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Title: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: Mrs. Locks on October 23, 2016, 02:00:34 AM
I'm not sure who remembers me and my style of self-"bondage", but I've found another release method that's right up my alley!  I'm going to try to keep this brief, but as usual, it'll probably be 40,000 words. lol  Hopefully I don't have to explain too much, but I'm sure there's many people here who don't remember me or my stories and I don't really want to write out everything again.  I still have yet to re-submit my stories I've written based off some of my posts in the previous forum (that I thankfully saved before it died).  But maybe there will be new life in my writing now that I've found more ambition for self-bondage.

I used to use CarliLock to hold a combination to a lockbox containing the keys to my release, but after finding too many holes around their security, I haven't really been feeling it lately.  The point of the site is for chastity wearers to secure their keys in a resettable lockbox, take a photo of the combination before scrambling it, upload it to the website, and delete the photo.  Then the website will hold onto the image until a certain time is up and then you can access it and unlock your box.  At first, it seemed cumbersome to take pictures, making sure the combination was in focus without actually looking at the combination and making sure all traces of the image has been deleted, but I got used to it and developed certain methods to ensure my keys would be locked away until the website told me I could release myself.

Just to clarify for those who don't know, this isn't actually chastity or true self-bondage related.  My method of self-bondage, as described in my currently published stories (find "Mrs. Locks": (, is to lock on corsets and compression clothing with combinations of boots, collars, or other items that leave me able to do everyday activities for very long periods of time, sometimes up to 24 to 36 hours, and even with the ability to drive to get my keys (my backup release).

Anyway, so the first issue I had with CarliLock is that it has an option to allow other users to vote to increase or decrease your time.  And although there is an option to disable it, you can re-enable it at ANY TIME while you're in a session.  This isn't really a bad thing since anonymous users will typically increase your duration rather than decrease, and you can't login with another account to decrease your own time since it tracks IP addresses.  But that's the hole:  It's easy to use various apps to change your IP.  Once I discovered the hole, it was hardly a secure method of keyholding since I couldn't stop myself from enabling voting, downloading an app, creating a new account and decreasing my time as far as I wanted--usually down to 0 if I was desperate enough.  I tried going the extra mile to create firewall roadblocks to prevent MYSELF from accessing apps or even the button to enable voting, but anything I blocked could easily be unblocked by myself so that was pointless.  If the website didn't have member voting, I'd probably still be using it.

I looked into other websites built for chastity keyholding and never found a replacement I was happy with.  Some seemed too complicated to set up (as if CarliLock wasn't complicated already, though I liked the various options you could set), and some didn't seem trustworthy or secure enough for the purpose.  So I haven't really done anything serious in the longest while.

That's when I found a completely different method of keyholding.  It's called the Kitchen Safe.  It's meant for people with food or other addiction problems, or even punishment for kids.  It's just a plastic container with a lid that locks on for a set time period.  You put your stuff in, put on the lid, set the timer, and it locks.  And there is NO WAY to bypass the timer.  If you pull out the batteries, the timer simply stops and restarts at the same time when you put the batteries back in.  The only way in is to break the box open.  And it's very thick plastic, very hard to break.  So I tried it out.  It's so much easier to set up.  Rather than fumbling with combinations and cameras and uploads and even having to worry about being able to SEE the combination when the time for your release method comes, you just pop them in and it opens right up when it's time.

The ease could have gotten me in trouble yesterday, though (which is what inspired me to write here).  I had a harness gag locked on with the timer set for an hour.  I'm trying to train myself to be able to wear gags for longer and longer.  I've found that locking them on is the best way to prevent me from simply removing it because of discomfort.  I've made some significant progress in being able to wear gags finally, I'm just still unsure about combining a gag with my favorite posture collar, though.  It wasn't locking the gag on that got me in worried, it was the next step that I took.

I've always been extremely careful in having backup methods of in place, mainly because all of my bondage keeps me mobile so that if I need help, I can always get to a set of keys stashed somewhere, or even call or drive for help if the situation really calls for it.  But while wearing my gag yesterday I decided to make use of the little clip at the top.  With about 10 minutes left on the timer, I went into my bedroom and sat on the floor under an eye-bolt I once installed that happened to be a perfect height for me to attach the harness gag to and sit up straight with a pillow or 2 under me.  I grabbed my kitchen safe so I would make sure it was in reach, some duct tape and a padlock and sat down and snapped the top ring to the eye-bolt.  I then took the duct tape and put it over my eyes so that I was blinded until I heard the safe's motor as it opened by itself.

