck may be due. I'm listening intently to every motor hoping to hear my wife's car arrive. But I hear a deeper engine note approaching, the sound of clanging metal and hydraulic wines.
I'm scared and yet excited, this can't be happening she promised to come. The noise gets louder and I know it's near now. Am I next? Where are they? Why aren't they here.
Suddenly my head is spinning,a loud bang on the side of the dumpster and a clunk. Please no, I scream and shout best I can over the engine, but deep down oli know no one would hear anything. I feel the dumpster lift and slowly tip. Everything is going in show motion now. Up and over I go and the lid is unlocked now. The pressure is easing add the diapers slowly fall into the hooper. I'm going to die here buried in dirty diapers. I can't quite believe what's happening as I tumble out landing in the pile of diapers. I hear laughter from more than one women. I'm  face down now so I can't see. The breathing tube has fallen out and I'm so stiff after 2 days I can barely move. I lift my head but the diapers comes with me stuck to my face.
Now hysterical laughter before I feel a child blade snip away the tape binding me.
My arms and legs slowly straighten and I hear my wife laughing for a second, before warning I have 2 minutes to get out our they'll cover me over and bury me for good. That's the first time I realised it was all a setup and she was here watching all along......
Title: abbi011010
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 10:45:22 pm
I looked out to see my wife (Sarah), Suzie and her sister toni who's garbage truck it was.
Hurry up she shouted or we'll compact you with the rest of the trash ready  for the incinerator.
I scrambled out but not before falling once or twice into soggy diapers pile. My legs and arms were still stiff and sore from being bound. I was instructed to remove my diapers but leave the cock ring. As I removed the soiled diaper my hard cock sprang free much to the amusement of Suzie and toni but my wife looked a little shocked and disappointed.
I told you he was a sick little pervert, how could any man get turned on buried in dirty diapers. My heads now bowed towards the floor I tried to reason but the ring gag made any sound turn into mumbles noone could understand. I was trying to say viagra and pointing at the cock ring but it was too late. My wife walked almost solemnly back towards the pickup truck.
I don't think he's learned his lesson yet Toni can you help me please. A cold water hose was turned on and mainly aimed at my cock n balls.
As we walked towards the truck I noticed the old chest I had been locked in previously on the truck bed. I tried to struggle but after 2 days and little food they quickly over powered me. The lid was opened to see the chest had been lined with the strong garbage bags again. A swift knee to my tender balls and I was curled up in the fetal position. I was quickly bound with strong tape and lifted into bags.
Bitch I shouted and her face quickly changed to anger. You've seen nothing yet shit head but you've just made a big mistake. I guess I'll have to teach you a lesson who the bitch is but I don't think you'll like the answer.
Toni remarked that there looked to be some room in the bags maybe we should pack him in for the journey just incase he hurts himself. Great idea toni now what can we use? Well he did seem fond on the diapers they both laughed. Next thing I know the dirty diapers are raining down on me. Enjoy your ride shit head she quipped and the bags cinched closed before the lid slammed shut with a clunk.
The drive past with a blurr and the puffed bump and jolt before turning into our driveway and the sound of the garage door raising.
The lid was removed to my delight and I climbed out and I was instructed to dump the bags in the our wheeled dumpster. We had recently had new large wheeled trashed bins delivered for now fortnightly collection instead of weekly. I quickly ran out back still naked  to dump the heavy bags. I removed the trunk from the pickup bed and caught Sarah and Suzie kissing. Suzie said see you Friday I can't wait.
Sarah told me to shower before reporting back to her. I washed myself 3or 4 times throughly before towelling dry. When I walked into our bedroom there was a large disposable diaper on the bed and what looked like a baby grow. Sarah ordered me to lie down which I did whilst she diapered me. She then proceeded strap me to 4 corners of the bed and sat down upon my face. After 45 minutes she collapsed on top of me her head on my diaper. My cock had still had zero release and she could feel it pulsing. Your new chasity device comes tomorrow and you'll only be released when Suzie and I allow it. I tried to argue but didn't want to upset Sarah so we cuddled up and went to sleep.
The next day Sarah fitted the locking device after shrinking my cock and balls with an ice pack. I could no longer get hard but Sarah said I would have do as they said If I wanted to earn release. The days passed slowly and I tried my best to be the best husband I could be.
Sarah said she would be doing a big grocery shop on Friday and I should be awaiting her arrival in the garage naked with 3 diapers and 2 large rolls of duct tape. I didn't like the sound of this but hoped by behaving she would be pleased and I'd slowly change her mind.
I heard Sarah car pull into the driveway I stood in garage waiting nervously. Suzie and Sarah walked in hand in hand much to my frustration.
Well well look what we have here Suzie said, looks like a big baby to me especially with that tiny little pee pee all locked up. We've decided you enjoyed last weekend far too much so hopefully this will be similar without your little cock to distract you.
I was strictly taped securely into 3 large thick diapers but Suzie rubbed something into my cock and balls just before securing the first. It was Ben gay and suddenly my privates were on fire. The horrible ring gag was refitted and an angled piece of plastic plumbing pipe was slipped through the opening then secured with tape. The tube was 3 feet above my head but I'd yet to learn why. Suzie then wheeled the large dumpsters over and tipped it on its side and instructed me to crawl in backwards once she'd taped me feet together and secured and hands behind my back. Sarah came running saying how he likes these handing Suzie some very stern nipple clamps. He bought them for me but he may aswell use them ha.
