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Diet Gone Wrong by Jackrabbit
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MF; F/m; chemical; diet; shrink; giantess; dollhouse; pet; toys; soft; nc/reluct; X

Melissa was a stunning twenty five year old researcher for a large pharmaceutical company. Her division of the company worked with diet and weight loss products and her companies expected gross in in that field alone would likely exceed one billion dollars for the fourth year straight. Melissa was in a growing field, if you will pardon the pun! She had her degree, an exciting career and a lot of potential with her company. Melissa had got her job because of her looks, but she got to keep it because of her raw talent willingness to "think outside of the box". Melissa was perfect, except for one big thing, her husband of three years, Tim! Tim was a fun guy in college and one thing lead to another and the two got married without much thought. Her friends tried to talk her out of it because they thought she could do better. It was surprising that some of Tim's friends tried to do much the same thing, and she didn't want to hear from them either. 

Melissa's current big problem was laying on the couch when she got home from the lab, much like he had been for the past six months. Tim had been unemployed for some time now as times were tough, but had also turned down several job offers that didn't appeal to him. Tim was comfortable at home, and Melissa made more than enough to pay their way in life. To make matters worse, Tim was turning into a fat slob! At first when he was unemployed, he would cook and clean and Melissa would come home and reward him as only a sexy loving wife can. Now he was thirty pounds over weight and addicted to daytime TV! Melissa tried a gentle approach at first, encouraging her Tim to get a job for his own good, as well as theirs... When that didn't work she cut him off from sex, not as a conscious act, but because the thought of such intimacy with somebody who cares so little for himself turned her off. 

Melissa continued to turn down offers from her coworkers to go out after work, but the truth was she apparently missed the sex more than Tim did. Several of the guys at work picked up on her frustration and were quite hansom, and made it clear that they would take good care of her if given the chance. The last straw was broken when Melissa came home to find her pet cat out of food and water, and by all appearance starving. She had had that cat before she married Tim, and she thought to herself that the way things were going, she would likely have him after Tim as well.

There was a diet research project at work and the lab had completed the required tests with lab animals, all were healthy and lighter, and seemed more energetic. Melissa told Tim he would go to her work and not mention he was her husband and sign up for the clinical test of a new type of weight loss system. Melissa told him if he didn't he would have to find some other type of job, or get out of her house! It was a serious ultimatum, and Tim knew the test subject job would be easier than a real job, so he agreed. As Melissa knew, he was the perfect mean weight average for the test they wanted to run, and less weight and more energy would do him good. The risk was very low, and the money would do his self esteem some good as well. She would not have any direct interaction with him as she didn't do early human testing, that was a different department.

Tim did as he was told and the couch cushions started to return to their natural shape! Tim was eating less now and after just two weeks was out walking in the morning when Melissa was leaving for work. She thought that was an improvement over his sleeping in in the morning, obviously resting from his hard days of doing nothing! There were others in the tests, but they didn't know of each other, and some of them received nothing more than a placebo pill to keep the test honest. It was obvious to Melissa though that Tim was getting the real thing. 

Melissa didn't see the weight loss at first because Tim had got so fat that he primarily wore sweats, and they hide alot of fat. Tim was still in the proverbial dog house with Melissa, and not her bed, but she saw improvement.. Tim kept to the program, and needed new clothes now that he lost so much weight. He went down in size after size, but to Melissa he was starting to look actually smaller...

...The researchers noticed the same thing as Melissa, but not right away. They were looking at his weight loss and noted his excellent results, and only by accident did they notice he was shorter now. The anomaly was that not any other test subjects had the same problem. Tim at first just chalked it up to Melissa wearing taller high heels, but when he had to move the seat forward a third time in his car, he knew there was a problem. The researchers were baffled, but told him that they would figure it out, they always did. He kept taking the diet pills as instructed, to stop now could be disastrous, they had said...

...Tim couldn't drive his car any more, he was the height of a child now, but obviously a man in appearance. Melissa had to shop for clothes for him in the kids section of the store. That was eventually replaced with small sweat suits, and it was known now at work that little Tim, as he became known at the lab, was married to Melissa, a clear violation of the rules. 

Tim realized that eating like a bird and going to the bathroom constantly was abnormal, but he had no idea that he was literally flushing most of himself down the toilet as waste. 

