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trashed doll
« on: February 03, 2017, 12:33:56 pm »
(This is a side story, not related to David and Christine's adventures. I came up with this idea in the middle of the night.)

Drug, doll, feminized, curbside, collected

The most powerful paralytic ever created.
The woman looks at her work with a victorious grin. These "dolls" she'd created -or rather captured and drugged- will never be able to move again. Their muscles have gone completely slack, only the most important muscles remain. The heart, of course, being one of them. After all, can't have these dolls dying on us now can we?
The woman grins. Time to make some money.

The first thing I'm aware of when I come to is my surroundings. I'm in what appears to be some kind of box, packaged up some toy.
The next thing that I realize...I can't move.
At all.
The most I can do is blink, and even that requires a struggle. My heart rate increases as I struggle, panicking. What's wrong with me? Why can't I move? did I even get here???
I don't have long to contemplate my predicament as I suddenly feel myself moving, my box rising, sliding out of...a car? The back of a van? I'm not sure, as I can see nothing. Several female voices surround me as I'm carried... somewhere. The temperature drops and a door slams shut. I'm roughly dropped...onto...a couch? Damn this is infuriating. Where am I? What's going on? All I remember is the invite to that party...then this...
The girls speak up. "Ohhh, I'm so excited. I wonder what this one is going to look like."
"I know, it's always a surprise. They're so life like, too."
"I'm so glad we discovered that sex doll company. They make the best toys."
SEX DOLL??? Just what is going on here??? I didn't sign up for this!
Suddenly, I'm pulled out of the box feet first and find myself staring up into the faces of three beautiful girls. They all coo at the sight of me and it's at this moment I notice the third issue with my predicament.
I'm dressed, head to toe, in a maid's outfit.
Oh, did i mention I'M A GUY???
Seriously, who puts a GUY in a maids outfit??? If I ever get out of this I'm gonna have some serious words with my kidnapper.
As for these girls, they seem nice enough, even if they are a little clueless. I mean, can't they TELL I'm an actually person, not just some sex object???
Apparently not. One of them opens a closet, pulling out several frilly dresses.
"So, everyone pick out three dresses. We'll put them on our new doll, then play with it a little before we throw it away."
If I could move, my eyes would have widened at that. Throw me out? Now I know I'm in trouble. I can't be thrown out, I'm a person!
"Awe, do we have to throw him out?" One of the girls walks into view, a cute red head. "I mean, he's so cute. The cutest out of all of the dolls we've bought."
Another girl speaks up, this one out of view. "I told you, hun. We can't. We've gotta get rid of it before the guys get back from their fishing trip. You know they won't be happy if they find it here. Now c'mon, pick out a dress."
For what seems like an eternity, I'm subject to the most humiliating few hours of my life. In put in all kinds of pretty little outfits. Honestly... I've gotta say it's quite enjoyable. Having these girls fawn over me, telling me how cute I am...I can't help but wonder if I really have become nothing more than a doll.
That night, the girls practically fight over who gets to sleep with me. In the end, the red head wins and i find myself curled up, naked, in bed with the cutest girl I've ever seen.
Oh yeah, she's naked too. Completely.
Yeah, I could get used to this.

The next week is the most entertaining of my life. The red head had accidentally knocked me onto the floor in her sleep. When she woke up, I expected her to pick me up, but instead she just stepped right over me, as if I was just a toy. Isn't that all I am to them? She steps into the bathroom, and i find myself forced to watch (I know, such a tragedy) as she climbs into the shower, neglecting to close the curtain. She sings to herself as she showers, completely unconcerned about the doll watching her. She winks at me playfully, giggling, before stepping out and rolling me onto my back, lifting me back onto the bed.
Without warning, she climbs on top of me, straddling me.
I can't resist. I can't move at all, what can I possibly do to stop her from fucking my motionless form?
After all, I'm just a toy to her.

The week ends and the girls all play with me the whole day. I no longer try to resist. What can i possibly do? The girls are convinced that I'm just a lifeless, soulless doll. And there's nothing I can do to prove otherwise.
Maybe they won't get rid of me. Maybe I can be their doll forever.
No luck.
"Hey, girls, enough. We've gotten all we can out of this doll. The guys are gonna be home in the morning, and trash comes today." The girls all nod and my heart rate races. No. No, don't throw me away! I'm alive! I'm not a doll!
The girls fold me into the fetal position and pull out a large trash bag. "I gotta say, this one was my favorite so far."
And suddenly, I'm completely concealed by the bag, the draw strings tied shut. Wait! Stop! I try to move, try to call out that I'm not a doll, I'm not an object, a toy. But I can't. I'm still paralyzed. They lift me up in my bag, and the temperature rises drastically. They set me down, non too gently amongst a pile of trash, and head inside. No. No, wait, please. Please!
Moments later i hear their car door as they drive away.
Please... come back... I'm not i?

After what feels like an eternity, i hear it. The fateful squeal of the garbage truck as it arrives in the neighborhood. I don't know how far away it is, but it's here, maybe a few streets over. I try to whimper as i hear it move, stop, then move again, the brakes sounding each step closer to picking me up with the rest of the trash. I try to escape, but whatever drug is in my system refuses to let go.
Eventually, the truck arrives on my street. The garbage men can be heard talking over the roar of the engine. They're talking about the life like sex dolls, how real they look. They pull up next to me, and I feel the bags lifted up off of me, hear them get tossed into the Hopper. Oh God, I'm next.
My heart pounds harder in fear and... excitement? I excited? Excited that I'm about to be disposed of? No matter how strange it sounds to me, I'm about to be thrown away and I'm actually looking forward to it! What is wrong with me???
The man lifts me up and exclaims in surprise as he grabs my ass. "What the..." He opens the bag and I immediately begin blinking rapidly, trying to signal him.
My last chance.
My last hope.
"Damn. It's one of those dolls. Look at its eyes, it must have malfunctioned or something."
"Stop staring and toss it in. We have a schedule to keep."
Without a second thought, I'm tossed in the back, quickly joined by more trash.
I sigh, closing my eyes as I wait for what happens next.
I watch as the compactor blade comes down, and my fate is sealed.
I was a doll. I served my purpose well.
Now, I'm just trash.

The end
W...wait, don't throw me away! I'm your cute little femboy! Don't you wanna play with me?


B...but......*Slam.* oh. Okay.


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