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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #15 on: May 27, 2018, 09:34:13 PM »
Thank you Feline, your feedback forces me to write better.

 Quite possibly Jim can now be the man he truly was made to be for the first time in his life, with but one lesser man theoretically in the way. Disposing of this competitor is as natural as a large corporation buying up a small business that is trying to compete with it, stripping out the parts it wants and discarding the rest, something that happens in business all the time.

 I think Jim has at least two options for this; own and ruthlessly dominate Jack once he moves into the house and the master bedroom, or perhaps have him quit his job and send him off to serve Shelia for a time as a gift to her, (ostensibly to help her out in her new place while becoming properly and submissively trained), but in reality just because he can, all while removing the freedom of an earned income for Jack.

 Ones own money equals a certain amount of freedom, and without a salary Jack becomes fully dependent on whoever provides for him. Employees and servants are paid, and slaves and indentured servants work for room and board while paying off some sort of debt, or so that they don't get punished by those who own them.

Jack is one hundred percent owned once that second little key is found, (assuming it already hasn't been, or if it even exists), and if Shelia takes possession she might even have some lingering animosity toward both Jack and his wife for screwing up her imperfect marriage by making her willing and available to Jim's barbaric desires once that fact becomes known, (as illogical as that sounds given the timeline of things here). Despite Shelia's powerful and dominate personality, she also may have, (or come to have) some regrets about loosing Jim to what to her is a lesser submissive woman.

I believe Jack's safe word will ultimately turn out to be a phrase that Jack will under no circumstances ever say, Jim rather clever in his choices here, but overall in this story he has played his hand well. Jack's lust for this fantasy and willingness to agree to anything Jim asked just to play along is almost as strong as his wife's, but in his case there can be no post orgasm rationality without the key, at least in traditional terms.

 What if though Jim was wrong and there is no second key, and what if Jack merely popped off without any physical contact to his locked up guy hardware after that first date because his erotic and foolish fantasy looked to be realized?

I have a few directions I could go with this and I look forward to your thoughts on this, Jackie. 


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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #16 on: June 05, 2018, 12:57:46 AM »
Force is such a harsh word, do you really picture a sweet innocent little pussy cat as someone who would force you?  Make you?  Demand and expect better of you, and use all sorts of methods to achieve this goal...

Actually, no need to answer that *evil smirk*

Now this is a great deal to think about!  First though, your comment about Shelia and logic, emotions, which is what we are discussing here, are famously not really ruled or dictated by logic.  I can SO see her being jealous of and angry towards Jack and his wife, the new woman in Jim's life, especially when this new woman is both a near perfect compliment to Jim, but also brings out all of these wonderful behaviours, time, attention and especially MONEY being lavished on her.

We both see and know it is not really about the money, but having Jim be so willing and happy to spend money on her, to make sure that she has the fine things in life, is only going to add to his appeal in Jackie's eyes, and give Shelia a focus for her emotions.

First though, all of this brought up a question that I cannot clearly answer with a quick scan over the first few parts.  Does Jackie (I need a name for the wife, not sure if she is actually named off hand) have a job?  Does she work?  Is she a successful and powerful career woman in her own right?  The presentation of her, the "feel" of her, her way of being, all suggest to me that she does and she is, so I will continue on this basis.

If she was a stay at home wife she would have a lot of time to keep Jack under her thumb and in control, but would she actually want to?  She is pushing him back and away, her anger at his betrayal, if indeed there was one, clearly very strong!

Actually a rather interesting thought has just occurred to me.  "You cannot prove a negative, only a positive".  There is no way for Jack to prove to Jackie's satisfaction that he does not have the other key for his belt.  This whole situation is about sex, fantasies, pleasure and satisfaction, including his long term denial, so of course it will feel natural, and deeply angering, for him to have kept the spare key.  Any claims to have lost it, thrown it away or even destroyed it are going to ring hollow and desperate, even if true.

Which brings me back to the question of Jack, his job, his role in all of this, and how he should be treated.  If he is asked about the key and basically says there never was a second key - implying or even suggesting it must have been overlooked in the packaging and thrown out with the box, this is not going to do anything to help his case.  But the flip side is that he clearly cannot be left to his own devices, or left unsupervised, since if he is left unsupervised then he is assumed to have access to and to be using his key, so violating his contract and commitment.

We have no knowledge of where this key "has been hidden" for safety, so the only times you can be sure Jack is not betraying you is when he is under direct observation.  So having him quit his job does not work at first, since it just gives him more free time for "wicked betrayal" while Jim and Jackie are out at work.

So yes, reaching the point where Jack needs to be kept under control and monitored seems like a relatively small step here, but how to achieve it?  Given this situation, having a suddenly more available Jack loaned out to Shelia makes a lot of sense, since she is far enough away that while he is acting as her maid (it seems a fitting mental image) he is not going to have access to the hiding place of his suspected key.

