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Jasmine Pond
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Hello everyone i have been reading stories on this site and there are some great authors out there. I have written some stories on other sites that are rather niche. THey predominately revolve around females who for various reasons steal the uniforms of other females but they do include bondage hence i hope this is the correct section to post. I know i am not as good as all the other authors here but i thought i should share my stories. The story posted here can be found on devianart under the sames name and although the characters are original to the best of my knowledge the inspiration comes from james bond its  just that the main characters are female. I would love to hear criticism and ways to write better stories.

Thank you


ps Gromet if this is in the wrong section i apologise sincerely.

Jasmine Pond Part 1

Somewhere in the Caribbean.

The two females watched the radar screen as the blip fell earth wards coming from low earth orbit. They had tracked it for the last twelve hours as it approached earth then suddenly slowed down until it entered earths atmosphere. The two women were stationed in one of the last RAF radar stations in the region and due to cutbacks this once busy post was reduced to a staff of just two. The post was considered so redundant they didn't even have the security detachment anymore due to the defence cuts. The object plummeted down to earth and below radar coverage then soft landed in the ocean it was at this point that the two females noticed that the radar screen and communications went haywire and then burnt out. Sharon Green captain in the RAF sighed as she stood straightening her skirt and said she was going outside to check. Bertha Stratton remained inside as Sharon opened the door and went outside looking around the god forsaken atoll where the base was. Base that was a laugh it was just a shack now in the middle of the atoll. She retrieved a pair of binoculars hanging from a hook and put them to her eyes and looked round seeing nothing but the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean. She looked at the radar dish which had stopped rotating and the communications aerial which looked intact. She turned to go back inside and took a step back as she peered into the face of a naked woman who stared at her. Sharon started to feel dizzy as the stranger stared at her  legs feeling heavy and shaking slightly as she felt herself drifting into a deep sleep. Sharon collapsed on to the sandy beach her blond hair splaying out around her face and shoulders.

The stranger looked deeper into Sharon's blue eyes extracting all her thoughts now knowing what Sharon knew. She gently touched Sharon's face and her face morphed into that of Sharon's features. The stranger then started to remove Sharon's uniform starting with the white shirt undoing each button an pulling open the material lifting Sharon and pulling the shirt away from her body. While she had Sharon in a sitting position she removed her white bra exposing her 36d breasts. The stranger then turned her attention to Sharon's shoes removing the white court's with their three inch heels. Reaching up she undid the white skirt and pulled it down Sharon's legs followed by her white nylon panties. The stranger then dressed in the uniform pulling up the still warm panties letting them hug her hips. Next she pulled the bra over her breasts and reached behind and clipped the hooks into the eyes making sure they held. She straightened the straps as she picked up the shirt and pulled it over her shoulders doing the buttons up until there was just one left open. Next cam the white skirt which she pulled up her legs and let it sit on her hips as she did the button up and then the zipper letting it sit snugly. Finally she stepped into the white shoes and stood towering over the unconscious Sharon , she turned and went inside the hut and saw Bertha sitting at the blank screen. Bertha turned and was looking into the eyes of Sharon but she began to feel uneasy then dizzy before blacking out. The stranger went and retrieved Sharon and placed both women in chairs back to back looking around the shack for something to bind them with securely.

She could not see anything so she went to the radar screen and ripped out power cables and then returned to the women who remained unconscious. She pulled Sharon's arm behind her and around Bertha's stomach tying them with the cable then she did the same with Bertha's arms. The two women now sat back to back with their arms resting on each other's stomachs. The she tied Sharon's ankles together and then pulled them under the chair she was on and secured the cable to the lower crossbar on Bertha's chair. Again she repeated this with  Bertha's legs. She retrieved a longer cable from the now wrecked radar screen and wrapped it around and around the two women above and below their breasts pulling them together so their backs touched. If was not necessary to gag them their was no one else here to hear them but the stranger believed in being precise. She looked around and saw two bags which she surmised belonged to the two women. She looked through them and found some spare panties which she balled up and retrieved two pairs of pantyhose. She returned to the two women and stuffed there mouths filling them until their cheeks bulged. Then finally she wrapped one pair of pantyhose around the mouths of both women holding in the panties and pulling their heads together. The second pair she pulled down over both women's heads finishing off the binding.

London apartment of Jasmine Pond.

The phone range in the apartment of Jasmine Pond was aroused from her slumber by the persistent ringing of her phone. She slipped her right arm out from under the warm sheet and blanket and picked up the handset pulling back beneath the covers. She placed it to her ear and listened to the female voice on the other end. " Commander Pond could you come to the office right away the boss and the minister are waiting for you." .Jasmine replied in a sleepy voice that she would be there in hour when she had dressed and showered. Jasmine replaced the handset on the cradle and threw the bedding off of her body and headed for the shower. She showered letting the hot water wake her up then shut of the cascading water and took the towel and dried herself. She returned to her bedroom and went to the chest of draws and pulled out a white lace bra and panty set and a pair of black pantyhose. She pulled the bra around her 38c breasts doing it up making sure the straps were straight and in place. Next she pulled up the panties snapping the waist band in place finally pulling up the pantyhose. She pulled out from the wardrobe a white shirt and slipped her arms into the sleeves pulling the material together and doing up the buttons. Next came the black skirt which she stepped into pulling it up her long slender legs tucking the shirt under the waist band. She buttoned the button and pulled up the zip and rotated the skirt until the zipper ran down the back of her round behind. She did up the small belt that ran through the rings on the skirt then stepped into a pair of black court shoes with two and a half inch heels. She looked in the mirror at her five foot eight inch frame and smiled as her green eyes started back. She took out the black tie from the wardrobe and clipped it to her collar doing up the final button before pulling on her black naval tunic with its three gold stripes on the cuffs. Lastly she pulled up her blonde hair into a bun and placed her hat on her head looking once again at the commander staring back at her. The rank of commander was just for convenience she was not in the royal navy but was in fact an agent for British secret service. She picked up the regulation black handbag and checked to make sure she had everything then headed out. She slammed the door behind her and locked it then went out to her red lotus esprit and jumped in starting the engine drove off at speed towards the office for her meeting with her boss and the minister.

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Re: Jasmine Pond Part 1
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Jasmine Pond Part  2

Office of head of British Intelligence.

Jasmine arrived at the office of British intelligence and drove into the underground car park and found an empty bay. Switching off the engine she opened the door and got out standing and closing the door locking it behind her. She looked in the window placing her cover on her head letting it rest on the bun of her hair. She turned on her heels and walked towards the lift that would take her up to her bosses office on the top floor. The lift only had two stops the garage parking and the top floor the rest of the building looked like and was indeed a front. People walking by would not have thought that this was the building where the top British spies were based they just saw a department store. The lift stopped on the top floor and Jasmine took one last look in the mirror then stepped out into the foyer of the top floor. She saw the secretary sitting at her desk and recognised her as Claudia Cash and she smiled at her as she approached the desk and showed her identity pass. Claudia smiled and thanked Jasmine and then buzzed the head of intelligence who told her to send Jasmine into her office. Jasmine opened the heavy oak door and walked inside seeing her boss and the defence minister. Jasmine said good morning to both of them as she closed the door and approached the antique desk. Her boss Melanie Grantham told her to come in and have a seat so she could be briefed.

Seated across from her boss and next to the minister she waited for the reason for her presence.

MG" Cmdr Pond we lost contact with one of our remote radar stations in the Caribbean. We sent in troops to investigate and they found the operators bound and gagged and one was minus her uniform. We must assume out there some where there is a foreign agent disguised  in the uniform of a captain in the Royal Air force."

JP" Ma'am what did the two operators report when they were found.?"

MG" They could remember nothing of the last twenty four hours of their duty until they were found."

MG" Cmdr what do you know of operation Sleeper.?"

JP" Operation Sleeper was a covert operation by the nation of Aragon. A break away nation from the former USSR they kept a lot of secret information when they split from the Kremlin. They launched a manned rocket into space but claimed that it had self destructed on its way to the moon. Rumour from some of our agents in Moscow reported that the rocket had onboard a genetically altered cosmonaut."

MG" That is correct Cmdr that was thirty years ago, just before contact was lost with our radar station Norad and the American space command had been tracking an unidentified object coming from deep space. They followed it until it entered earths atmosphere then it dropped from the scopes as expected due to the re entry blackout. However it never showed up again on any scopes anywhere and this was when the Americans alerted us."

DM" Cmdr Pond we want you to infiltrate the Aragon embassy here in London and find out what you can. They are having an embassy reception tonight and you have an invitation to attend the function you will find it with the secretary outside."

JP" Yes Minister> What will my cover be.?"

MG" You will be going in as yourself a cmdr in the royal navy your back story will be that you are being posted to our embassy in Corvella the Aragon capital.

JP" I s that all Ma'am.?"

GM" Yes Cmdr."

Jasmine stood and headed to the door and opened it and left closing the heavy door behind  her and asked for the invitation. It was in a white envelope with a red wax seal on the underside so she took it and placed it in her handbag then said her goodbyes and headed to the lift and down to her car. She drove home and started to get ready for the evenings reception.

Nassau the Bahamas's.