The large bin was empty apart from the 3 large thick black bags lining it. We don't want any spillages they said smiling to one another. I crawled in best I could before they stood the bin upright again. I was now in the very bottom with 3 feet of bin and bag above me. I smelled that plastic aroma and normally would have been turned on but my privates were still locked up and burning. Sarah appeared over head and held up a heavily looking trash bags. I was going to get rid of these but I thought I'd keep them for you as a souvenir. Suddenly I was hit with a hail of dirty diapers which had been festering all weekend. I kept them outside as stunk but I guess since your in the trash bin and they're trash haha.
Suzie reappeared with another bag this time from the kitchen and I was hit with all the general waste from coffee grinds to food scraps and other slimy things. Your now your our only trash bin and but I must warn you were having a party tomorrow afternoon so it may get quite full in there. The bathroom bin and our trash from the bedroom followed before the lid closed as I was left in darkness. From time to time the bin opened but neither glanced in or said anything at all just dumped what they needed and disappeared again. Thankfully i could breath through the tube but my legs and arms were cramping due to the awkward position I was in. Suzie appeared and with a smirk emptied a quite a few large pieces of dog poo. Silly boy hasn't cleaned up the yard Sarah but I've done it now. I heard a muffled giggle from Sarah as the lid dropped again. As if the smell wasn't already bad enough it had just gotten ten times worse.
My face and head were covered in various slimy things from eggs to the waffle batter from breakfast. Our large ashtray was then emptied on my head by Sarah of all people. I hope she was going to be the caring one. Now covered in Ash and cigarette butts stuck to me. He's almost out of sight already Sarah told Suzie. Don't worry we'll squash it all down to make some room.
After that I didn't hear or see anyone again until morning. I was bombarded with the breakfast trash before Suzie commented the garage stank and garbage should be kept outside. I felt the bin rock backwards and start rolling outside. As the temperature picked up so did the smell inside.
The lid was opened fully and I looked up and tried to talk as Suzie placed her hand over the tube. I gasped for breath before she spoke.
Now listen, trash doesn't speak, doesn't move and certainly wouldn't want to be caught in here by its former friends and neighbours. Just think how embarrassing that be and we'll deny all knowledge saying you must have climbed in without our knowledge. The bbq starts soon and you guessed it your our trash bin for the day. More trash rained down upon me from Sarah who had been preparing food, garnish and marinades. The trash was almost eye level now and I could barely see as Suzie dumped a pile of old newspaper on my head with a thud. The loud slammed closed and I certainly didn't want to get caught at all. I'm sitting in pure filth and garbage and dog poo.
I heard voices, some I recognised some I didn't. I heard my boss as he opened the lid a dumped his leftovers, paper plate and soiled napkin without even glancing in the bin. Why would anyone look in the bin there's only trash in there. My stomach rumbled as I could smell the wonderfull food being prepared but a dirty diaper in face opened by Suzie from our neighbours youngster sharp stopped that. I'm sure she was laughing as she did it.
As time wore on the trash level rose before I felt hands squashing everything down. More trash more squashing until I heard someone say just tie it closed its starting to smell. I heard my neighbour say her bin was full too but she had a pile of dirty diapers in the house she couldn't get rid of. Suzie said bring them over I'm sure we can squeeze them in its for you.
She took great pride packing me in tighter and tighter and it became hard to breath.
I felt the can tilt and I was on the move again. Gee what's in here a dead body the man's voice said? Nah just worthless trash I've been trying to get Sarah to dump Suzie stated with smile. I figured out I was now on the end of the driveway.
Voices disappeared until much later I heard my wife say hope your nice and warm in there because we're off to bed.
Trash pickup is tomorrow I hope we don't sleep in with a laugh. I was now terrified again. They have witnesses to say they used the bin all day and had no idea I was in there. They have various photos of evidence showing what we has been doing.
I'm now buried and tightly compacted under 3-4 feet of trash with no chance of escape.
The time stood still or at least I thought it had but night soon became day again and icould hear a heavy diesel rumble again. Maybe it's toni again trying to frighten me but i could only hear mens voices. As it rumbled closer I could hear the hydraulic wine from the packer blade used to crush everything in its path. Suddenly they're very close and there's no sound from the house. I'm trying to make some noise but it's useless being so tightly packed and the noisy hear, right next to me. I'm shaking and sweating waiting for the bin to rock ...........nothing happened and I hear the truck move away again.
Ten minutes later I hear footsteps and women are by the bin. Don't worry baby that was the recycling truck, your bin gets emptied next week but I bet you were crying your wimpy eyes out. Only 9 hours before your released. Since your full is pointless pulling you back'll have to wait now until dark but I've no idea how your getting out. But if you can't well I guess we'll pack you back in and wait for collection. More laughter as they walked away and my heart rate slowly returned to normal
Title: Stu
Post by: Stu on October 26, 2016, 11:38:05 pm
Please don't be scared to leave some feedback whether it is good or bad :)
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: slider142 on October 27, 2016, 06:37:26 pm
I liked it; they were extremely well written. :-)
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: Trash girl on October 27, 2016, 08:43:11 pm
hello stu i really enjoyed reading your story it was very well made i hope you can make more for my little quadrant of the forum 
Title: pintof2
Post by: Stu on October 27, 2016, 10:12:41 pm
Currently writing the next chapter, hopefully add it later today
Title: pintof2
Post by: Stu on October 28, 2016, 08:51:03 am
The 9 hours or so past ever so slowly, I couldn't move a muscle at all, and the cramps slowly built up over time were now fading away as the numbness set in. I felt both weak and tired after very little food or drink. My cock however was still aroused but I could do nothing to achieve any satisfaction.
After what felt like an eternity I heard a few muffled voices and a car engine start. It slowly went past the large bin I was still a prisoner within.