Not knowing about the other key has another bonus, the one year contract starts from the point of handing over both keys, so without the second key, the contract does not officially start in Jackie's eyes.  Plus I do note that Jackie never agreed on Jack having a safe word with her or the contract...

Jim being wrong about there being a second key isn't really reasonable, especially since the website lists 2 keys, and 2 keys is the standard number with any form of lock I am familiar with.  But I can see an overly excited and desperate Jack not paying attention to the details and loosing the key.  I can also see him hiding the key to ensure he gets the best of both worlds, his fantasy but also a safety valve on his fantasy.

As for physical contact and Jack having an orgasm, we have already seen Jack come in his pants while watching Jackie dance with Jim, early in the story, so now he is living his fantasy, and everything is coming together, its no great stretch to imagine that he is able to orgasm on his own, even with the device locked on.  It may not be quick and easy, but that is only going to add to the sense of satisfaction, and the potency of the experience of living this fantasy :)

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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #17 on: June 21, 2018, 08:11:27 PM »
I think Shelia, (with her possible irrational animosity toward her former neighbors), would make the perfect person to take charge of Jack while Jim gets settled into (Jackie's) house after his sells. I also see the only practical way to deliver (or have Shelia pick up) Jack and ensure he hasn't taken the key with him is to deliver him naked, or possibly have him strip down to nothing as Jim and Jackie watch, possibly they giving him a new uniform of sorts to be worn as he travels to Shelia's new home by either method.

A gender bending maid's outfit could be too cliché, but would prevent him from any attempts to escape, and further his emasculation along with the chastity cage he is trapped in and panties he must wear. I could envision Shelia working out her rage while training up Jack in his female persona, possibly to keep him herself, or as some sort of quid pro quo with Jim for something not yet named when she returns him properly trained for his new role.

I also could see Jack's emasculation taking a further slide if he were to be kept shaved and his hair grown out and styled in an effeminate way while kept in Shelia's possession, female maid's uniforms the only clothing in his new closet. There is also the possibility that Shelia might have a man friend or two of her own, and girl friends as well that would see and interact with the female Jack, further demoting him in man terms as they enjoyed his self inflicted discomfort that Shelia was only too happy to explain while he was made to listen.

 Jack has popped himself off with this fantasy of his at least twice, but I don't think those emissions would have been satisfying sexually, more of a biological clearing of the plumbing, assuming he doesn't have the key and can't get "hands on" relief. With this in mind his fantasy might not be all that fantastic in the real world, more of a letdown, but still a situation of his own making.

This scenario of feminizing Jack would be in keeping with Jim's desires to permanently remove Jack from the competition, and Jack's submissive alter ego might even grows to like it, or at least tolerate it as he has no other choice. Jack might still harbor the misconception that this is just for a year, but if he does too bad for him.

As to the key I am of two minds, keep it a permanent mystery and never have it found, of have Jim at some point well past the point of no return admit that he has had the second key since the beginning of this adventure, possibly even having Jackie tell Jim that she already knew he did when he confesses this to her.

What are your thoughts on this, Jackie?



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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #18 on: July 09, 2018, 11:00:11 PM »
Interesting questions and points...

While I do agree that a gender bending maid's outfit sounds quite cliché, there is a reason it is such a common and well used theme, it has an appeal, a purpose, and sends a powerful message.  How it is done, the "why" of it, and the way people around Jack and how they are encouraged to treat Jack will be what really matters here.

Let's start from a different point.  If not a maid's outfit, then what?  What is our goal here?  Jack's new role is basically servant, but more than this, a controlled, sexless and humiliated servant, who needs to be clearly shown and reminded of his place.  So any "polite" or "respectable" outfit is not going to work well, and once Shelia gets the idea, and gets behind this, I suspect she will want to firmly push the "you are lesser, I am more" aspect.

I find myself drawn to, and seeing the strong appeal of the idea of Jack being pushed into a female slave role here, but there is one "flaw" in the logic we need to watch for.  At first, when presented with a very female, and presumably sexually suggestive outfit, the outfit and the embarrassment alone will do a good job of controlling and containing (preventing escape) only at first.  The more his hair, and behaviour is changed to bring on a feminine look, the more he will pass for a woman, so become less embarrassed being seen in public like this.

Only providing "slutty" female clothes will help here, and I can see it fitting with the feel and thinking at work here to.  But still, as the move towards a female slave Jack continues, another line of control is likely to be required.  But this could be as "simple" as no ID, no money, no access to any of his old accounts, etc.

In all of this I have this mental image of Shelia as "spiteful".  It's not really the word I want, but it comes close.  Certainly I can see her taking out her emotions on Jack, and probably flaunting her treatment of Jack in front of Jim and Jack's wife.  Of course, since this will be exactly what they are looking for, and will enjoy it, its only likely to encourage Shelia to try harder in her torment of Jack.

