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Holly 2845
« on: May 09, 2018, 03:18:16 PM »
Here is the first part of a story I'd be grateful for people's feedback and have at least one question: Is this a Dollification story? If not, what sort of story is it? Also, I'm not a dollification sort of person normally. How am I protraying it? Am I ok or am I stepping in things and if so what?

There's lots more, the rest of the story covers her encounters with customers through the rest of her day and etc, but thaat's not totally finished. This is about half of the first story. A second story is possible covering a return to the store and a third outside of the store but the topic there would give too much away.

Thank you, Zephyr

Holly 2845

Leah and I had several college classes together and were very close as girlfriends. I knew she worked in a high-end sex shop, one in a huge building that sold the new sex bots and some really esoteric, hard-to-find gear for other sexual preferences like bondage or rubber, but mostly it was the biggest single place to find sex-bot dolls for about a thousand miles. All in a quiet, unassuming building that looked like any other warehouse around it from the outside.

I was a thin, trim 22-year old, long blond hair, 36C pushing 36D breasts, legs that tended a little more to thin than toned, nice tan that I came by naturally. In short, I could play the California Beach girl with ease although I had never been there in my entire life. In college I had a 3.45 GPA and was a little more than a year from graduation with a degree in Organic Chemistry.

I had been in to Leah's store a few times to visit her. It was clean, professional, not sleazy at all. What went on inside was a little scary, but I found the sex bots... interesting in a need to go home and have a huge orgasm sort of way. The sex bot dolls on display, if they weren't naked, were wearing things so scandalous most women wouldn't even dream of wearing it except for the few seconds just before their husband or boyfriend ripped it off their bodies and screwed them for hours. Some of the bots were still in opened display boxes, wire or heavy plastic clamps wrapped around their necks and arms and legs to hold them safely in the box.

When she had first given me the tour we had gone into the back and she showed me the stock aisles with some more sex bots still in their boxes leaned against the shelves, a machine where they could change a bot's hair color, a tiled area with a raised rim and a drain that Leah said was the wash stand where they waxed and serviced the bots after use. 

Cleaning? I had asked Leah. It turned out that customers both male and a few female (there were male sex bots in the store too, of course) customers could "test drive" them with absolutely no concern or moral issues, they weren't alive, just machines. Some of the sex bot dolls were still pretty fake but some of the more expensive ones were getting better as technology progressed. Leah told me the AIs were advancing right along with it. People could come in and get a first-hand look at the sex-bots. For a small price they could take one into an area in one end of the store where there were several rooms. Most of them were set up like bedrooms but one or two like BDSM playgrounds. Almost all of the larger equipment in them was also things they sold, so that room served a dual purpose. Leah had admitted there were times that it was obvious that one or both of the dungeons had been rented out and sex bots were not the ones the equipment there was being used on. She took me on a tour of the area the second time I visited. Most of the bedrooms were like what you'd find at a high-end hotel, but the dungeons were dark and had all sorts of equipment that I had heard about but never actually seen, a working rack, several types of full-body size x-crosses, stocks, spanking benches, even a branding brazier in one of the rooms. And a lot of things I had no idea about but could research later. 

Some of the bots in the fetish section were suspended by their wrists from the ceiling, playing the part of captive left hanging in a dungeon.

We'd talk about it sometimes, both the things as some of the customers who checked out the bots, when we were out carousing or just blowing off steam. Leah was bi, and she had made it clear she thought I was gorgeous but when I told her I was straight she sighed but smiled and after offering to show me why I might like girls if I ever wanted left it alone.

I wasn't into girls, I mean, I had dabbled in that a bit and could take it or leave it, but I I had my own fantasies which tied into why I found Leah's store so interesting and disturbing. I was into dolls and doll-play, but up until now only by myself. And the thought of being one of those sex-bots, used sexually without regard or concern, was pure narcotic to me. I loved the thought, helpless, unable to speak back or protest, used for wanton pleasure and then just pushed into a closet or made to do menial chores until the time arrived for more wanton pleasure. It was guaranteed to bring a good orgasm no matter how many times I traveled that road in my mind.