The stranger had taken the motor boat from the island base back to Nassau and as she tied it off at the pier she made her way into the town. She walked around the town in her stolen air force uniform looking for the warehouse. However it had been thirty years and the warehouse was now a hospital the warehouse long gone. She hoped that the basement foundations had not changed as this was where she would find her orders. She had to get into the hospital and this would require a new look and a new uniform so she staked out the hospital looking for a target. She saw her target leave the hospital at the end of her shift dressed in her white smock white pantyhose and white shoes. Around her waist she wore a red belt and her black hair was under a white nurse's cap. The stranger followed the nurse to her home and while she opened the door the stranger bundle the nurse inside. The stranger looked at the ebony skinned beauty on the floor she was around five feet 5 inches with hazel eyes. Her impressive bust the stranger estimated to be a 36b and the nurse looked backed fear in her eyes. The stranger noticed the name tag showing the nurse's name to be Chandelle Demingos as she reached down to pick her up. The nurse was frozen with fear as she was pulled and pushed to the bedroom where the stranger dumped her onto the bed. The nurse finally found her voice and spoke to the stranger.

CD" What is it you want I don't have much money but you can have it."

The stranger just touched  Chandelle's face and immediately changed to look like the nurse with her memories as well.

TS" I need your uniform and your identity for a little while so if you would please strip."

Chandelle looked in horror and amazement as this woman transformed into her twin and the voice was just like hers as well. She found herself stripping from her uniform staring with the red belt and cap which she lay on the bed. This was followed by the smock which she pulled apart the press studs making little noise's as they un popped. She stepped from her white shoes and then rolled her white pantyhose down her legs until she was in just her bra and panties. The stranger ordered her to lay on the bed and to be still which she did to her surprise. The stranger went to a chest of draws and found several scarves which she bought over to the bed. She pulled Chandelle's wrists behind her back and tied them together wrapping the scarf around twice then crossing it in the middle. Chandelle tested the bond and found it to be tied tightly. Next came Chandelle's upper arms but the stranger did not pull them so the elbows touched but just enough to ensure immobility. She then tied Chandelle's ankles and thighs pulling her feet to Chandelle's wrists. Taking another scarf she tied ankles and wrists together putting Chandelle in a hog tie. Lastly came her mouth the stranger stuffed Chandelle's mouth with two scarves then pulled one between her lips and tying it behind Chandelles' head. One last scarf was used to cover her eyes then the stranger picked her up and took her to the closet and put her inside. She closed the door locking it behind her then stripped and redressed in the discarded nurse's uniform looking in the mirror making sure the uniform was hanging correctly. This done she headed off for the hospital to carry on with her mission.

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Re: Jasmine Pond
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Hi Mally01,

A good story so far. You might be right on track as there’s plenty of scuttlebutt the next James Bond will be female. My only suggestion is you might want to break up the bigger paragraphs, makes it easier for us old guys to read. Thanks for posting.


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Re: Jasmine Pond
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Thank you for the feed back and yes i have heard there maybe a female bond wonder if they read my story lol. Next post i will remeber to break up the longer paragraphs only 11 more parts.


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Re: Jasmine Pond
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Jasmine Pond Part 3

Jasmine drove from her apartment towards the Aragon Embassy a midst the late evening traffic. Her invitation was for eight o'clock and it was only seven thirty but she needed to find a parking space. Driving along the side streets she found a space and revered into it shutting off the engine and checking her make up in the rear view mirror. She opened the door and got out letting her Versace black dress drop and straighten it self as she locked the door. In her handbag she had a small data pad that had a finger print scanner included which she would need later. It looked just like a mobile phone and would pass scrutiny at the security desk in the embassy. She walked away from her car after locking it and headed towards the embassy her black bally court shoes click clacking on the pavement. Soon she arrived at the embassy and pulled her invitation from her handbag and handed it to the receptionist who looked at hit smiled and pointed her to the walkthrough security machine and x-ray. She placed her bag on one end of the machine and watched it move through the x-ray chamber while she walked through the arch. Security saw the phone and asked her to remove it from her bag and show it to them which she did. Satisfied it was just a phone they handed it back and allowed her to enter the reception to join the other guests.

When Jasmine entered the main function room she saw the minister with a tall man talking and as she scanned the room she noticed uniformed guards. She also noticed that the room was being served by  maids in traditional uniforms with there little white aprons and caps. Finishing her look around the room her eyes came back to the minister who had seen her and was beckoning her over. She approached with a smile on her face and shook hands with the minister as he introduce to the tall man.

DM" Ambassador allow me to introduce Cmdr Jasmine Pond. Cmdr Pond this is Aragon ambassador Pieter Smolenko."

The ambassador took Jasmine right hand and bowing he pulled it to his lips and gave kissed the top of her hand.

PS" My pleasure cmdr I hope you are enjoying the party the minister has been telling me all about you."

JP" Thank you ambassador I am looking forward to seeing your country when I take up my posting as naval attaché  in our embassy in Corvella."

PS" Ah London's loss will be Corvella's gain. Please excuse me I must as host mingle with my other guests."

JP" Of course ambassador it was a pleasure to meet you."

Jasmine watched as the ambassador and the minister walked away leaving her alone which suited her she hated this sort of functions. She wander around the room just looking and listening trying to pick up any information. There were lots of people there and from all nations around the world and as she kept scanning she saw the door that the maids were using. Jasmine moved around the room slowly so not as to draw attention and waited for the next maid to leave the room. The maid that left was around twenty years old with brunette hair hidden under her cap. The black uniform smock hid her 34d breasts which rose and fell against he material as she inhaled and exhaled. The maid was carrying an empty silver tray as she headed for the service door and passed through it. Jasmine had a quick look and slipped through the closing door to follow the maid. The maid was making her way to the kitchen ad Jasmine called after her saying she was lost. The maid turned round and  walked back to Jasmine and asked if she could help. Jasmine explained she was looking for a rest room. The maid explained that the guest rest rooms were on the first floor.

While the maid was explaining Jasmine had her clutch bag behind her and she was covertly fumbling inside for her special pen. The maid sad that if Jasmine was in a real need he could use the staff rest room which was just round the next corner. Jasmine asked the maid if she would show her and the maid said sure and turned and headed for the rest room Jasmine in tow. As they reached the rest room Jasmine pulled her pen from her bag and stuck it at the neck of the maid.

JP" Don't struggle this pen contains a fast acting poison. Open the door now carefully."

The maid trembled and pushed open the door and Jasmine pushed the maid inside and kicked the door shut behind her. She was still holding the pen to the maids neck as she led her to the last cubicle in the rest room made her go inside. Jasmine closed the door and slid the bolt across locking them both inside as she pushed the maid down on the toilet basin.

JP" Now I have a few questions for you while you strip from your uniform nod if you understand."

The maid nodded as she started to strip reaching behind her back to pull down the zipper to the waist band of the black smock. She pulled her arms from the smock and let it fall to the floor leaving her in her black bra and panties and black pantyhose.

JP" OK firstly is there a staff entrance to the top floor of the embassy.?"

MA" Yes there is a back stairway with a door at the top."

JP" What sort of security  is on the door.?"

MA" No human security but there is a laser beam at the bottom"

JP" What about the ambassador's office.?"

MA" The doors have the same beam."

JP" Ok remove your pantyhose as well."

The maid removed her pantyhose and Jasmine tore them apart so she had the two legs and the gusset in separate parts. She had the maid sit and place her hands behind her back and Jasmine pulled them together and tied them with one leg of the torn pantyhose. Next she secured the maid's legs so that they were pulled back behind the cistern. She then stuffed the gusset part of the pantyhose into the maids mouth and then used the maids little white apron to hold it in place. She looked down and thanked the maid for her uniform as she click her pen and the nib extended. She saw the look in the maids eyes and she smiled as she scribbled something on a piece of paper.

JP" Oh don't worry its just a pen."

MA" mmmpng mmmmphg tch "

Jasmine gathered up the uniform and pulled back the bolt on the door and left the cubicle and took out a small disc and used it to turn the lock from the outside. The bolt slide along and the little green bar went to red showing the cubicle was occupied. Jasmine entered the next cubicle and slipped out of her dress reveal underneath that she wore a black body stocking. She slipped on the maids uniform reaching round and pulling up the zip to the neck. She placed the cap on her head and stepped into the flat shoes taking her phone with her. She placed her dress and handbag in the garbage bin then she headed out of the rest room towards the staff stairs.

NASSAU General Hospital.

The false Chandelle walked towards the hospital her id pinned to the red belt around her waist as she approached the security desk. The guard looked at the pass and smiled and asked her why she had returned. She told him that she had forgotten something in her locker and needed to go get it so the guard waved her past. She walked past the desk saying thank you and headed for the locker room turning to see that the guard was now occupied with another staff member. Instead of going into the staff room she turned and headed through a door marked basement. She headed down the stairs the white shoes almost silently falling one after the other on the concrete steps.

 She came to the bottom of the stairwell and pushed the door open walking into the basement seeing all the pipes and hearing the hum of generators. She headed along towards the back of the basement and found what she was looking for a hidden button. Finding the button a panel slid back and revealed a vanilla envelope which was badly discoloured after thirty years. She took the envelope and pressed the button again and the panel closed as she walked away. She headed back upstairs and out of the hospital and headed back to the nurses home. She entered the home and she could hear the faint moaning and grunting coming from the closet were the real Chandelle was secured. She looked in and smirked seeing the nurse still nice and secure and helpless. The stranger closed the door and went to the table and opened the envelope and started reading up on her mission.


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Re: Jasmine Pond
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Jasmine Pond Part 4

Nassau Chandelle's Apartment.


Chandelle read through the file looking at the info in them they had addresses and pictures of females who thirty years ago would have been in the early teens. Now they would be in there early forties and the addresses would be invalid for the most part. She had five targets to trace to continue with her mission but now even though she was genetically enhanced she needed a rest. She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes the memories coming back to her well some memories. She had woken in a laboratory with needles being pushed into her and a strange helmet on her head feeding her images of a country called England. This was her earliest memory how she got to the lab she had no recollection then she was being loaded into a sleep tube and everything went black. The next memory she had was waking up on that island in the ocean but some how she had info locked in her brain that surfaced when needed. She slept for two hours then awoke refreshed , she needed to get to England as soon as possible to continue her mission. She had no money and neither did the real Chandelle well not enough to get to England.