I was hoping that was Suzie leaving so I'd be rescued soon. The car disappeared but still no sign of Sarah.
The temperature dropped and all fell silent again. Surely Sarah won't leave me here all night again. ......
Nothing at all, no noise so I guess she's either forgot or enjoying her freedom to much.
 I dozed off to sleep before waking with a jolt. The bin rocked onto its wheels and crunched down the drive way. I could now here the dog barking and sniffing at the bin. I heard the bin lid lifted but I was buried so tightly I still couldn't move. Sarah then laughed, you know I could close the lid again and noone would ever know your in there. Maybe claim your life insurance and live quite happily........there was a distinct pause  before she continued.

You have 30 minutes to get out of that can or I'll shut the lid and secure it until collection day. Good luck slave and with that she was gone. I struggled and wriggled best I could. Slowly some feeling returned and I used all me strength to create a little bit of movement. I took a deep breath and tried to free myself  and slowly rose inch by inch until I could see daylight. All manners of grime and trash stuck to my skin and some now slightly stained. I was still in the can when I heard Sarah shout you now have 10 minutes. She peaked out of door and flashed her gorgeous smile which renewed my vigor. Still trapped within the tightly packed garbage I wriggled and writhed around but it was no use without my hands to really help I was failing miserably. 2 mins trash boy your running out of time nearly time to repack the trash can.
I began to rock the can as hard as I could then with a loud bang it toppled over allowing me to crawl out, my hands still secured behind my back, knees and ankles taped and that horrible ring gag.
Well well, you've made it.........this time as she edged closer holding her nose. Geee you stink as she leaned down snipping the tape from my legs and removing the horrible gag. Now listen before you think about speaking or coming into the house expect all of this cleaned up and she stood the large bin back onto its wheels. I turned so she could cut the tape on my wrists but she laughed again. Ah I forgot to tell you Suzie thought it would be fun if you used that trashy mouth of yours she chuckled.
I looked at the floor seeking the dirty diapers, used sanitary products mixed with normal household trash. My stomach instantly turned and I felt quite sick in an instant. Beep Beep from sarahs phone as a text came through........ah it's from Suzie she's disappointed you made it but said you only have 20 minutes because if your late I have to drop you at the daycare. Her diaper trashcan didn't get emptied yesterday and she thinks she can create some room for you. Although it may be a slightly tight but you don't mind do you.....
My jaw was still unbelievably stiff from that ring gag but I quickly dropped to my knees and started trying to pick things up with my teeth as quickly as I could. Sarah returned with a cup of coffee and sat down to watch the spectacle. What I'd give for just a sip but she counted down every couple of minutes much to her amusement and my frustration. Trying to pick up dirty wet saggy diapers with your teeth isn't easy especially when I'm still wearing the huge plug and diapers myself.
With great relief I picked up the last few items just as the cold hose pipe was turned on again. I was instructed to follow her into the garage where I saw rexs old dog cage lined with newspaper. In you go puppy I don't have to time to sort you out now so you can stay there until later. She pushed me in head first with her foot on my backside. Forcing the plug deeper as diaper squished under boot. Oh and before I forget Suzie said you don't deserve our food anymore so your sharing with Rex now. I looked at the bowl she placed infront of me with some kind of meat, jelly and biscuits. You have 5 minutes so it's up to you my pet. Hunger pains took over and I began to eat as quickly as my sore jaw would allow. My face was quickly covered by I didn't care I just needed to eat. Good puppy Sarah commented as she ruffled my still wet hair, I guess Suzie was right after all.
Back up slightly puppy towards the cage and she quickly snipped the duct tape securing the diapers. I quickly wriggled my rear end and one by one they fell off and into the cage below. The inside one was soaked through and Sarah quickly backed away. Man that's disgusting as she pushed a broom handle through the bars from behind me she pushed the heavily soiled diaper right up to the front where my head was. I could barely muster the strength to lift my head with my arms still secured. The huge  plug was still firmly in bedded much to her amusement. Just then I heard a car horn from outside. Well I guess that's Suzie to pick me up puppy, she'll be hoping your coming with us to the daycare but not this time.....but never say never.
She turned out the garage light and turned on her heals and left.
Strangely after all this my cock now free and sprang back to its length yet again betraying me.
I wonder what else they have planned for me
