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Helping friends: A very unique Christmas gift slave labor
By Techie (part 1) and Techster (part 2)
F/m naked bondage, handcuffs, leg irons, collar w/ leash, chastity device, ball stretcher w/ bell, slave labor TRUE
Two weeks before Christmas and I was worried about two friends of ours.
I’ll just call them Mr. and Mrs. K.
        Mrs. K was in stage 3 of alzheimers/dementia and Mr. K as he caregiver was obviously suffering from the stress of trying to keep an eye on her as she would wander off and walk down the road they lived on often half naked, wearing nothing more that a tee shirt.
   They had two small dogs who were rather old and suffering from a problem controlling their bowels. Consequently there were dried and caked spots of canine fecal waste at various places in their home.
   Throughout the years their home was a meeting point for a large group of “friends”, but when Mrs K’s actions revealed that she was suffering from the dreaded Alzheimer’s and dementia all of these “friends” vanished leaving Techster the only visitor.
   Techster did everything he could to help Mr. K. then finally he could not tolerate the stench of the dog waste, but when he offered to clean the floors Mr. K. refused his assistance saying he had an arrangement to have the place cleaned professionally.
   After two weeks and the cleaning crew had failed to appear Techster again volunteered to clean the floors.
   Mr. K. refused saying the cleaning crew was due to appear.
         I remembered that before Mrs. K. had her health challenge she and Mr. K. had a rather kinky streak    such as frequent BDSM events, clothing optional midnight swimming parties . So I decided to “volunteer” Techster in a way that they could not refuse.
        Techster was “volunteered” as slave labor. I advised Mr. K. that he was getting a loan of Techster for four hours of “naked slave labor.”
         By mutual agreement I “dressed” Techster for the occasion.
   Techster loves a challenge with an element of risk so I had him strip and I dressed him for the occasion with a wide stainless steel collar with a wide tape label declaring him to be “Techie’s Property” and a big red bow on the back of the collar. The lock on the front of the collar had a leash attached.
         To complete his “slave costume” I locked him in leg irons, handcuffs that were locked to his CB6000 male chastity device with a short chain so that he could not raise his hands above nipple level.
I did this so he could not reach up to unbuckle the large ball gag he would wear for the occasion.
Then just for fun I locked a metal ball stretcher around his scrotum. The ball stretcher had a ball separating loop on the bottom I used this loop as an attachment point to lock with a small, but very loud, cow bell.
   Finally I took all of the keys to the cuffs, and the wide locking collar and hid them.
   Then I reminded Techster of his task and the fact that dressed as he was he would have to drive to and from Mr. & Mrs. K’s home to clean their floors and then I might use the keys to unlock his bonds.
        Now I know that Techster enjoys the adrenalin rush he gets when he does something that has an element of danger and I knew he would figure out a way to drive to the K’s home and not attract the wrong type of attention.
        He is very creative and he started by making “clothing” to cover his lower body by cutting the lower seam of a pair of large shorts so they would go over the leg irons. When he got the shorts up to his waist he simply used a stapler from my office and stapled the cloth of the shorts back together.   
   To cover his torso he cut a tee shirt up the sides and along the underside of the sleeves when he put that on he used duct tape to make the tee shirt look “normal”
         I gave Techster a letter loaning Mr. K. 4 hours of slave labor, the keys to the car and wished him good luck.

Here is the letter of loan for a slave
TO: Mr. K.
FROM Techie
A pre-Christmas gift for you 4+hours of slave labor
17 December 2015
*Whereas it is a known fact that a person (or slave) will accomplish more when they ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO then when they want to.            Therefore Techster is loaned to you as a slave for four hours today.      In order to keep his challenge from becoming boring his “costume” is quite special.   
First I allowed him the luxury of a tee shirt after he was able to cut it so it he could put it on in spite of his handcuffs and then tape it together so it looked like he was wearing a shirt.               
Second. You will notice the gag he is wearing is not locked on.       The chain that is locked to his handcuffs is also locked to his chastity device. This limits his upward hand movement is so he cannot reach the buckle on his gag.                     
Third: To add a sense of humility to the scene he is graced with a “plug-in” tail that I inserted after lunch. With his wrists cuffed he cannot reach it to remove it.                               IN keeping with the spirit of the holidays you should notice the bright red frilled bows around the back of his ollar and the tip of his tail.                 To reinforce his feelings of humility you may feel free to make comments about his “cute little tail” or “how about a piece of tail”!         Fourth: There is a small but loud cow bell locked to the ball stretcher that is locked around his scrotum- This is so you know where he is working.
  Dressed as he is, with the gag he cannot enjoy the luxury of a drink or even conversation until he has finished cleaning the floors to YOUR satisfaction.                          Then and only then you may unbuckle it.
      Thus Techster will have the challenge of driving in a semi-naked condition while wearing the collar, handcuffs, leg irons and the gag; that by itself should be good for the adrenalin rush that he seems to enjoy!!
Should unexpected guests appear and you wish to conceal him simply use his leash to take him where you wish to conceal and then use the green clip that is attached to his handle of his leash. Slid the clip over the upper hinge on any door, (with his handcuffs he cannot reach up) and simply “store” him until the coast is clear.
I hope your slave is helpful. Have fun with him.
           Techie, lover, wife and keyholder to Techster

Part 2 Christmas slave – Using bondage & Slave labor to help people
           a Christmas gift of naked slave labor