 She needed some time as well so she phoned the hospital sounding like Chandelle and feigned a family emergency and said she needed a couple weeks off. That done she looked up and heard the sound of a jet landing at the airport and then she knew how she would get to England. She went back to the closet and looked into the scared eyes of Chandelle and just stared until Chandelle closed her eyes. She untied Chandelle and carried her to the bed and covered with a sheet , in the morning she would not remember what happened. The stranger slipped out of the nurse's uniform and found some casual clothes in the wardrobe to wear to the airport.

Nassau Airport

The stranger looked around the departure lounge looking for the right flight attendant, she would have to fly to Miami and then on to London. The next Miami bound flight was a US Airways so that was the subject of her search a US air stewardess. She saw two stewardesses sitting at the coffee bar one a brunette one a red head. She decided that she would be a red head but she needed to get the them separated. She went to the bar and ordered herself a cold glass of water then worked away towards the two stewardesses then allow herself to trip. The water flew from her hand and splashed over the red heads uniform. The stranger apologised for her clumsiness as the red head told her friend she would need to go get changed. The brunette offered to go with her to the rest room but her friend told her to go to the flight and she would see her soon.

 The stranger watched as the red head left and headed for the US air rest room. The stranger followed and waited until the stewardess entered then she followed her into the rest room and looking around quickly saw that the room was empty. She crept up on the stewardess and placed her army around her neck and put into a sleeper hold until she fell to the floor unconscious, she looked down at the staff pass on the women's blue shirt noting the name as Sheila Brenham. She removed the pass and then undid the blue shirt pulling it from the dark blue skirt and off Sheila's body. Next she un hooked the button on the skirt and pulled it down the unconscious woman's legs revealing in full the tan hose. She pulled off the blue court shoes then the hose leaving Sheila in just her light blue underwear. The stranger touched Sheila's face and she was transformed into the stewardess. She looked round for a place to conceal Sheila and found a cleaners closet in one corner so she dragged her over there and opened the door looking inside. She saw some a coil of rubber tubing and also found some scissors so she cut some lengths off.

 She used the tubing to securely bind Shelia's wrists and ankles then her elbows and thighs. She found a cloth in the closet and stuffed into Shelia's mouth wrapping more tubing around her mouth holding in the cloth.. She went and stripped and dressed in the discarded uniform clipping the pass on her shirt. The wet jacket she threw in the closet  and then closed the door leaving the sleeping Sheila in the dark. She found a spare jacket in the bag Sheila had been pulling along behind. She put this on and then left the rest room and headed for the boarding gate to take up her place. She saw the brunette stewardess directing passengers to their seats and waved then help with the boarding.

Aragon Embassy London.

Jasmine had managed to make her way to the top floor getting around the lasered door by using her special phone. She had then made her way to the ambassador's office and got around that laser as well. She looked around for camera's and saw that two where in opposite corners of the back wall pointing at the ambassador's desk. There was no way to get to the desk without disabling the camera's so she looked around and then it came to her. She looked at the camera's and saw they each had a cable which led to wall sockets which supplied them with power. However again which ever one she went to the other camera would pick her up. Looking around she saw a vase with flowers in them so she picked up removed the flowers and threw the vase with water at one of the sockets.

 The water mixed with the electricity in the unoccupied socket and shorted out the other one the red light on one camera went out. She went to the other socket and flipped the switch and that camera was also disabled, now she only had five minutes at the most before the security arrived with the ambassador. She went to the computer and laid her phone next to it and pressed a button. The phone immediately started sending signals to the computer and got past the firewalls and started to download the entire hard drive. The status bar moved slowly as the files were copied and downloaded. She opened the door and looked down the corridor at the lift and saw that it was coming up. Going back to her phone the status bar hit one hundred percent and she picked it up and opened the window just as footsteps started to approach. She hid in a side room which turned out to be a en suite while she heard voice's coming from near the window speaking in a foreign tongue. Then someone spoke in English saying that the intruder had gone out of the window.

The ambassador told them to go find the intruder while her went back to his guests and Jasmine heard them leave the office. She left her hiding place and then went back to the office door then headed back down to the staff rest room. She stripped from the maids uniform and then put her dress back on and her bally shoes and then fix her make up and left the rest room. She went back to the reception just as the ambassador was returning looking flustered as he tried to smile with his guests. The minister had returned to his side and she went over and said thank you to the ambassador for a lovely evening but she had to go. They said there farewells and she left the embassy and headed back to her car taking her time making sure she wasn't being followed' She guessed that the security staff were busy looking for an intruder at the moment.

 She got to her car and opened the door and got in putting the key in the ignition and started the engine. It roared into life and she pulled out of her parking space and drove back to her apartment and went inside closing the door behind her and locking it. Taking her phone she placed it next to her laptop and pressed the send button on the phone and it started to send the information to the laptop. She went for a shower as it did its thing she would be back to read the information shortly.


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Re: Jasmine Pond
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Jasmine Pond Part 5

Miami International airport.

The fake Sheila sat in the hotel room assigned to Sheila the US air stewardess she had stolen the uniform from. The room was in the hotel that most of the international carriers used and she was going through the airline schedules on hotel television network. She found a British airways flight due to leave in six hours. She realised she had four hours to obtain a new identity and then board the flight to London. The fake Sheila looked through the dossier and noted the address of a safe house in London. This would be her base of operations when she arrived where she would store her captives until they could be transported. She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes thinking back again trying to remember things that happened.

 She was trying to understand why she had been sent into space why she had this ability to be anyone she touched. Flashes of memories came back to her of men and women dressed in brown uniforms with flashes of red on the collars and lapels. They were in a bunker and the walls and equipment had strange labels in a foreign language which resembled Cyrillic text. She began to wonder if she was a Russian citizen planted in space to one day comeback and strike a blow for the motherland. She opened her eyes and order some room service she was suddenly feeling hungry. Then she sat and waited for the service to be delivered to her room.

The maid carried the tray to room 214, she was dressed in a grey uniform smock with a white apron and a white band in her head. On her legs she wore nude pantyhose and on her feet white plimsolls as she walked to the room. Maria Gonzalez was twenty four years old and she carried her five foot six inch frame with dignity even though she was a maid. The smock pushed against her thirty eight d breasts as she knocked on the door and waited for the occupant to answer. The door swung open and Sheila ushered her in and waited until Maria had passed her before she closed the door.

She followed Maria deeper into the room and watched her put the tray on the table then grabbed her in the choke hold and watched her slowly slip into a deep sleep. The fake Sheila lowered Maria to the carpeted floor letting her limbs fall loosely to her side. She went back to the door and made sure it was closed and locked before returning to Maria's side. She knelt down and removed the white band from her head letting Maria's hair splay and pool around her face. She turned her attention to Maria's little white apron undoing the bow and pulling it from her body, at the same time checking her breathing to make sure she was out off it still. Next the fake Sheila removed the grey smock by pulling down the zipper at the back and undoing the metal clasp at the neck.

Maria was left in just her black bra and panties still unconscious on the carpet before the fake Sheila's feet. The fake Shelia found spare pairs of pantyhose in the real Sheila's overnight bag and began to tie up Maria with them. Then she slipped out of Sheila's uniform and donned Maria's uniform just as Maria began to come round. She struggled in the pantyhose binding her limbs straining to get free from them but to no avail. The fake Sheila opened the door and found that the cleaning staff had left a large wheeled laundry trolley at the end of the corridor. She collected the trolley pushing it into her room next to Maria. She placed Maria in the trolley with its canvas sides then sat down and had her toast and coffee. She watched the trolley seeing the canvas sides bulge in and out as Maria struggled to get free.

Finishing her meal the fake Shelia stood and went over to the trolley and looked down at Maria then touched her face. Again the stranger had changed her look and was now Maria and Maria's eyes filled with fear as she witnessed the change. The fake Maria looked deep into Maria's eyes until Maria began to pass out as she was subjected to the deep boring glare from the strangers eyes. The fake Maria saw a clipboard just under the trolley handle and picked it up looking at it. It was a cleaning schedule and it had room numbers, guest names and more importantly this had airline names next to each room. Room 430 would be her next target for this room was occupied by Sandra Jenkins who just happened to work for British Airways.

The service elevator doors closed behind the fake Maria and the trolley bearing the real Maria and ascended to the fourth floor of the hotel. Using the schedule the fake Maria knew that her target was due to check out in three hours. So enough time to do what she had to do and even tidy the room and deposit her sleep targets in the basement where the dirty linen was sent out.

The lift came to a stop and she pushed the trolley out towards room 430 along the red carpeted floor passing a few stewardesses who had just arrived at the hotel. She knocked on the door of room 430 and announced room service and a voice called back for her to wait a minute. The door swung open to reveal Sally Ann-Parker twenty eight year old stewardess for British Airways. She had just got out of the shower and was dressed only in the hotel bathrobe Sally allowed Maria to push her trolley inside the room and told her she could start with the bathroom while she dressed. Sally turned to close the room door and when it was closed Maria stuck again employing the choke hold until Sally passed out at her feet. She quickly pulled the sheet for the bed and used it to wrap the unconscious Sally.