Which brings me to thinking about Jack's chastity, and how Shelia will want to both preserve and "enhance" it.  Preserving is very simple, just make sure he has no access to any possible key, along with regular and random checking.  A few blobs of glue or wax can also be added to the cage, so show if it is ever opened, since they will break, and won't be the same afterwards.

To enhance the chastity would Shelia want Jack to just watch her sexual activities, and to know how much fun both Shelia and his wife are having?  Or would she want to reinforce the contrast by using Jack's body for her and other's sexual pleasure while denying his own release?  I find myself thinking that using maid Jack for sex, for the sole pleasure of others, would fit well here.

Oh yes, I can definitely see Jack starting to count down the days and the months until the year is up, and using this to help settle himself as things get more and more out of hand, and as he is denied the pleasure he wants from this intense fantasy experience.

I think keeping the key as a mystery probably works better, for the reason that it is this small, tiny "niggle" in the back of everyone's mind.  Jim, Shelia and "Jackie" all suspect there is a key, and appreciate it needs to be kept well out of Jack's hands, but if they cannot prove this, cannot find the key, the niggle is never satisfied, it keeps bothering Jackie in quiet moments, and it gives her a focus for her guilt over her changing relationship with her "former husband" and the "new husband" she is getting ever closer to.

Another thought, what still ties Shelia and Jim together?  I am thinking something vague, but important, like shared stakes in a long term investment, something that it is easier to keep than to unwind, but also something that Shelia thinks she can still use to bring pressure onto Jim.  Jim does not strike me as the sort of man to be bothered by this sort of vague, and hurting both Shelia and himself threat, but it would provide an interesting bargaining chip to go alongside introducing Shelia to Jack.

Making Jack less of a person, and more of an object, a form of ongoing payment, in terms of slave labour, someone to humiliate, and a way to work out her emotions at how well Jim is moving on with his life with a new woman, in exchange for the cooperation she was always likely to give Jim with this shared asset.

Another thought, how is Jackie going to feel and react, watching and seeing Jack become ever more controlled and subservient.  Will she be bothered by this?  Probably not much or for long.  Will some aspects of it remind her of the power and control games that Jim plays with her?  The stark contrast always being that she has a safe word with Jim, while Jack has no such thing with her and the one known key to release his chastity.

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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #19 on: July 12, 2018, 08:05:17 PM »
I absolutely love these interactions and collaborations we have here Feline, they force me to write better.

 I had intended to have Jack become an economic prisoner with no job and no money of his own no matter whos possession he found himself in, and no I.D. in his possession, nor one matching his new feminine persona would work well along those lines as well. It would be one thing to make him/her passable as a woman, quite another to make him "sexy", although sexy to whom I guess would be the real question.

I could see Jack's idea of sex in general, driven by sexual frustration and desperation, driving him to beg to be allowed to do all sorts of things he may never have dreamed of pre chastity device, most especially if his device can truely be made escape proof. I could see a drop of superglue inside the tumblers of the tiny padlock doing this nicely although permanently, negating any key he may have or not have hidden away someplace, at least in terms of traditional removal.

 … My significant other and I have experience with these kinds of chastity devices, we having tried several made of both steel, and plastic of one form or another, (and one impossibly small stainless steel one that choked off the blood flow to his man bits). My conclusion is that no matter how expensive or well fitting the device is, it can still leave a man with an escape route if he is both flacid and determined, unless of course you want to have him peirced and then the pin or ring you have installed there is then locked to the end of the chastity tube. We havn't done this to date, but I do save it as a threat when I'm feeling especially playful...

I think a tiny waist chain snugly locked around Jack's waist and locked to the exisiting padlock of his chastity device might prevent an unauthorized escape, not to mention that if it looked like jewelery it could enhanse his femininity, but in the real world we havn't tried this out yet so I don't know for sure if this would work. If Jack were to be locked like this it would be an easy thing to drop a second thin ornmental chain, (also locked to the chastity device), between his/her legs and holding a plug in his rear. Such could give his/her hips a lovely sway to them, but again we havn't tried this out yet either so I don't know if this would work on a man as I assume it might.

As far as the investment both Jim and Shelia share, I think the house they still collectively own fits this nicely, and I wonder what would happen if Jim couldn't find a buyer for what he thought it was really worth, whether this was realistic or not, and Jim and Shelia were forced to rent it out to provide her with the added income she expected from Jim. Could this high end home possibly come with a maid/servant? One that not only worked to take care of the new occupants, but was also there to report any problems so as to protect Jim and Shelia's investment.

I could see living right next door to Jackie and her new lover in what was once his/her house as a maddening experience, most especially if Jack had the dual duty of keeping up with both homes, his true identity hidden from the nosey neighbors by an effective feminization.

I also wonder what you would think of Jack becoming fully cuckoled? As in Jim and Jackie producing a child with their over the top lust, possibly something Jack had been trying to do himself for years without getting the job done, this lack of manly performance perhaps leading him to his cuckold desires in the first place. If that were the case it would be natural for Jackie to assume her female hardware was responcible for any lack of breeding success, possibly even a mistaken doctor confirming this, and she therefore not the slightest bit concerned about any birth control during their lusty romps.