The day passed slowly as I crouched in our old dog cage, my arms still secured behind my back and huge plug still stretching my arse.
Thankfully I must have grown used to smell of the wet diaper and it faded from my mind.
A car pulled up outside and doors opened and closed and muffled voices approached. I can't wait to see the little creep Suzie said before bursting into laughter at my predicament. That's wonderful but your too kind to him I think. Look his little wee wee is growing again already, he really gets off on this don't you. I shook my head but she quickly grasped my low hanging balls and squeezed. Tell me how much you enjoy this as she forced her manicured nails into my tender balls. I I I I love it mistress i stammered as the nails dug in further. Ohhh mistress.......I like that Suzie replied. What else would you like? she asked as she slowly released my balls before slapping them from side to side. I was dying to beg, please and pray for mercy but my mind was just trying to make my poor balls avoid her cruel intentions. I'd do anything for you......anything you wished.
Now this we like don't we babe as she looked at Sarah. This could be fun......for us but not you. Did I mention your now our permanent slave? No more working for your meaningless job Sarah and I earn enough,so now you'll live to serve us in anyway way we see fit. Unfortunately for you we're very demanding and you'll probably be locked up, diapered and bagged when there's not any cleaning or housework to do.
Your mouth and arse will be used however we see fit whether that's for our gay friends who just want to empty their balls, our personal garbage disposal or anything else we choose. Is that OK with you Sarah? Sounds great to me beautiful, she replied I always hated house work and now we'll recycle just using your body to do it. Your cock will never be released again and the smallest meanest chasity device I can find will be permanently locked in place. Your arse will be stretched to the point where you'll have zero control and therefore have to wear diapers. And your mouth permanently opened with your lovely gag you hate so much.
 I can't wait to get started as she rubbed my balls coating then in bengay. I wriggled and squirmed as they heated up as the girls laughed. She quickly tied a chord around my balls and yanked backwards causing me to scream out in pain. I was led back into the lounge where my dreaded travel case stood. It was once again lined with the heavy duty black bags. I was guided into the case lying back on my bound arms again. My legs folded upto my chest. Now part of your new duties include our astray and waste disposal. Just then she blew her nose into a tissue and commanded I open wide. I couldn't bring myself to do it and Sarah quickly appeared with the dreaded gag from this morning. You're in trouble now Sarah said in a raised voice. The gag was again fitted and twisted open wider and wider until she used two hands and creaking sound resonated from my head. Oops I think it may be dislocated Suzie grinned. I was howling in pain and Sarah didn't even flicker with remorse just added I should have learned the easy way. The snotty tissues were then forced inside my mouth. It's also my time of the month so you picked a real bad time to piss me off. She turned pulling down her jeans and panties revealing a very heavily soiled kotex pad before dropping it on my head.  Thankfully alot missed her intended target. Just at that point a knock at the door distracted them. Sarah grabbed some heavy piles of newspaper we kept near the fireplace and dumped them onto of me with a thump. More loads packed the case quickly and I was wrapped thoroughly until the lid was forced closed. Even if it was opened now all someone would see was a pile of newspaper nothing else. The clasp was clicked closed and the noise faded. I was buried under the newspaper and the smell of the ink was intoxicating. I always loved the smell I'm not sure why. I tried to listen but all was silent and I drifted off to sleep quite peacefully. What's next......
Title: Direction
Post by: Stu on October 30, 2016, 08:31:28 am
Do I start a new story or continue this one?
Unsure as yet which  direction to take
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: Trash girl on October 30, 2016, 01:13:13 pm
i wanna see more of the current one i thing thre is more you can do on it
Title: Feedback
Post by: Stu on October 30, 2016, 02:31:15 pm
When there's little feedback it's hard to tell whether you're on the right track, whether people are  enjoying  the story therefore if it's worth continuing. This is probably why there's so few new stories being written in would imagine.  This is the first thing I've written since school ermmmm 20 years ago lol
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: ElectroPainLover on October 30, 2016, 03:37:25 pm
Unfortunately Stu, even if you check out the amount of feedback our most popular authors get, you will find feedback is not as common as we would all like. Many stories get no feedback at all. Please do not get discouraged by minimal responses to your stories. Anything is better than nothing.