It's a much different experience knowing that there's definitely nothing you can do to get out of a situation until you are released with no way to speed up the process.  I knew the kitchen safe was my only release method and I knew it wasn't going to fail or that the batteries weren't going to run out, so I kept it close to me, nearly with a death grip the entire time.  I couldn't detach my harness gag from the wall, and I couldn't open any of the straps from the gag as they all had locks on them, so I was truly stuck until the safe opened.  And that's when I started to think of all those bondage videos I've watched in the past of someone in a situation, they even got the keys, started to get themselves out and WHOOPS--dropped the keys.  I didn't think this was a problem since I was already on the floor, but there was that big "what if" in my brain.  What if when I remove the lid, the box slips from my hand and the keys go sliding away or something.  What if I really do drop them and they somehow fall out of reach?  I've been practicing safe self-bondage methods for so long that I forgot about extra precautions for the more serious self-bondage.  I've chained myself to the bed a bunch of times, but I've always used daylight as a release method as a combination lock was used to hold my keys, always had my phone nearby anyway (which is why I've never actually gone the night chained--I always cheat).   Scissors are a definite must nearby if I try something like that again.  I looooove that harness gag, but I'll absolutely cut a strap if my life depended on it.  And no sooner, so it's a much more perfect backup than when I'm on the bed at night.

Things went alright, though. The safe opened, I unlocked myself from the wall and was so proud that I lasted in my gag for an hour that I dropped the keys in while still blind and spun the single-dial timer and shut it again.  The timer goes anywhere from 1 minute to 10 days.  It's speed-sensitive, so if you give it a really good single spin, you can get about 15 hours on the timer, and if you go really slow, you can actually feel each individual minute click by.  So I gave it just a small little bump, shooting for about 10 more minutes and pushed the button.  After what felt like 10 minutes go by, I started to wonder just how hard I spun it so I removed the duct tape to look and still had about 15 minutes left.  Apparently almost a half hour was easier to set than I thought!  But I made it through just fine.

As a minor other update, there's another adventure I had a few days before with my outfit that I won't go into too much detail here, but I lasted about 13 hours before driving out to get my backup release.  And I no longer have a backup release after that.  I decided instead of getting my keys, unlocking my stuff and putting the keys back, I just took the keys home with me so now all of my keys are in one place.  I'm working on finding a new location because of the police incident the last time I went out to fetch my backup.  I was too paranoid to leave it there anymore.  Again, I'm not sure if I posted about that on the new or the old forum, or if it's saved or not, so you'll have to forgive me if you have no idea what I'm talking about. :)

Anyway, sorry I've been so silent for so long, and I'm sorry to those who don't really know what I'm talking about since the old forums went down and there's no reference anymore.  I'll try to eventually get what I did save uploaded to Gromet (after the much needed editing).  I still don't know how they'll work as individual stories since they were really just message board posts, but they exist, at least.

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: 64Fordman on October 23, 2016, 02:28:16 AM
We couldn’t forget you Mrs. Locks. Thank you for relating your experience and your review on the Kitchen Safe (did I see those on Shark Tank?). Anyway, glad to see you posting more adventures.
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: Mrs. Locks on October 23, 2016, 05:53:44 AM
I had actually never heard of it before randomly stumbling upon it somewhere on the Internet (might have even been a Facebook ad?).  I started to research stuff about it and found out that yes, it was featured on Shark Tank! lol

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: MichaelJulie on December 21, 2016, 03:12:25 AM
We had a discussion about the limits of Carlilock over on Fetlife - glad to hear you've come up with an alternative you're happy with.
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: Mrs. Locks on December 31, 2016, 09:46:29 PM
That was so long ago, I had to go back and reference my brief activity on FetLife, and I remember now!  It's a shame these forums exploded since my post there inviting you to read my activity here.  I have two stories published by Gromet, though..

I can't believe these are already 4 years old.  Most of my activity/writing was on the forums here, which a good portion has been saved.  I'm working on making my forum posts into stories for the Plaza as well.  Maybe some day, I'll actually finish that project.