I mean, it was a good fantasy. I was a bot at Leah's store, left leaning deactivated against a wall, or in a display box straps around my neck and arms and legs holding me still and on display, helpless. Men wandering by, talking about me, how much fun it would be to take me to one of the rooms and fuck me, never knowing that they were talking about an actual person and not a machine. Some of them doing that, and me having to play the part of the sex bot, sometimes because I wanted to, sometimes because somehow I had gotten a chip implanted in my neck and it limited my actions and responses so I seemed like one of the sex bots. And over and over being taken back to a room and forced to bring to life the fantasies the customer wanted. Blow jobs, straight sex, anal, anything, never knowing what I was going to get going in, only knowing that I must perform perfectly and not let the man realize I am real or.... well, I never came up with that but it was bad and I was really desperate to avoid it. Yeah, it was kind of out there, but it was mine.

I screwed up and told Leah about it one night when we were at her place continuing to drink after visiting a bar, when I had drank a little too heavily. She just listened. I wondered if she thought I was silly. I wondered how much I had told her, afraid that I had told her everything. I know I told her about it, but I couldn't remember how much or how long. I do remember one part; I confessed that the thought had crossed my mind of sneaking into her store and posing as a sex-bot to see how it worked. I remembered that she had just laughed, helped by the alcohol and not at me. She said she sympathized a bit, but sometimes the sex bots got really rough treatment. Sometimes they were used as testers for the fetish equipment too. Besides, if I got caught standing orders from store manager was to have me arrested. The dolls didn't wear much; it would be twice as bad, not just arrested, but arrested and carted off downtown and into the police station at best wearing things that make bikinis look like floor-length fur coats. Nice dream, but I was better off keeping it that way.

One Thursday she called me up.  "Holly, you got to come see this. We got one of the latest sex bots and the damn think looks just like you!" She urged me to come and see it, and I told her sure I'd swing by.

I came by and she took me to one corner of the store where several of the dolls were leaning against a wall. None of them were wearing clothes of course, and the level of detail was getting better. She was right. It did look a lot like me, but the again the California Beach Bunny look I had wasn't exactly rare. The height and measurements were pretty close. The doll's hair was platinum blond and I was dishwater, it's hair was waist length, mine was only down a bit below my bra straps (when I wore them) but otherwise Leah was right. It did look a lot like me.

We chatted and talked for about an hour until the store closed. Leah mentioned they normally didn't bring out new sex bot models until Saturday around noon so if I wanted to see my twin in action feel free to stop by Saturday afternoon. After I said my good-nights and was driving home, I realized a plan was hatching. But could I do it? It was daring, but I came so hard that night I knew I had to try. The thought of my doppleganger fascinated me. Leaning against the wall until someone wanted to use it, then hanging in that rig in the back while all my private areas were cleaned and inspected.

I didn't get to sleep until one thirty. I had a long, drawn out session, stopping when I got too close, imaging myself as that doll, being treated and handled as a robot. Finally I goofed up and went over the edge, and once it was over the next thing I remembered was the alarm going off at 7 AM.

Saturday morning just after opening I breezed in, successfully avoiding all the store employees, especially Leah. I headed for the back where my twin was. It, she was still there, leaning against a wall, naked with several other dolls around it, waxy skin looking a bit too reflective, dormant, waiting. Waiting to be used. I wanted to rub myself to an orgasm right there in the store.

I took a deep breath, and decided to go for it. I wasn't wearing much, tennis shoes, shorts, and a tank top. The only thing else I had with me was the key to my car in my shorts. I looked around, no one was anywhere in sight, there was only two or three other customers in the store and they were all up front.

Off came my clothes. I folded them neatly and put them in the back of a nearby clothes cabinet. Completely naked, shivering with excitement, I positioned myself right next to the real sex doll that looked so much like me.

I had studied up on the tech of sex-bots since finding out about Leah's store. I had played at being a dolly often at home. I knew I could hold still for a long period of time and breathe shallow so that the movement of my chest wasn't noticeable. Good thing, because a set of college guys were wandering into the area. I steeled myself for my first test. Could I pass as just another sex bot? I was so turned on I was worried I might drip. That would ruin the whole charade.