I could also tell the story from the other side and make Shelia the infertal one, Jim in search of an heir, and possibly even Shelia on board with this, but either story line might drift out of the fun kink the story is about, and turn off readres in general as kids complicate any sex story for obvious reasons.

I an again currious about your thoughts on this, Jackie.   

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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #20 on: August 15, 2018, 01:00:45 AM »
Sorry for the delay, it took longer than expected to get back to this and finish my thoughts.

This is good fun and informative for both of us, and it is good to think more clearly about what is going on here.

Jack, starting with no money and no ID is a fairly simple step, once the decision is made.  Passable as a woman should not be too much of a step.  Sexy is a much more interesting and open ended question and point.  We probably want to start by thinking about the goal here, since starting other places isn't helping my thinking much.

Passing Jack off as a sexy and single woman might be a fun aim, but it starts getting to close to giving Jack the ability to function independently.  Plus we are not going to be getting away from the whole male in chastity fact any time soon, so anyone wanting to make use of the sexy female Jack would be well advised to know this is going on.

Much as it frustrates me to accept it, the female is often considered to be the lower status gender, so making Jack female works well on several mental and emotional fronts.  The more I consider this, the more I find myself leaning towards "Jack, you could not make a successful man, and you clearly cannot make a successful woman, so we will just have to make what use of you we can", a world view I can see Shelia absolutely delighting in delivering.

So a passable woman to a casual observer, and "sexy" as a kept and denied house slave works well here, at least for Shelia, and everyone she wants to show Jack off to.

My knowledge of chastity devices is purely second hand, but yes, I have also heard that the only way to make one of them fully escape proof is to use a piercing at the end of the penis as an anchor point.

So, this suggests a two stage approach to keeping Jack locked up and secure.  I am not sure about glue in the lock, since removing hope of release may not be helpful.  The one key secured and out of reach is one thing, but they key is still "available".

As a first step, monitoring Jack, how submissive he is, how eager to please, how desperate he is.  If he suddenly becomes noticably less so, then this will be a strong hint that he has achieved an unauthorised orgasm, or at least some form of release, so he should be punished appropriately, and harshly.

Longer term, how about a "symmetry" to the piercing?  Somewhere along the line Jim brings up the idea of Jackie having her nipples pierced, as part of his marking and claiming of her as his property.  When Jackie is not initially keen on this idea, Jack can suggest that in order to make it more "fair and reasonable", Jack should also be pierced, at the same time, only Jack will end up with a penis piercing and a new, and far more secure chastity device?

After all, it would be quite unreasonable to ask Jackie to go through anything that Jack is not going to also experience…  yes, the two are hardly comparable, but both involve piercing, and marking in a way, so in this sense they are close enough to each other *wicked smirk*

A thought for you and your significant other, I read many years ago a book of spanking stories, and one of the stories pointed out that there should always be a reason for a spanking, but it should never be a real or serious reason, since that risks undermining the relationship.  A point that I have generally considered to be very wise.  As a result, my significant other is frequently asked to explain why Wednesday's are not their fault.  So far only anecdotal evidence has been produced to support their claim that they are not responsible, and thus not guiltily…

Despite my best efforts Wednesday's keep on turning up…  it seems I have my work cut out for me! :)

A waist chain and a plug…  I am not sure how much this would alter the walk and gate, but instead of a "simple" plug, what about something of a double ended plug?  Something that also sticks out…  at first this is just confusing and apparently pointless, right up until you want to sit down…  until you want to do anything other than stand waiting for instructions or kneel, as is right and proper for a little serving slave…

As for walking, and how you walk, some of this is effected by shoes - obviously - but some is just about how you choose to move yourself and your body, so it is certainly something that Jack can be trained in and pushed towards.

The house is indeed a simple and sensible asset solution.  I see to many possible restrictions or complications with having the house rented out to someone else yet still come with a live in maid.  But assuming that Shelia is currently renting, she either brings the maid to her new house, or moves back into the old house and takes over the maid there.  Moving back into the old house keeps the maid nice and close, so he / she can be constantly reminded of how things are going for his wife, and all of the fun she is having.

Not having to pay rent, and having a maid to fully redecorate the house to her tastes and specifications will appeal to Shelia, and I can also see her liking the idea of rubbing her ex's nose in all of the men and women she will bring back home to have sex with.  Of course that won't both him at all, not with Jackie being such a good fit for him…  so who will Shelia end up having to take her hard feelings out on…  I wonder :)

I have not come across this definition / concept of fully cuckoled before, it is interesting, but it also raises all sorts of emotional questions.

I would be tempted to approach this gently, with Jackie being late enough in her period to suggest she is now pregnant, which is something that could never happen with her husband.  If Jack had always insisted that he had been tested, and the doctor assured him it wasn't his problem, well, this is going to change things for Jackie.  It was just a false alarm, but it sets off a set of much bigger changes.