Melissa had to take a paid leave of absence from work to take Tim back and fourth to the lab, and she knew she was in trouble when the heads of the related departments from corporate called her into a meeting. Tim was down in the lab at the time, undergoing more testing, and they had narrowed the cause of this extraordinary side effect. Melissa was told she had violated company rules with Tim's involvement it the diet test, but that wasn't why they wanted to talk to her. She was told that the company employed tens of thousands of people worldwide and their efforts were responsible for saving or improving up to a billion lives through out it's history. Melissa knew all this, it's one of the reasons she loved her job like she did, and she told the assembled big wigs exactly that. Surprisingly the CFO was there and he spoke up then, "we were hoping you would see it like that" he said.

Melissa was told that Tim's condition was likely permanent, and that he was otherwise healthy. He would continue to shrink until he hit his physical minimum size, in other words, as small as he could get without his body destroying itself. He could be left in the lab and the staff would good take care of him and she could put this incident behind her, and enjoy the rest of her life. She was told that for her sacrifice she would always have a place with the company and never want for anything. Melissa was also told that their investigators checked and Tim had no family that would miss him, and he could just disappear without much notice. 

Melissa was told there was a second option that they were sure she considered, she could sue the company as they were surely liable for Tim's condition. After years of litigation she could win a huge award and never have to worry about money again, however Tim would turn into a circus side show and the company that had helped a billion people would eventually be so tarnished that it would close. The tens of thousands of people unemployed by us would so glut the supply of scientists that a generation of young people would not find employment and medical science would ultimately loose. 

Melissa wasn't told there was a third option that they didn't want to exercise, she and Tim could be made to disappear. In the simple math of one billion lives verses two she was smart enough to realize her and Tim's existence was inconvenient, and she didn't want to force them to make that painful decision.

Melissa said she wouldn't make it difficult for them and would keep this quiet for the good of the company and uncountless people worldwide. She did say that she wouldn't leave Tim in the lab like some forgotten mouse, and that she would take care of him herself. The CFO was so confident she would choose wisely that he almost felt guilty having four of his nastiest thugs on call to make her disappear. The necessary rough men were excited when they saw the pictures of Melissa, they no doubt would have had their fun with her before they finished, leaving a brutal crime scene behind for the police. The CFO never asked how these things happened, and he didn't want to know!

...The people involved in the failed project were transferred around the globe and advised to remain quiet. People were in place to ensure they did, and the smart ones knew this. A new position was found elsewhere for Melissa and it came with a large house for her comfort. The fact that the large house was specially prepared with hidden cameras and microphones was not shared with Melissa. The new position also came with somebody to secretly keep an eye on her in case she changed her mind, and this man had personal experience with this kind of thing! 

Tim wasn't given a choice in the decisions Melissa made, and even if he had objected he might not have been heard anyway as his voice had evolved into a slight squeaking... Tim was the size of an action figure now and apparently stopped shrinking, however Melissa's cat took a new interest in Tim and his squeaking and he was kept in a large bird cage, against his wishes, but for his own safety.

The new house was nice and Tim's bird cage was moved in and placed on Melissa's dresser as the moving men placed her things. Tim's things had been discarded and to all concerned Melissa looked like a successful single research scientist... Melissa had an idea and found a doll house maker in her new town and had him build her an exact copy of her house, action figure scale. It was incredibly detailed and impossibly expensive, but she could afford it! This way Tim could have as normal a life as possible under the circumstances. He didn't sleep in her bed anymore, and hadn't since before her ultimatum over a year ago.. 

Tim wanted Melissa to get rid of the cat that he always hated because it terrified him now. The cat was always watching him with it's tail snapping on whatever surface it was stalking him from. Melissa's solution was for Tim to stay in his "house" during the day while she was at work. The house was kept in a huge bird cage that took up her whole dresser top, and safe from her cat. Tim had a remote in the doll house for the bedroom TV and could watch whatever he wanted through the picture windows on the front of his doll house. From Tim's perspective it was like sitting in the front row of a movie theater! When Melissa came home from work, Tim was usually watching some kind of pay per view porn, and her cable bills were getting out of hand. It was then that she realized she would like to invite a new man into her life, and a bird cage with an elaborate doll house inside would have to be explained carefully! There were several men at her new job that were interesting to her, but were also curious at her special relationship with very senior people in the company.