They wandered by. I held completely still, just watched them walk past me, ogling me and the other dolls leaning up against the wall.

"Yeah, they all look great." One of them reached out, grabbed my left breast and gave it a squeeze. It felt good and I was scared stiff but managed somehow not to change the look on my face or move. "It's just incredible." He said after giving my breast a second firm squeeze and shake and letting go, rubbing across my nipple as he let go. Fortunately my nipples were already firmly erect, or that might have been a problem. "They sure look nice, and they feel so life-like these days." And they moved on.

I almost felt like letting out a squeal of glee. I did it! I passed!  My fantasies of being a dolly were coming true, at least for a while.

There was no one else in the area for about ten minutes after, then business picked up. I was never really able to relax after that, somebody seemed to always be in potential vision of me. I so wanted to reach down and rub myself, it probably wouldn't take 30 seconds to get me to the orgasm I more and more desperately wanted. There was one point where I got about 15 seconds working myself, and it felt so, so good, but I screamed silently as I had to stop as people were walking by. That was torture. A major lurch toward that desperately wanted orgasm, and it slipped away as I held completely still as people walked by. I kept desperately wishing for just 30 seconds of alone, but to my agony, time after repeated time, it never came. I really needed that release bad!

Then disaster struck. One of the other workers, an older woman who didn't seem like she was much fun, came by and was talking about the sex bots to a very handsome man of about 30. She noticed me and gave a frown, apologized to the customer and said that I must have just gotten in last night and she didn't know anything about me. But she talked to the man about the other sex-bots. The man left and as he was leaving my blood turned to ice as she yelled across the store for Leah.

As Leah approached the woman, whose name was Harriet, called out to Leah. "We seem to have gotten a new sex-bot in last night. Do you know anything about it?" I froze. I remembered what Leah had said when we were drinking that night. She'd know immediately, and I'd be arrested an on my way downtown. Hopefully I could get back into my clothes first.

Leah looked nice, a blouse and short skirt and heels, didn't look like any hose. She came around the corner and saw me. Her jaw dropped then she got a frown. I wondered if I made a dive for it if I could get to my clothes. And then her frown changed to a wicked smile.

It was fleeting. "Oh yeah, Harriet. Ted left me a note and I forgot to tell you when you came in. Latest from Alpha-Tech, demonstration model. Super-high tech, incredible AI, they're really proud of it, think it's going to set a new standard for realistic. It doesn't even have a power switch, it's voice activated." She turned and addressed me. "Holly, wake up!"

Panicked but committed, i blinked twice, straightened up a touch, then in my best pleasant voice answer: "Unit Holly 345-2845 on line."

Leah continued to Harriet: "Ted said he didn't have a chance to prep it and check it and asked me if I could do it before it got busy. I have someone at the checkout, could you take it back and set it up for cleaning and if it's ok with you I'll get it prepped as soon as I am free."

Harriet didn't look happy, but nodded. "Holly, follow me." As Harriet turned around and walked away Leah shot me an incredulous look, almost breaking out in a quiet giggle. Stuck in my role, I padded on bare feet after Harriet into the back of the store.

I was holding my breath, at least if they left me back here for a few minutes I could finger myself the 3 gentle flicks it would take right now to blow me wide open with an orgasm that I'd not have to stifle. But I got a sinking feeling in my stomach as Harriet led me around to the wash rack. It had something I hadn't seen or hadn't noticed when Leah gave me the tour. Ropes were coming from the ground on each side, heading toward the middle, with loops at the ends that looked like they were meant for ankles. And hanging down from what I could now see was a winch above the wash rack was a spreader bar with two suspension cuffs hanging down on short chains, attached with study clips. It'd be easy enough to open the clips and use them when there was slack but if I was hanging from it...

I had stopped at the edge of the wash rack. Harriet looked at me like she expected me to do something, but I didn't know and didn't want to break character so I just stood there straight and still.
Harriet after a second from behind me sighed in disgust. "Holly-bot!" She started. "Did Ted show you the cleaning procedures?"
Without moving I answered. "No." Grateful to have what looked like an easy out.
"Well, damn the lazy asshole anyway. Holly-bot. After each encounter or when ordered you will come back here for cleaning and inspection. You will remove any clothing you are wearing, disconnect and put on the suspension cuffs, and then put the loops on those two ropes" she indicated the one on the ground "around your ankles."
There was nothing to do, but the thought of putting myself into bondage might make this sex-bot dolly a little more leaky between the legs than she currently was.