Thanks for coming by to say hi! :)

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: oops
Post by: Mrs. Locks on January 15, 2017, 12:31:45 AM
I really should be more careful... I guess you can say I screwed up this time.

I've been looking forward to another weekend session all week, as it's the first time in a while I have no other plans for the entire weekend.  I wasn't planning anything huge, just something new for me.

Over the past several months, I've been trying to get myself used to gags, as in the past I could never go more than about 20 minutes, and never with a posture collar on.  But I've felt like I broke myself out of the gag reflex and the other day, I locked my gag and collar on, locked my hands behind my back and put the keys in my timed safe for 1 hour.  Everything went great.  I didn't even remove the gag after I got my arms released.  So I knew I was ready.  I aws going to try to sleep in my locked cage for at least 2 hours with my hands locked behind my back.

After work today, I went straight to my bedroom to get my outfit ready.  I started with my usual compression pants and long sleeved compression shirt and put my metal boned corset on and laced it reasonably tight.  Then, another layer of compression and then my overbust corset.  I decided to mix it up a little bit this time and put an MP3 player under the corset and fed the earbuds up to my ears.  The next several layers would prevent me from changing the volume or stopping the music. I was blasting an Avril Lavigne playlist (I love Avril).

I put on a couplel pairs of thick socks and another layer of long sleeved and long legged compressionwear and then my full length cotton stretch catsuit.  Next came the muzzle gag harness.  I put a padlock on all the straps that surrounded my head and then put on my full body catsuit that sippers through the legs so there's no zippers for the hood or front or back.  I zipped it up and put a padlock on the zipper between my legs, securing the gag and everything else on. The final touches were a locked posture collar, another full length catsuit, my high heeled boots and wrist cuffs, all locked on.

All of the keys to these locks were inside my timed safe inside my cage set for 2 hours, waiting for me to push the button to start the timer.  The keys to my cage, just a single padlock, were also in the safe.  I had another larger padlock ready to lock my arms behind my back.  And the key to this would stay in my bedroom.  The plans was that I'd be in my cage, and when the safe unlocked, I'd be able to get out of my cage, but I wouldn't be able to unlock anything else until I walked across my house to release my arms.  But as I tried to lock my arms behind my back, I thought that was a step too far and decided to keep my arms free.

I went to my cage, made sure I was comfortable, thanked myself for not locking my arms behind my back, and locked the cage door, and pushed the button on my safe to start the 2 hour timer.  Because the situation was somewhat new to me, I immediately started trying to get out, but obviously to no avail.  I eventually just curled up and tried to wait out the 2 hours, listening to my music which cut out any other sounds, including my own breathing.

For 2 hours, I tossed and turned inside my cage, dozed slightly for a bit now and then, but was overall quite surprised at how well ZI was doing with my gag.  The worst part was not knowing how long I had been there, as my hooded catsuit prevented me from seeng the safe's display in the dark room. But eventually it opened and I decided I could go for more, and I turned the dial a few clicks and locked it back up.  What felt like 20 minutes later, it opened again and I got out of the cage.  I decided I was still doing well, so I turned the dial again, but a little more since I was outside of the cage now, and pushed the buton, without knowing how long it was set for.

Each click around the dial is 1 minute, but the faster you turn, the quicker time increases.  I only turned it a little bit, but apparently it was fast.  I turned on the light to see what time was left.

Four hours and 20 minutes remaning.  Well fuck.  I don't even have a backup set of keys anymore since my last run-in with the police when I went to get my backup the last time.  So I'm stuck.  For another 4 hours.  I started my adventure at 4pm, took about an hour getting ready, spent 2 hours in a cage, and now I'm completely secured until about 11:30pm.  That's way longer than I've ever spent in a gag.

I still do have a coupld ways out, but they involve breaking the safe or destroying my outfit items.  Neither of which I want to do.  The safe is expensive, despite being made of a reasonably tough plastic. They make them expensive so that you're not tempted to break them.  The plastic is very tough, but I"M sure with enough effort, I could break it open.  Tha'ts what I'm going to have to resort to if I can't go the entire duraction.  Sad.

Anyway,  sorry for any typos above, my hooded catsuit allows me to see, but not really enough to read the screen very well, and it also has gloves attached so my fingers are slipping a bit.  I'll try to remember to sign on again after the time is up to report what happens for the rest of the evening.