I think a large part of my wariness here comes from a deep instinct towards wanting and needing to see a "happy family", wanting to know that both parents will be there long term for the children.  As you say, getting into family building stands a strong chance of taking us out of erotic and kinky fun.  But enough of a pregnancy scare to point out a massive and long standing lie that Jack has been living, and "forcing" onto Jackie, that gives us a lot of the positives without the same issue, especially if Jackie is seen to be considering making Jim the father of her possible children.

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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #21 on: August 16, 2018, 07:11:56 PM »
I agree that making Jack an economic prisoner would be easy, and I do see your point on making Jack's female persona to convincing, giving him/her an escape route of sorts, but escape to where? "Home" is off limits, or will soon be with a new alpha male residing there, and there are always evil men out there who would just love to catch and play with something like Jack for a time. Shelia could even engineer this if she should have to travel on business, neither the female nor the male Jack responsible enough to be left in either home alone.

I like the idea of keeping Jack in neither gender club, but a female Jack removes him from competition with Jim. Total medical transformations are costly however, and somewhat permanent, where effective window dressing is in relative terms cheap and easy. Jack won't be getting any costly boob job for the simple fact that he doesn't need boobs to be a good maid in either house. Breast augmentation is expensive, and Jack just isn't worth the investment in a risk vs reward way.

I could see feminizing drug therapy adding perhaps a pushed up B cup to his chest, eventually, all while shrinking his unused man hardware and redistributing his male fat patterns over time, while at the same time softening his skin and negating constant shaving. Tattooed makeup to enhance his cheek bones and eyes could help as well, and save him precious time in the morning while getting ready, and at the same time remind him every time he looked in the mirror how far he has slid from where he once was.

I also like the useless as a man, and not quite a real woman positioning, and powerful and dominate Shelia would roll over top of his submissive character like a steam roller. I suspect she will blame him for messing up her marriage with Jim by making Jackie available for Jim's attentions, ignoring the timeline entirely, but rational behavior and displaced spouses don't always go hand in hand.

The piercings are a great idea, although I'm not a fan of getting my nipples pierced in the real world, but I suppose that's the whole idea. Could both piercings have a little tag the read "Property if Jim" warning anybody who might see or be compelled to touch them that each was already owned and spoken for? Jack's ear lobes would have to also be done obviously to hold a feminine little stud, or even a large and impossible to miss hoop of some kind, perhaps this being the excuse used to visit the piercing studio in the first place for his more intimate jewelery.

It would be fun to have Jack sent away for a time in Shelia's company, only to be returned to the service of Jim and Jackie after Shelia had properly trained and broken Jack in. I could imagine Jackie being very pregnant by that time if Jim had managed to get the job done by then, he planting his proverbial flag in what was now known to be fertile soil and solidifying his place as the for ever after dominate alpha male of the three.

I also agree that this could ruin the fun kink of the story, and I'm reluctant to do it for that reason alone. Perhaps this is a good story to use two alternate endings as I've done in the past, or even perhaps I could just have Jackie telling Jim, (or us) about one of her dreams in which Jim had made her pregnant?

The for real cuckolding thing comes from the bird world where I think it's common for the female bird to go out on a proverbial date and get knocked up, she then coming home to the nest and the male bird helping her with the egg, and then the hatchling as if it was his. Along these lines Jack could then become the nanny to his wife's child, or children this way, but it would be hard to tell that story and keep it kinky fun.

I also agree with the glue, but what if Jack didn't know it was glue, what if Jackie told Jack that it was a lubricant so that the lock's mechanism didn't rust up from "non use" with showers and baths and all of that? What if this was Jim's idea, and he put the "lubricant" in Jack's special lock himself to ensure that no key could ever open that lock again? The only way Jack would discover this would to be if he indeed did have possession of that second key, perhaps he himself breaking off the hidden little key in the lock himself in a fit of frustration to get the thing off at some critical juncture in the story?

If this were the case Jack couldn't admit to having something he had denied having, his treachery aided by Jim's sabotage and sealing his fate as it were. I think it's one thing to screw something up yourself, whether that's bumping into something with your new car, or a relationship, but quite another to have somebody do it for you. Add to this if that someone had malicious intent and did it intentionally!

As far as the house they both still own, Jim and Shelia that is, what if both of them owned several rental properties together and that was Jim's business. Both might be able to use a maid to help out between renters, or in the service of the renters to keep an eye on Jim and Shelia's investments if the property were upscale enough. Both Jim's and Jackie's houses might find themselves rented out in that case, the "happy trio" eventually moving to a new place and neighborhood where Jim was thought to be Jackie's wife by the neighbors, and the happy couple successful enough to even afford a live in maid.

Shelia could still borrow Jack from time to time that way, or he would have a place to go when the happy and successful couple went on vacation together.