"After that" Harriet continued "You will reattach the wrist cuffs to the chains and then push the red button on the control box hanging beside the bar. Begin."

I was helpless to do anything except what Harriet had told me. I wondered what she would do once I was hanging and helpless, wondered if she suspected I wasn't a bot. With no choice but to play it out I walked to the middle of the wash rack and put myself in place as she had directed. I could just reach the controller and grabbed it with the close hand and with a breath I hoped Harriet didn't see pushed the red button. The winch above me began to hum and then took on a deeper tone as it encountered my body weight. Undeterred, I felt myself go up on my tiptoes and then off the ground altogether. The ropes on my ankles started to tighten, pulling my ankles apart, and I braced myself for pain and steeled myself not to cry out once the slack was gone. Harriet didn't seem to be worried about or reaching for the control box to turn it back off and I had about three seconds before it got tight enough to be a problem.

It turned out not to be a problem. The winch shut off by itself just as the ankle ropes, spreading my ankles about three feet apart, became snug. I was hanging, I was spread, but I wasn't stretched. I inwardly gave a sigh of relief but still made no noise or reaction. To my relief Harriet nodded with satisfaction and walked away without a word. A moment later I heard the door to the store open and close. The warehouse / back area was silent except for occasional clicking or humming of machinery. And now I had plenty of time along, my need to orgasm was getting so back it was physically starting to hurt, and I couldn't do a damn thing about it. I couldn't even squeeze my legs together, which at this point probably would have been enough. I cursed my condition as I hung there, still wet, probably dripping, and wondered how long I would be hanging here and what would be my fate. I knew one element of my fate that wasn't going to happen. Dammit.

It turned out to be about 10 minutes. I heard the door to the store open and close and the sound of heels approaching. Around the corner came Leah, my clothes in her hand. She stopped in front of me and looked me up and down. Hopefully she liked what she saw. She was bi and I was naked.

"Holly Milbank." She started deliberately. "What in the hell were you thinking?"

I stayed still. She caught on. "Nobody else back here. You don't have to pretend."

"Well," I started. "I told you I have a dolly fetish."

She looked up at my suspended body. "You realize that the manager's instructions are if someone tries to do this we're supposed to have them arrested. That's the price of getting caught."

"I can do it. I would have done it if you hadn't noticed me."

"These dolls can get treated pretty rough. Do you really know what you're in for if you do this? Are you willing to have sex with three or four guys today, any sort of sex they want? At least once for sure, probably three or four times."

"I can do it. Sounds like fun."

Leah continued. "Some guys come in and use the dolls for therapy, things they're too smart or too scared to try with a real woman. You might get one of the sickos who plays rough. I will do what I can, but the odds are that if you do this you're going to get used several times today, maybe roughly. They get to do anything they want to you and you have to give it to them. Are you really sure you want to go through that?"

I didn't hesitate. "You've told me that. Yes. I can handle it. I will handle it. I will have to."

She looked at me hard for a long moment. I held my breath. Either my dream was about to come true, or Leah was going to do the smart and safe thing and leave me hanging right where I was until the PD arrived to take me away. Then she shook her head.

"Do you really want to do this?" She asked. "If you say yes, there's no backing out until the store closes at 10 tonight."

I nodded. "If I do this for you," she continued, "once we close you come home with me and make me a very happy woman, yes?"

I nodded  yes eagerly. If this really happened I'd owe Leah huge. I'd be happy to.

"Last chance. You can say no and I'll give you your clothes and let you slip out the back door. Do you really want to do this?"

I nodded a slow and solemn yes. Leah looked up at me and sighed. "Fine" she muttered under her breath.

