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Title: Straitjacket selfbondage.
Post by: Jimdini on August 28, 2016, 11:26:40 PM
I put on a pair of gold briefs and I had treated myself to a cheap black light canvas straitjacket and decided to christen it by trying to see if I could secure myself in it. As I reasoned that if I could secure myself in the jacket I would escape when I was ready I hung a placard on the door into the lounge ‘Performing today the Great Jimdini’. I went to my room to get ready, I put on a pair of gold briefs feelimg these added an air of theatricality to things. Next I fitted my Rimba insert gag and picked up my new straitjacket and put my arms in and with a little difficulty started to do the straps up at the back. Having got the body of the jacket as snug as I could I set about fastening the two crotch straps.
Having got these secured fairly easily the jacket was now fitted snugly; all I needed to do was secure the arms. There was a long strap on the right sleeve a buckle on the left sleeve and a short buckling strap on the front of the jacket to stop the arms being raised. I buckled the sleeve ends together loosely and crossing my arms in front flicked the joining strap over my head, the strap coming to rest in the small of my back keeping my arms loosely folded across my chest.
Now how to fasten the front strap, I looked at the strap and saw the buckle was above my folded arms and the end needed feeding though pulling on my right arm I managed to bring my canvas covered hand around far enough in front to feed the strap through the buckle engaging the first hole on the tongue of the buckle. Now I was technically strait jacketed albeit very loosely. Looking at myself in the mirror I realised it looked like an easy escape, was there any way to tighten the front strap. I spotted a chair back and decided to try and push the strap further through the buckle. This proved fairly easy and pushing my forearms together managed to tighten the strap.
Now I looked more like a bound escapologist. Admiring myself in the mirror I noticed that the end of the strap holding my sleeves was sticking out visibly to one side. It struck me that if I trapped the end between the door and doorframe I should be able to pull it further behind my back out of sight. The thought was the deed and as I trapped the end I gently pulled away, after a step I felt the ends of the sleeves being pulled flattening my fingers against my back. This made me feel I was really being strapped into the jacket and I moved my arms further across my chest and gave another tug. I flipped the door handle allowing the door to open and release the end of the strap. Walked over the mirror to admire myself I spun to admire a side on view and felt the sleeves loosen a little then stop turning a little further I saw that the tongue of the buckle joining them had engaged through a hole. Now I looked like a properly secured escapologist. I pushed open the door and headed downstairs into the lounge to watch some television for half an hour before I reversed the process to free myself, how wrong I was!
I reasoned all I needed to do to get free was undo the chest strap and work my arms up over my head. Having pushed the strap in with my hand I tried to move my arms round to undo it. Unfortunately as I had tightened the strap holding the ends of the sleeves I found that no matter how much I tried pushing my arms together I could not get my hands around to my front let alone anywhere near the strap on my chest. After five or six attempts to get some more slack into the sleeves I gave this up. By now I was starting to get hot and starting to sweat, Next idea was using a chair back to push the strap through like I did when I tightened it. After about a dozen attempts I realised I was getting nowhere the strap would not move far enough to disengage from the buckle tongue. By now sweat was running off my forehead and down my nose and soaking into the canvas of the jacket. I thought about trying to pull the strap through but the mouth cover of my gag made this impossible.
Perhaps I could trap the end of the strap holding the sleeves together in the doorframe as I had when I tightened it? However now the loose end was a long tail hanging down behind me and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t trap it. That was it I was sweat soaked and still securely straitjacketed! I had no choice but to wait for my safety back up to arrive in about another hour to free me!
Title: Re: Straitjacket selfbondage.
Post by: ElectroPainLover on August 29, 2016, 01:55:34 AM

I have always found that that last little tug can become doom quite quickly. You may have been may have been stuck...but I bet you had fun.  ;)

Dana -- EPL
Title: Re: Straitjacket selfbondage.
Post by: MaxRoper on August 29, 2016, 05:50:41 PM
Oh Jimdini, you do seem to find trouble at every turn. That one last little adjustment is often the cause of big problems.

Hooray for emergency backups.

Title: Re: Straitjacket selfbondage.
Post by: ElectroPainLover on August 29, 2016, 06:00:13 PM
Oh Jimdini, you do seem to find trouble at every turn.

I've thought the same thing Max...just wasn't sure if I should say it.

Dana -- EPL
Title: Re: Straitjacket selfbondage.
Post by: Jimdini on August 30, 2016, 08:27:01 PM
Yes Dana I have to admit it was quite fun to be inescapably trussed up in the straitjacket. I might try sleeping in it sometime (Just the jacket no other bondage)if my back up will agree to come early to release me.

I am not sure it would have been so much fun if I didn't have my back up to release me. I had made a couple of unsuccessful attempts to pick up my phone to call my back up, so calling emergency services would be a non starter, I would have had to leave the house to get help,how are people going to react to a almost naked gagged and straitjacketed man on the street?
Title: Re: Straitjacket selfbondage.
Post by: ElectroPainLover on August 31, 2016, 02:34:15 AM

I'm glad you had fun and had thought ahead of setting up your back-up person to come by. Straight-jacket's being designed to remove the use of one's hands would make the use of the phone nearly, if not completely, impossible if properly adjusted. When I was a Correction's Officer, I had to assist in placing a couple offenders in them when I worked in Medical.

I hope you can get your back-up to come by and allow you the excitement of sleeping in your jacket. I think you would have a great night.

I am looking for a change in my way of my bondage life. I will let you know about it if she says it is Ok.

Dana -- EPL
Title: Re: Straitjacket selfbondage.
Post by: Jimdini on November 06, 2016, 12:13:23 PM
Just spent this morning in my black canvas strait jacket and a beany hood. :D

Was beginning to think I had got myself really trapped. :o
As with the hood on I did not have those versatile teeth available to pull the front strap through the buckle.   ::)
With my hands strapped in the sleeves I couldn't activate my smartphone to call for help.  :-X
Spent a fruitless hour trying to trap the end of the arm strap between a door and door frame. Finally managed to jiggle the buckle of the arm strap loose using the back of a chair and work my arms over my head :)
Freedom at last.  8)
A very frustrating and sweaty, but enjoyable, few hours. :D