 She then ripped strips from another sheet and used that to bond Sally tightly inside the sheet. She then did her usual trick and touched Sally's cheek and she was not Maria any more but Sally. She picked up her captive after securing a pair of Sally's panties inside Sally's mouth securing it with one last strip. She placed Sally in the trolley next to Maria then turned it round and opened the door and pushed the trolley to the service elevator and headed down to the basement. She left the trolley next to the others ready for pick up by the laundry company the next day. When it was collected she would be in London and long gone and safe, She headed back up to room 430 and found Sally's overnight bag and took out the navy blue hose and a blue bra and panty set.

 She stripped out of the maids uniform and pulled on the blue bra and panties before pulling on the blue pantyhose smoothing them out. She walked over to the closet and found a blue blouse with a blue scarf draped over to collar. She pulled it out and placed her arms in the sleeves and then pulled the scarf around her neck. She saw the blue skirt and blue tunic and put these on and stepped into the shoes finally placing the blue and red hat on her head. She sat on the bed and waited for the crew pick up to take her to the airport and her trip to London.


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Jasmine Pond Part 6

Headquarters British intelligence London.

Jasmine had arrived at the headquarters and was now sat across from her boss dressed once again in her commanders uniform. She had been studying the information she had collected from the Aragon embassy but it was very scant and what there was in Russian code. She once again looked at the printed out list as her boss also studied the sheet of paper. The experts had managed to decipher the codes and they had come up with names of women in  London who upon investigation held some pretty important jobs. Their files were on the table before Jasmine and she read the first one.

Alice Gordon.

38 years old.

5ft 8ins.

Blonde hair

Green eyes.


Present Job. Head of research and development depart of defence.

Before she could continue with the other files her boss informed that these women could be in danger as they all held important jobs. Also there had been a spate of strange event in the Caribbean and mainland America. Uniforms had been stolen and MI6 believed that an enemy agent could be on her way to London. Jasmine was also informed that each of the civilian targets had been assigned police protection. That left just the three women who were in military jobs so they were on bases and considered well protected. Jasmine's new orders were to go down to Portsmouth and join the crew of the HMS Augusta a type 41 destroyer. There she would find Alice Gordon onboard overseeing the installation on a new encryption suite. Jasmine was to protect her until the enemy agent could be located and neutralised.

Portsmouth Royal Navy base HMS Augusta.

Alice Gordon was in the secret cipher suite on the Augusta along with the captain and first officer. At the moment they were the only three allowed in the suite due to secret clearance, the Augusta was a state of the art spy ship. Alice although she was 38 years old was still a stunning blond and could pass as at least ten years younger. She was dressed in her the royal work uniform of blue shirt and blue trousers with a darker blue v neck jumper. On her shoulders she wore the three gold stripe of a commander but like Jasmine this was just window dressing. Yes when she move around the ship and base the enlisted and junior officers saluted her but she had no authority. Alice was a spy but one with a very acute understanding of ciphers and codes hence her assignment on the Augusta. They had finished up work for the day and it was time to lock up the cipher suites and head home. Alice was expecting a visit from a spook from London and she wanted to be home and ready she was intrigued to find out why she had been sent a babysitter. Alice headed down the gang plank and the dockside navy policeman saluted her and she returned the salute as she headed to her navy accommodation.

Safe house London.

The flight from Miami had taken seven and a half hours and the stranger in her British Airways uniform strolled through the crew check without any problem. She was now ensconced in the safe house and was looking around. The house was detached and well back from the street and had two floors plus the basement. In the basement she found five crates all empty and some nails and a hammer. She went back upstairs and again some how she knew where to find the hidden button in the panelling of the wall and pressed it. A whole section of wall slid back to reveal a computer and a small desk. She sat down and fired up the computer and punched in the first name on the list. Alice Gordon would be her first target and after hacking the DOD computer she discovered she was at present in Portsmouth. She would need a uniform the id would be no problem, she pressed the button and watched the panel slide back again. She and another look around and discovered the house had a garage as well.

 Walking into the garage she found a estate car with all the windows tinted which would thwart anyone looking in from seeing her intended targets. She looked inside the car and saw the keys sitting there ready to start the engine. She knew that someone was helping her this car did not seem thirty years old and the computer records were detailed and up to date. She opened the garage doors and got into the car and started the engine hearing it purr almost silently as she drove outside and then got out and locked the garage. She got back in and found in the glove compartment a map for the Portsmouth naval docks. She scanned it once then main routes and also the minor routes should she need them. She had discovered on this mission that she had a photographic memory so the information was stored ready for use.

Traffic had been light and the stranger had done the journey in two hours  keeping to the speed limits. She arrived in Portsmouth and could see the naval yard from the car which she parked near the fence. She had a pair of binoculars trained on the main gate and she saw something interesting. She watched the gate for three hours and every hour a royal navy ambulance would leave the base then return fifteen minutes later. She had found her way on to the base now she just had to get to the ambulance crew. She pulled her car into a street near the main gate and waited and on queue the ambulance emerged. She slipped in behind it and followed it to the main hospital in Portsmouth and watched as the driver got out. He came round to the back of the ambulance and opened the doors and the stranger saw inside a lone nurse in white uniform. The nurse got out and followed the driver into the hospital and the stranger followed them both inside. They went to the reception while the stranger listened nearby as they asked for the room for seaman Jane Claymore.

 Having been given the room number the nurse headed to the lift while the driver waited at the reception desk. The stranger followed the nurse and smiled at her as they waited for the lift. The doors slid open and a doctor and nurse exited the lift and the nurse and stranger boarded and headed up to the third floor. The lift stopped and both of them got out and the stranger let the nurse head to the room and followed her. Just before she got into the room the stranger looking round saw that the corridor was deserted. Just as the navy nurse was about to open the door the stranger struck using a cloth doused in chloroform that she had brought from the safe house.

The naval nurse struggled her hand clawing at the stranger as she was dragged towards a cleaners store room. The stranger kicked open the door with her heel and dragged the still struggling nurse inside the room. She held on to her until her struggles lessened and she slumped into the strangers arms. She lowered her to the cold floor then looked at her as she began to strip out of her own clothes until she was in just her underwear. The nurse was in a white smock, white pantyhose and white plimsolls and on her head a white nurse's cap. She touched the nurse's face and she was now the nurse, next was the uniform. She stripped the nurse from her smock shoes cap and pantyhose which she put on a chair next to the door.

 She looked around and found some old rags which she used to bind the unconscious nurse and stuffed one in her mouth. Bound and gagged she picked up the nurse and placed her in a large wheelie bin and on top she placed bags of refuse. She slipped into the nurses uniform and made sure she was correctly dressed before heading out to the seaman's room. She locked the closet breaking the key inside the outside lock the crossed the corridor and entered the room. She found the seaman in her hospital gown sitting in a wheelchair ready to go back to the base. The stranger wheeled her out and down to the lift. The lift descended and they exited at the driver came over and pushed the wheel chair out to the ambulance. Once inside the stranger boarded and they head for the naval base. Once inside the base the ambulance took the seaman to the base infirmary. The stranger found an empty room with a computer terminal and she found the quarters for Alice Gordon.


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Jasmine Pond Part 7

HMS NELSON Portsmouth naval store establishment.

Quarters of Alice Gordon.

The stranger walked around the base noticing the seaman going about their duties most wearing the familiar white naval cap with the black cap tally embossed with HMS Nelson. Theses would be the personnel assigned to the store establishment and not to be confused with those assigned to ships. She did see some other cap tallies belong to ships berthed in the harbour. She came to the officers accommodation a stone white washed building but her target was housed in a separate accommodation just behind the building. She approached the single storey building which had its own driveway with saloon car parked on it. She went to the brick building and rang the door bell and waited for an answer from inside. The door swung open and there stood Alice still her uniform looking at her concerned when she saw the nurse stood there. The stranger told her not to worry that it was just a routine visit to check on the radiation monitors in all the buildings.

Alice let her in and went back to her desk to finish typing up her reports not noticing the nurse locking the door behind them. The Stranger took out a bottle and a cloth and then soaking the cloth . The stranger edged her way over to the preoccupied cmdr and then stuck bringing the cloth over her right shoulder to her mouth. The strangers left arm came around the waist of the cmdr and grabbed the right side of the chair upright. This had the advantage of pinning the cmdr's arms to her side as her right hand pressed the cloth tight over the cmdr's nose and mouth. The cmdr shook her head trying to get the cloth away from here mouth but to no avail as her eyes rolled back in her head as she lost her fight.

The stranger felt the cmdr go limp in the chair so she released her grip from around the commanders waist. She eased Alice to the floor letting her sprawl there while she grabbed the bottom of the navy issue jumper and pulled it up over the cmdr's body. Next she pulled the blue shirt out from the cmdr's trousers and undid the buttons pulling from her body to reveal a white bra. Next she undid the narrow belt on the trousers and pulled down the zip. She undid the laces on the cmdr's black shoes and pulled them off seeing the flesh coloured panty hosed feet. She pulled the trousers down along with the pantyhose and saw the matching white panties. She looked at Alice and thought to herself that for a woman of thirty eight she looked very pretty. Her blonde hair showed no signs of grey and her body was well toned, she obviously worked out. The stranger knew Alice was a spy that's why she was here to capture the names on the list all spies.

 She dwelt no longer as she disrobed from the nurse's uniform until she was just in her underwear. She touched the cmdr's face and she was the cmdr as she slipped into the still warm pantyhose. Next came the shirt which she did up and as she did this she accessed the recent memories. She was expecting a cmdr Pond too visit her tonight but she would be long gone if all went to plan. She finished with the shirt and then pulled on the trousers tucking the shirt into the waist band of the trousers. She then stepped into the shoes and bent down doing up the laces pulling them tight and into a bow. Next came the jumper which she pulled over her head and down her body until it was smooth . She looked around the room and could only find spare pantyhose for tying the commander up.