One man in particular was at the top of her short list, he was a doctor and eight years older than she was. Melissa knew this large step would be hard on Tim and she tried to tell him she needed the company of a man. Tim told her he was still her husband and could give her what she needed. Melissa had been providing for Tim for well over a year at that point, giving him his food, emptying his toilet, providing the warm water for his bath, and enjoying his companionship. In short he had become a second pet for her, and one that was seriously cramping her social life. The thought of intimacy with a man the size of a Barbie doll was just not going to happen, not with her at any rate! She also had reservations about sharing bodily fluids with Tim, and nobody made a condom that small! Melissa offered a compromise, she said she would put on a show for him so he could bring himself off as he watched. That night, as she promised, Melissa came out of the bath nude and Tim was in his house looking out his upstairs bedroom window while laying on his doll bed. Melissa pulled a clear glass dildo out of her night stand and Tim thought to himself with dispare that the artificial cock was as big as his whole body was. The security men one thousand miles away, who thought that they had seen everything possible the first time they saw the shrunken Tim, looked on and didn't even blink. 

Melissa, true to her word, put on a hell of a show for Tim, and the security men, as she savaged her neglected pussy with the glass toy. Melissa was whimpering on her back, with her toes pointing right at the hidden camera in the light fixture over her bed. There were three other cameras the security men were watching as well, on split screen, in real time. All three men were rubbing their cocks, and all three came before Melissa's extended show was over. The two guards just thought to themselves that they love their job!

Tim saw now why Melissa needed a new man and told her he wouldn't object to her finding one. The Doctor on her short list responded instantly when she told him she needed a ride to drop off her car for service. He was only too happy to help and insisted on taking her out for dinner afterwards. Melissa suggested that since he was doing her a favor after work, that she would take him out and he could pick the place. Doctor Peter Dell, Pete to her, was surprised at the offer, most women wanted to be taken out by him, not the opposite. Since Pete had picked out a pizza place, they could go in their work clothes, but Melissa thought next time that would change. Tim noticed Melissa dressing a little nicer than usual for work, and her choice of a thong was necessary with the dresses she now wore. When she told Tim she would be late he said he understood, and that explained her extra effort dressing lately, he thought. When she saw the look on Tim's little face she asked him if he wanted his house moved into the spare bedroom instead. Tim said he was OK so far as it was not like she was going to go to bed with him on the first date. Only if he wants to, she thought to herself!

The first three dates Melissa and Pete took the time to get to know each other. It was the fourth date that Pete invited her out for the weekend in the mountains, and Melissa accepted. She felt bad leaving Tim alone for that long, but she made sure he had enough food and water, and fresh batteries in his remote. Melissa thought it better if Tim wasn't watching Pete's first sleep over with her, even though he was being a good sport about it. Melissa had a surprise waiting in Tim's little doll bed for him when she put him into the bird cage, before Pete picked her up. Tim knew to stay out of sight until Melissa could break the news to Pete that she had a husband, sort of. Tim found a naked doll in his bed for him to entertain himself with, it was a gift from Melissa.

When Dr. Pete picked up Melissa for their weekend together he asked if he could see her keys so he could use her bathroom as she waited in his car. He asked Melissa to wait for him as he would only be a moment. Pete walked into the kitchen and grabbed the overlarge cat food bowl and dumped it's entire contents down the toilet and flushed. He replaced the bowl on the floor and wondered how long it would take the cat to get hungry now. He next quietly opened Tim's bird cage door without Tim realizing what he had done. The Dr. had never seen the shrunken Tim, but knew more than he let on with Melissa. He calculated that Tim was living in the bird cage and if the cat was hungry enough Tim would be gone. Dr. Dell hated competition, and he didn't want some twelve inch tall man getting in his way!

Their weekend was perfect and the two made love a dozen times to make up for the inactivity they both had endured. When Pete and Melissa got home to her house, Melissa was horrified to find her old cat was now the size of a kitten, and Tim nowhere to be found! The security men had a report for their bosses on the incident.

Pete didn't know about hidden camera's either... 


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