As far as females being the weaker sex, Shelia most certainly isn't weak, either physically or mentally, and I plan on having her discovered to be more than proficient in some sort of martial arts at some point in the story. Will Jack discover this first, or will it be Jackie as the two ladies get to know each other? I haven't decided this yet, but I could see Jackie being all bound up and waiting for Jim to come home and take advantage of her, only to have Shelia to drop by instead and take her proverbial pound of flesh for stealing her former husband.

As far as the chastity device and the paddle, once the former's on him for a week or two he becomes positively submissive and docile, (and impossibly useful), and submitting to my paddle is an easy thing to make happen. Make the bed sloppily or dare to give me any backtalk and I have no problem bending him over the bed with my knee in his back and swatting him harshly enough to make him think twice. It's a fun game, but the worst part of it is keeping him busy with chores even though it sounds counterintuitive. It's actually a chore to keep a chastity servant busy, for me, and if I only could find a way to farm out that job once in a while it would be even more fun, but that's impossible for several reasons.

 It has been suggested that I give him a list of duties and ensure they are done to a ridiculously high standard as opposed to directing him to do chores one at a time, and that sounds wonderful, but there has to be the promise of kink to make such games work, at least for us.

Thank you again for your thoughtful words, Jackie.



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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #22 on: September 09, 2018, 05:02:29 AM »
So many fun thoughts to consider, I really must keep more of an eye on our conversations, so I don't take so long to reply *blush*

For me, part of the thinking about "trapping" Jack was mental, as much as practical.  I see and completely agree with your point about "running where?", but I simply had not thought of this from this point of view.  I started with a much smaller scale and focus here.  If Jack is passing as a convincing and attractive woman, then "he" can go out for a night, get drinks paid for, let someone keep "her" company for a meal...

It gives a sense of confidence and independent existence.  I have met several "ladies" where the first clue you have that they are not quite what they seem is when you discover the erection going on between their legs.  Perhaps just the circles I move in, but I am quite used to seeing a confident female viewed as a desirable and respected person to talk to and interact with...

I think, in very vague terms, what is happening here is that I am thinking of "you", the author, who I see as a mind with real drive and focus, as the "female role model" here.  So I then think of Shelia and the married Jackie as similar strong and capable women.  Yes, married Jackie wants a stronger man in her life, but she has set about doing this with strength, purpose and will!

But the other side, as Jack "fails" as a man, we want this submission to continue, rather than to give him confidence and power as a woman, we want Jack to see being a woman as a lesser role, that he also fails at, but also all that he is suitable for and good for.

Cosmetic surgery seems overkill for Jack, but a good pair of fake breasts (breast forms) would do wonders for helping her to fill out her outfits, look the role, and encourage the whole talking to the tits, not my face, side of being a female who is looked down upon by men.

Having Sheila pass Jack off to someone else to babysit while she has to travel fits very well with the wicked and wilful woman I find myself picturing her as being.

I never saw a need to keep Jack from competing with Jim, so this concept is quite a surprise for me.  I see the logic, so I have been wondering why I was not thinking in these terms.  For me, Jim is never going to be challenged by a "male Jack" simply because Jim is the dominant in this relationship.  For now, at least, I see Jim as the dominant in a long running but consensual scene.  So long as Jack does not safe word out and remains safely locked away then he is no threat, almost by definition.  To my mind, the only "threat" to the situation could come from Jackie, the wife, not being so accepting of his advances.  But this is being taken care of by treating her with the ongoing mixture of respect, gifts, and forcefulness that he is already using.

For Jackie the rules are changing, and with time the change will be felt by both men.  For Jackie this is no longer a scene, Jack has burned to many bridges, has crossed to many lines, and finally, instead of feeling in a put upon position in her marriage, Jackie is discovering what it is like when things are much more about anticipating and fulfilling HER wishes and desires...

Oh yes, someone has to be at fault and blamed, and punished, for what happened to Shelia's marriage, and its oh so human that it won't be her.  So Jack is the perfect one to blame, and she has various reasons to hold him fully responsible.

Piercings as a marker make sense on several fronts, but I find myself strongly against Jackie having "name tag" nipple piercings.  I am not sure why I am so firmly against this, but perhaps the best way to describe it that I can think of is that it is "tacky", cheap and basic, and just does not fit with how I see Jim treating her.

Having said that, a small wrist or ankle chain that she cannot remove, that has the same message, but also functions as both general purpose jewellery and a subtle "collar" would fit rather well :)

The original idea was as much about getting Jackie to the point of agreeing to having Jack pierced as it was about anything else, while also providing an amusing echo / parallel :)

I see the logic, and quite a lot of the emotional power of the pregnancy, of Jackie ending up pregnant, but I really struggle to see how this can be done without disrupting the fun and erotic nature of the story...  but, since we are thinking of coming at this from a different point of view...  there is a lot to be said for Jackie rubbing Jack's nose it it, describing and telling him about the wild, passionate and spontaneous sex she has with Jim (made up, since no need to share the real events with Jack?), and pointing out how helpful it was him having his sperm checked all those years ago, since Jackie knows that she is not fertile, so they never have to pause in their passion to worry about condoms...