 She retrieved several pairs and started to bind Alice tying her wrists together and then her ankles followed by her thighs and  upper arms. She then stuffed a pair in the cmdr's mouth wrapping one more pair around and around to hold them in place. She went to the window and looked out watching the sailors go by but the most important thing was it was getting dark. She went to the wardrobe and found a big suitcase that happened to have wheels attached. Going back over to the unconscious Alice she opened up the canvas suitcase and placed the bound woman inside. She zipped up the suitcase and placed it close to the door ready for darkness that night would bring.

Darkness came and Alice pulled and tugged the suitcase out to the car and opened the boot and placed it inside. She closed the boot and was returning to the room when a car came round the corner and stopped just in front of the drive. A woman dressed in a navy cmdr's uniform got out and headed towards her with a smile on her face. The woman extended her hand and Alice took it and felt the softness and warmth.

JP " Hello I am Cmdr Jasmine Pond."

AG" Hello I am Cmdr Alice Gordon how can I help you Cmdr.?"

JP" Call me Jasmine. I am here to ask you some questions."

AG" Very well Jasmine pleased come inside in the warm and we can talk"

Jasmine followed Alice inside the accommodation and took a seat near the window as Alice joined her. Jasmine noticed that Alice was dressed in the workout uniform or as it was officially known as a number four uniform. Alice looked at her counterpart and smiled as she wonder what could be the reason fro Cmdr Pond's visit.

AG" Well jasmine what brings you all the way from London.?"

JP" Well Alice we believe that you maybe targeted by a foreign agent who may want to kill or abduct you."

AG" Why would they want to do that.?

JP" Have you heard of or come across a old Russian operation codenamed sleeper.?"

AG" That name does ring a bell and I have studied many Russian operations in my line of work."

JP" Well it could be the work you are currently doing on the Augusta."

AG" Maybe but I don't think they will be able to get to me here on the base."

JP" Yes you are pretty well protected here but even so my boss has told me to keep an eye on you"

AG" Have you got quarters assigned to you yet.?"

JP" No that's my next stop base housing."

AG" If they cant find you anything then you can bunk down on my couch."

JP" Ok thank you let me go see what they have first."

Jasmine left Alice's quarters and drove over to base housing to get some quarters. As soon as she was out of sight Alice picked up her handbag and id badge and got into the car and drove away towards the main gate. She flashed her id and the guard opened the barrier and logged her off base, he watched as she drove away the barrier coming back down behind her, Jasmine was out of luck base housing was closed so she could not get quarters so she drove back to Alice's quarters and noticed it was in darkness, She got out and walked to the front door and knocked and got no reply.

 She took out a lock pick from her handbag and picked the lock and went inside. First thing she noticed was the absence of personnel items like a handbag and also the car was gone. She phoned the main gate and her fear were confirmed Alice Gordon had left the base thirty minutes ago. She ran back to her car and drove to the main gate and questioned the guard who told her Cmdr Gordon and turned right when she left the base. Jasmine did the same but knew that with thirty minutes head start she could be anywhere. She sped along the A1 looking for the commanders car but in the darkness it was impossible.


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Jasmine Pond Part 8

Safe house, London.

The stranger had used the minor roads to get back to London from Portsmouth but had still made good time. Time was her enemy but she did not understand why just that she only had five days to complete her mission. The stranger had wheel the suitcase from he car and deposited it in the basement while she went to the computer and undated the information. She returned to the basement and unzipped the the case and removed her unconscious cargo placing her in a wooden crate. She secured the captive inside and placed a pair of glasses and headphones on the captives head. Theses would play subliminal messages to the captive and also keep in a state of unconsciousness. She closed the wooden crate and ensured that the air holes were not obstructed she did not want the cargo to die. She had been lucky she had managed to avoid beginning stuck on the base with Cmdr Pond she would have to watch out for her. She headed back upstairs and removed the file from its hiding place and looked at her next victim that she would capture. She was working in the research and development establishment controlled by the ministry of defence somewhere in Bedfordshire. This victim would have to be taken en route to or from work as the stranger files did not show the location of the establishment. She closed up the house and got back into the former Cmdr's car and drove away.

Headquarters British Intelligence.

Jasmine shifted in her bosses office her skirt rising slightly as the boss read her report again. She looked at Jasmine a frown on her face as she shook her head. " So this woman who left the base was she cmdr Gordon or was she the enemy agent." Jasmine looked at her boss before replying." Well if she was the cmdr then we must consider that she has gone rogue. If she was the enemy agent then they have made great advances in the field of human dna manipulation." The boss sat down at her desk across from Jasmine considering the remarks made. "Well I am sure you will meet her again but we need to protect the next person on the list." Jasmine looked at the print out again reading the details of the next person on the list.

Hazel Franks

Age 36

Height 5ft 6in

Hair Brown

Eyes Brown

Weight 140lbs

Stats  38d-30-28

Occupation Working on research and development at camp delta located in Bedfordshire. Top security clearance.

Jasmine looked at her boss and told her she would head straight to the camp and protect Hazel Franks. Jasmine stood up and left the office and headed downstairs to the parking bays and got in her car and headed home to change. Her boss picked up the phone and dialled a mobile phone and told the female voice on the other end that Jasmine Pond had left and was on her way to the camp.

Somewhere in Bedfordshire

The stranger was driving along the road when her phone rang and she answered hen after hearing the information she hung up. As she drove along the road she noticed a police car sitting on the lay by and also saw that it only had a single female officer sitting behind the wheel. As she passed the car she did a left at the next junction and drove down the road her intention to do a circuit. As she drove she noticed a deserted barn type building with a road leading to it this she would need to use. She finished her circuit and put her foot down on the throttle and sped past the police car and as expected the car pulled in behind her lights flashing and siren blaring. She continued to speed and then threw the car into the tight turn just tapping the brake enough to control the car. As expected the police car shot past the turning and the stranger heard the screeching brakes behind her as she stopped outside the barn and went inside.

She hid inside behind one of the wooded supports just inside the doorway. The inside was dark and with the darkening skies outside she had perfect cover to way lay her victim. She heard the police car pull up and the door open and footsteps on the ground outside approaching. She saw the beam of light from the torch probing the darkness of the barn then a voice telling her to come outside. The foot steps got nearer and then the stranger heard the voice talking to someone else but there was no reply just static, the stranger realised they must be in a radio black spot. The policewoman stepped inside the barn shining her torch around and the stranger noticed she looked nervous. The policewoman walked past the strangers hiding place still shining her torch into the gloom of the barn. The stranger stepped out and stuck a blow just in the right place between the policewoman's head and shoulders and she went down unconscious.  The stranger knelt down and undid the zip on the stab proof vest letting it fall open then slipping it off of the unconscious police woman. Next she undid the equipment belt and removed it placing it on top of the vest. Next she pulled up the jumper and  removed from the police woman and unzipped the uniform trousers. Next she removed the policewoman's boots pulling them from her feet then pulling the undone trousers down the slender legs. Lastly she unbuttoned the white shirt removing the chequered cravat and put it all in a pile near the door. She went outside and reversed her car into the barn out of sight of prying eyes.

She found lots of rope in the barn and brought it to the unconscious police woman and started to tie her up. She pulled the woman's arms behind her back in a reverse pray and wrapped the coarse hemp rope tight. She then wrapped more rope around the woman's upper arms and over her shoulders crossing it between the policewoman's cleavage. The rope was wound round and round above and below the policewoman's breasts making them stand proud. She took up some straw from the floor and stuffed it down the policewoman's bra making sure it would irritate her when she came to. She did the same with her panties stuffing the straw inside before taking more rope and tying her legs tightly together.

She rolled the woman onto her front and pulled her ankle's up to the middle of her back then tied her into a hogtie. Lastly came the gag and she again got more straw and  stuffed the policewoman's mouth  before finding a horses bit with its straps hanging on the wall. She eased the bit into the policewoman's mouth and pulled the straps tight before adding one final touch. She had found a nose bag used for horse feed which she pulled down over the policewoman's head. She then placed her in the back of the barn in a horse stall and closed the gate behind her. The stranger stripped and dressed in the uniform of the police woman putting one the trousers and shirt. Next came the cravat and boots followed by the jumper which she pulled over her head and down her body ensuring it was straight.  She then pulled on the equipment belt and picked up the fallen torch which she placed in the ring on the belt. Lastly she put on the stab proof vest and did up the zip checking that all was in order before putting her hair into a bun. She went outside and got into the police car and turned the ignition to fire up the engine. She pulled out of the barn yard and onto the road and headed back to the main road to wait.

Main gate Camp Delta.

Jasmine Pond pulled up to the main gate of the ultra secret base and showed her security pass to the army MPS on the gate. She had made good time even after dressing in her clean uniform before coming to the base. The MP looked at the pass then told her to pull into the parking area between the inner and outer gates. He waved for the outer gate to be opened so she could enter the base to have her car inspected, she watched as the gate came down behind her. They guards checked over the car while a female used a hand held metal detector to scan Jasmine's body. While this procedure was being carried out and Jasmine was distracted another car pulled up to the exit side of the main gate and Hazel franks drove out on her way home. With the checks done and clearance given the inner gate opened to allow Jasmine to drive onto the base and to head over to the admin building.

 Hazel drove along at the steady speed of 30 mph driving into the darkness along the B road towards the main A road. As she pulled her mini metro onto the main road she passed a police car which pulled out behind her and started to follow her. Suddenly the lights started to flash and the shrill siren sounded so Hazel pulled her car into the next lay by followed by the police car. She waited in her car checking her review mirror as she saw the policewoman get out and put her hat on before walking towards her car the policewoman's hand on her belt. When she reached the car Hazel pressed the button to lower her window to speak with the officer, " Good Evening Off… " was all she could say before she felt a liquid hit her face making her eye's start to sting and water.