There is a reason Trash girl is the Trashcan Moderator...she knows what other Trashcan readers like to read. If she says it is good...take that as a huge compliment.

Dana -- EPL
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: 64Fordman on October 30, 2016, 05:02:51 pm
Thank you for posting Stu, your writing is quite good. This is just a suggestion, but if you separated your paragraphs with a space it would make the story a lot easier on the eye. As the story gets longer it’s hard to get through the whole thing. And like Dana said, if Trash Girl likes it your golden.
Title: Feedback
Post by: Stu on October 30, 2016, 05:29:48 pm
Thanks for the advice and feedback,, like I said I've never really written anything for years and years. School was a long time ago and I'm probably well out of practice  but I've had ideas and scenarios  running through my head for ages.  With the lack of new material I thought what the hell I'll give it a shot.
Hopefully continue this story shortly when I get some time
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: ElectroPainLover on October 30, 2016, 05:56:45 pm
Hey Stu,

If you wish to take Fordman's advice, you can modify your posts and insert paragraph spaces into your posts to help other readers on the eye-strain.

Dana -- EPL
Title: chapter
Post by: Stu on October 31, 2016, 09:35:00 am
I'm lying here in complete silence trying to hear any little noise to see if I've been left buried under the stack of newspapers, hidden from the world inside the heavy thick black trash bags. My mouth forced open by terrible ring gag so I can't speak just make undisguishable noises but nothing coherent. My plight is also thwarted by the swathes of strong duck tape holding my  arms behind my back.
A couple of moments later the door opens and closes as the women return chatting normally as though there wasn't a man tied,  bound and buried inside the trunk they're now resting things on. 
Suddenly  a smell drifts into the trunk and my stomach instantly growls. Pizza, they must have ordered Pizza hence the knock on the door.  The girls are chatting away without a care in the world like any other day whilst I'm starving and would trade anything for just one slice.
Ten minutes later which I may add seemed an awful lot longer I heard the locks open and the lid lifted. Still zero light due to the heavy papers surrounding me.  The girls both chuckled that maybe they should just take to the trunk to the landfill or maybe incinerator.
I begged the best I could possibly manage but again only noises came out much to my frustration and their amusement.  Quiet now or we'll fill that ring gag with something more unpleasant. The piles of paper were slowly lifted revealing my bound body and testicles.
Suzie was stood holding another 2 of the large blacks sacks and a roll of duct tape. I was scared to imagine what would follow but I had no choice but try and climb from the trunk whilst Sarah pulled harshly on the cord around my sore balls. Once out I was instructed to step into the double lined bags Suzie held open for me. She had cut two small holes, one in each corner that I now threaded my legs through.  She now pulled the bags up midway around my thighs before several turns of the strong tape were applied sealing the bags to my legs.  My arms were still taped behind my back at this point. They  took turns flicking my poor tied balls and slapping my cock from side to side as it quickly hardened. Sarah then disappeared before returning with an evil gleam in her eyes carrying the viscous nipple clamps.  She attached each one as I squealed and danced from foot to foot. For that indiscretion she pulled hard on cord tied around my balls pulling upwards and attaching it to the small chain linking the nasty nipple clamps.  Now the weight of my balls pulled hard on the clamps as they bit into my tender flesh.
That's better now follow me slave as she plodded off to the kitchen.  I could barely see as the bag was then folded down to my shoulders . I've never seen bags this size and strength before and smooth texture and clean smell still excited me even more despite my current predicament.
As we reached the large American fridge freezer my wife chuckled to herself, well it's time to put the bags to use I think. What followed next was a barrage of old frozen food that may have been in there for years. You do remember promised me numerous you would sort this out well I guess I'll have to do it for you. The ice cold food was dumped straight the bags I'm wearing.  Nothing could get out due to tape Suzie had applied. For the next 5 minutes everything from ice cream to old meat and fish was dumped on me.  It quickly reached my now freezing man parts which tried to shrivel up and therfore pulling even harder on the nipple clamps.
Well that's the freezer done let's start on the fridge she quipped, old cream, cold cuts and sauce flowed straight into bags as Suzie held the strong bags higher and higher as the level obviously rose. I was now buried upto my neck. This won't do Sarah commented and disappeared before wheeling the large bin back to the kitchen.  She then taped my knees and ankles together and instructed me to crawl in feet first as she lowered it to the floor on its side. It was still half full from the previous day but as they jointly stood the bin upright most of the trash was compacted under my weight.  The bags i was wearing were then pulled right up overlapping the bin a good 3 foot above my head. Still starving having eaten so little  tried to lick or suck some of the food into my mouth.  Suzie had caught me and rammed some  very spicy chilli peppers into my open mouth then sealed it closed with 3 wraps of tape.
They moved swiftly to fill the bin bags with anything they could including the bathroom waste bin and several soiled pads.
Thankfully i was then wheeled into the yard and the lid slammed shut. Enjoy your trashy prison I'm sure it will stink especially when all that foodles slowly thaws and defrost. The lid was quickly lifted and a very full ashtray was tipped over my head followed  by the pizza box. Surrounded by stinking garbage and yet teased by the pizza. Just then our neighbour shouted over the garden fence and Sarah returned with a full bag of soiled diapers. I've told laura we can squeeze  few more in if she needs. You don't mind do you slave she said laughed whilst dropping the lid again with a clatter
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: Trash girl on November 01, 2016, 03:02:03 pm
thank you for putting up more part's Stu im so happy to read new stuff on here since im not an author myshel
Title: pintof2
Post by: Stu on November 01, 2016, 07:21:57 pm
Thanks for the positive feedback, I will be continuing the story when I get a little time just very busy at present.                   Although I'm not sure I'd class  myself as an author mind lol.

