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Along Came a Giantess Handluver
« on: February 19, 2016, 04:23:48 am »
FF/m; pills; growth; giantess; femdom; hum; strip; nappy; cons/nc; X

Two years ago I used to be the man of the house. I would do whatever I wanted and go where I wanted. I treated my wife with a lot of respect and gave her things also. It's not like I was mean, but now she is   the big girl in the house along with my daughter. I wait on them hand and foot all the time, and do what ever they want me to do. All I am is a servant, and plaything to my wife, and kid.

Two Years Ago...

"Honey I'm home", I say as I walk in the front door of our small Illinois home. My name is Phill Dango, I am 6 feet tall, have brown hair, brown eyes and a nice built body. My wife comes walking in from the kitchen. she is so beautiful, she about 5'6, long blonde hair, 34 D size breasts, and the most cutest face.

"Your a little late today", she says with a smile.

"I know Trisha, but I had a little bit more work to finish today".

I was a scientist and was working on a potion that could make things grow. I don't I'll think ever actually get done, but its still fun trying.

"Where's Christie?" I ask.

"She's downstairs in her room. I am going to get the food on the table", my wife says as I walk downstairs.

I knock on my daughters door, she opens up. She is also a very beautiful girl, at 16 she is 5'11, blonde hair down to her B sized breasts, she is very big for her age, and strong she can lift me off the floor easily, which is exactly what she does. She put her long fingers under my armpits and picks me up high. "Hi daddy!" she giggles.

"Put me down", I say as she drops me too the floor. "How was your day at school?" I ask.

"Well dad I got another detention. But it wasn't my fault! Bobby was making fun of one of my friends".

"What did you do to him?" I ask with my hands on my hips.

"Well I only put him in a trash can". she says smiling.

"I've heard stories about Bobby before, he's only 5'4, and a lot smaller than you. You should leave him alone".

"When I picked him up he was like my baby", Christie said giggling.

"You must behave at school, that's why I got you that weight lifting kit is to get your anger out in a safe way. But lets go eat now, well talk about that later".

We walked up to the kitchen and in to the dinning room where my wife was already sitting down. "I made chicken, with mashed potatoes, and peas". my wife said proudly.

"Looks great!" I said as I sat down.

After we ate Trisha pulled out two pills and swallowed them with her remaining milk. I then remembered that I transformed my growing potion into pills, red pills! Which she just took.

I returned home two days later and walked inside. I walked into the kitchen and saw my wife. "Oh MY GOD! What the hell!" I screamed. She was taller, I walked over to her as she stood up, I was only up to her shoulders now. "You took more!"

"Yes, don't you love it, watch this!" she moved forward and lifted me off the floor and walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. She placed me face down on her knees and slapped my tush 4 times.

"What are you doing!" I couldn't believe what was happening.

She picked me back up and set me on her lap, I was humiliated. "You think I'm tall wait till you see your daughter!" Trisha said with a smile.

"You gave her pills too!" But then the front door opened and in came Christie

"Awww", she said as she saw me on my wife's lap. "he looks like a baby". She was humongous.

I stood up and walked over to her, I was only up to her breasts which were huge now.

"Aawww", she coed as she bent and put her two huge hands under my buttocks and lifted me off the ground. "Mom could daddy sleep in my room tonight?" my daughter said still holding me.

"Of course", my wife replied.

"I am not sleeping in your room tonight, now put me down!" I demanded.

"Hold on daddy you have too get a bath first", my daughter said as she began to walk down the hall towards the bathroom.

"Wait, what are you doing", I yelled, "put me down!"

I tried to get down but she was so strong, she walked into the bathroom and closed the door. She put me down and began ripping my clothes off. I was down to only my boxers and tried to stop her.

"Christie I am your father and you will stop this now!"

But she didn't listen she then took both my hands in one of hers and pulled my arms above my head. She pulled off my boxers and said, "Ooooo daddy, you are small everywhere".

My face was blood red from embarrassment and anger. She preceded to bath me in the bath until I was clean, she dried me off and put a home made diaper on me.

"Aawwww daddy you look so cute!" She picked me up, and I started to cry. "It's ok baby", she said gently kissing me on the forehead, "you're going to be okay."

Two years later.

Well this is where I am now, they continued taking pills until both of them were 7 feet tall. "Daddy come here", my daughter yelled. I walked into her room and she was sitting on her bed.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Yes, what, daddy".

"Yes ma'am", I replied.

"Rub my feet", she said.

This was my chance to run, she was on her bed and I heard my wife just leave. I took off running up the stairs but slipped and fell down to my daughter's huge feet.

"That was not smart, daddy. now you will be punished!" she picked me up and said, "When was the last time you were spanked?"

"No!!!!!" I yell as she walked into her room and closed the door...

The End


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