Wish me luck!  I'm probably going to need it!

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: 64Fordman on January 15, 2017, 02:37:47 AM
Hang in there Mrs. Locks, at least its a 3 day weekend, so you have that going for you. (Assuming you live in the USA)
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: Mrs. Locks on January 15, 2017, 06:34:49 AM
Well, that went as expected.  I broke into the safe.  Apparently the plastic breaks a lot easier than I originally thought.  I made it about 3 and a half hours in my harness gag, which is rather impressive I think.

When I broke into the safe using a simple screwdriver to try to pry the sides out from the locking mechanism, it just cracked right down the side and I could gain access to the keys.  I immediately felt bad and thought I should be punished.  I removed all the layers of clothing necessary to remove the collar and gag, and then immediately locked the collar back on, one notch tighter (since the harness gag caused it to be slightly looser).  I then added a few more catsuits and locked those on as well, finishing with a bootcut catsuit and then put my boots on again and locked them.

Since my safe was broken, I went back to using CarliLock.  I decided to let the website determine my punishment for breaking my safe.  I had it pick a random time up to 24 hours, uploaded the image of my lockbox combination and started the session.  It gave me about 16 and a half hours. That gives me until about 1pm tomorrow, or 21 hours total in my corset outfit.  That's certainly not the longest I've spent in this, but it's a long while, especially with the boots and collar.

After a few hours, I decided to see if I could repair the safe.  It didn't crack into pieces, but just one crack down the side, so I wrapped the entirety of it in layers of electrical tape and it seemed to be holding up well.  So, because I know how to cheat CarliLock, I put my lockbox inside the safe and set it for the remaining hours left on CarliLock.  So now in order to get out, I have to wait for the 16 hours of the safe to count down (or break the safe again), and then wait for CarliLock to give me my combination (or mess with proxy servers and stuff to cheat it).

I really want to go the entire time, though.  I'm starting to get sick of myself ruining my release methods. :/

On another note, I found out that my MP3 player can go strong for about 8-9 hours.  That's a lot more than I expected!

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: 64Fordman on January 15, 2017, 03:51:02 PM
Thank you for sharing your adventure Mrs. Locks. I’m sure it would make amusing product feedback to the customer service department of Kitchen Safe.
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: Mrs. Locks on January 15, 2017, 07:56:48 PM
haha, I could only imagine their response to my "Your product works great! this is what I use it for...!"

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: ElectroPainLover on January 15, 2017, 08:29:40 PM
I would love to be a fly-on-the-wall when they read that one. Except that I would be swatted due to laughing as I watched their faces.

I have noticed that you can buy new containers on Amazon and not have to replace the whole system.

Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: Mrs. Locks on January 15, 2017, 09:29:37 PM
Yeah, I'm going to have to do that, but the selection everywhere seems "sold out".  I'm not sure if they're even producing this anymore since even the company's website is out of stock of a lot of it.  I'm not sure if that's a good sign for the future of the business, and my self-bondage adventures...  I was hoping they'd get even more successful and they might consider making metal/steel bottoms (unbreakable, so i can't cheat!!).

I might actually consider going with a much heavier duty, REAL safe at some point.  Something I can't actually break into.  It seems like I find a way around everything :(

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: TeaSer on January 15, 2017, 11:14:08 PM
Only too happy to see  you back, Mrs.Locks. I do hope you have a backup of the 'police'-adventure - this really sounds as it's pressing all your privacy-buttons and I'd be happy to read about it.

No matter what - you being back and safe and naughty is just great.

Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: ElectroPainLover on January 15, 2017, 11:27:07 PM

I might actually consider going with a much heavier duty, REAL safe at some point.  Something I can't actually break into.  It seems like I find a way around everything :(

~Mrs. Locks~

I know the feeling about being able to defeat most things when you set your mind to it. I have gotten past many of the devices I use. Usually I do stationary bondage and couldn't believe I was able to get a 300 lb electromagnetic door lock to let loose. I haven't gotten past my 1,000 lb though. Doubt if I will defeat it anytime soon.

I had thought about suggesting a real steel safe, but, I am not sure if the smaller ones offer a time-delay or not. May have to check into what the electronic safes are offering these days.