If anyone had any ideas or fantasies please feel free to message I'll try and write a story around it for them.
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: derminer on November 02, 2016, 07:45:55 pm
Hey Stu you rock man! Great job on the story so far. A pleasure to read.
Title: Derminer
Post by: Stu on November 02, 2016, 07:50:08 pm
Thanks for the feedback matey, like I said I'm open to ideas  for new stories if you have any and I'll try and incorporate them or write a story around them.  I realise I'm terrible at the layout and spacing etc but writing  these on my phone which makes it slightly harder so please bear with me
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: slider142 on November 03, 2016, 01:09:17 am
That was an interesting idea in that last part! Great and interesting writing on all of these! :-)
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: Stu on November 03, 2016, 01:47:33 am
With the bin lid now closed the smell started to hit my nostrils making me want to vomit, but that wouldn't be a very good idea with my mouth having to slowly swallow the fiery hot peppers and still taped closed. My only oxygen was through my nose hence inhaling the gruesome odours from the rotting stale food, and now dirty diapers and everything else within my plastic prison.

I could hear every car pass, the tweet of the birds even slight muffled voices from time to time. I grew both tired, lonely and frustrated but I strangely also started to accept my new life, I knew there was very little I could do about my situation especially at present. As sun rose so did the stench from within, the once frozen food began to thaw and my little blue balls slowly loosened up releasing a small amount of tension on my stretched painful nipples.

I tried to shuffle slightly to ease my aches and pain before I heard laughter and voices again. The lid was opened to see the women standing with huge grins on there faces. Well puppy just to let you know I've carried on my cleaning spree and found it very liberating I must admit. Getting rid of all the useless garbage that has been lying around the house for so long. They both lit cigarettes while stood talking without directly looking at me. I'm not going to speak to you, In my eyes you're where you belong along and there's no reason to talk to the trash. But we're going to have a small fire in the yard to get rid of some trash thats no longer needed. They both preceeded to flick their ash directly on to my head without a single care. Just then our neighbour shouted over and they quickly disappeared from view. they returned with a large glass bowl filled with something.

Aww gee thanks but I don't really like trifle they exclaimed with a smirk, ah just put it in trash then please I heard her reply. No problem Suzie replied as she turned the bowl over directly on my head. I was covered in whipped cream, custard, jelly with sponge and fruit. I caught a little smirk from one to another but didn't make a noise in case I got caught. Sarah came back into view seconds later armed with another full ashtray and you guessed it, aimed right for my face. I was literally suffocating as the cream blocked my nose and covered in a thick layer of ash and cigarette butts. I heard them both snigger as Suzie said "maybe you should just give in to it and we'll cover you over and I'll compact you at work". I'm sure Toni would dispose of you in a huge block of compacted waste.

I hoped my wife would see sense but her face looked slightly flushed as though she enjoyed the spectacle. I managed blow out and clear my airways but not without sucking in some ash. I heard the girls walking in and out then the crackle of fire. I couldn't see what was happening but heard Sarah say "they'll be plenty of room in the closet for your clothes now Suzie". Well he wont need any clothes or belongings where he's going  that's for sure. We'll tell everyone he's disappeared and taken his clothes too. File a missing persons and collect his life insurance. More laughter as I tried to shout, scream and rock the large plastic can.
The can did not move at all with all of my weight right at the bottom. Who knew bowling trophies would burn and melt?  old lp  records and photos, passports and driver licence joined my clothes within the flames.

I guess that's it Suzie, nearly every trace is gone but one last piece. Don't worry Sarah I can sort that easily as they both appeared, the tears were rolling down my cheeks as I sobbed. My only hope was that Sarah would see sense and rescue me as I knew Suzie just wanted me gone forever. She'd always hated me and now I can see why, she wanted Sarah all along for herself.

All those years of snide comments, nasty remarks and put downs at every turn, she'd finally won and it was all of my own doing. Sarah never like anything but vanilla sex, It was I who had requested we spiced things up. Now I'm sat in the trash can literally nothing but trash, I am trash, just worthless trash.

For just a second Sarah looked at me differently, maybe there's hope yet, maybe there's a way out I thought but she then heaved and heavy bag of soiled diapers above my head, look what else we've saved for you she smiled as turned the bag inside and the now diapers landed all around me. You could see how full some were and still wet and soggy. There was still around 2-3 feet of space above my as Sarah again disappeared from view.