Perhaps a good way of making and driving home the point that she has known for some time that Jack was actually the one with the fertility problem, and that she came to terms with this years ago, but is now discovering that she still has a fair bit of buried bitterness and spite over his lies?

I love the evil thinking of glue that Jack applies to the lock himself, but there is a logical flaw here.  Glue will build up and collect inside the mechanism, so it won't be long before Jack knows it is glue, since only a few drops will fill up a small padlock hole.  But something else he added to the lock, perhaps something that happened to eat away at the mechanism instead...  You can keep on applying that without it ever filling up...

But it also opens the door to Jack retrieving his hidden key and finding it does not work, since the inside of the padlock is now loose, with some of the components dissolved away over time.  Again though, how can he bring up this discovery without admitting to keeping and trying to use the spare key?

I like the idea of having Jim and Jackie move, so they can be more open about living as a couple, but on the flip side, they can be open without judgement, but it avoids the constant embarrassment and reminders for Jack from his old neighbours, his old neighbourhood, of all that he has given up and all that is now Jim's instead.

As for your life and companion, the number of people I have met over the years who think, and are quite sure that the life of the one in charge is all roses, being waited on hand and foot, all of the attention yet none of the responsibility and work...  *rude snort*  The only ones who get any of that are the shallow assholes and it never lasts for them.

Making this fun and erotic for both of you is the key.  Have you explored pampering?  This is a random idea, but for farming out, find and send your man on a course on giving a full body massage.  This is a skill that will take a fair bit of time and effort to really learn, and it is a skill that should exist specifically to be lavished on you, the key holder, the one you want to impress, the one you want to reward...

If not massage then some other valuable and you focused skill?  Training is a form of farming out, if you can find skills you would enjoy him learning.  Just a thought, and it has to be very focused on the two of you, otherwise it stops being fun, but something like this might just work :)

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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #23 on: September 15, 2018, 07:52:44 PM »
Thank you so much for several very good thoughts.

 Jack is trapped in his fantasy, or more accurately the hard reality that the "real world" had delivered to him instead. I like the idea of a passable female maid Jack as opposed to an empowered and sexy "I am going on a dinner date to hopefully get laid" Jack. Unless of course the date was set up for just exactly such a purpose by one of the other characters in a position of authority over Jack.

I have it in mind that Jack going out with a man for some romantic purpose, even if it didn't lead to sex of some kind, would be very taboo for him, but of course that's the whole idea. Servicing and serving, and sleeping with men brings him even farther from Jackie, and his failed manhood, as would that first delicious kiss. Could this be seen as Jim's spiking of the ball in the endzone after his big score, even if he wasn't the one to set up the actual date in the first place?

 Could Shelia instead do this, perhaps even applying the three dates rule of Jackie's in tongue and cheek fashion? Could some other situation instead develope where Jack was sold off or lent to some other worthy charitable orginization for some of the same things?

I could see either thing happening, and Jack's sexual frustrations getting the better of him should he be kept away from his second key and some form of release, and he therefore even becoming a quasi willing partner.

I like the tiny "man" boobs in a pushup bra look for the female Jack instead, he not needing, nor deserving real or even false large ones to perform his primary duties of cleaning and cooking. I could also see Jack's only form of eventual escape from his chastity device (assuming the second key remains out of his reach) to be estrodgen like supplements to shrink his man bits. Such would eventually cause his device to safely fall off, but at the same time render him hairless and grow out his man boobs somewhat.

Shelia passing off Jack for babysitting while she was traveling would be wonderful, especially with the admonishment that any bad reports back to her would lead to severe consquences of some kind. I could imagine several of these, permenant female makeup tatood onto his face to remind him of his new and ever more permenant female status every time he looked in the mirror being one of them.

Jack's safe word is actually a phrase chosen specifically by Jim that Jack just won't say. Jackie only knows it exists and not what it is, this not an accident on Jim's part. Should Jackie develope any deep second thoughts on this arrangement, Jim could just remind her of the secret phrase that Jack had never thought necessary to use. It's in a way disengenous of Jim, but he has already chosen to keep Jackie at any cost, Jack just inconvennently in the way at the moment.

I also expect Shelia to be ruthless in her treatment of Jack for obvious and illogical reasons, and possibly Jackie as well if the opportunity presents itself.

I will steer clear of the pregnacy aspect of this story as well, your logic on this is hard to argue with, but Jack being the infertile one and Jackie not taking any precautions presents an obvious delima. Perhaps Jackie will suddenly get on the pill, something she has never had to do since "her" infertility had been discovered, Jack painfully noticing this in the medicine cabnet while he plays maid for the two lovers. Perhaps she's already on the pill, Jack just noticing this and now knowing his "lie" has been a known thing all along. Could this be another in a long line of betrayals? Jack's character overall then in serious doubt and he deserving of whatever fate, or Jim and Shelia throw his way.