I notice Amazon has the complete units in stock but not the replacement bins. Hmmm, wonder if they actually thought that kids might just break the container to get to whatever their parents locked away...or even desperate locked-up women  :D

The steel safes I see on Amazon offer timers from 1 minute up to 1 week. However, they have backup keys to bypass the timer. Here is one -->


P.S. I will help you by keeping your combination until the requested date and time for release. If you want me as an option, PM or email me and we can discuss it privately. Just know that I will not break unless it is DIRE EMERGENCY requiring your release. Begging or pleading will not work.

Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: Mrs. Locks on January 16, 2017, 03:44:30 AM
I do hope you have a backup of the 'police'-adventure - this really sounds as it's pressing all your privacy-buttons and I'd be happy to read about it.

Sadly, no.  I was able to find an archive of the old board (, but because of the way the options were set, NONE of the content is actually saved. :(

But here's a quick rundown of what happened...

I was in another outfit situation and I think I did something stupid like set myself up for a much longer duration than I wanted to be in, or possibly even purposely set myself up so that I'd have to go for my backup keys.  The backup was a few miles away down a closed road near a trail.  I usually drive down the closed road, and have to walk down a secluded path to my stash and get my keys and unlock what needs to be unlocked, put the keys back, and go back home.  But this night wasn't very good to me.

It was around 12 or 1am and I needed to get out of my collar and boots.  So I go out and while I'm walking down the trail, I hear voices and see flashlights.  So I'm freaking out.  I'm out in the open wearing all this junk and someone's going to see me.  The path is secluded from view from anywhere, but if you're on the path, there's not really any place to hide.  So I just quickly go for my keys, and I unlock the collar and boots.  I have a jacket on to hide most of my outfit, but wearing heels down this path is a bit odd, so I decide to just hide the boots and come back for them a while later when they're not around, and hope they don't notice I'm not wearing any shoes as we pass.

The plan worked.  Slight small talk as we passed each other.  It was a bunch of high school kids supposedly looking for a lost phone.  I had startled one of them at some point and they thought I was a ghost.  It was amusing.  But they didn't seem to notice anything odd, so I was in the clear.  I walked back to my car, took the collar out of my jacket pocket and put it in my back seat.  I was just about to get out of my car to go back down the trail again to retrieve my boots when a police car came up behind me and shined all its lights at me.

I got interviewed about why I was there and what I was doing.  Was I meeting someone? Nope, I was just going for a walk.  At 1am? Yup, I couldn't sleep and saw the trail on Google Maps and wondered what it was.  I think he could tell I was lying, but he didn't seem to notice my layers of my outfit, the corsets, or my lack of footwear.  But I was absolutely trembling.  The outfit itself was still locked on, so my mind was spinning.  What if I got arrested for trespassing down a closed road?  While locked in my outfit!  Who knows when the next time I'd be able to get home for the keys would be.  Though I admit, the thought of being in a jail or holding cell without any possibility at all of getting out was magical.

In the end, he only cautioned me about being alone in such an area since there's often drug deals or other things like that happening in the area in the middle of the night, and I could get caught up in something and wind up hurt.  He waited until I drove away, so I was forced to leave my boots out there.  If I came back, he'd really get suspicious and then I'd probably be in some real trouble.  So I just drove home.  I went back the next day and got my boots (they were still there!) and took my keys.  I survived 2 encounters in one night, but I couldn't handle another incident like that, especially if the same officer should find me again.  So I cleaned everything out of there and vowed never to return.

So now I have to find another outdoors backup location that was as secluded as that was. :/

~Mrs. Locks~
Title: Re: Release method: time-release safe!
Post by: TeaSer on January 23, 2017, 11:09:05 PM
Dear Mrs Locks

As I remember your previous objections to being spotted in public, I'm amazed you actually do have a 'public' hidingplace for your second resort. I'm glad you do though - as having to request help from strangers while tied up, gagged and the like surely would press buttons.

Actually I'd suggest posts along a deserted road for such a hiding place. Like the milestones. And be sure you don't need to go far from the car. If you was questioned (after the initial release), do think of the ancient game of finding posts using the gps.That's a good excuse for being weird places at weird times - even if you might be in the wrong location (sometimes gps simply puts you way off). Another good excuse is the need for peeing - any decent woman would try to hide behind a bush, which of course is why you left the car......

Warm hugs from