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Jasmine Pond Part 9

Lay by somewhere in Bedfordshire late evening.

"Good Evening Off…" was all Hazel could say before a liquid hit her face and her eyes started to sting and watered and she gasped for air. Temporarily blinded and short of oxygen Hazel was powerless as the stranger pushed a damp cloth over her nose and mouth soaked in chloroform. She held it there until Hazel slumped back in her chair and then stranger opened the door and unclipped Hazel's seat belt and pushed her over into the front passenger foot well. She went back to the police car and locked it then returned to Hazels small car and took off her police hat. She stepped inside and sat in the front seat and adjusted it so she could drive comfortably. She could drive straight back to London but she may get stopped she knew Jasmine was in the area so she drove to the barn. She pulled Hazel from the car and took her inside the barn where she heard the mewing coming from the end stall.

 She dropped Hazel onto the floor then went and checked on the policewoman who was squirming from the irritating straw. She allowed herself a small smile as she went back to Hazel and knelt down removing the beige tweed jacket and her beige skirt. Next came the beige shoes with the 4 inch heels followed by the tan pantyhose she wore. Hazel lay on the dirty straw unconscious as the stranger touched her face and assumed her identity and memories. She took some of the spare hemp rope and tied her tightly putting her into a severe ball tie. The car was small and she needed Hazel in as small a bundle as possible to transport her to London and her packing case.

Delta Camp Admin building.

Jasmine walked into the admin building wearing her number two uniform and headed to the reception desk. Sitting behind the desk was a female army corporal who stood and saluted her as she approached the desk. Jasmine informed the corporal that she was here to see Hazel Franks, the corporal checked her fire list and saw that Dr Hazel Franks and left the building. Jasmine uttered an oath under her breath as she thank the corporal and saluted and left the building. She got into her car and called her boss back in London with the bad news and her boss was not impressed. She told Jasmine that she was zero for two now and to get back to London as soon as possible. The boss hung up the phone and then dialled another secure scrambled number which was answered on the second ring.

 She told the female that Jasmine Pond was on her way back to London  and that she should wait for a couple off hours before heading back herself. Jasmine pulled up to the gate and flashed her id at the guards and the gate opened allowing her to leave the base. Jasmine was not stupid she had twice been to late now that could only mean a leak in British intelligence. There was only so many people who knew her boss the minister his aides there could no more than ten people who knew what was happening. She put her foot down on the accelerator and her car picked up speed but she slowed when she saw the darkened police car in the lay by but as soon as she had passed she sped way again. She would be back in London soon and she could start to locate the leak and put a stop to it.

Deserted Barn.

The stranger removed the stab proof vest and jumper pulling the cravat off with it at the same time. She tossed the police hat into the barn as she pulled up the white shirt and ripped it off the buttons popped against the stitches as they flew threw the air. She removed the equipment belt and tossed it down needed no longer as she  bent down and undid the boot laces. Kicking off the boots she undid the trouser belt and let them fall to the floor stepping out of them. She took up the tan pantyhose and pulled them up her legs snapping the waistband over her hips. She pulled on the beige blouse and pulled the silk material around her torso and did up the buttons. Next she picked up the skirt and lifted her right leg into in  skirt then her left leg.

Pulling the skirt up above her hips she tucked in the blouse and did up the narrow belt. She stepped into the beige shoes and put on the beige jacket doing up the three buttons before once again looking at the real Hazel tied tight in a ball. She looked round for something to gag her with and decide on the discarded cravat which she placed between open mouth and teeth. She picked up the police shirt and ripped off one of the long sleeves and used it to secure the cravat in place. She picked Hazel up and carried her out to the car and placed her on the front passenger seat then walked around the car and pulled the lever on the foot of the drivers seat and pushed the back of the seat forward. Now there was a gap she pulled Hazel in the back of the car and down behind the front passenger seat. She got out and let the drivers seat return to the upright position then got in and closed the door starting the engine and headed back to London. She figured that Jasmine would be well on her way back to London  but she kept the car at a steady pace on or around the speed limit.

Safe house London.

The stranger had got back to the safe house safely and dropped off her cargo placing her in the packing case . She followed the same routine fixing the glasses and headphones on her captive to de programme her brain before her trip. The stranger went to the computer and updated the information and accessed the file on her next victim.

Melanie Proctor

Age 36

Height 5ft 7inches

Hair black

Eyes Black

Weight  130 lbs

Stats 40 EE-30-32

Occupation Captain RAF seconded to USAF as liaison officer.

She read the file and noted that the captain had a USAF female driver assigned to her and the file also had the drivers address. This is were she should be heading to next she would replace the driver and then catch her next victim. She removed the clothes she was wearing and donned a black jumper and legging with a pair of black boots and picked up the car keys. She noted down the drivers number and stored it in her phone and headed out to the car. She was off to RAF Milldenhall which was an RAF base but due to a deal called lend lease going back to the second world war was operated by the Americans. After several hours of driving she phoned captain Proctor's driver saying she was the duty officer at the base and that the captain wanted her to meet her. She gave the location of a disused warehouse that she had noted on the map.

She waited for another hour then the sound of a car approaching caught the strangers attention and she saw the car pull up to the warehouse. The driver got out and the stranger noted she was dressed in a blue shirt with her sergeant stripes mounted on her collar. Clipped to the collar was the blue neck tab and she was wearing a blue regulation skirt darker than the shirt. She had on her feet a pair off black two and a half inch heeled shoes. She started towards the warehouse calling out for the captain as she approached the open doors looking around at the broken windows and skylight. That was the moment the stranger stepped out and there was the sound of a dart gun discharging a dart into the leg of the driver. The sedative was fast acting and she fell to the floor unconscious with in the space of two seconds her eyes rolling back in her head. The stranger sprang into action picking up the driver and taking her in the ware house and stripping her from her uniform. She found some discarded cargo netting and placed the driver now in just her underwear on top of the netting.

She rolled the driver in the netting until she was tightly cocooned and helpless. She had also found some cargo straps which still had the ratchets attached and she used these to further secure the driver. She had also located some bubble wrap which she stuffed into the drivers mouth and secured it with a rag from the floor. She then looked up and saw a pulley with a hook attached which she used to hoist the driver high in the air and watched her swing gently. The stranger stripped from the clothes she wore and donned the drivers uniform checking to make sure it was straight. Going back to the car the driver had arrived in she got in and found the drivers phone and flicked through the numbers. Finding the number she wanted she hit dial and after three rings Capt Procter answered and the stranger told her she was needed back on base. Capt Proctor told them to call her driver but the stranger said that her regular driver could not be contacted and she would come and pick up. Both women hung up their respective phones and the stranger started the car and headed towards her targets address.


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Jasmine Pond Part 10

Quarters of Captain Proctor.. Milldenhall.

Captain Proctor removed her uniform from the wardrobe consisting of a light blue shirt back tie, jumper with epaulettes and  a blue skirt. She went to her draws and chose a pair of nude pantyhose and stepped into them pulling them up her legs. She slipped the shirt over her shoulders and did the buttons up until the shirt was closed around her covering her white bra. Next she stepped into the blue knee length skirt and did up the zip rotating it until the zipper was at the back. She clipped the tie in place and pulled on the jumper making sure the shoulder tabs were straight. She stepped into her navy blue shoes and donned her air force hat placing it on her head. She finally grabbed her handbag and went outside closing the door behind her. Just as she locked the door her car arrived and she saw the figure of the driver inside smiling at her. Captain Proctor headed to the car and opened the back door as the driver said good evening ma'am to which captain Proctor returned the greeting. She asked the driver what the problem was and the driver said she did not know just there was an incident.  The stranger put the car in gear and headed out of the cul-de-sac to head towards the base. Lucky for the stranger the deserted ware house was also on the same road as the base so the captain wouldn't be worried until it was to late.

British Intelligence headquarters London.

Jasmine was with her boss and had informed her of what had happened at Delta camp and her fears that there was a leak. Her boss looked at her and then agreed that it was possible and that she would investigate it while Jasmine went to protect Captain Proctor. Jasmine left her bosses office once again and headed to her car and got in and started the drive to Milldenhall. Jasmine boss picked up the phone and passed on the details once again to the female at the other end. Jasmine pulled out of the car park and headed out of London and towards the main route to Suffolk. She could relax a little that now her boss was looking into the leak. She drove and realised she would get there early in the morning  She tried the number again but all she got was the busy signal but she kept trying every five minutes anyway. She was thinking about the case as she drove and never had she had such a puzzling mission, she had never failed to complete a mission. Someone high up in the echelons  of power was throwing barriers in her way. She carried on driving getting on to the motor way heading towards Milldenhall fearing that from the busy status of the captains phone that she would again be late. However she had to prove to herself and her boss that the leak was real.

Suffolk road to RAF Milldenhall.

The stranger phone rang and she picked it up and just said  thank you and then hung up the phone and told captain Proctor they had been redirected to a warehouse. They pulled into the warehouse yard and the driver stopped the car and got out going to the back and opening the door for captain Proctor. Captain Proctor got out and suddenly felt uneasy as she dug her phone from the handbag she carried and started to dial the base. Suddenly she felt dizzy then collapsed on the cold ground as the dart that had been fired into her thigh discharged its sedative. The phone was still in her hand the line open but not connected to the base. The stranger picked up the unconscious woman and carried her into the ware house where the real driver was swinging in the air. She placed captain Proctor on the floor of the ware house and started to strip off her air force uniform until she was laying in just her underwear. She then removed the drivers uniform she was wearing and put on the captains blue uniform and made sure everything was in place. She had a look around the warehouse for more items so she could tie the captain up for transport back to London. She found an old mail sack which didn't smell very good but she brought it over with some old rope. She pulled the sack over the captain and stared to wind the rope around and around pulling it tight. Then she used a shorter piece of rope on the outside of the sack pulling it tight between the lips of the captain so she got a mouthful of sack cloth to muffle her. The stranger hoisted the sacked up woman over her shoulder and took her to the car and opened the boot and put the captain inside. She then went back to the warehouse and cleaned up any signs she had been there taking a last look at the swinging struggling driver.

