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Love and War by Ann Onominos
« on: March 08, 2019, 07:33:48 PM »
You can view the story here on the plaza:
Solo-M; farm; photography; accident; cast; MF; nurse; care; rom; bond; ties; gag; breastplay; arousal; mast; climax; cons; X
MF; handcuffs; first; rom; F/m; bond; blindfold; gag; mast; handjob; climax; cons; X
MF; rom; video; roleplay; bond; collar; rope; gag; balltie; arousal; mast; climax; handcuffs; tease; kiss; denial; cons; X
MF; rom; roleplay; discovery; playroom; M/f; bond; cuffs; collar; shackles; slave; breast; tape; tease; cons; X
MF; rom; cast; MF+; party; game; hypno; tease; kiss; M/f+; bond; rope; gag; photo; mast; sex; climax; cons; X
MF; rom; fantasy; M/f; video; bond; collar; rope; gag; F/f; D/s; torment; bdsm; crop; nipple; M/f+; barn; outdoors; messy; mast; climax; ponyplay; naked; toys; insert; clean; cons; X
MF; rom; Sbm; chairtie; naked; gag; handcuffs; blindfold; F/m; D/s; tease; oral; denial; cbt; bond; roleplay; ponyplay; jodhpurs; boots; bdsm; crop; sex; climax; cons; X
MF; rom; F/f; bond; rope; tape; gag; hogtie; spreadeagle; torment; toys; insert; roleplay; request; M/f; D/s; slave; naked; blindfold; sendep; susp; bdsm; crop; cane; punish; lesbian; oral; climax; cons; X
MF; rom; M/f; dungeon; D/s; naked; bond; gag; hood; slave; stocks; bdsm; crop; oral; nipple; stables; collar; chain; clean; task; messy; sex; news; argue; cons/nc; X
M/f; asian; video; playroom; bond; rope; hogtie; gag; strappado; bdsm; oral; spreadeagle; bedtie; vibe; nipple; sex; climax; MF; rom; asian; sex; Solo-M; vacation; married; cons; X

Please feel free to leave your kind comments and feedback about this story here.

Thanks  ;)
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