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Bondage Paradise by Doctor Fetish
« on: November 05, 2016, 11:54:05 pm »
You may view this story here on the Plaza:

Bondage Paradise 1: Monday
Solo-F; hotel; fetishes; pvc; latex; maid; voy; sbf; cuffs; collar; chast; bfold; gag; cons; X

Bondage Paradise 2: Tuesday
Solo-F; F/f; D/s; hotel; fetishes; pvc; bond; armbinder; gag; ponygirl; cart; ride; stables; sbf; cuffs; collar; bfold; gag; sybian; climax; cons; X

Bondage Paradise 3: Wednesday & Thursday
Solo-F; Sbf; F/f; MM/f; D/s; hotel; pvc; latex; catsuit; cuffs; hood; armbinder; gag; collar; auction; outdoors; bfold; chast; tease; breast; mast; fetishes; climax; cons; X

Bondage Paradise 4: Friday & Saturday
Solo-F; Sbf; FF; MF+mf; D/s; hotel; cage; pvc; latex; catsuit; cuffs; gag; machine; program; x-frame; collar; bfold; bdsm; whip; flogger; breast; electro; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

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