F/m naked bondage, handcuffs, leg irons, collar w/ leash, chastity device, ball stretcher w/ bell, slave labor TRUE
By: Techster   
      Techie knows I love a challenge and at the same time the opportunity to use my bondage fetish to do some good. She told me what she had planned and I agreed.
   I stripped and stood there naked as Techie placed me in bondage.
      The challenge was that after Techie locked me up with leg irons, wide steel locking collar with a large print label that declared me to be her property and a bright red curly bow there was also a leash locked onto the collar with a wide spring clip, a CB6000 male chastity device, a ball stretcher with a bell, and handcuffs that had a small dog collar chain that was locked down to my chastity device so I could not raise my hands above nipple level I was expected to drive through town to Mr. and Mrs. K’s home.
   This time of year two, weeks before Christmas, there is a sobriety checkpoint somewhere almost every evening, so I was worried about being stopped bound and dressed as I was it would be a problem.
   As soon as my bondage was complete Techie said, “There you are; now you have 30 minutes to get over to the K’s home your slave labor begins at one PM.”
   I thought,” How am I going to cover myself up so I can drive and not attract the wrong kind of attention.” 
          That is when I raided our scrap clothing basket and chose an old, stained pair of large shorts that I had discarded when I lost weight and a paint stained tee shirt.
On the tee shirt I cut along each side and the underside of the sleeves then I slid it over my head, cut off pieces of duct tape and taped sides of the shirt back together. I took a quick and it appeared to be a “normal” tee shirt.
Next came the shorts for these I cut along the bottom or inside of the legs and crotch. It looked like a skirt when I slid them up past the leg irons.
I tried to put the edges back together with the duct tape, but there was too much movement and the tape came apart. I didn’t want to sew the cloth so I borrowed the stapler from my home office and stapled the edges of the cloth back together.
The staples held when I walked around so I took the stapler and a roll duct tape for “emergency repairs, grabbed the car keys and headed out.
The drive was a distance of ten miles and even though there was heavy traffic I had no problems and although I felt nervous, especially when the town police officer stopped the car ahead of me.
When I got out of the car at the K’s home the shorts slid down to the leg irons. So I pulled them up and tightened the waist with a cable tie that I kept in the car’s glove box.
I walked into their home and was greeted by Mr. K who chuckled at my “outfit” I handed him the letter of slave labor from Techie.
He showed me my tools, a spin mop, a putty spreader, a broom with short hard plastic bristles and a lobby type dustpan with a long handle.
          I began work sweeping up the loose debris on the floors into the dustpan.
          As I moved around first the tape in the tee shirt came loose so I removed it and continued working, then the waist on the shorts was too loose, in spite of the cable tie and when they fell for the third time I pulled the staples apart and removed them too.
So here I was a chained, naked, gagged slave hard at work cleaning floors with the bell ringing with every step I took.
After trying several different ways to remove the dog poop that was stuck to the floor I came up with a solution that worked well; simply use the mop to leave the poop in a puddle of pine cleaner, wait about 6 minutes and then rub it off with the stiff bristles of a broom.
As I was scrubbing I realized that this method could be improved by using the putty spreader to scrape off the hard “shit”.
However getting up and down was a problem as the leg irons wouldn’t let me spread my legs far enough apart to stand so after scraping I had to crawl across the floor and use a chair to help me stand.
Then the solution occurred to me I used duct tape that I had brought with me to attach the putty spreader to the handle of the broom and scrape the stuff off the floor.
It worked great! By the way that spin mop thing was a lot faster and easier than having to wring the mop out each time I used it.
         As I was moving around the ringing of the bell that was locked onto  the ball stretcher attracted Mrs. K’s attention and she came to investigate.     
        When she rounded the corner and saw me, a naked, gagged, slave in leg irons and handcuffs she burst out in laughter.
Then she walked up to me pointed to the gag in my mouth, laughed and spanked me hard on my butt. When she did I jumped and the bell rang.
She laughed out loud and called Mr.K.
Mr.K. arrived and she pointed out the gag and the bell and asked, “Why?”
Mr.K. told her, “He is a slave he is not allowed to drink, eat or talk until the floors are cleaned to our satisfaction.”
Mrs. K. smiled, gave me two more slaps across the butt, laughed when the bell rang and left.
It took a total of three and a half more hours to finish the job. I showed Mr. K who smiled approved of my work and removed my gag.
“Great job, your need a tall drink.” he said as he handed me a double of bourbon and cola.
Neither he nor Mrs. K. had any problem with me being naked. He did ask me if I had the key to my collar, cuffs or leg irons.
When I replied that I did not so I was going to staple the shorts and tape the shirt he said, “I have a better solution. Let me go get one of Mrs. K’s old skirts from when she was pregnant.”
He bought a pleated short plaid skirt with a belt. I tried it on the waist was a bit loose but I cured that by tightening the belt. It came down to my mid thigh and looked like a kilt.
Next he took the tee shirt and put some Velcro with an adhesive backing on the seams that I had cut.  He rubbed the Velcro adhesive into the cloth and said, “Try that out.”
The shirt fit well and stayed in place and I could remove the refit the shirt with the Velcro.
Mr. K. laughed and said, “Now you are all set for your next adventure and your trip home.”
I thanked him and enjoyed my drink and conversation with Mr. K. when Mrs. K. walked in and said, “I liked him better when he was naked. Strip for me please.”
I removed the shirt and the skirt so she could look at my chastity device, the ball stretcher and the bell.
She pulled on the CB6000 and said to Mr. K. “Didn’t you have one of those?”
He laughed and said, “I still do. ”
I finished my drink, dressed after the drive home Techie freed me from my bonds, except the collar.
Techie laughed as she gave a firm tug on the leash, “Come along I have plans for you.” As she led me down the hall to our bedroom.
My bondage fetish was used to help friends with a the special gift of slave labor and improve the quality of their lives.


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