As she returned Suzie had a slight puzzled look on her face, Sarah lifted the huge pile of newspaper they'd used previously to pack me in the trunk. He's always had some strange fetish she explained, would read them naked with it resting on his lap, didn't like throwing them away and I'm sure he used to sniff them too. Well you are a strange pervert aren't you Suzie replied as she dumped pile after pile on top of me. They laid them out across the whole surface and as the weight quickly grew  they also compacted the trash down on to me. Believe me 2-3 feet of solid paper weighs quite alot. I could still here the girls speaking as though it were perfectly normal activity. You know Suzie if anyone looked in they'll never guess my soon to ex husband is in there. Plus we can always remove some and add more disgusting things to his little home and squash them all down again.

Ah wait I forgot to show you something Suzie said and the click of heals disappeared before returning again. I bought this the other day in the hardware store where i bought those huge trash bags from, Its a lid lock for trashcans to stop any wildlife getting in........or husbands getting out she joked.
I knew my fate was sealed I just hoped somewhere within Sarah she still loved me, but whilst Suzie was there I know she'll do what she can to remove me permanently from their lives.

Title: New chapter
Post by: Stu on November 05, 2016, 12:35:09 am
Time then stood still but my mind went into overdrive, are they for real? Are they just playing a prank, did they really Burn everything? I had no idea from the position I was in securely taped inside these strong bags then buried with the trash before being covered completely. 

My legs and arms were now so numb and tightly compacted I couldn't move a muscle. I hadn't even noticed the small hose that had been fed down the corner in order to supply  some fresh air. I know from the temperature drop and rise that day break was again upon us but time meant nothing to me, I was worthless trash to them, just something they wanted rid of for good.

I heard footsteps approaching and suddenly was rocked onto the wheels with humph, the sooner we empty this the better Suzie commented. I heard the garage door open then close partially behind us.  Maybe I'm getting out, they've had second thoughts or decided I had suffered enough. I heard the lock being removed and the lid open but then silence again. What's happening now? Why aren't they removing the papers above me.

Now listen trash I want you to make as much noise as possible for me, can you hear me? Grunt if you can.  The voice was Suzies right above me. Sarah are you ready? "Yes" she replied. Now go Suzie said with a kick on the side of the bin . I took a deep breath and screamed as loud as I could until I ran out of breath.
Has he started yet Sarah said? Did you not hear anything Suzie questioned? Nothing at all.
That's perfect, just perfect. Sarch speak normal volume please,  now can you hear her trash? Grunt for yes.  Grunted as loud as i could again. This will be awesome with a laugh, absolute torture for him and awesome for us
Title: pintof2
Post by: Stu on November 05, 2016, 08:57:43 am
I heard footsteps approaching as my wife walked  towards the trash  bin  I was trapped inside of," yes police please" I heard her say.
" I need to report my husband missing" she started sobbing. The rest was a blurr, was this really happening? I'm right here, just let me out.  I promise I'll do anything you want.  She can't hear me apart from a couple of small groans from within. Well that's the police on there way here now to file a missing person report.  Don't worry I'll leave the door open so you can hear every word  Suzie responded and then I heard kissing sounds, this is so hot  and I'm so wet right now.

Wait till the police and our useless trash is gone then I'm all yours I heard my once loving  wife reply.
I'll sit in the kitchen so you can hear but don't worry we won't hear you she chuckled.
Ten minutes later I heard the door bell chime as my wife started to cry and sob again.  I still can't believe what's happening, I'm in total shock but trying to listen intently.

Please come through officer is through here as Suzie directed the policeman to the kitchen.
"Why would you think you husband is missing?"
He's been playing these stupid games sir, he's always been into bondage but lately is progressed to a whole  other level entirely.
What do you mean he quickly replied, well I came home and few weeks ago and had no idea where he was for hours until I took out the trash, there he was all bound up inside the bin, duct tape around his ankles ,mouth and wrists.  God  knows how he managed but wearing a diaper also.  I took these pictures before he climbed out.  I nearly died of shock and warned him about putting himself in these ridiculous positions he could get hurt or worse.
He laughed and found it amusing she sobbed.  Can you just imagine the man you loved, the man you lived with hiding in the trash bin.  What if I'd put the bin out without realising? I could have killed him without knowing.  Suzie my friend here is the manager of the local day care and found him climbing into the large soiled waste container at her work.  He made up some excuse that he'd dropped something but we knew what he had in mind.  He wanted to climb in with the soiled dirty wet diapers the officer asked? We've had to lock all the bins  we have incase he tried again.  If you peer through to garage you'll see.
I'm sure you have miss, I don't need to check.
Why do you think he'd done something dangerous again? .
Well my wife said his bondage toys have disappeared along with him.

You do realise that the city has over 200 trash trucks out every day collecting 1000s of tonnes of garbage? If he has done something dangerous he could be buried at the landfill by now or been incinerated?

