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This is another story i never posted, please let me know feedback before i post. Thank you!

It was a rainy cold Monday morning about 11 am, Goddess Memphis was sitting in her large comfortable leather office chair in front of her brand new iMac just looking at a new program she was using to track her slaves. As she scaled her business she had had problems with subs that could not afford to serve her any more.
So one of her subs had written a program for her, where her subs were tattooed with a bar code and that barcode was permanent and meant that they now belonged to her and was her property to with as she pleased.  The subs were also forced to put all their assets into a bank account, then Goddess computer program would automatically pull money from their account. She would choose the amount via her program, once the account was empty they no longer served a purpose for the Goddess. She would bring them in one last time. Then tie them up and throw them away, yes exactly throw them out with her garbage. G-A-R-B-A-G-E!
She looked at her computer screen, it showed that two transactions had bounced, which meant that their account were completely empty. Mistress Pamela walked in she was working with Goddess Memphis in her family of dommes. Looks like Jerry and Mitch are out of money, Mistress Pam laughed haha Jerry that little guy? Goddess Memphis laughed too. Yes that guy! Well he would probably fit in the bathroom bin, they both laughed again. Jerry was a very short almost midget Asian guy, who had been a pizza delivery guy. He didn’t have much money and had not lasted long. Jerry get in here yelled Goddess Memphis, Jerry knew what would happen he had seen it happen before. Yes Goddess? Get naked now Jerry, your money has ran out! Oh no Goddess, I am so sorry I was not allowed to serve you longer. He was very polite and apologized with his whole heart like this Asian culture had taught him. He quickly got naked and Goddess Memphis and Mistress Pam tied him up with zipties, then Mistress Pam grabbed him by his tiny dick and lifted him towards the kitchen bin. Goddess Memphis could see he wanted to scream in pain but she respected his polite quitetness during his disposal. She smiled at him one last time before walking away to get Mitch. Mistress Pam looked at Jerry with disgust, and said “Usted pieza barata de basura” then dropped him in the bin he landed soft among the old food, banan peels, and damp and dirty papertowles. Then she laughed at him and quickly unrolled the trashbag from the bin and pulled it out and tied it off. Leaving some air in the bag for Jerry.  Jerry was well below 5 foot and skinny as a stick so the bag weighed no more than a usual kitchen trash bag. She set it next to the door.
When Mistress Pam got to the door the door bell rang it was the Maids, they cleaned the mansion twice a week usually. Goddess Memphis had tried to have subs do it before but they were literarily garbage at it and she she made so much money with the new system she could afford to higher professionals of course. Ava had been the head maid for Goddess Memphis for years, she was tall and strong and today she had a new coworker with her Jenny. Ava saw the trashbag right away, oooh I will take that and run it out to the curb she said. Mistress Pam just smiled and introduced herself to Jenny. Jenny said wow looks like there is a small man in there Ava? Well I don’t care if it’s a prince of a small oil nation if its in the garbage at this house we take it out! Said Ava and smiled, Jenny said oh ok I see. Mistress Pam stood in the doorway, small talking with Jenny while looking over Jennys shoulder seeing Ava open the huge trashbins at the curb and depositing the bag within. She heard it hit the other bags and then the lid slaming shut. She smiled to her self knowing that the polite but useless Jerry was probably scared out of his mind.
The three walked down the hall and could hear Goddess Memphis talking to Mitch in her big dungeon, Mistress Pam told the maids to start dusting and vacuuming while she finished up some business with Memphis in the office. The maids set to work vacuuming and dusting the rest of the house. When Mistress Pam got into the room,  she was drinking a starbucks frappochino she had brought with her today. She walked over to the big bin in the dungeon  and stepped on the peddle, she started burst out laughing. Goddess Memphis we forgot to take out the trash since last session with Slave D. You remember he tired to save his stuffy Dino and we threw him away too. In the bottom of the huge bin bag I was sitting but the trash bag was so stuffed that all you could see was my feet sticking out Mistress Pam turned to Goddess Memphis and said. So sad seeing him go, we had so much fun with him. I feel like he deserves better this trash bag stinks, it has pissy diapers from a abdl session earlier this week and our fastfood from the whole week. Mistress Pam sucked the last of the iced coffee out of her plastic cup, which Goddess Memphis said “No, he is going in the garbage and the maids will take him out to the curb today! Cause he knew the rules, if I decided to toss Dino and he tired to rescue that annoying stuffed dinosaur he would be garbage! Period!  Mistress Pam smiled with her beautiful wide smile and dropped her empty plastic cup on top of me. Then she said, did you hear that Slave D! Hahah, “usted está siendo desecharse en la basura” Then she started unrolling the trashbag and gathering it and tieing the bag shut, with such force that the whole bag shook.

Then they both turned their attention to Mitch, well well Mitch I thought you would last longer said Goddess Memphis! Yes says Mistress Pam, all that talk about inheriting all that money and being a rich slave? Yes this is a mistake I promise, I have only been here a few month something must be wrong. Goddess Memphis is looking at her computer screen then she starts laughing and calling Mistress Pam over to the computer screen. Hahah, look here, they both start bursting out laughting. Ooooppsss! Says Goddess Memphis while smiling at Mitch, you see Mitch your account is empty but that’s because I accidently added an extra zero to the amount we have withdrawn from your account every month. So you are no dry no cash, and what does that mean to us Mistress Pam? Well well, that means that you are garbage! Hahaha! Oh nooo, its too soon, please don’t, please don’t I beg you Goddess Memphis! She just stairs at him, get in the fucking bag right now! Mitch cries and takes off his clothes and Mistress Pam unshakes a huge trashbag with a big smile on her face and hands it to Mitch. He starts throwing his clothes in just as the maids appear. They are carrying all sorts of small trashbags from around the house, which they start tossing into the open trash bag. 

Then Ava looks at Mitch, get in bitch! This is fun I should play this game with you sometime as your permanent maid so fun tossing loser boys. They all laugh while mitch climbs in, Goddess Memphis says normally we would tie him up but the garbage truck will be here any minute so no time for him to escape. Ava walks over to the huge bin I am in, where did that cute boy who loves his toys go havnt seen him today? Mistress Pam says he is in that bag as Ava pulls it out of the bin. Oh wow how fun finally living out his dream haaa says Ava. My pleasure bining him she says with a smile and she and Jenny pulls the thick huge trashbags out towards the door and across the lawn. Everything goes so fast, and I am getting lightheaded and can no longer smell all the trash. Goddess Memphis and Mistress Pam join us all out on the lawn as you can hear the garabge truck turning onto the street. The time is need, as Mitch is disposed into the same bin as Jerry while I go into the other bin. But bag doesn’t quicte fit so Ava and Jenny push the lid down with all their weight until the lid almost closes. Then Goddess Memphis and Mistress Pam turn to the garbage tuck which is now only one house away. Soon he is gone says Goddess Memphis, while they both smile and think of the the great job they are doing for society. Just as the first bin is picked up, I am bracing for my turn..and it comes quickly. The arm bumps into the bin and its quickly swung up and over and into the compactor of the truck. Then the truck quickly moves on to the next house, which the compactor swallows all the bags and we get squished harder than ever! Then all goes black! Thank you Goddess Memphis and Mistress pam I manage to think before all is black.   


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Re: New Story with Goddess Memphis: Draining Accounts & disposing of sub.
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Thanks for posting this story! These were great characters, and I liked the voluntary disposal. :-)


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