Captain Proctors quarters.

Jasmine had arrived at the captains quarters and switched off the car's engine then got out and went to the door. She knocked and got no response and noticed that the lights were not on and the house was quiet. She tried dialling the number again and still got the busy tone, so she called the operations centre in London to trace the phones signal. She waited for them to find the signal and took the chance to look round the property for signs of any struggle. The ops room told her that the phones signal was not to far away near an abandon warehouse. She got the location and jumped back in her car and headed there calling the base security and telling them what was happening. They sent out a detachment of Mps who met her there and they found the driver and also the abandon car of Hazel Franks. Jasmine questioned the driver but she could remember nothing accept  the call she had received to meet the captain at the warehouse. Jasmine again found herself calling her boss and telling her that she had lost the target and naturally her boss was not happy. To Jasmine it proved that there was a leak and she had to plug it but she had to test a theory..

Safe House London.

The stranger had carried the captain into the basement just as the sedative was wearing off and had deposited her in the packing case. After giving her some more drugs she slipped the glasses and headphones on the captain and closed up the case. She went to the computer and input the details as per usual and smiled as she only had two victims left and three days to get them. She did not know who was helping her just that she was getting help with knowledge of the movements of a certain agent. She looked at the details of her next target who she would get tomorrow night once she had rested and eaten.

Selene Mather

Age 36

Height 5ft 6in

Hair Brunette

Eyes Hazel

Weight 135lbs

Stats 38 E-30-32

Occupation  Ministry of defence Director of procurement London.

The stranger mused that at least she would not have to travel far for this next victim. She read through the file and checked the computer and saw that on Thursdays Selene always went to a salon. Tomorrow was Thursday and she would be there for the late appointment. Selene without fail always arrived after the main business hours so she could have the attention of the salon owner. She paid well so the owner did not mind this one late customer. Tomorrow she would stay open for Selene and soon as she arrived she would lock up the shop. The stranger knew what she had to do, she shut down the computer and then got some food and rest.


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Jasmine Pond Part 11

Katherine's Hair and Beauty Salon London.

The stranger stood in an empty doorway watching the customers coming and going from the salon waiting for the staff to leave. She knew that only the owner would stay behind waiting for her late appointment. She noted that even the owner a tall striking blonde woman of about 40 with long blonde hair wore the uniform like her employee's. The time came when the last staff member left and the stranger walked over to salon and knocked on the door. When the owner came to the door the stranger told her that her car had broken down and could she use the phone.

 The owner let her in and closed the door behind her locking it and pointed to the phone. As the owner went to the back of the shop the stranger slipped a plastic bag from her overcoat pocket which contained a drug soaked cloth. She waited for the owner to return and told her there was something wrong with the phone. The owner came over and picked up the handset and while her back was to the stranger the stranger struck . She placed the cloth over the owner's mouth and nose wrapping her free arm around the owners body. The owner struggled briefly but she was not matched for the stranger and the chloroform and soon fell in darkness. The stranger dragged the women to the rear of the salon were she found the sauna room and she dumped the owner inside.

She looked around the salon and found some spare bath robes so she removed all of the belts from them and went back to the sauna. She knelt down and touched the unconscious woman and became her. She undid the white tunic and pulled it off of the owner noting she only had on a bra beneath , then she unbuttoned the white trousers and then slipped off the woman's white court shoes. The owner was now in just her white underwear and the stranger lifted her onto the slatted sauna bench and started to bind her. She started by tie a robe belt on each wrist then fed the belts underneath the slats taking the left wrist belt and tying it to her right wrist. She copied this with the right wrist belt tying it to the left wrist.

 She repeated this with the ankles securing the belts beneath the bench. Then came the thighs and one belt across the owners stomach, then two more above and below the owners breasts. She then took the chloroformed cloth and placed over the mouth of the owner then one last belt secured it in place. Then she left the sauna and to go ready for her main target but she saw the thermostat and a smirk crossed her lips. She turned up the thermostat just enough so that the owner would sweat but would be in no danger then she went to the front of the store and waited.

Procurement office DOD London.

Selene Mather left her office and went down in the lift to the underground car park and go into her black BMW and started the engine. She pulled to the barrier and acknowledge the guard and he press the red button and the barrier went up and she drove out into the light evening traffic. She headed towards the salon and arrived thirty minutes later and parked at the rear of the premises and got out locking the car behind her. She walked around the building to the front and knocked on the door and the now fake owner opened the door and welcomed her in. Selene removed her overcoat to reveal a charcoal black business suit which she removed the jacket and hung it up with the overcoat.

She was now in just her black skirt and white blouse as she took her seat in the salon chair. On her legs she wore barely black pantyhose and on her feet black court shoes. The stranger came over and slipped a syringe from her white tunic and then plunge into Selene's neck. She tried to scream but she felt a strange tingling in her body as the drug paralysed her making her muscles relax. She could not move or speak as the stranger smiled then came round the front of the Selene. The stranger started to remove Selene's blouse and skirt slipping them from her body until she was in just her lingerie. She  found some more belts and tied Selene to the chair just in case the drug wore off. Selene had come for a makeover and the stranger decided to give her one but not the one she wanted. She took out the electric clipper's and started to shorn the brunette hair from Selene. She drew the clippers back and forth until there was only stubble left on Selene's head. She wanted to struggle but it was no use the drug kept her immobile in the chair. The stranger then lathered her head and used a switchblade razor to take off the stubble until all that was left was a bald scalp.

With that done she took a cloth and wiped all of the make up from Selene's face until she had none left on her. She looked at her watch and started to get gather Selene's clothes and stuffed them into a bag with the rest of the days trash. She didn't need Selene's clothes to make her getaway she decided as she swept the floor and placed the hair in the bag with the clothes. Then she gave Selene one more shot of the drug just to be sure then untied her from the chair and pulled up. She walked and dragged her victim towards the back door and opened it. Looking outside she took Selene's key and pressed the button hearing the locks release she placed the paralysed Selene in the boot of the BMW closing the boot door. She pulled the back door closed and it self locked as she opened the BMW's driver door and got in and started the engine. She drove off back to the safe house with her fourth victim and placed her in her crate and attached the glass's and headphones. She updated her computer records and decided to take a short nap before even looking at her next victim.

Jasmine had been sent to the salon by her boss but she was late again and she was getting fed up seems there were forces at work. She knocked on the door and even took a stroll around the building checking the back door. Coming back to the front she pulled a lock pick and fiddled with the doors lock and opened it heading inside with her gun drawn. She looked around the salon seeing nothing out of place maybe Selene Mather had changed her routine but then she heard muffled mewing coming from the back of the Salon. She headed into the back of the salon and listened deciding the mewing was coming from the sauna. She saw the thermostat and turned it down to the off position and opened the door waiting for the escaping steam to escape and clear. When she looked onside she saw the bound and gagged owner on the slat bench and went inside and released her. She questioned the disorientated owner but she could shed no light on who had attacked her. She gave a vague description but it could have matched almost anyone in London of similar build. She took out her phone and made the call to her boss telling her she had been to late once again. The boss hung up and then looked at the last name on the list .

Helen Tyler

Age 38

Height 5ft 5inch

Hair Brown

Eyes green

Weight 150lbs

Stats 40 A-34-34

Occupation  Instructor Police College Hendon.

The boss also looked at one more name she had a name that her agent Jasmine Pond didn't have and she smiled once more.


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Jasmine Pond Part 12

Police Training College Hendon.

Helen Tyler was dressed in her dress uniform for the passing out of police cadets who would get their assignments. They had studied hard and would soon be sent out to their police stations to start policing the city streets of London. Some would go for further training in specialised areas such as dog handling and advanced driving course. As for her she would have a new intake starting on Monday so today Friday she would relax and celebrate with some of the cadets. She loved Hendon there were only two well know facts about Hendon, one was the former RAF station had been here but now just had museum the rest of the land being sold which now was a housing estate. The other fact was the Police training college which had been opened in 1934. She smiled and clapped as all of her class passed out and headed to there rooms for the last time. She went back to her office and removed her white gloves and her black tunic and placed them on the table.

 She looked through some messages and buzzed her assistant to bring her a coffee. She would go home and get changed then be back here for the celebration party later tonight. The assistant buzzed her and told her that there was a navy cmdr Jasmine Pond on the phone. She took the call and was informed that she may be  target of a kidnapping attempt. They agreed to meet and Helen was given the address where to meet Jasmine and she also agreed that it was best for her to come straight away. She put her tunic and gloves back on and then her hat and headed out f the office wishing her assistant a good weekend.

Safe House London.

Helen pulled her red Ford Saloon into the driveway of the house and noticed that there was no other cars . She turned of her car's engine and got out and went up to the door of the house' taking note that the windows were blacked out. She had heard that naval intelligence were some what paranoid about security. She pressed the bell button in the middle of the door and the door swing open on silent hinges and Helen entered. She looked around calling out Jasmine's name but got no answer so she went in further and looked around the ground floor seeing that it was mostly devoid of furniture. She found the door to the cellar and decided that curiosity was outweighing her prudence and she started to walk down the stairs.