She walked over to a set of lockers off to the side and I watched as she opened a lock then tossed my clothes inside. Re-locking it and closing it with a slam that echoed she looked over at me. "Sex bots don't have clothes. You are now a Holly sex bot. If you decide to run away, you can't get your clothes and your car key back, and good luck trying to make it anywhere near home either naked or wearing anything available here."

She stopped in front of the wash pit, a bottle and a rag in her hand, looked up at me and smiled. "Gotcha." She said, beaming. "Your ass, and everything else, is mine now."

"Just so you know," she continued, "after our talk on Thursday I figured there was a chance you'd try something like this. I started to fantasize about what I'd do with you, and I've got a lot of ideas, all of which I am going to try to make happen today and tonight. And you will do everything in your power to make them happen?" I nodded eagerly.

"Keep in mind you've got to stay in character, and if you fail you get arrested and I probably get fired." I nodded.

She put down the bottle and the rag and walked up to me. She ran a finger down my slit, which was wet and I gave a loud squeak. She looked up at me with a devilish grin. "Oh, yes, I want to come so bad. Please don't stop."

She looked up at me. "Sex bots don't make requests. They only follow orders and provide pleasure." I gulped.

She took off all of her clothes. "We normally either wear coveralls or strip when waxing a bot so the wax doesn't get on our clothing. And the other workers know I'm waxing the bot and might be naked back here so no one will disturb us."

She hungrily attacked my nipples, which were at face level for her.. "I've wanted you for forever!"  She whispered. I just nodded.  She took a long time, savoring my helpless body, licking and chewing and sucking. It was wonderful. But she stayed clear of my clit. She wasn't going to get me off.

She wheeled a tall wash stand into the rack, probably so the person working on the bot could get to the upper areas of the suspended machine without having to spend long times reaching over their head. But Leah parked it right in front of me then climbed up on to the top step. I instantly saw what this was about. Her crotch, musky with her feminine smell, was right at my face.

"Testing time. If you can't do this really good you can't be a bot, they all are programmed to please women too. Show me you're fit." And with that she shoved her pussy into my face, I was plenty horny and happy to oblige. I licked and teased her slit and clit as best I knew how. It was messy work, but ten minutes later she gave a cry, grabbed the rails on the stand, and moved back a little but I could still feel her trembling as the waves crashed over her.

When they had lessened she climbed back down, looked up at me. "Yup. You pass. I knew you would. Can't wait to get you home."

She then got the bottle and the rag and began wiping me down. "It's the wax we use to clean the bots. It won't hurt you, it's safe for humans, but it will make you smell right and look shiny like a bot. As long as you don't break character no one should suspect."  She took her time, rubbing the wax on to every square inch of my body. She inserted a small hose and washed me out vaginally, then cleaned it and did the same to my anal entrance. After a triple flush there I was clean as a whistle and would not cause any problems should that be one of my tasks today. She also told me the rinse had a lubricating effect. Finally she let me down a bit, waxed my ankles where the ropes had been holding them, then let me down the rest of the way and did my wrists. Already in character I stood there impassively and let it all be done to me.

She was finally finished. She re-dressed and then leaned over and whispered in my ear, "First thing we do when we get home, baby is take a shower together and I'll clean all this off you, ok?"

I cracked a little smile. "Yes, mistress."

She took her makeup kit out of her locker and redid, maybe over-did my eyebrows and lips a little, but I knew it was just to make me look more like one of the bots so I was grateful.

When she was finished she looked over withapproval. "Good. You are now Holly bot. Fuck up and we're both screwed. Do it right and we're both going to have a blast today. You were warned."

She straighted up. "Holly-bot, follow me." She walked away, heels clicking on the concrete, my still bare and now shiny feet padding behind her. A lamb to the slaughter, off to my fate.

We only made a little stir walking to the front of the store. The people at first did a start to see a naked woman walking around in the store, but then they saw me and how shiny my waxed skin looked and realized it was just a bot and although a curiosity it wasn't that interesting. If they only knew they were right the first time. It was a trip, however, walking buck naked through the store and everybody starting for at least a few seconds.

We reached the front of the store. Harriet and the third person working, Carl, a bit older than Leah and I, maybe late twenties. He had a decent figure and wasn't bad looking but didn't blow any of my whistles.