My wife openly wept at this point, I'm sorry to upset you but unfortunately we can't start digging through the landfill and the city won't stop the incinerator to check as it would cost thousands of dollars based on a hunch with zero evidence.  Not to mention the problems it would cause backing up all further trash collection.

Again my wife sobbed, as Suzie comforted her she asked what the next steps would be?
Well we'll monitor cards for any sign of activity and cell phone but I'm afraid after that there's not a lot we can do other than wait, if we hear nothing we shall presume the worst I'm afraid.
I'm sorry again I didn't mean to upset you but  i must go now.  If I hear anything I'll be in touch and with that parting statement he left.
The footsteps approached quietly this time until they heard the car door close, engine start and it moved away.

Well well my little garbage nasty it looks like we can easily get rid of you now, they won't be looking and you'll be buried within  hours of reaching  the landfill unless you'd prefer the incinerator and dirty diapers from Suzies work.  Maybe I'll speak to toni and see if she'd like to help.  Either way your trash and trash gets dumped without a second thought
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: slider142 on November 05, 2016, 03:41:12 pm
Oh wow, Stu, that really added a lot to the story! Nice work! :-)
Title: Slider
Post by: Stu on November 05, 2016, 10:17:54 pm
Thanks for the feedback again pal, nice to know someone is enjoying it lol
Title: Last chapter........posibly
Post by: Stu on November 07, 2016, 02:15:23 am
 I began to cry and sob, I knew I had no chance of reprisal. I was trash to them both ready to be dumped.  Totally helpless and broken as i heard the door shut, again the silence killed me slowly.  Good knows how many thoughts and memories flowed through my mind.  Some happy, some sad but that's what makes us who we are today.

Should I have asked for bondage all those times? Was i that demanding? Should I, and could I have treat Sarah better? and would I still end up here in the trash?.

Good only knows the answers to these questions.Although it was pitch black in my trashy prison, vivid scenes popped into my head of times gone by, more tears and smiles.

2 or maybe 3 hours past by and I heard the door reopen again and footsteps and slight laughter as they heard my moans and sniffles, oh my trash is crying Suzie.

The lid was unlocked and opened and I felt the weight slowly lessen as they removed the heavy stack of papers above me. I awaited the light to suddenly appear and yet more trash to rain down on my head.

Both girls stood smiling at me probably taking in my tear stained face and grime that adhered itself to me.  I must have looked a real mess and stunk to high heaven. I didn't quite  understand what was happening or why they were just smiling at me.  I hope you've enjoyed your little trip into slavery but all good things must come to and end Sarah stated.

The bin was slowly pushed over and I crawled slowly from the bin so unsure what they had planned next.  The tapes securing me were cut and I  was free for the first time in what felt like forever.  I was weak, shakey and very hungry.

I could barely move let alone stand as Sarah dropped a water bottle near her feet, slave you have 10 minutes to clear up this mess and meet us in the kitchen, please hose yourself down and use the old towels provided first. They turned and went back into the house.
I reached for the water and drank every drop before refilling bin with gritted teeth and working through the torrid aches and pains from my limbs. I showered with the garden hose before toweling my self almost dry.  As I entered the kitchen is saw my passport, driving licence and all of the possessions I thought had been burned on the fire.  A huge grin from both  women told it's own story.  They had me completely destroyed as I broke down in tears again and they burst out laughing.
Don't worry your not going anywhere............just yet but now you know we can get rid of you when ever we decide and there's little you can do about it.  Now be a good little slave and go shower as you still stink.

But the police I asked, what about the police? Oh that, we'll call them  tomorrow and say you'd gone to see a friend and lost your phone signal and I'd jumped to the wrong conclusion but it's a great alibi for when we do dispose of you.

Now go before we change our minds again................
The end
For now maybe
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: Trash girl on November 07, 2016, 04:36:49 pm
wow stu what and awesome ending i'm happy that you was not disposed of yet like they said if it was me i would gather some friends and take revenge on them
Title: Trashgirl
Post by: Stu on November 07, 2016, 05:36:14 pm
I'd love to experience it though lol
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: 64Fordman on November 07, 2016, 05:49:12 pm
Very creative and well told story Stu, thank you for sharing and for the extra effort it takes to write on a phone. I hope you share more stories.
Title: 64fordman
Post by: Stu on November 07, 2016, 07:35:15 pm
Thanks pal, hard work on a phone i agree  lol, I've also enjoyed your stories.
I've last three ensuing kinda open so I can come back to it possibly 
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: ShadowCross on December 07, 2016, 09:20:45 pm
Just stumbled on this. Love it! You left so much open. Perhaps a funnel in the chest? Perhaps she seeks out another man or the others do?
Title: Open
Post by: Stu on December 08, 2016, 02:28:48 pm
I may revisit it at a later date and carry it on further
Title: Re: New story new member
Post by: malus_infantia on December 20, 2016, 08:24:44 pm
I really enjoyed this story - it hit a lot of notes for me.

How very lucky for him he didn't end up in that daycare compactor!

Look forward to more, as and when you can write.