 Her thee inch black heels reverberated on the wooden steps as she went deeper into the cellar. She could see six wooden crates two of which were open and empty the other four were sealed, but she thought she could hear some muffled noises. She went over to the sealed crates and the noises got louder , but as she reached out she felt a sting in her leg then the sensation of falling then blackness. The stranger had stood under the stairs as Helen had come down and fired the dart when she was at the crates the plan had worked. She went over to the prone Helen and started to undress her by removing her hat and gloves. Next came the black tunic and black skirt which she eased down the legs of Helen until she pulled it over the black shoes. Next she took the cravat and the shoes from Helen placing them on top a crate, lastly she unbuttoned the white uniform shirt and removed t from Helen. Helen was now in just her black pantyhose and white lingerie laying there on the floor helpless. The stranger then went and updated the computer and phoned the number that had been calling her.

British Intelligence Headquarters.

Jasmine's boss told Jasmine that they had to protect this last target and that Jasmine should make contact with her. She gave Jasmine the college number and the home number for Helen and it was soon discovered that Helen had left for the day. It was decided that Jasmine would go to Helens home and wait for her there then protect her until the enemy was neutralised.  Jasmine left the office just as the boss answered the phone and smiled as the last part of the plan was almost near. She prepared some last minute notes then summoned her secretary telling her she could have the rest of the day off. Jasmine got into her car dressed in her number one cmdr's uniform and tossed her hat on the passenger seat and headed out of the car park and out towards the suburbs to meet with Helen Tyler.

Safe House London.

The stranger had to hurry she needed to get to Helen's house to meet with Jasmine Pond so she stripped from her black leather skirt and satin white blouse and donned Helen's uniform. Again she gently touched Helen's cheek and she was transformed into Helen along with her memories. She then secured Helen in the crate tying her tight placing the glasses and headphone on her head. She sealed up the crate and made sure the air holes were not blocked. She went back upstairs and got into Helens car and headed to her home. She Arrived twenty minutes and noticed a car sitting in the street looking at the house and she noted that it was Jasmine Pond. She pulled into the driveway and switched off the engine and got out  as Jasmine approached her. They held out there right hands and shook and jasmine told Helen that she maybe the target of an enemy agent.

 They went inside and sat down on the couch and Jasmine explained the events of the last few days and the stranger  pretended to be alarmed. She stood up and offered Jasmine a drink and Jasmine said yes could she have a glass of  red wine. The stranger went and poured two glassed and slipped a strong sedative into Jasmines wine. She returned and handed Jasmine her wine while she removed her tunic and kicked off her shoes flexing her nylon covered toes. She watched Jasmine drink her wine as she sipped hers and made small talk about the situation they found themselves in. Jasmine began to feel warm then light headed and the stranger noticed she was starting to slur her words. Jasmine was struggling to stay conscious but her vision was blurring and she then knew she had been drugged. She tried to push herself up from the couch but she just collapsed back down as her sensations finally shut down plunging her into darkness. The stranger picked up Jasmine and carried her out to the car and placed her on the back seat  of the car.

Safe house London.

The stranger carried Jasmine into the basement and placed her in a seat and secured her wrists and ankles with hemp rope. She went back to the computer and updated the last file on her list and then went back down and called that number again. She went Through Jasmine's handbag and found her ids and her small calibre hand gun. The female on the other end of the line answered and she said good as the stranger informed her of the capture and she would be there soon to explain what was to happen next. The stranger sat down in a chair looking at Jasmine and decided that she need her uniform but it would wait until all had been revealed. Jasmine's boss locked her office door and headed down to the garage and got in her car and went to the safe house to meet with her agents. She was looking forward to wrapping up this mission and taking some well earned rest and recuperation. She smiled this had been a long mission which had begun thirty years ago in a secret lab deep in Russia. It would now end in a basement in London with six targets going back to that lab in Russia to be gleaned for information.


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Jasmine Pond Finale

Safe House London.

The stranger continued to watch the unconscious Jasmine tied and gagged to the chair, she allowed herself a small smile. As she watched she heard a car pull up outside and the engine shut off and a door open and close. She heard the front door open and footsteps cross the threshold of the house and the door close and the dead bolt slide across. The footsteps came down the wooden steps until the stranger looked into the face of Melanie Grantham head of British intelligence. They eyed each other up then smiled and walked towards one another and hugged. Melanie told the stranger to wake Jasmine up so everyone could get acquainted  and the mission could be completed. The stranger took a syringe and injected Jasmine in the neck and she started to come round her eyes opening and closing as the light filtered in. Jasmine saw her boss and thought rescue was at hand but Melanie just looked at her and smiled.

" Well Jasmine so good to see you awake now its time to enlighten you to what we are all doing here. The story starts thirty years ago in a laboratory in what is now Aragon but was once part of the old soviet union. They dispatched five families to Britain each with young daughters and we knew this but what we didn't know was there identity. Back then I was just a section head and it was decided that we needed to get an agent into the lab. This we did her name was Jasmine Pond and she sent back detailed information but could not find the names of the sleepers. So she came back to Britain and thanks to a break through in genetic dna manipulation she was altered. She can assume the identity of anyone she touches so its no wonder you could not catch her.

 Any how I digress she was sent back to Russia and they considered her a double agent and fed her with information for a special mission. She was put in to a deep sleep after they had programmed her to seek out the sleepers and activate them. She was then launched into space on one of their many programmes back then. The sleepers who are now all safely in storage were to have been activated tomorrow and they would have wreaked havoc with in British intelligence. However that has been averted by our secret deep programme that was activated the moment she landed back on earth. So our secrets are safe and these sleepers will be going back to Aragon to spy for us and at the moment are being programmed.

 Now I know you asking where you come into this little scenario well you see after Jasmine was launched into space the Russians sent another sleeper. That sleeper is you , so you will be going back as well but not as Jasmine Pond. You will going back in the guise of Olga Trablinskia the id the Russians gave the real Jasmine Pond. Then you and the rest of the sleepers will provide us with intelligence on the old Russian regime and the new Aragon regime. How ever you cannot transform yourself with a touch so we have a special mask for you. When it applied it cannot be removed and by the time you get back to Aragon you will have been programmed in fluent Russian."

Melanie signalled to the real Jasmine Pond to carry on and she approached Jasmine and touched her cheek and she was now Jasmine proper. The tied up Jasmine eyes filled first with shock then tears as she saw the new Jasmine take a cloth and wipe her gagged face cleaning all of the make up off. She then applied some clear liquid and placed the mask on her face and adjusted it until it was correctly fitted. The she knelt down and removed Jasmine's shoes revealing her nylon clad feet, she placed the shoes on the floor. She undid the ankle bonds and reach up and pulled down Jasmine's black pantyhose pulling them from her body.

She undid the belt around Jasmine's waist then reached round and undid the button and pulled the zip down. She eased the skirt off and down Jasmine's legs laying them next to the shoes and pantyhose. She retied Jasmine's legs using bandages wrapping them around and around until her lower legs were covered from ankle to just below the knee. She undid the straps securing Jasmine's  wrists and eased her tunic from her followed by tie and white shirt. Jasmine was now in just her underwear unable to move due to the paralysing drug. Jasmine now secured Olga's arms behind her back from wrists to elbow. She lifted her from the chair and carried her to the final empty crate and placed her inside. She put the glasses and the headphones on Olga and turned looking at Melanie who smiled back as she walked over.

"Well Olga you are already to head off to your new life and new mission when you wake you will only have memories of being Olga. In due time Jasmine will be coming to Aragon and she will activate all of you and the rest of your friends. So have a safe journey and we shall be hearing from you soon with plenty of information."

Melanie nodded and Jasmine closed the crate and then nailed it shut then she went round all the crates and sprayed sedative gas which would keep the sleepers asleep basically. Melanie had called the transport department of her office and had the crates collected and dispatched to Dover to be sent on a ship to Aragon. Jasmine stripped out of the Helen's inspector's uniform and stepped into her new navy uniform supplied by Olga. She now stepped into her real life as Jasmine Pond and  Melanie told her it was good to have her back. The crates were collected and sent to Dover and Melanie and Jasmine headed back to office were they prepared the report for the minister.


Three weeks later British Embassy Aragon.

The new naval Attaché sat at her desk in the embassy in Aragon she was dressed in the uniform of a captain her name Jasmine Pond. She had been promoted since her last mission and was fitting back into her life. She was expecting a visitor today her name was Olga and Jasmine would give her a trigger word and Olga would start sending information back to her for forwarding on to British intelligence. The crates had been received by the Aragon government along with a note telling them they could have their agents back. All of the strangers victims made a full recovery from there ordeals and knew nothing of the clandestine game that they had been unwitting pawns. Soon the returned agents were sending back useful information after they had been integrated into Aragon society.

 The best thing was they had no idea they were doing it. Also they had supplied names of other agents in British Intelligence who they now fed useless outdated information to send back to Aragon.  Jasmine left her office after her meeting with Olga and went for a walk around city smiling at some young people. She would only be here long enough in Aragon so that she could monitor the agents. Then she would return to the UK and take a well earned rest after all the mission had lasted thirty years. Thinking this she chuckled to herself as she walked around the market stalls doing some shopping. Melanie Grantham was made a dame by the queen and  went on to be the most successful head of British Intelligence. As for the Aragon government  they could not figure out how so many secrets were being revealed never suspecting the sleepers had been turned.


Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this story this is the final part of the tale. Thank heavens i hear you say i know it wont be to everyones taste maybe not even to anyone taste but as i said it was my first ever story and i know i am not the best author here.



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