Leah walked up to him. "Hey Carl, we need to do one last test. I've cleaned it out and waxed it, but can you take it into one of the rooms and make sure it's programmed ok? See if it gives you a ok standard blow job and then come inside of it, maybe?"

He looked me up and down with a practiced eye. "Sure. Just a second. Where's the controller?"

"It doesn't have one. New tech. Voice commands only. Hyper-realistic. It responds to 'Holly'."

Carl nodded.  "'Bout time they figured that out."

I heard a snarky male comment from someone behind me who was in line. Yeah, tough job, having to test machines like that. He'd do it for free.

I was frozen. Yeah, that was part of the fantasy, wasn't it? To be used by people? It was much easier when it was just in my head and I could control everything, but this was nothing like that. This man was going to take me to one of the bedrooms where I was expected to suck him off like a pro, and then he was going to slide between my legs and plow me until he came inside me. And I was going to have to play the sex-bot the entire time.

I wanted to shake. I wanted to scream. I wanted to run, to escape, but that would be stupid. Leah was right. I wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. I'd be caught and arrested, Leah would get fired, and I'd be carted off to jail shiny and naked. Police reports were public things, word would get out how I was arrested, what I was doing at the time and what I wasn't wearing, and I'd be ruined. Flat ruined. Couldn't finish college. Have to find another college, try to start a new life, always in fear that this would catch up with me and ruin the life I rebuilt.

Or I could do just what I had set myself up to do. Forced myself to do. Be a sex doll. Go with Carl back to a room, blow him well, then let him to fuck his brains out inside of me. And whatever else happened. And walk away at 10 PM, life still intact, fantasy fulfilled. I saw now I'd probably never do this again, it was fun in my head and up until now but now it was stupid plan. But I was stuck. Running, fighting would take me down a path that ended up with me naked in jail and ruined. I gave up. I had boxed myself in perfectly.

Carl finished ringing up his customer and grabbed a card key from under the register.  He didn't even look up. "Holly, follow." And he headed for the back rooms.

The moment of truth. Either I freaked out now and somehow went for freedom, or I walked after him. If I did, I knew I'd do everything he said to, and everything else everyone else said to. I thought about where the front door was. I thought about all the people around me. Wondered how far I could get, what I could do once I made it outside to the parking lot and the bright sunshine. If I made it that far.  There were a lot of male customers right here who would probably be happy to tackle me and hold me down.

I turned around and followed Carl.

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Re: Holly 2845
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2018, 07:40:29 PM »
Yes, it's a dollification or sex-bot story, the character Holly acts out her fantasies of being an object, a sexdoll for others to use and discard. Quite good for a first attempt too, you've captured many elements in the story: Objectify, she's a sexdoll to be used and discarded; Ropeplay, acting out her fantasy; Stuck, caught in a situation of her own making; Control, being under the command and control of others, either voluntary, reluctant (like she is) or not (chipped and controlled). Then there's the public nudity, being watched by others who regard her as just another machine, but she is embarrassed all the same, she has no control and has to follow commands. And then she has to service the clients, whether she wants to or not, she's stuck.

Of course the more customers she serves during the day the more doll-like she becomes, either in her bodily movements or in her own mind. She relates more to her being a doll for them to use and give them pleasure than being a fully functioning female.

I'd love to see more of this.

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Re: Holly 2845
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2018, 11:50:42 PM »
Would be interesting to see more of this story.

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Re: Holly 2845
« Reply #3 on: May 11, 2018, 06:08:53 PM »
This was good indeed, would love to read more of the same (reminds me a bit of the "too good to be true" story )

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Re: Holly 2845
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2018, 05:18:56 PM »
Thank you.  Yes, there's some elements of that similar to where I'mgoing,  I guess it's unavoidable.  But I enjoyed   "Too  good".  If you like  that one then the full story of mine would be worth a read.

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Re: Holly 2845
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2018, 04:18:07 AM »
oh I liked that one very much, and yours seemed to have similar promise (I've made an outline and considered continuing "too good" with slow and steady escalation myself, but unfortunately I just don't write well enough to do it justice), looking forward to what you've got planned


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