Jim and Jackie having a place of their own could go either way as you have pointed out, but selling off Jack's sharred asset with Jackie is another finacial trap the unempoweres Jack for the future.

If the second key were ever to be found, (assuming Jim wasn't given it as a condition of parcipitating in this adventure from the start and hasn't encased it in concrete on his new patio, or something like that), I could see Jim taking a file to one of the tiny little bumps on it's surface before replacing it in it's hiding spot. This would render it useless, and when Jack went to use it he would either discover it's tampering with, or perhaps break it off in the lock himself and seal his fate permenantly, or until the hormone treatments take hold. Another option would be to involve a sympathetic surgeon, she perhaps removing Jack's man bits and not able to put them back on, (or in I would guess) for whatever reason. That would be evil fun, but fitting as Jack might end up being a rather undeserving "man" in general with his character flaws and all.

As far as the pampering, I have had enough massages that I have coached my significant other on what I in general like as a bedtime massage as I drift off to sleep, and he is most serving, especially after being locked up for at least two weeks. It's an amazing thing to experience, as are the well prepared weekend meals, the kitchen even cleaned up afterwards. It's great fun, but something I don't necessarily think all couples would appreciate, I however do. It's also work on my part, and best done on and off as the mood suits me, the 24/7/356 lifestyle you hear about just not possible from my point of view.

Thank you again for your kind words, Jackie. 

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Re: Playing Chauffer by Jackie Rabbit
« Reply #24 on: November 12, 2018, 11:50:57 PM »
Reading part 7 now, and some thoughts as I read it, as normal :)

I really love and am savouring the raw passion and sexual energy of the first block.  What also shines through, and so makes me smile, are the two different worlds, and world views that these two come from, and how it shows in their comments, reactions and expectations.

Jim is all about being careful not to push to far, not wanting to scare her off.  While Jackie is so busy being blown away by the amazing experience she is simply left "begging" for more, while trying to remember that her man does have physical limits - *smirk*  Oh the innocent and under abused woman!  Clearly her husband really was not doing his all to service her, an especially serious crime given his submissive nature, and many promises to go down on her after sex.  There are so many other ways to please a woman than just focussing on the penis...

Such a "submissive" act from Jim, yet done so aggressively and while Jackie is still bound and restrained...  submissive and dominant are becoming far more interesting words for Jackie.

As for why a woman would let a man like this go, well, it depends what you want, and how well the two of you fit together.  I have the strong sense that a man like Jim needs a *strong* woman he can control and own, someone with her own mind and will who chooses to give herself to him.  This is no small or simple thing, but yes, if it can be found, it is deeply amazing for both of them!

I also smile at all of the steps that keep on proving the gulf between Jim and her actual husband, further increasing the need to replace one with the other oh so permanently *evil smirk*

Now that is interesting, why would I expect Jackie to feel guilt now, in the warm after glow of something that her husband promised but never delivered?  Yes, guilt the morning after maybe, but now?  Now I would expect her to be caught up in the moment, in the feel and texture of the man she is wrapped around.

Just a different way of processing is all though.  But yes, yet again, the fact of the lies and lack of proper dedication from her husband are only going to reinforce her happiness and dedication to continuing this road he pushed so long and hard to get her to start down.

WOW!  OK, the anger really is growing and bubbling away!  Making Jackie and Jim tools for her husbands twisted pleasure?!  Talk about topping from the bottom!  Fair and reasonable thoughts, but that is one hell of a way to get her fury up!

OOOH, now that is a real delight at the end of the first section, a real and proper hint of Jim's views of Jack, and the situation they are in.  Building on this clue, and thinking about what I know here, I can see Jim being an honourable man who is bound by the safe word with Jack, even as his emotions and feelings for Jackie make him all the more angry and disgusted with Jack, and his failings as a lover, supporter and husband.

*giggles* tell tale anklet?  It screams to us who know what it is, its meaning and importance.  But will Jack really be checking out your ankles to look for a possible anklet?  Will he really be considering the "minor" details of your jewellery, or will he mainly be lost in the world of his own fantasies and desires?  Sometimes what is massive and obvious to some is totally unnoticed by others.

Interesting, personally I would not have said that second thoughts were the mark of a submissive personality, since to me second thoughts are a mark of analysing and considering a situation, and how you can learn from it.  Where you go with the thoughts and what you do with them will tell us about dominant or submissive, to my way of thinking.

Well, thats those second thoughts well and truly put in their place *evil smirk*

LOL, rolls on the floor laughing, I don't want to sell the now no longer wanted SUV yet, but it can be passed on to a worthy cause... MUWAHHHHH!

Oh my, delightful!

Yet we still have no idea what form the first key is going to take, once it has been encased by the jewellers, and there is the mystery of the second key as well...  so much fun still to come!


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